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diction of the United States and outside the territorial limits thereof shall be punishable hereunder. Sec. 8, id.

1317{k. Repeal of national defense secrets Act of March 3, 1911.-: The Act entitled “An Act to prevent the disclosure of national defense secrets," approved March third, nineteen hundred and eleven, is hereby repealed. Sec. 9, id.

(For general provisions of this act applicable to this title see pamgraphs 14751-1475u.)

131741. Possession or control of property or papers in aid of foreign government designed or intended, etc., for violating penal statutes, treaty rights or obligations of United States, or rights, etc., under law of nations; punishment.-Whoever, in aid of any foreign Government, shall knowingly and willfully have possession of or control over any property or papers designed or intended for use or which is used as the means of violating any penal statute, or any of the rights or obligations of the United States under any treaty or the law of nations, shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. T'itle XT, Sec. 22, id., 230.

(For preceiling section of this title sec paragraph 1449u, and for the ensuing section see paragraph 1449v.)

*Paragruplas 1317t, 1317), and 1317; repealed

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Par Word " Territory " defined.---- 1321a Composition of..

1322a Composition of the National Guard

1322b Provisions of act applicable to land forces only.----

1322c Same --Any State or Territory maintaining Naval Militia may have credit to number of on its quota

1322d Exemptions from militia duty

and exemptions as combatants, 1323a Organization of National Guard units.----

1325a Organization of Staff Corps and

departments to correspond to

those of Regular Army --- 1325a SameState troops in time of

peace must conform to pre

scribed organization----- 1325b Right of States and Territories

to use National Guard within
their borders in time of peace

not limited by act---------- 13250 Organization and maintenance

of State police or constabulary

not forbidden by act---- 1325d Minimum and maximum num

ber of enlisted men for each

Senator and Representative_-- 1325e President may fix maximum

number in States having but
one representative

1325f Any State or Territory may or

ganize maximum number in

less time than act specifies.--- 1325g Any State with but one Repre

sentative may organize one or

more regiments, etc.-------- 1325h Organization into divisions, bri

gades, and other tactical
units to assist in instruction
and training-


Par. Same_Commanding officers of

complete units organized within a State or Territory not to be displaced---

1325) Detail of officer of Regular

Army as chief of staff of any division in service of United States

1325k Same-Detail of regular officer

as chief of staff of each tactical division to insure prompt mobilization in time of war, etc......

13251 Location of units and head

quarters to be determined by

States and Territories ------ 1325m Same-Units not to be dis

banded or reduced below minimum strength without

consent of President ------- 1325n National Guard Reserve_ 13250–13250 Composition of_

13250 Same-Pay and allowances of,

while training with active National Guard -

1325p Same-Appropriation for Na

tional Guard purposes not available for ---

13259 Same-Organization of reserve

battalions in time of war.---- 1325r Same Organization of provi

sional regiments and higher units

13258 Same Drafting unorganized

militia into service of United States to maintain reserve

battalions at proper strength. 1325t Same-Vacancies in organiza

tions in service to be filled

from reserve battalions, etc.- 1325u President to make necessary

rules and regulations for organizing and disciplining---- 1325v



Par. Ancient privileges of certain or

ganizations may be retained. 1327a SameForm a part of National

Guard, and shall conform to its organization, etc., in time of war--

1327b Sime-Assignment to higher

units for training and when on active duty-----

13270 Joint encampments, maneuvers,

etc., with Regular Army ------ 1328a SameCommand, where organi

zations of Regular Army and of National Guard participate in joint maneuvers, etc.----- 1328b Details of Regular Army officers

and enlisted men as instruc-
tors at encampments and ma-
neu vers_-

1328C Appropriation for National

Guard encampments, maneu-
vers, etc

13280 Same-Training of National

Guard, camps, etc----- 132801 Reduced rates of transportation for members of Sativnal Guard

attending joint maneuvers--- 1328e Joint encampments with Regu

lar Armiy may be held by wili.
tia when impracticable to ob-

of Regular

1328f Pay for participation in

campmients, maneuvers, etc.,
beginning of..---

1330a Pay of oflicers and enlisted

men not in service of United

1330b-1330m Schedules of pay for second

lieutenants to cnptains; offi-
cers of higher rank to receive
pay of captain ---

1330b Same--Secretary of War to

prescribe regulations to
amount and

character of
service to be rendered to en-

title to maximum pay------- 1330c Same-Pay of staff officers,

aids-de-camp, chaplains, etc.- 13300 Pay of enlisted men ou active list.


Par. Same-Full compensation only

in case of attendance upon maximum number of drills annually----

1330f Same_Compensation computed

semiannually beginning the 1st day of January and July of each year.-

1330g Same Compensation for por

tion of semiannual period on enlistment or expiration during

1330h Same Acceptance of equivalent

periods of military duty in
lieu of drills.----

1330i Same -- Disbursements to

made by officers of Quarter-
master Corps.

1330; Same-Stoppages to cover cost

of public property lost or de-
stroyed by officers or enlisted

1330k Same Withholding payment for

failure to comply with law as
to age limit, staff organiza-
tion, appointment of officers

to fill vacancies, etc-------- 13301 Same Time limit within which

such withlıolding becomes op-
erative in any State or Terri.
tory ----

1330m Lea ves of absence for Govern. ment employees.--

1331a Leaves of absence for Govern

ment employees while en-
gaged in training---

1331b Discipline, including training, to

conform to system prescribed
for Regular Army----

1331c SameDrill, instructions, and

training, character and

amount required annually --- 13310 SameCredit for assembly drill

or indoor target practice,
duration of and minimum

number to participate in, etc. 1331e Secretary of War may provide

instruction camps to be con-
ducted by officers of Regular

--- 1331f Appropriation for National

Guard camps of instruction - 1331g



Par. Same----

133131 Transportation of teams to par

ticipate in national matches,

selection of and allotment for. 1331h Detail of sergeants with the

National Guard and with disciplinary organizations at

U. S. Disciplinary Barracks_- 1332a Detail of officers and enlisted

men of Regular Army for duty
with; officers

may accept
commissions in without vacat.
ing their Regular Army com-

1332b Temporary vacancies in Regu

lar Army due to details in in
time of war-----

1332c Same Vacancies in staff, corps

and departments to be filled

by teniporary details ------- 1332d Same—Temporary appointments

and promotions to be made by
the President and confirmed
by the Senate.---

1332e Same Officers temporarily pro

moted not to vacate their per

manent commissions, etc.---- 13321 Inspector-instructors to

State armories for offices.-- 1333a Inspector-instructors limited to

actual expenses when travel-

1333b Officers and enlistel men at

tending United States mili.
tary schools

1334a Same-Pay and allowances in

no case to exceed those of a

1334b Appropriation for officers and

enlisted men of National
Guard attending Army serv-
ice schools, etc.-

1334c Samen

13340 Alljutants general of States, duties of

1335a Adjutants general of Territories

and District of Columbia, ap-
pointment of----

1333b National Militia Board

abolished; Militia Division changed to Militia Bureau-- 1337a

Par. Two officers of National Guard

may be assigned to duty as assistants to Chief of Militia

Bureau; rank and pay of.--- 1337b Use of armed land forces of

United States.-------- 133911-1342a Drafted into service of United States.-

1339a Same--Organization of ; subject

to rules and articles of war;

discharged from militia.--- 1339b Same-Appointment of commissioned officers.--

1339c Same-Pay and allowances of

officers and enlisted men.--- 13390 SamePensions.--

1339e Physical examination of officers

and enlisted men on being
called into service of United

13391 Samel'hysical examination prior to muster out.

13398 Congress declares emergency to

exist and authorizes drafting
of the National Guarı, the
Organized Militia, and Organ-

ized Militia Reserve --- 1339h Sume-l'ersons 80 drafted to

stand discharged from militia

during period of their service. 13391 Same - Pensions.

1339) Same Organization of drafted

units and appoiutment of of-
ficers for same.-

1339k Same-Vacancies in Regular

Army caused by appointment
of officers to positions in

drafteil forces, filling of_---- 13391 Same--Rank and command, of

ficers of same grade----- 1339m Same-Rank and precedence of

officers of Regular Army hold-
ing commissions in drafted

1339n Officers and enlisted men of

National Guard and Medical
Reserve Corps who are Gov.
ernment employees and

sponded to the call to be re-
stored to their positions at
expiration of their military



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