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Threats against the President, Detail of clerks to the Execu-
punishment for--
la tive Office ---

12a la. Threats against the President, punishment for.-Any person who knowingly and willfully deposits or causes to be deposited for conveyance in the mail or for delivery from any post office or by any letter carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document containing any threat to take the life of or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States, or who knowingly and willfully otherwise makes any such threat against the President, shall upon conviction be fined not exceeding one thousand dollars or imprisoned not exceeding five years, or both. Act of Feb. 14, 1917 (39 Stat. 919).

. 12a. Details of clerks to the Executive Office.—Employees of the executive departments and other establishments of the executive branch of the Government may be detailed from time to time to the office of the President of the United States for such temporary assistance as may be necessary. Act of-May 10, 1916 (39 Stat. 76).











Par. Temporary employees, War De. Duties relating to efficiency ratpartment

28a ings transferred to ----Same--Report to Congress as to

Same_Establish and maintain number, compensation, etc.


system of efficiency ratings, inLimit as to number receiving

vestigate duplication of work, maximum compensation ---- 28c etc. Details for service outside of

Same--Investigate methods of District restricted..

30a auditing accounts of disbursLump-sum appropriations, pay

ing officers, etc--ment of additional salaries

Samen Investigate and report from, forbidden

35a upon methods of transacting Transfer of clerks, etc,, of ex

business in Civil Service Com

mission ---ecutive departments to inde

Same--Ascertain rates of pay pendent establishments, etc-- 36a

of State and municipal emEmployment of civil employees

ployees of executive departments, etc.,

Samen Executive departinent to in other executive depart

furnish information, access to ments, etc., at increased rate

l'ecords, etc.--of compensation prohibited.-- 36b

Same-Investigate classification, Increase of compensation of civil

salary, and efficiency of ememployees of executive depart

ployees of executive departments, etc., employed in other

ments, etc... departments, etc., within one

Same--Investigate and report year from such employment

upon duplication of service in prohibited


executive departments, etc.United States Shipping Board

Increased compensation at rate Emergency Fleet Corporation

of 10 and 5 per cent to emcleemed a Government estab

ployees of certain grades ---lishment

360 Same-- Application of; detailed Oncers and employees of execu

reports to Congresstive departments, etc., estah

Same-Increase only applies to lished and to continue from

employees of Military Estabrear to year

40a lishment on rolls at close of Section 5, Act of June 22, 1906,

preceding year not repealed

36e Temporary employment of addiBureau of Efficiency--------- 405-40j tional force; report to ConCreated as independent estab

gress as to number, designalishment40b tion, and compensation

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Par. Appropriations available during

Same--To dependent parents in fiscal years 1917 and 1918---- 44e absence of widow, widower, or Appropriations available for


660 paying obligations incurred

Same-To dependent parents prior to passage of act_----- 44f where there is widow, widAnnual report to Congress of ex

ower, or child... penditures under act_--- 44g Same-To dependent brothers, Rules for division of time and

sisters, grandparents, and computing pay of Government

grandchildren in absence of employees

44h widow, widower, child, or deIncreased compensation to piece

pendent parent-

66q work and per diem employees,

Same-To dependent brothers, computation of ---

441 sisters, grandparents, and Compensation for injuries to

grandchildren where there is Federal employees --- 66a-66111 widow, widower, child, or deNo compensation for injuries

pendent parent--

60r from certain causes.

66a Same - Duration of compensaNo compensation during first

tion under clauses E and F--- 66s three days of disability------ 66L Same-Definition of terms child, Compensation for total dis

brother, sister, parent, widow, ability -660 widower, etc----

66t Compensation for partial dis

Compensation of remaining perability

66d sons where compensation of Same_Compensation ceases on

one person ceases

60u refusal to perform suitable

Commission may modify apporwork

66e tionment to avoid injustice Maximum and minimum com

when made to two or more pensation for total disability,


66v and maximum compensation

Same-Total monthly compensafor partial disability-

66f tion not to exceed monthly pay During receipt of compensation

at a maximum of $100 and a to receive no other salary or

minimum of $50.--

66w pay from United States, ex

Same--Penalty for

for accepting cept for services rendered or

compensation after right to, as Army or Navy pension---66g

66x Compensation may begin four Burial expenses of employees dydays after expiration of an

ing from injuries, and transnual or sick leave

66h portation of their remains.-Injured employees entitled to

Practice of particular branch of reasonable medical, surgical,

service to be followed in comand hospital services and sup

puting monthly pay; overtime plies--66i pay not to be counted.

66z Death resulting from injury

Partial disability, method of dewithin six years, rates of pay


termining employees's wageSame-To widow, there is no

earning capacity

66aa child

66k Lump-sum payment in certain Same-To the widower, if there

cases in lieu of monthly comis no child.

661 pensation, method of deterSaume-To the widow or wid

mining amount of----

Cobb ower, if there is a child, and

Written notice of injury to emto minor child.-

66ın ployee, time limit for giving-- 66cc Same-To children in absence of

Same-Information which widow or widower. 66n tice shall contain





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