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----- 14159

Par. Declaration of existence of war

between the Imperial German Government and the Gov

ernment of the United States, 1415a Vessels within jurisdiction of

United States belonging to its

enemies to be taken over ---- 1415b Same-Appointment cf board of

survey to ascertain value of such vessels...

14150 Treason

14150-1415k Treason defined..

1415d Same-Punishment for --- -- 1415e Misprison of treason defined ; punishment of

1415f Inciting, etc., rebellion or insur

rection; punishment for Criminal correspondence with

foreign Governments; punishment for; redress of private injuries --

1415h Seditious conspiracy; punishment for ---

1413i Recruiting for service against

the United States; punishment for

1415j Enlisting to serve against the

United States; punishment for.--

1415k Trading with the enemy- 1420a-14390 Definition of act..

1420a “ Enemy" defined

1420b "Ally of enemy" defined. 14200 " Person" defined.--.

1420d “ United States " defined. 1420e "Beginning of the war” defined

1420f “End of the war defined.---- 1420g “ Bank or banks" defined.---- 1420h

Par. " To trade." defined -

1420i Act not to be construed as val

idating act, etc., constituting trade with, etc., enemy since beginning of war and prior to

passage of act otherwise void. 1420j Conveyances, etc., in violation

of section 3 without license not to confer right or remedy in respect thereof; assignee, indorsee, etc., of debí, note, etc., by, from, etc., of enemy, etc., not to have right or remedy, etc

1420k Payment of obligations assigned

to person not an enemy, etc.,

prior to beginning of war---- 14201 Payments by enemy, etc., to per

son in United States not enemy made prior to beginning of war

1420m Same--License therefor

1420n Suits or actions in courts in

United States by enemy or ally or enemy prior to end of

war not authorized by act---- 14200 Same-Exceptions as to enemy

licensed to do business under act.--

1420p Right of enemy, etc., to defend by counsel

1420 Notice from President that any

person is enemy, etc., prima facie defense in suit or action

1420r SameNotice from President

that any person is enemy, etc.,
prima facie evidence in prose-
cution under section 16 of act. 1420s



Par. Alien property custodian. 1424a-1424jj Appointment, salary, general puwers and duties.

1424a Same-Bond.

1424b Clerks, attorneys, investigators, etc., for.-

1424c Same--Appointment of from civil-service list

14240 Annual report to Congress of

proceedings under act... - 1424e Same-List showing number and compensation of employees, and kind of property taken, etc.---

1424f Requiring property owned by,

etc., enemy or ally of enemy
conveyed, etc., to alien prop-
erty custodian

1424g Voluntary payment of property,

etc., of enemy or ally of enemy
to alien property custodian;
when authorized-----

1424h Acts done under order, rule, or

regulation of President not to

create liability in court.----- 1424i Effect of payment or delivery of

property, etc., to alien prop-
erty custodian.--

14243 Acknowledgment, receipt, etc., of

conveyance, etc., of property

to alien property custodian. 1424k Certificate of appointment of

alien property custodian; evi-
dence in all courts of United

14241 Same-Record of by courts, and

certified copy of such record

to be received in evidence---- 1424m Contracts, mortgages, pledges,

etc., held by persons not enemy
or ally of enemy against or
with enemy or ally of enemy;
holding, enforcement, dispos-

ing, etc., thereof.. wand 1424n Same-Rules and regulations therefor

14240 Same--Disposition of surplus.-- 1424p Abrogation of contracts with

enemy or ally of enemy pro-
viding for delivery during or
after war of things produced,
etc., in United States; notice- 14249

Par. Suspension of running of stat

utes of limitations relating to
rights or remedies on
tracts, etc., made prior to war;
contracts included.

1124r Same-Suspension of running of

other statutes of limitations - 1124s Clains to property, etc., trans

ferred, etc., to alien property
custodian by persons not
eneny or ally of enemy; no-
tice, filing, form, delivery of
property to claimant, and or-
der for----

1424t Order for not bar to suit to es

tablish right, etc., against

1124u Same-Suits to establish claini to such property

1424v Attachment, etc., of property

transferred to alien property

1424w Property transferred to alien

property custodian under sec-
tion 10 not governed by this

1424x Doney's, etc., transferred to alien

property custodiau, payment
into Treasury --

1424y Property, etc., transferred to

alien property custodian, keep-
ing, etc. ; designation of de-
positaries ---

11242 Same-Certain property to be

deposited in depositaries or

with Secretary of Treasury - 1421aa Depositaries to give bond----- 1424bb General powers of alien property custodian.--

14124cc Transfer by corporations, etc.,

on books, stocks, etc., owned
by enemy or ally of enemy to

alien property custodian---- 1424dd Proceeds of sales of property,

etc., to be deposited in Treas-
ury by alien property cus-

1424ee Property, etc., transferred to

Treasurer of United States.
when ---

1424ff Claims of enemy or ally of en

emy at end of war, settle-


Par. Same—Payment or transfer in

accordance with order of

President or decree of court. 1424hh Sane-Payment by Treasurer

of funds deposited by licensee. 1424ii Appropriation for expenses.- 1424jj Arts prohibited

--------- 1425a-14250 Trading with, etc., enemy or

ally of enemy, etc., without licensen

1425a Transporting, etc., into or from

United States, subjects or citizens of enemy or ally of en

emy nation without license.- 1425b Sending into or from United

States letters, etc., except in regular course of mail; sending, etc., out of United States letters, etc., for or to enemy or ally of enemy-

14250 Same-Exceptions, etc.------ 14250 Censorship of communications by mail, etc.--

1425e Evading, etc., censorship, punishment

1425f Licenses to enemy or ally of en

emy insurance or reinsurance companies, etc., doing business

in United States ---- 1425g Condition of license and revocation of

1425h Revocation or refusal to license, notice of

1425i Abrogation of existing contracts

with enemy or ally of enemy insurance or reinsurance company -

1425j President's proclamation relat

ing to marine and war-risk insurance as affecting German insurance companies to remain in force for certain time ---

1425k Licensed enemy or ally of enemy

insurance or reinsurance companies not to transmit funds,

etc., out of United States, etc. 14251 Lawful for enemy or ally of en

emy to do business in United States, when and under what conditions


Par. Transmission, etc., of money,

etc., out of United States.--- 1425n Failure to apply for license

within time limit, refusal or revocation of license; tradling

prohibited in cases of ------- 14250 Claim of policyholder or insur

ance company not an enemy or ally of enemy, premiums on existing policies, etc., on revocation of or refusal to license, etc---

1425p Change of name of enemy or ally of enemy

14259 Prohibiting foreign insurance

companies from doing or li. censing such companies to do

business in United States --- 1423r Suspension of provisions of act

relating to ally of enemy; li. censes, etc., to do business; rules and regulations for enforcement of act

14258 Postponement of performance of certain acts---

14250 Regulate, etc., transactions in

foreign exchange, etc., of gold or silver coin or bullion or currency, transmission of credits, etc

1425u Acts permitted.-------- 1425v-1425uu Applications for leters patent,

or registration of trade-mark, etc., or copyright by enemy or ally of enemy

1425 v Sane--Extension of time for filing applications..

1425w Payment of tax, annuity, or fee

in relation to patents, etc., to

enemy or ally of enemy; application for patents, etc., by

citizens of United States in

country of enemy, etc.------ 1425x Licenses to manufacture, use,

etc., articles covered by pat-
ent, etc., owned by enemy or
ally of enemy ---

1425y Same-Conditions of licenses and fees for same.

1425Z Par. Same-License defense to suit

instituted by owners of patents, etc.

1425aa Statements filed by licensees

with President, contents; pay-
ment to alien-property custo-
dian of per centum from re-

ceipts from sales, etc.----- 1425bb Term of licenses_

1425cc Cancellation of licesses - 1425dd Suits against license by owner of patent, etc.

1425ee Same--Notice of suits.

1425ff Same-Defenses..

1425gg SaineCourt may award reasonable royalty-

1425hh Same---Fund from which judge

ment and decree shall be paid.

1425ii Kepayment of percentum depos

ited with alien property custodian.-

1425jj Reports to President to cease

upon entry of suit or repayment of funds

1425kk Termination of license on suit

brought; injunction against

infringement by licensee--- 142511 Restraining infringement of pat

ents, etc., by enemy or ally of enemy

1425mm Same-Notice to alien property

custodian before entry of judgment.----

1425nn Certain powers of attorney valid.-

142500 Keeping secret inventions and

withholding grant of patents

1425pp Same-Inventions abandoned, when

142599 Same-Compensation to pat

entee for use of inventions tendered to United States, etc.

1425rr Offenses, punishment, forfeiture of property, etc.----

1425ss Rules, orders, process, etc., by

district courts; appeals--- 1425tt Jurisdiction of courts of Philip

pine Islands and Canal Zone
of offenses under act.


Par. Lists of enemy or ally of enemy

officers, directors, or stockholders of corporations, etc., in United States, with amount of stock owned by such officers, etc..

1427a Lists of stocks owned by enemy or ally of enemy

1427b Alien property custodian may

strike names from such lists.- 1427c Reports of property held for or

debts due to enemy or ally of enemy

1427d Same-Report of property and

of debts as of date of February 3, 1917--

1427e Same-Alien property custodian

may strike names from such reports----

1427f Extension of time for filing lists of reports---

1427g Importation of certain articles

into United States prohibited

on proclamation by President. 1431a Statements required from mas

ters of vessels and owners, etc., of cargoes before grant

ing clearance, contents.----- 1439a Same-Copies for American

consular officer on reaching destination.-

1439b Refusal of clearance to vessels

on belief, etc., that statements required by section 13 are false

14390 Reports by collector of customs

of gold or silver coin, etc., in

cargoes intended for export-- 1439d Search warrants.

1449a-1449v Authority for issue.

1449a Same-Grounds for issue--- 1449b SameProbable cause and affidavit.

1449c Same-Examination of appli

cant and witnesses; affidavits and depositions---

14490 Same-Affidavits and depositions.-

1449e Same-Issuance of, contents---- 1449f Same-Service of_

1449g Same-Service, breaking and entering--


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