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28 Montgomery St., San Francisco, Cal.

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In cases indicated with a * rehearings have been granted. (See table, page viii.)


American Nat'l Bank of S. F..

. Sac. No. 2137 543 American Surety Co. of N. Y. et al. v. City Street Improvement Co. et al..

.S. F. No. 6496 67 Anderson etc. et al. v. Los Angeles Transfer Co.L. A. No. 3459 591 Application of Richardson.

. Crim. No. 1910 593 Arnold v. Krigbaum et al.,

.S. F. No. 6921 Arnold v. Loomis et al....

S. F. No. 5876 612 'Barber Asphalt Paving Company v. Jurgens..S. F. No. 6460 740 *Barlow v. Frink..

.L. A. No. 3445 411 Baur et al. v. Davis et al....

Sac. No. 2160

457 Bell v. Krauss et al...

.L. A. No. 3826 231 Bidwell v. Los Angeles and San Diego Beach Railway Co.

.L. A. No. 3430 525 Black et al. v. Hunter et al.

.L. A. No. 3457 417 Bond v. United Railroads of San Francisco...S. F. No. 6325 164 Bond v. United Railroads of San Francisco.. S. F. No. 7224 396 Booth v. Mott et al..

S. F. No. 7356 447 Borges v. Dunham.

S. F. No. 7132 12 Briles V. Paulson.

Sac. No. 2181 694 Briles et al. v. Paulson.

Sac. No. 212984 Brown v. Brown..

Sac. No. 2121 537 Brown v. Brown.

Sac. No. 2122 542 Bryan v. Superior Court of California.. S. F. No. 7210 507 Byington et al. v. Sacramento Valley West Side Canal Co. et al..

Sac. No. 2119 633 California-Calaveras Mining Co. v. Walls et al. . Sac. No. 2115 749 Camozzi v. Colusa Sandstone Co..

S. F. No. 6504 69 Cardoza v. Pillsbury et al.

S. F. No. 7262 33 Careaga v. Becker et al.,

.S. F. No. 6106 142 Carty v. Blauth.

Sac. No. 2138 478 Cates et al. v. McNeil et al.

.L. A. No. 3451 463 Cecil et al. v. Gray et al..

Sac. No. 2162 642 Champagne v. Hamburger & Sons..

.L. A. No. 3455 449 Chrissinger v. Southern Pacific Co. et al. Sac. No. 2171 397 City of Hanford v. Hanford Gas & Power Co... Sac. No. 2118 501 City of Los Angeles et al. v. Dehy..

.L. A. No. 3795 126 City of Los Angeles etc, v. Krutz, Jr., etc, et al.L. A. No. 3492 781 Coffey v. City of Berkeley..

S. F. No. 6533 730 Cook v. Los Angeles Railway Corporation. .L. A. No. 3431 27 Corey v. Struve et al..

S. F. No. 6391 681 *Coulter Dry Goods Co. v. Wentworth et al. .L. A. No. 3783 564 Cripe v. Cripe..

.L. A. No. 3471 608 Crouch v. Miller & Co..

.L. A. No. 3423 193 Dam v. Superior Court of Alameda County...S. F. NO. 7126 103 De Freitas et al. v. The Town of Suisun.. . Sac. No. 2156 737 De Watson v. San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad....

.L. A. No. 3300 323

1On hearing after judgment in District Court of Appeal, Third District (19 Cal. App. Dec. 243).

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.S. F. No. 7068

Estate of Reynolds et al.

L. A. No. 3675 383

Estate of Rossi etc..

.S. F. No. 6982 60

Estate of Scott.

.L. A. No. 4125 592

Estate of Servas.

.S. F. No. 6911 115

Estate of Silva.

.S. F. No. 6772 40

Estate of Tooley.

. Sac. No. 2280 857

Estate of Tooley.

.. Sac. No. 2280 676

Ex parte McDonough

Crim. No. 1918 711

Ex parte McDonough.

.. Crim. No. 1918 717

F. A. Hihn Company V. City of Santa Cruz
Traction Company

.S. F. No. 6385 859

Fairburn v. American River Elec. Co.

Sac. No. 2132 627

Fearon v. Fodera et al.

.S. F. No. 6798 214

Fearon V. Fodera et al.

.S. F. No. 6798


Flint v. San Pedro, L. A. & Salt Lake R, R. Co.L. A. No. 3298 324

Ford v. Weed Lumber Co..

..S. F. No. 6215 45

Franscioni v. Soledad Land and Water Co.....S. F. No. 6538 704

Fresno Canal and Irrigation Co. V. Perrin

et al.

.S. F. No. 6473 845

Fritz v. Mills et al.

.S. F. No. 6332 878

Ghriest etc. v. Railroad Commission of Cali-


L. A. No. 3713 581

Glougie v. Superior Court.

.S. F. No. 7358 448

Godfrey v. Wisner.

Sac. No. 2169 444

Goldberg, Bowen & Co. v. Dimick et al. S. F. No. 6381 91

Goldman v. Palmtag..

.S. F. No. 6408 67

Goodwin v. Whittier Coburn Co....

.L. A. No. 3480


Great Western Power Co. v. Pillsbury et al.... Sac. No. 2237 667

-On hearing after judgment in District Court of Appeal, First District

(17 Cal. App. Dec. 729).

*Griffin et al. v. S. P., L. A. & S. L. R. R. Co. et al.L. A. No. 3641 223
*Griffin v. S. P., L. A. & S. L. R. R. Co. et al...L. A. No. 3449223
Hadacheck v. Alexander et al..

.L. A. No. 3456 392
Hagan v. McNary.

. Sac. No. 2190 645
Hamburger Realty and Trust Co. v. City of
Los Angeles, etc.

L. A. No. 3325 571

Hanlon V. Eshleman et al.

.L. A. No. 3888 83

Happy Valley Land & Water Co. v. Nelson et al. . Sac. No. 2167 460
Harrison V. Armour et al..

.L. A. No. 3360 530
Hartigan v. The City of Los Angeles et al. .L. A. No. 4062 764
Hecker V. Morley et al..

.L. A. No. 3476 607
Holland v. Superior Court of San Francisco
et al.

S. F. No. 7084 211

Horsburgh et al. v. Murasky

S. F. No. 7038 308

Horton v. Remillard Brick Co.

S. F. No. 6420 823

Hubbard et al v. Brinker et al.

S. F. No. 6300 142

In re Adoption Bell...

L. A. No. 3879 231

In re Application of Coombs.

. Crim. No. 1825 297

In re Application of Lapique.

Crim, No. 1923 366

In re Application of Stanton.

Crim, No. 1870


In re Application of Stephan.

. Crim. No. 1900 579

In re Application of Vaughan.

. Crim. No. 1920 303

In re Cordy....

.S. F. No. 7039 62

In re Gambetta.

Crim. No. 1902 24

In re Guardianship of Ambrose..

. Sac. No. 2236 660

In re Guardianship of Michels.

.L. A. No. 4124 793

in re Throop....

. Crim. No. 1851 19

Keating v. Keating..

.L. A. No. 3234 494

Kellogg v. Kellogg.

.L. A. No. 3461 606

Kennedy v. Kennedy et al.

S. F. No. 6600 167

Knobloch v. Associated Oil Co...

Sac. No. 2197 647

Kunz v. California Trona Co. et al.

.S. F. No. 6379 198

Kunz v. California Trona Co, et al.

.S. F. No. 6901 204

Lapique v. Agoure et al...

.L. A. No. 3462 604

Leonard v. Osburn.

S. F. No. 6221 60

Lima v. Lima..

S. F. No. 6562 55

Lincoln County Bank v. Fetterman.

.L. A. No. 3472


Linehan v. Devincense etc.

S. F. No. 6506 772

Lukrawka et al. v. Spring Valley Water Co..S. F. No. 6297 177

Lynn v. Goodwin .

S. F. No. 6439 626

Marshall & Stearns Co. v. Deneen Bldg Co.
et al.

S. F. No. 6269 104
Martin v. Becker et al.

S. F. No. 6122 142
Maxwell v. Civil Service Commission of San
Francisco et al.

.S. F. No. 6757 190

McLaughlin et al. v. United Railroads of S. F.S. F. No. 6195 303

McRae v. Ross et al..

Sac. No. 2134 597

Metropolis Trust & Savings Bank v. Monnier. .S. F. No. 6132 377

Miles V. Baley etc..

.S. F. No, 6440 653

Miller et al. v. Pac. Elec. Ry. Co...

.L, A. No. 3437
Miller & Lux, etc. y. Enterprise Canal & Land
Co., etc., et al...

.S. F. No. 6061 251
Morrison v. Land et al.

. Sac. No. 2259 367
Mt. Konocti Light and Power Co. v. Thelen
et al.

S. F. No. 7446 892
Murphy et al. v. Magee, Jr.

Sac. No. 2052 472
National Oil Refining Co. y. Producers' Refining

.L. A. No. 3389 490

Neal Publishing Co. v. Rolph. Jr.

S. F. No. 6985

Nichols et al. v. McCullom et al.

.L. A. No. 3333 387

Nicolosi v. Clark....

Sac. No. 2174 505

O'Connor v. Mennie.

S. F. No. 6162 107



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