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Dec. 29, 1906.


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Printed for the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Gngland and Wales.



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1 Dec. 29, 1906.


Dec. 29, 1906.





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Army. In re

Church Army




Adams, In re. Verrier v. Haskins 220 Barry v. Smart. In re Barry's Trusts. 153 British and Foreign Marine Insurance African Farms, Ld., In re

69 -'s Trusts, In re. Barry v. Smart. 153 Co., Resps. ; Boston Fruit Co., Apps. 110 Aird and Furneaux's Contract, In re 215 Bastable v. Little .


Automobile Commercial Syndi. Albert e. Ehrmann Brothers, Ld. In re Bates, In re. Hodgson e. Bates · 191, 206 cate, Ld., Pye v.

35 Ehrmann Brothers, Ld.

Hodgson v. In re Bates 191, 206 Equitable Assurance Co., Apps. ; Atridge, Scrivener v. Re Pizzi 202 Beauclerk, Resp. ; Paquin, Ld., Apps. 64 Baily, kesp.

2 Alexander. Robbins v. In re Samson 190 Beer v. Bell.

114 Power Traction and Lighting Alfred Melson & Co., In re 91 Bell, Beer e.

114 Co., In re. Halifax Joint Stock Allen, Sivewright v. 92 Benjamin, Davis v.

160 Banking Co. v. British Power Traction Alsop's Patent, In re

Martin .
203 and Lighting Co.

33 Anderson r. Francis

160 Bennett, In re. Ex parte Official Andrew Betts, Brown, and Brown Bros.


221 Co., Halifax Joint Stock Banking Co. & Co., Respts. ; Hastie & Co., Apps. 72 Bensted, Resp. ; Ystradyfodwg and 0. In re British Power Traction and Anglo-Italian Bank, In re 202 Pontypridd Main Sewerage Board, Lighting Co.

33 Ankerson r. Connelly 173 Apps. . 219 Brond r. Broomhali

69 Arathoon c. Dawson. In re Dawson 108 | Best, Foss e'.

114 Brookes r. Hansen

87 Armitage, Topham v. In re Tattersall 148 Bigg, Moore r. In re Moore

53 | Broomhall, Brond v.

69 Aribur, Henderson v. 207 Birkbeck Freehold Land Society, Horn. Brown, Everall v.

177 Assheton-Smith v. Owen 12 sey Corporation r.

v. Feeney

66 Attorney-General, Ex parte. Rex r.

Birmingham Small Arms Co., Newton r. 146 Bruster, Nitedals Toendstikfabrik v. 173 West Riding of Yorkshire County 6. Birnam Wood," The

206 Buck, Pontypool Guardians r.

195 142 Bisgood v. Nile Valley Co.

43 Buenos Ayres Grand National Tram. Church Bishop Auckland, Industrial Co-opera

ways Co., Hinds r.

73 tive Society, Respś. ; Butterkuowle Bullock o. London General Omnibus
r. De Winton

Colliery Co., Apps.
95 Co.

r. Glossop
219 Blaiberg v. Keeves

99 Bulteel v. Lawdeshayne. In re Hunt's Hayward r.

in po
Blair and Girling, In re
106 Settled Estate

105 214 | Blew, In re. Blew v. Gunner

47 Butterknowle Colliery' Co., Apps. ; Resp.; Lethbridge, v. Gunner. In re Blew

47 Bishop Auckland Industrial Co-opera218 | Blundell, In re. Blundell r. Blundell. 113 tive Society, Resps.

95 McLaughlin In

1. Blundell. In re Blundell . 113 me Pardoe. 86 Boden, In re. Boden v. Boden

c. Manchester Cor-

r. Boden. In re Boden
212 Cable, Rex C.

82 poration 39 Bomore Road, 9, In re

16 Cadogan and Hans Place Estate (No. 2), V. Mersey Railway Bond, Rex v..


Ld., In re. Graham v. Cadogan and 62, 220 Bonnard v. Dott

66 Hans Place Estate (No. 2), Ld. 112 i. North - Eastern Boston Fruit Co., Apps. ; British and Railway Co.

158 Foreign Marine Insurance Co., Resps. 110 Ld., Graham v. In re Cadogan and 84 | Boswell, Merritt & Boswell, In re

22 Hans Place Estate (No. 2), Ld. 112 r. Pontypridd Urban

Bourne, In re. Bourne r. Bourne 136 Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering 117 Davey o. Bourne 68, 78 Co., Resps. ; Crossan, app.

10+ Austin Friars Steamship Co. v. Straek. 158

t. Bourne. In re Bourne 136 Cammell Laird & Co., Ld., and Croas: Automatic Self-cleaning Filter Syndi.

Davey o. In re Bourne 68, 78
dell, In re :

170 cate Co. r. Cuninghame 46, 65 Boyle, App. ; Wilson, Resp. .


Cardiff Workman's Cottage Co., Ld., Bradfield o. Cheltenham Guardians 137

183 Bradford Truck and Trolley Co., Cardy, Ex parte. Rex i. Southampton Back . App. ; Dick, Kerr & Co., Ld.,

Slingsby r.
51 Licensing Justices

18 105 Bradshaw, in re. ' Bradshaw r. Brad:

Carlish '. Salt

10 Palische, Anilin und Soda Fabrik, shaw

86 Carr v. Commercial Union Insurance Apps.; Hickson, Resp,

v. Bradshaw. In re Brad:
Co. In re McClure's Trusts

86 Cary-Elwes' Contract, In re .

97 7. Isler 45, 163 Bray, Shepheard o.

131 Cavalier, App. ; Pope, Resp.

140 Paerselman, Kemp... 152 Brett v. Brett

78 Chadwick, Vickerstaff v. In re Vicker. Balis, Resp. ; British Equitable Assur. Briggs & Co., In re. Ex parte Wright 131 staff

67 2 Brindley, In re. Ex parte Taylor,

Chalinder and Herington, In re 209 ines , Wandsworth Corporation i. 22 Sons & Co.

3 | Champion, In re. Ex parte Society of 151 Bristol Union, Wantage Union v.


Provincial Notaries Public of England Barkworth . Barkworth 171 Britannia Permanent Benefit Building

and Wales.

36 68 Society, Hughes v.

178 Chapman, Ex parte. Re Pilling: 99

App. .

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, In re.



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Co. r.

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PAGE Charlton v. Charlton

179 De Nicols, In re. De Nicols v. Curlier 192 Fillingham, St. Albans (Bishop of) v. . 48 Chatterton, Ex parte. In re Van Laun 228

v. Curlier. In re De Nicols • 192 Follett, Glassington e. In re GlassingCheltenham Guardians, Bradfield v. 137 Denman (J. L.) & Co. r. Westminster


128 Cheshire Licensing Justices, Rex v. Ex


31 Forfarshire County Council, Resps.; parte Kay's Atlas Brewery Co.. 18 Dent, Macmillan & Co. v.

199 Inverarity, App.

141 Chorley Corporation v. Nightingale 174, 176

Denton, Swanley Coal Co. v.
176 Foss r. Best

114 Church Army, In re. Attorney-General Devonald r, Rosser & Sons

152 | Foster v. Coles

107 r. Church Army 73 De Winton, Attorney-General v.

87 -0. Warblington Urban Council 77 Church Army, Attorney-General v.

Dick, Kerr & Co., Ld., Resps.; Back, Francis, Anderson v.

160 re Church Army 73 App.

105 Frederick Betts, Ld, v. Pickfords, Ld. : 51 City of London Union, Southwark

Dickens, Thorn v.

54 Freeborn v. Napper. In re Corsellis 98 Únion v. 111 Diestal v. Stevenson 138 French v. Howie

177 Clack o. Clack 40 Dobell, Resp. ; Laird, App.

7 Fryer, Pumfrey v. In re Heather . 113 Clark, In re

Dodsworth, Smith v. In re Smith

79 Fulham Union, Woolwich Union r. 119 v. London General Omnibus Co. 153 Dorling & Son, Lowe r..

177 Fuller r. White Feather Reward, Ld. 74 Clarke v. Dawson. In re Dawson 20 Dott, Bonnard v. 66 Fullerton's Will, In re .

96 Clayton, Peat o.

40 Victorian Daylesford Syndi. Furneaux and Airds Contract, In re : 215 Clifton v. Darnley. In re Earl of

cate, Ld. v.

90 Darnley

215 Drax's Will, In re. Dunsany (Baroness) Clinton, Price v. 159 v. Sawbridge

53 Garbutt, App. ; Durham Joint Com. Cocks, Oberrheinische Metallwerke r. 127 Dresdner Bank, Garnishees. ' Martin v. mittee, Resps.

76 Codd 0. Delap

57, 78

111 Garner, In re. Ec parte Pedley : 122 Commercial Union Insurance Co., Carr Dreyfus, Litchfield.

70 Gaskell and Walters' Contract, In re .27, 85 In re McClure's Trusts 200 Dudley Corporation, Dudley, Stour.

Resp. ; Huntly (Marchioness
Coles and Ravenshear, In re

bridge and District Electric Traction

of), App.

2 Foster . 107

67 George Clarke, La., Handford r.

225 Colwyn Bay District Council, Horton v. 210

Stourbridge and District Elec: Gerard, In re. Gosselin v. Gerard 21 Connelly, Ankerson v. 173 tric Traction Co. r. Dudley Corpora

Gosselin v. In re Gerard Cooke, Official Receiver v. 166 tion

67 Giebler v. Manning Corbett v. Sonth-Eastern and Chatham

Duguid, Rex r.
100 Gilbey, Villar v.

56 Railway Company's Managing Com- Dunsany, Nott i. in re Dunsany's Gilchrist, In re

199 mittee 106 Settlement

51 Gill, Weiner r.

157 Cording (J. C.) & Co. v. Westminster (Baroness) v. Sawbridge. In re Gillard, Hancock & Co. v.

194 Corporation 31 Drax's Will 53 Gist, In re. Gist v. Timbrill

135 Corsellis , In re. Freeborn r. Napper 98 Dunsany's Settlement, In re. Nott vi

v. Timbrill. In re Gist.

135 Cory, Lewis v.


51 Glassington, In re. Glassington v. Coster, App. ; Headland, Resp.

76 Dupont
Dupont,' Ld In re

128 Cowling v. Topping

Dupont, Ld.


Follett. In re Glassing. Crigglestone Coal Co., In re 120, 126 Ld., in re. Daponte. Dipont, ton

128 Stewart Ld. 14 Glossop, Attorney-General v.

219 v. Crigglestone Coal Co. 20 Durham County Council and West Godden v. Hythe Burial Board

90, 126 Stewart z. In

Hartlepool County Borough, In re 135 Goldschmidt v. Oberrheinische Metall. re Crigglestone Coal Co.

Joint Committee, Resps. ;

24 Croasdell and Cammell Laird & Co., Garbutt, App.

76 Goldsmiths' Company v. Wyatt

219 Ld., In re


Rural Council, Williamson r. . 102 Goodwin, Ex parte. In re Klein 148 Crocker r. Plymouth Corporation 58

Gordon , Gordon. In re Henry. 199 Crossan, App. ; Caledon Shipbuilding

Gorringe, In re. Gorringe v. Gorringe 6, 152 and Engineering Co., Resps. 104 Eade, Hammond v. In re Kenward 16

1. Gorringe. In re Gorringe 6, 152 Cuninghame, Automatic Self-cleaning Edinburgh and District Water Trustees, Gosselin t. Gerard. In re Gerard Filter Syndicate Co. v.

46, 65
Apps. ; Sommerville & Son, Resps. 162

Graham c. Cadogan and Hans Place
Curlier, De Nicols v. In re De Nicols. 192 Edwards v. Grove .

191 Estate (No. 2), Ld. In re Cadogan Curtis, App. ; Old Monkland Conserva

- v. Smith. In re Unite :

26 and Hans Place Estate (No 2), Ld. . 112 tive Association, Resps. 3 Egmont (Earl of), Lefroy v. In re Earl Grant, Ray v. In re Rattenberry

27 of Egmont's Settled Estates

80 Great Fingall Consolidated, Ld., Resps. ; Egmont's (Earl of) Settled Estates, In Ruben and Ludenburg, Apps.

157 Darling v. Raeburn

81 re. Lefroy v, Earl of Egmont . 80 Great Northern and City Railway Co., Darnley (Earl), In re. Clifton vi Ehrmann Brothers, Ld., In re. Albert

Milner's Safe Co. v.

163, 213 of Darnley

Clifton r. 'In rė Eari

r. Ehrmann Brothers, Ld. 129, 169 Greaves v. Whitmarsh,' Watson & Co.,
Albert r. In

132 Darnley 215 re Ehrmann Brothers, Ld. 129, 169 Greener r. Kahn & Co.,

157 Dartford Brewery Co. v. London Quarter Electric and Ordnance Aceessories Co., Grieve, App.; Hunter, Resp.

. 117 Sessions 101 Neale v. 169 Griffiths v. Vezey

73 v. Moseley

38 Ellis, In re. Hardcastle r, Ellis. 137 Grout and Wallis Contract, in re . 108 Davey v. Bourne. In re Bourne

68, 78
Hardcastle r. In re Ellis
137 Grove, Edwards v.

191 Davies r. Witts. In re Hole

Elms r. Hedges
114 | Grunnell r. Welch

133 Davis v. Benjamin 160 Emmett, In re. Jenkins r. Emmett 201 Guadagni, Palmer e.

. 165 v. Petrie

Jenkins r. In re Emmett 201 Gunner, Blew v. In re Blew

. 47 Dawes v. Wilkinson

End, Resp. ; Lewin, App.

Dawson, In re. A rathoon r. Dawson 108 English and Colonial Produce Co., In ri 150
Clarke r, Dawson
20 Everall v. Brown.

177 Haden and Jackson's Contract, In re 25 Arathoon r. In re Dawson 108

Halifax Joint Stock Banking Co. v.
Clarke v. In re Dawson

British Power Traction and Lighting
58 Fear o. Morgan

136 Co. In re British Power Traction De Beers Consolidated Mines, La.,

Feeney, Brown v.
66 and Lighting Co.

33 Apps, ; Howe, Resp.

168 Ferguson, App. ; Hunter, Resp. 117 Hall, Re. Ex parte Official Receiver. 229 Dalap, Codd r. 78 | Ferris, Resp. ; Tyler, App.

8 | Hammondo. Eade. In re Kenward. 16

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Soda Fabrik, Apps.

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In re :


PAGE Hancock & Co. o. Gillard

194 Inland Revenue Commissioners, Resps.; Legge, Robbins v. In re Robbins 184 Handford v. George Clarke, id. : 225 Speyer Brothers, Apps.

219 Lehmann and Walker's Contract, In re 171 Hansen. Brookes o.


Rex. t.

216 Lethbridge, App. ; Attorney-General, Hardcastle . Ellis. In re Ellis 137

Resps ;

218 Harness, Major r. In re Oddy 5 Underground Electric Railways Co. Lewin, App. ; End, Resp.

95 Harrison r. New Street Mews (Owners

of London, Apps.
2 Lewis e. Baker

151 of) 102 Inverarity, App. ; Forfarshire County

t. Cory

95 Haskell Golf Ball Co. v. Hutchison 24 Council, Resps. .

141 Lightfoot, Howard o. in re Lacey 213 Haskins, Verrier r. In re Adams 220 Irish Club Co., In re

127 Litchfield r. Dreyfus

70 Hastie & Co., Apps. ; Andrew Betts, Isle, Dawson v.

58 Little, Bastable v..

196 Bmwn, and Brown Bros. & Co., Resps. 72 Isler, Badische Anilin ind


Llewellyn, Law r.
Hastings and St. Leonards Gas Co.,

Fabrik v.
45, 163 Lloyd, Rex v.

66 Hastings Tramways Co. v. 186 Iseott, Mott v. In re Wright

201 Lodge Holes Colliery Co., Wednesbury Hastings Tramways Co.r. Hastings and Itchen Overseers, Mansel t. .

14 Corporation o.

212 St. Leonards Gas Co.. 186

London and North - Western Railway Harward t. Attorney-General . In re

Act, 1065, and Hughes, In re

172 Waring

214 Jackson and Bassford, Ld., In re . 158 Headland, Resp. ; Coster, App.


· and Haden's Contract, In re 25 Co., Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Heather, In ré, Pumfrey r. Fryer 113 James Joicey & Co., Ld. v. North.

Association v.

82 Worthing Corporation r. 172 Eastern Railway Co.


wi Hedges, Elms r. 114 Jenkins v. Emmett. In re Emmett 201 Co., Leconfield (Lord) v.

192 Henderson v. Arthur 207 Johnstone, Rex i.

17 Henry, In re. Gordon r. Gordon 199 Johnstone-White, Henry Leetham &

Co., Peel r.

208 Leetham & Sons, Ld. v. John

Sons, Ld. v.

227 London and South-Western Railway stone-White 227 Jolly, App. ; Kine, Resp. 186 Co. r'. Hills

60 Herts, Hooper v.

38 Judd and Poland and Skelcher's Con- London County Council, Rex c. Ex parte Hewlett and Hunter's Contract, In re. 193 tract, In re

72 Norris

17 Hickson, Resp. ; Badische Anilin und Jude, Éx parte. in re' Jude's Musical

Westminster 134 Compositions 170 Corporation v.

123 Hills, London and South-Western Rail. Jude's Musical Compositions, In re. Ex

Electrobus Co., In re

147 way Co. r. . 60 parte Jude.


General Omnibus Co., Bullock v. 224 Hinchliff, Meyding r. In re Turner 27

Clark r.

153 Hinds t. Buenos Ayres Grand National

Quarter Sessions, Dartford Tramways Co. 187 Kahn & Co., Ld., Greener v. 157 Brewery Co. r. .

101 Hodgson r. Bates.' In re Bates 191, 206 Kay's Atlas Brewery Co., Ex parte.

Ünited Tramways Act, 1900, " Hobenzollern,” The

Rex v. Cheshire Licensing Justices 18

33 Hole, la re. Davies v. Witts 65 Keeves, Blai berg v.

99 Long, Ward, Lock & Co.,La...

.183 Holliwell c. Seacombe

Kelly r. Lonsdale & Co.

Lonsdale & Co., Kelly v.

.144 95 Kemp v. Baerselman

152 Loosemore, Murch r.

Tuck. 77 Hooper r. Herts 38 Kempster, In re. Kempster v. Kempster 38 'Louisa," The

60 44 v. Kempster. In re Kempster 38 'Loveland, In re Loveland v. Loveland:

46 4. W. C. Horne & Sons, Ld. In Kenward, In re. Hammond v. Eade 16 --t. Loveland. In re Loveland 46 re W. C. Horne & Sons, Ld. 5 Kilmalcolm (Parish of), Apps.; Houston Lowe r. Dorling & Son .

177 (W. C.) & Sons, La., in re. and Killellan (Parish of), Resps. 117

r. Moore

112 Horne r. W.C. Horne & Sons, Ld. 5 Kine, Resp. ; Jolly, App.

1. Myers & Sons

119 Hornsey Corporation v. Birkbeck Free- King, In re. Miller v. South Australian Lumsden e. Shipcote Land Co.

112 59 Land Mortgage and Agency Co. 194 Lyons r. Tramways Syndicate, lui. Horton r. Colwyn Bay District Councii 210 Kintore (Earl), Resp. ; Pirie and Sons,

In re Perth Electric Tramways, Ld.. 113 Houston and Killellan (Parish of),


156 Resps.; Kilmalcolm (Parish of),

Kirby, App.; Hunslet Union Assess117 ment Committee, Resps.

3 | Macleay, App. ; Tait, Resp. . Howard r. Lightfoot. In re Lacey 213 Klein, In re. Er parte Goodwin 148 McClure's Trusts, Iu re.

Com. Howe, Resp. ; De Beers Consolidated

mercial Union Insurance Co. 168

McLaughlin r. Attorney-General. In re 177 Lacey, In re. Howard r. Lightfoot 213 Pardoe

86 Home Brewery Co., Palethorpe v. 96 Laird, App. ; Dobell, Resp. .

7 Macmillan & Co. r. Dent

199 151 Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Associa. McNicol r. Pinch.

143 Hughes and London and North-Western tion v. London and North Western Madden v. Rhodes

60 Railway Act, 1865, In ra

Railway Co.

82 Major r. Harness. re Oddy 0. Britannia Permanent Benefit

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co., Manchester Corporation, Attorney-Gen. 178 Wilkinson v. 123

39 Hunslet Union Assessment Committee,

Larcombe v. Simey


New Moss Resps.; Kirby, App. . 3 Lavell *". Richings

47 Colliery, Ld. Kunt's Settled Estates, In re. Bulteei Law r. Llewellyn.

50 Manning, Giebler v.

81 105 Law Guarantee and Trust Society r. Mansel 7. Itchen Overseers

14 Hunter and Hewlett's Contract, in re: 193 Mitcham and Cheam Brewery Co. 91 Maple & Co. (Paris) v. Inland Revenue Resp. ; Ferguson, App. 117 Lawdeshayne, Bulteel r. In re Hunt's


178 Resp. ; Grieve, App. 117 Settled Estates

105 | Margetts, In re. Smith v. Margetts 4+ Huntly (Marchioness of), App.; Gaskell, Leconfield (Lord) 7. London and North

Smith v. In re Margetts 14 2 Western Railway Co.

192 Maritime Insurance Co. Swan and Hutchison, Haskeli Golf Bali Co. .

34 Leeds Forge Co., North-Eastern Marine Cleland's Graving Dock and Slipway Hythe Burial Board, Godden v.

90, 126
Engineering Co. o.

13, 163
Co. v. .

222 Justices, Rex v..

204 Marshall r. Wolseley. in re Salvin

Lees Brook Spinning Co., In re
130 Martin r. Benjamin

203 Inland Revenue Commissioners, Maple Lefroy v. Egmont (Earl of). In re Earl

r. Nadel. Dresdner Bank Gar: 178 of Egmont's Settled Estates.

80 nishees



Hooke, Stuckey .

In re

Horne, Quinion v.

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hold Land Society

Apps. .

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Carr v.

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Mines, Ld., Apps. Howie, French v.

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