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for infantry organizations of like strength: Provided, That at least one of said guards shall have the rank, pay, and allowances of a battalion sergeant major. Par. 4, sec. 2, id.

(For authorization for the detail of 100 sergeants for duty with the disci. plinary organizations at the United States Disciplinary Barracks, who shall be additional to the sergeants authorized for the corps, companies, troops, batteries, and detachments from which they may be detailed, see par. 1332..)

481a. Same-Duties of the commandant.The commandant of the United States Disciplinary Barracks shall have command thereof and charge and custody of all offenders sent thereto for confinement and detention therein; shall govern such offenders and cause them to be employed at such labor and in such trades and to perform such duties as may be deemed best for their health and reformation and with a view to their honorable restoration to duty or their reenlistment as hereinafter authorized; shall cause note to be taken and a record to be made of the conduct of such offenders; and may shorten the daily time of hard labor of those who by their obedience, honesty, industry, and general good conduct earn such favors—all under such regulations as the Secretary of War may from time to time prescribe. Par. 5, sec. 2, id.

481b. Same-Organization of disciplinary companies and higher units, etc.—The Secretary of War shall provide for placing under military training those offenders sent to the United States Disciplinary Barracks for confinement and detention therein whose record and conduct are such as to warrant the belief that upon the completion of a course of military training they may be worthy of an honorable restoration to duty or of being permitted to reenlist; may provide for the organization of offenders so placed under military training into disciplinary companies and higher units, organized as infantry, with noncommissioned officers, except color sergeants, selected or appointed from the enlisted men assigned to duty for that purpose pursuant to the provisions of paragraph four hereof; and may provide for uniforming, arming, and equipping such organizations. Par. 6, sec. 2, id.

488a. Same--Clemency and restoration to colors of persons not discharged and reenlistment of discharged persons.—Whenever he shall deem such action merited the Secretary of War may remit the unexecuted portions of the sentences of offenders sent to the United States Disciplinary Barracks for confinement and detention therein and in addition to such remission may grant those who have not been discharged from the Army an honorable restoration to duty, and may authorize the reenlistment of those who have been discharged or upon their written application to that end order their restoration to the Army to complete their respective terms of enlistment, and such application and order of restoration shall be effective to revive


the enlistment contract for a period equal to the one not served under said contract. Par. 7, sec. 2, id.

488b. Parole of general prisoners in disciplinary barracks, and restoration to duty of those serving confinement in places other than disciplinary barracks.—The authority now vested in the Secretary of War to give an honorable restoration to duty, in case the same is merited, to general prisoners confined in the United States disciplinary barracks and its branches shall be extended so that such restoration may be given to general prisoners confined elsewhere, and the Secretary of War shall be, and he is hereby, authorized to establish a system of parole for prisoners confined in said barracks and its branches, the terms and conditions of such parole to be such as the Secretary of War may prescribe. Act of Mar. 4, 1915 (38 Stat. 1074).



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Par. The Quartermaster Corps, composition of

495a Disbursement by officers as

agents of officers of Quarter-
master Corps ---

499a Chief to be Quartermaster General.--

501a Enlisted men, composition of -- 506a Enlisted strength, composition of

506b Enlistment of cook instructors

with grade of sergeants, first

class, Quartermaster Corts.-- 5060 Grade of military storekeeper

revived for appointment of
Charles P. Daly.

513a Appointment of quartermaster

sergeants in Quartermaster

514a Daster electricians hereafter to

be known as quartermaster

5145 Duties of officers include con

struction and repair work.-- 515a Sale of surplus ice, electric cur

rent, etc., from Government

plants where no competition-- 521a Same-Disposition of proceeds of such sales.-

5211) Provision giving preference to

transportation of troops and material of war amended so as to require prompt delivery in time of peace without regard to any embargo which

may have been declared ---- 525a Transportation in time of war.- 525b


In time of war possession and

control may be taken of trans

portation systems.-Obstructing or retarding, etc.,

orderly conduct or movement of interstate or foreign commerce, or orderly movement of trains, etc., engaged therein, punishment; employment of

armed forces Provisions relative to decrees of

antitrust violations, labor dis

putes, etc., not repealed---Preference or priority of transportation of commodities essen

tial to national defense. Same-Directions for Same--Offices for persons desig

natech, compensation, etc.--. Maintenance of agencies at

Washington by common car

riers Duties of common carriers, puu

ishment for failure to per

form Rates for transportation of per

sons and property to be just

and reasonable Exemption from preferential or

priority provisions in existing

law Transfer of vessels, equipment,

stations, and personnel of Lighthouse Service to War Department in time of na

tional emergency Same-Return of, to Lighthouse

Service when emergency ceases









Par. Same-Personnel while under

jurisdiction of War Depart-
ment subject to Articles of

5340 Same-Secretaries of

War, Navy, and Commerce to prescribe regulations governing duties of Lighthouse Service in time of war.

5340 Shipping Board to have con

structed or purchase, lease,
or charter vessels suitable for
use as Army transports or for

other military purposes, etc-- 534e Vessels of War Department, not

needed for military purposes
in time of peace, may be
transferred to the board per-
manently or for limited peri-

534f Cost of ships turned over to

Army excepted from appro-
priation for ships, which is to

be reimbursed cost of same--- 534g Coast and Geodetic Survey - 534h-534p Transfer of vessels, equipment,

stations, and personnel of, to
War Department, etc., in time
of national emergency-

531h Same-Return of, when emergency ceases.

5311 Same-Personnel subject to ar

ticles of war, etc., while under
jurisdiction of War Depart-
ment ----

534) Pay and allowances not to be re

duced by transfer, pension for
disabilities incurred while un-
der jurisdiction of War De-
partment, etc.---

5346 Same-Examinations for ap

pointment and promotion---- 5341 Field officers of; designation,

appointment, and pay-------- 534m Relative rank while serving with Army, etc-----

5340 Rate of pay for nonmilitary duty not affected.

5340 Secretaries of War, Navy, and

Commerce to prescribe regula-
tions governing duties of, in
time of war.


Status and rights of officers of

Public Health Service when serving with Coast Guard, Army, or Navy-

534q Sale of horses and mules not re

quired for Regular Army or National Guard-----

538a Limit of expenditures on build

ings, military posts, etc------ 546a Limit of cost of barracks and quarters

547a Hospital buildings, limit of cost

for erection of, unless authorized by Congress

517b Barracks and quarters, land for

cantonments, camp sites, etc.- 5170 Annual estimates for establish

ment and maintenance of rifle ranges.

553a Same-Established ranges to be

open for use of any branch of military or naval service, and for civilians

573b Same-Detail of officers and

noncommissioned officers of Regular Army as instructors at, and issue of arms and ammunition for use of

-553c Annual trophy, medals, and

prizes, regulations for, to be prescribed by Secretary of War.-

5530 Extra-duty pay, United States

disciplinary barracks guard, rates

503a Extra-duty pay for mess stew

ards and cooks at recruit depots

5631) Extra-duty pay, United States

disciplinary barracks guard, rates

503c Civilian employees, restrictions on employment-

570a Proceeds from sale of cuttings

of material for clothing, disposition of ----

578a Quartermaster property, arti

cles of, may be sold to officers

of Navy and Marine Corps--- 588a Sale of subsistence stores to

officers and enlisted men of Navy and Marine Corps.---- 588b

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