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Page 61 - Where the offence was committed by the procurement or with the connivance of the plaintiff. 2. Where the offence charged has been forgiven by the plaintiff. The forgiveness may be proved either affirmatively or by the voluntary cohabitation of the parties with the knowledge of the fact.
Page 48 - In an action brought to recover a balance due upon a mutual, open, and current account, where there have been reciprocal demands between the parties, the cause of action shall be deemed to have accrued from the time of the last item proved in the account on either side.
Page 48 - Within the age of twenty-one years; or 2. Insane; or 3. Imprisoned on a criminal charge, or in execution under the sentence of a criminal court, for a term less than his natural life; or 4. A married woman ; The time of such disability is not a part of the time limited for the commencement of the action...
Page 47 - Act— (a) if the cause of action accrues on or after the date of the enactment of this Act — may be commenced within two years after the cause of action accrued...
Page 49 - ... of this act ; or that it was not issued in sufficient time to enable the sheriff to enforce it ; or that a direction was given, or other fraudulent or collusive means were used, by the plaintiff or his attorney, to prevent the service thereof.
Page 5 - Any person who shall be convicted of an offense before the circuit court, being aggrieved by any opinion, direction or judgment of the court in any matter of law, may allege exceptions to such opinion, direction or judgment, which exceptions being reduced to writing in a summary mode and presented to the court at any time before the end of the term, and if found conformable to the truth of the case, shall be allowed and signed by the judge...
Page 61 - ... concerning the care, custody, and maintenance of the minor children of the parties, and may determine with which of the parents the children, or any of them shall remain.
Page 61 - Where a divorce is granted for an offense of the husband, the court may compel him to provide for the maintenance of the children of the marriage, and to make such suitable allowance to the wife for her support, during her life, or for a shorter period, as the court may deem just, having regard to the circumstances of the parties respectively; and the court may, from time to time, modify its orders in these respects.
Page 49 - If any person who is liable to any of the actions mentioned iu this chapter shall fraudulently conceal the cause of such action from the knowledge of the person entitled thereto, the action may be commenced at any time within two years after the person who is entitled to bring the same shall discover that he has such cause of action, although such action would be otherwise barred by the provisions of this chapter.
Page 61 - A divorce for the cause of adultery committed by the wife shall not affect the legitimacy of the issue of the marriage, but the legitimacy of such children, if questioned, may be determined by the court upon the proofs in the...

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