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7122. Same-Amount of each monthly allotment or allowance dependent upon existing conditions. The amount of each monthly allotment and allowance shall be determined according to the conditions then existing. Id.

712aa. Military and naval family allowance appropriation, payments from.There is hereby appropriated from any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $141,000,000, to be known as the military and naval family allowance appropriation, for the payment of the family allowances provided by Article II. Payments out of this appropriation shall be made upon and in accordance with awards by the Commissioner of the Division of Military and Naval Insurance. Sec. 2-18, Id., 400.

(For the section immediately preceding this paragraph see paragraphs 1483111483p), and for the ensuing section see paragraph 1483aaaa, post.)

716a. Military and naval pay deposit fund.There shall be set aside as a separate fund in the Treasury, to be known as the military and naval pay deposit fund, all sums held out of pay as provided by section two hundred and three of this Act. Sec. 2-21, Id., 400.

(For the section immediately preceding this paragraph see paragraplis 1483v1!y, 148!/7.22, post.)

716b. Same-Available for payment of principal and interest, appropiation for interest.-Such fund, including all additions, is hereby made available for the payment of the sums so held and deposited, with interest, as provided in section two hundred and three. and the amount necessary to pay interest is hereby appropriated. Id.

(For the ensuing section of this act see paragraph 14839, post.)

716c. Deposit of unallotted pay to credit of enlisted men.-In case one-half of an enlisted man's monthly pay is not allotted, regulations to be made by the Secretary of War and the Secretary of the Navy, respectively, may require, under such circumstances and conditions as may be prescribed in such regulations, that any proportion of such one-half pay as is not allotted shall be deposited to his credit, to be held during such period of his service as may be prescribed. Sec. 2-203, Id., 403.

(For the section immediately preceding this paragraph see paragraph 7125, ante.)

716d. Interest, payment of principal and interest.-Such deposits shall bear interest at the rate of four per centum per annum, with semiannual rests and, when payable, shall be paid principal and interest to the enlisted man, if living, otherwise to any beneficiary or beneficiaries he may have designated, or if there be no such beneficiary, then to the person or persons who would under the laws of the State of his residence be entitled to his personal property in case of intestacy. Id.

(For the ensuing section of this act see paragraph 712h, ante.)

721a. Transportation of change of station allowance of baggage on discharge for disability of enlisted man having ten years or more of service.--Hereafter when an enlisted man having ten or more years' service in the Army is discharged on account of disability incurred in the line of duty, transportation of his authorized change of station allowance of baggage from his last duty station to his home in addition to other travel allowances fixed by law may be authorized by the Secretary of War. Act of Aug. 29, 1916 (39 Stat. 633).

727a. Pay and allowances of soldier sentenced to dishonorable discharge during execution of suspended sentence.—Hereafter pay and allowances shall not accrue to a soldier under sentence of dishonorable discharge during such period as the execution of the sentence of discharge may be suspended under authority of the act of Congress approved April twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and pay which has heretofore been forfeited under such suspended sentence shall not be held to have accrued to the Soldiers' Home under the operation of section forty-eight hundred and eighteen, Revised Statutes, but shall be covered back into the Treasury of the United States. Act of Mar. 4, 1915 (38 Stat. 1065).

(This provision will also be found under paragraph 1507a.)




Par. The Medical Department, compo

Medical officers appointed to sition of-----

728a meet increase in time of war Not to exceed five officers of, may

to be honorably discharged be detailed with American Red

when strength of Army is reCross. 7285 duced

729C. Veterinary Corps

728c-728n Promotion as captains of first Composition of

7280 lieutenants in Medical Corps Appointment of assistant veteri

of Regular Army and National narian, qualifications and ex


729d. amination for

7280 Relative rank of captains, Same-Rank, pay, and allow

method of determining------ 731a ances of

728e Appointment in, qualifications Same-Examination for promo

for, and promotion ---- 732a tion

728f Same--Provision as to age limit Veterinarians now in Army ap


732b pointed in Veterinary Corps,

Same Age limit after January rank and pay of -----

1, 1918

732c Same--Examination for ---- 728h Dental surgeons.

750a-7500 Same-Retirement of, if found

Rank, pay, allowances, qualificaphysically disqualified

728i tions, and number of ------- 750a Appointment of reserve veteri

Same--Number of majors limnarians, pay and allowances

ited to 15.

750b of..--

7283 Same-Examination for promoSame-Qualifications of; eligible

tion same as for officers of for appointment as assistant

Medical Corps.--

750c veterinarian


Composition, appointments, proProbationary appointment of as

motions, rank, pay, allowsistant veterinarians from eli

ances, retirement and number gible list in order of merit.--- 7281 of ofiicers.

7500 Same-Discharge of probation

Examining and reviewing ary veterinarians whose serr


730e ices are unsatisfactory 728in

Recommission of surgeons in Boards of examiners, composi

active service

7508 tion of


Same-Confirmation by Senate The Medical Corps-------- 729a-732c

prior to recommissioning of.. 750g Composition of...

Enlisted force.

756a-7669 Upon reduction by law of author

75Ga ized enlisted strength of Army

Composition of------'no original appointments to be Enlisted men in Hospital Corps made to commissioned rank

at date of approval of act In until it has been proportion

transferred to corresponding ally reduced 729b grades in Medical Department 756b


Par. Appointment and qualifications of master hospital sergeants-

760a Privates, first class, eligible for

ratings for additional pay as
nurses and dispensary or sur-
gical assistants.-

765a Same-Yo

shall receive more than one rating for additional pay--

765b Original enlistments to be in

grade of private and reenlist-
ments, transfers, etc., to be

under prescribed regulations 766a Enlisted men, total number not

to exceed 5 per cent of en

listed strength of Army --- 766b Same-Additional men may be

enlisted in time of actual or

threatened hostilities --- 7660 Number of master hospital ser

geants, hospital sergeants, ser-
geants first class, sergeants,
corporal, and cooks..

7660 Number of horseshoers, saddlers,

farriers, and inechanics ----- 766e Number of first-class privates and privates.---

766f Upon reduction by law of au

thorized enlisted strength of
Army no promotion of non-
commissioned officers will be
made until their percentage
has been reduced proportion-


Par. Allowances of superintendent. 770a Sale of medical supplies to American Red Cross--

775a Loan of sanitary equipment of

Army and Navy to American
Red Cross

77.3b Same- Return to be provided

for and bond to be required. 775C Same-Extended for instruction

of persons who may volunteer
for training within certain

7750 Sales of medical supplies to civilian employees ---

77 je Proceeds of sales of medical and

hospital supplies, disposition

775f Settlement of accounts between

other bureaus of War Depart-
ment, etc., and Medical De-

7753 Hospital care Canal Zone garri

son; rate of commutation of
rations and appropriatiou from
which payable-----

776 Same

776b Allowance for keeping and feed

ing prisoners, provision re

stricting amount suspended.. 776c Medical care and treatment in

private hospitals of officers, enlisted nen, civilian ployees, and prisoners of war; exceptions

776:1 Applications for trusses.

7831 Purchase of trusses.




728a. The Medical Department, composition of.-The Medical Department shall consist of one Surgeon General, with the rank of major general during the active service of the present incumbent of that office, and thereafter with the rank of brigadier general, who shall be chief of said department, a Medical Corps, a Medical Reserve Corps within the limit of time fixed by this Act, a Dental Corps, a Veterinary Corps, an enlisted force, the Nurse Corps and contract surgeons as now authorized by law, the commissioned officers of which shall be citizens of the United States. Sec. 10, Act of June 3, 1916 (39 Stat. 171).

(For the next provision of this section see par. 729a. For the provision of sec. 37 abolishing the Medical Reserve Corps one year after passage of art, see par, 1539.)


*For provision in section 3, act of October 6, 1917, giving the Surgeon General the rank, pay, and allowances of major general, see paragraph 373a, ante.

728b. Not to exceed five officers of, may be detailed with American Red Cross-Hereafter the President shall be authorized to detail not to exceed five officers of the Medical Department of the Army for duty with the military relief division of the American National Red Cross. Id.

(For other provisions of this section, preceding this paragraph, see paragraphs 729a, 729b, 7290, 731a, and 732a.)

VETERINARY CORPS. 728c. Composition of.The President is hereby authorized, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint veterinarians and assistant veterinarians in the Army, not to exceed, including veterinarians now in service, two such oflicers for each regiment of Cavalry, one for every three batteries of Field Artillery, one for each mounted battalion of Engineers, seventeen as inspectors of horses and mules and as veterinarians in the Quartermaster Corps, and seven as inspectors of meats for the Quartermaster Corps; and said veterinarians and assistant veterinarians shall be citizens of the United States and shall constitute the Veterinary Corps and shall be a part of the Medical Department of the Army. Sec. 16, act of June 3, 1916 (39 Stat. 176).

(See paragraphs 5H, 1078, and 1079 for existing law relatire to veterinarians.)

728d. Appointment of assistant veterinarian, qualifications and examination for.-Hereafter a candidate for appointment as assistant veterinarian must be a citizen of the United States, between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-seven years, a graduate of a recognized

* Upon inquiry whether veterinarians of Cavalry, Field Artillery, and the Quartermaster Corps who have been recommended for commissions in the Veterinary Corps established by section 16 of the act of June 3, 1916, are to be considered members of the Veterinary Corps pending the issue of their commissions,

Held, that the language of the section referred to defines the Veterinary Corps as consisting of "said veterinarians and assistant veterinarians," and these words can relate only to the veterinarians and assistant veterinarians whose appointments have been provided for in the preceding clauses. The words, “including veterinarians now in the service,” are employed in the section only for the purposes (1) of limiting the number of oflicers who may be appointed veterinarians and assistant veterinarians under the terms of the section, and (2) of indicating that the discharge of veterinarians then in the service was not required; and do not have the effect of including the “veterinarians now in the service" in the Veterinary Corps, which the section plainly constitutes through new appointment. (War Dept. Bull. 15, March 24, 1917.)

? The question was presented whether the provision of the act of May 12, 1917 (Army appropriation act), amending section 24 of the national-defense act, so as to provide new age limits for appointments to the grade of second lieutenant, affected the eligibility for appointment as assistant veterinarians umier section 16 of the national-defense act.

Hed, that, since the provision of section 16 of the national-defense act gov. erning the eligibility of persons for appointment as assistant veterinarians is not dependent upon or affected by the provisions governing the elegibility for appointment as second lieutenant found in section 24 of that act, the amendment of section 24 by the act of May 12, 1917, does not affect the provision relative to appointment as assistant veterinarians found in section 16 of the national-defense act. (War Dept. Bull. 49, August 22, 1917.)

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