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vicinity as well as superior naval force, of St. Petersburgh to see us in possession of able, at all tiines, to block up the Baltic ? Malta, and able to stop her progress, or to And do they not feel that by our occupying see us shut out of the Mediterranean, and Malta, we may be able to shut them up in Malta in French, or what is equivalent, in the Euxine also? So that if ever they should neutral hands? If Russia is well inclined be inclined to move in any direction we do towards this country, why does she not not like, we can, from this envied position, oblige Buonaparté immediately to evacuate stretch forth our naval arm, and say balt. Hanover, &c. as she knows the usurper

-Is it not known to a certainty that the would not quarrel with ber for so trifling an Jate Empress had intentions of inaking ber- object ? ---- Why does the Court of St. Peself mistress of the River Amur, and all the tersburgh not only wish we should evacuate country on its left bank to the sea ? Had Malta, but why does it not insist on our she not views on Jaban, and to obtain a holding it in perpetuity? --If these profooting in India, and on the opposite side jects of the Court of St. Petersburgh should of America? Some such extension is even for the moment be laid aside, can any body necessary to Russia, or the establishments on assure me that they will not at some future that side of the empire will go to ruin.-- period be resumed? And in that case can Was not a project formed about the year any one say, that the loss of Malta will not 1790, of sending an army to raise an insur- have all the fatal consequences I have statrection of the Mahomedan powers and par- ed?--When we have abandoned Malta, tizans in India; to profess to have for ob. and Russia should be favourably inclined to ject the re-establishment of the Mogul on this country, will it be in her power to set the throne of all India, and io drive us out France at defiance? Will not France have of the peninsula in case a war with this a strong hold on her in the East? ---Will country had taken place ? --Is any one not our being able to block up Russia on ignorant of the views of that court on Tur- all sides by sca prevent her quarrelling with key, and of the intention of creating Greece us, and be a means of preserving a friendly into an independent state, placing the Great co-operation, which if rightly understood is Duke Constantine on the throne of Con- the true interest of boib countries -stantinople? Or how much this has been au When I have a satisfactory answer to these object of the cabinet, often suspended, but questions, I shall be able to solve the enignever relinquished for these last hundred ma: Is Russia friendly to this country?-years ? ---Why does Russia pay such vast As to guarantees, surely after the fate of attention to that part of the empire border- that of the treaty of Luneville and others, ing on the Euxine? Why is the junction of nobody can think they are of sufficient the great rivers to convey merchandize force to stop any enterprise of Buonaparte's. from the most distant parts of the country Our only guarantees are a British garrison to the Euxine undertaken, and spoken of and the affection of the inhabitants. -with so much exultation by the French : As to Russia's approving of our blocking up

-Cannot France, in a war with this The Elbe it argues nothing. She' may give country, procure naval stores from the Black us good words, she may, perhaps, acť a Sea if Malia is wrested out of our hands ? farce or two"; she may lull us to sleep till Cannot France carry on an immense trade Malta is out of our hands. There is no with the Russian ports of the Crimea, Cher-language which a subtile court may not son, &c. a trade necessary to make the hold to gain its ends. Let us look to the southern provinces florish, rich in soil, in state of things. When we know the inproductions, in population, and blessed with terest, or what is thought to be the interest a healthy and temperale air? Does it ap- of a court, we know its views. The rest is pear that Russia can have such, or any ad- comedy and legerdemain trick. I beg to vantages in those parts, from us ?- What know the meaning of all the favours that disadvantage will accrue to Russia by the it has pleased the usurper to confer on the French possessing Egypt? And should a House of Baden, and why, from such hauds, quarrel with this country take place, what they have been accepied.---Let me see objection can Russia have to join the French strong active measures on the part of Rusefforts to humble us in India, or elsewhere? sia. A manifesto that she will support her --Is Russia more likely to succeed in all, guarantees, and a Sawroff at the head of or any of her projects by our having the another army, and above all that Russia dominion of the Mediterranean, or by that will support us in the possession of Malta ; dominion being transferred to France ?- for even should she declare war against Does it appear from a view of these things, Buonaparté I will not admit her good disa that it will be more agreeable to the Court positions towards this country, wiibout the


last measure, which alone will prove that

- I have the honour to be, &c.-W.Gun. she wishes bereafter to maintain that dispo

FIELD, Litut. Gen.

Rs. Hon. Lord Il.bart, sition.--I am, Sir, yours, &c. &c.

&c. &c. &c. London, August 15, 1803. THOMAS.


Cæsar BERTHIER, General de Brigade, Captain-Gene

ral of the Island of Tobago, in the name of the Frenci esite of the blockade of the Parts of Genoa and S:szia, Republic, offers, by eke Ships of his Britannic Majesty.--Datud Down- Art. 1. To deliver up to the Commander in IR-5141, August 13, 1803.

Chiet of his Britannic Majesty's forces, the Fort of The King has been pleased to cause it to be sig. Scarborough, in the same staie in which it now is, nibet by ine Right Honourable Lord Hawkes- together with the artillery, and military stores.-bury, his Majesty's Principal Secretary of State Answer.-- Agreed to.----Art. 11. The garrison for Foreign Affairs, to the Ministers of Neutral shall march out with all the honours of war; Po:vers residing at this Court, that the necessary diums beating, and taking their arms and baggage, Beisures have been taken, by his Majesty's com- with one piece of field artillery --Answer.mand, for the blockade of the entrance of the Ports agreed to. The British troops being permited, ac of Genoa aod Spezia; and that from this time all cleven o'clock to-morrow morning, to have posthe nea ures authorised by the Law of Nations, session of the Fort of Scarborough; and the French and the respec ive Treasies between bis Majesty garrison, at the same time, to march out with the and the diffrent Neutral Powers, will be acopied honours of war, drums heating, arms and baggage, and executed with respect to all vessels which may and one piece of field artillery; but the arms are attempt to violate the said blockade.

to be laid down, and the field piece given up as

soon as they shall have passed the Glacis.-Art. Dapuick from Gen. Grinfield, giving an account of the 111. The Captain-General, his staff, all the otfi

Csince of Tobagy, by the forces of his Britannic Ma. cers, all the persons in military or civil employjobs. - Datid Saarborough, Tobagy, July 1, 1803. ments, with all the soldiers, seamen, servants, and

MY LORD, I have the honour to report to generally all the French attached to the service of your Lordship, the surrender, hy capitulation, of the Republic, with their wives and children, shall th: Port of Scarborough, and the restoration of the be embarked within a mooth, and sent back to Island of Tobago to the British Government. I France at the expense of his Britannic Majesty:bare the satis!action to add, that this event ip- Answer.-Agreed to. And shall be sent withia pears to be received by the Colony, the inhabi- the time, or as soon after as possible. Art. IV. tants of which are alinost entirely British, with A proper vessel shall be furnished

soon as posthe liveliest sense of grati: ude. The circum- sible for the conveyance of the Captain-General, Niuess which led to this fortunate and valuable his family, staff, and other persons in his suite, €0.90e't, vere as follow :- On the 2gib, Commu- with the goods and effects belonging to them.dore Hood, with the feet and troops, sailed from Answer:--Agreed to.--Art. V. The sick and St. Lucia, and yesterday, at day-break, we made wonded shail be attended to in the Military hosthis bland, Abou: five o'clock in the afternoon, pital of Scarborough, at the expense of his brihaving landed the greater part of the troops, the tannic Majesty, and sent to France when cured.two leading columns marched forward towards Answer.-Agreed to. And they shall be sent to Scarborough, and mceting with no opposition in France as soon as they shall be recovered.- Art. the deniles of St. Mary's, advanced to Mount VI. The property of every kind belonging to the Grace

, frota which place I sent a summons to the inhabitants of the Colony shall be respected; their Contandant - General Berthier, who returned an laws, customs, and usages will be preserved, as ad; wer by proposing terms of capitulation, which they have hitherto been by the French Governwere finally settled about four this morning, and

-Agreed to. The Colony will have the at eleven possession of the fortress was given to laws existing when under the British Government the Britisti forces; the French garrison marching previous to its last cession to the French Repubont with the honours of war, and laying down lic.--Art. VII. The Captain General, Cæsar their arms, after passing the guard of honour, un- Berthier, shalimmediately dispatch the National der the orders of Brigadier-General Picton --The Brig, Soulllcur, now at Scarborough, to apprize his fort having surrendered without resistance, I can government of this capitulation. The necessary only speak, in general terms, of the excellent dis- pas.port for this purpose shall be given by the cipline and gooil conduct of the officers and sol- commander of the naval forces of his Britannic diers in this expedition; there is no doubt, had Majesty -- Answer. -Agreed to by me; but subthe French garrison been sufficiently strog to ject to the Commodore's opinion. An unarmed have hazarded resistance, they would have met vessel may be sent to France, and if the Soufleur with as obstinate an attack as was experienced by is disarmed, she may be sent to France. ------ Art. the garrison of Morne Foriunéc. It is next to VIII. The French merchant vessels now in Scare impossible for me to say too much in praise of borough Roads, under the batteries of the fort, the co-operation of the Nary. The troops are in shall be allowed to sail for such port of Europe or the highest degree indebied io Commodore Hood America as they shall think proper.---Answer. for the accommodation afforded to them on board, --Requires being referred io ihe Commodore. and to the judicious arrangements and execution Provided the property does not belong to persons in the embarking and disembarkation of them by who have come to the Island siuce iis cession to Captaia Hallowell. Captain Draper, my Aide: the French Republic.--Art IX. None of the de camp and Secretary, returning to England, will inhabitants shall be molested on account of the have the honour to deliver this dispatch to your conduct they may have bell or opinions they kordship; I beg leave to recommend him to your may have professed under the French Governnotice, as an inielligent, diligent, and active offi- ment. Auswer.-Agrecd to. Art. X. During the space of two years, to commence this day, proportion of the supplies for the current rear, so it shall be permitted in such inhabitants as are Jong as the war may endure, they have given to all desirous of quitting the Island, to dispose of their the world a solemn pledge of their inflexible deterproperties, and remove the amount to whatever mination to render publie credit unassailable. place they please - Answer.-Agreed to.


They have also proceeded to revise the sistem of Providence-House, 30th June, 1803.

Your Majesty's permanent revenue. By consoliW. GRINFIELO, Lieutenant-General, dating the duties in each of its principal branches, commanding in Chicf.

they have simplified its operations, and at the SAMUEL Hoon, Commodore, and Com- same time they have endeavoured to render its mander in Chief.

pressure less burthensome by regulating its mode 12th Me sidor, 11th Year of the French Republic.

of collection. The commercial interests of Cæsar BERTHIER, Captain-General of the

this country, to which our attention was called by Island of Tobago.

Your Majesty's gracious commands at the comAccepted hy order of General BERTIUER, by

mencement of the present session, have been maviriue of his full powers granted to us.

turely considered ; and measures have been taken L'Anuss, First Aide-de. Camp.

for affording material accommodations and faciliBAIN NOUSE GENTIL; Aide-de-Camp.

ries to mercantile transactions, by rendering our Whereas the provision made in the 8th Article

principal ports free for all nations to import, deof Capitulation, did not appear to be clearly un

posit, and re-export their inerchandize, without derstood by the Captain-General, Cæsar Berthier,

toll or tax, uvlcss voluntarily brought into our it is now agreed that the Captain-General take to

own market for home-consumption. Nor have him the William and Jenny merchant ships to

we forgotten to bestow our earnest and serious transport the French troops and sailors to France, thoughts upon the safery and efficacy of our as well as the property of the Captain-General, in

church establishment in every part of the United dependent of the unarmed brig stated ; and that

Kingdom. Upon this subject, as comprehending proper passports shall be furnished for the pur

all that consecrates our rational hopes, morals, and pose, and for sailing under the French flag with a

policy, we have deliberated with peculiar care and cartel; and that all other vessels are to be consi.

aoxiety; and we presume to believe, that the imdered under the regulations and orders of the Bri

portant laws which have been passed in aid of our tish Commander in Chief.

church establishment will materially strengthen SAMUEL Hood.

and gradually extend its influence through sucCæsar BERTHIER, Capt. Gen.

ceeding ages. But, Sire, these were cares and Tobago, 4th July, 1803.

objects belonging to times of peace. Wise, poli

tic, and desirable as they might be, nevertheless, Return of the French Troops and Sailors in Fort Scarbo- called

upon now by your Majesty's commands, we rough, in the Island of Tobago, at the time of its surren- have, without hesitation, turned all our thoughts

der to the British forces, on the ist of July, 1803. and efforts to meet the renewal of war, persuaded 3 Captains, 2 Serjeant Majors, 8 Serjcants, 16 Cor- that your Majesty's paternal care preserved to us porals, 73 Grenadiers, 9 Drummers, 120 Sailors.-- the blessings of peace so long as they could be reTotal 228.- The General and Staff Officers not in- tained with safety and honour, and confident that cluded.

since they have been openly attacked, and the jusC. LUXEMBOURG, Capitaine-Commandant. lice of our cause has been made manifest to the Return of French Prisoners taken at the con quest of the

world, our appeal to arms will not be in vain.

This war we see and know to be a war of no ordiIsland of St. Lucia, on the 22d of June, 1803, by the troops under the command of Litutenant-General Wila

pary character. We feel that our religion, laws, lium Grinfield.

and liberties, and existence as a nation are put to

the issue, and we have prepared for the contest 1 Brigadier-General, 1 Lieutenant-Colonel, i Ma

accordingly. Besides the supplies of money, we jor, jo Captains, 8 Lieutenants, 12 Second Lieu

have augmented beyond all former example, erery tenants, i Surgeon Major, i Surgeon, 1 Assis

species of military force known in this countrytant-Surgeon, 13 Sergeant Majors, 77 Serjeants,

we have met rebellion with prompt and necessary 74 Corporals, 18 Drummers, 402 privates, II

laws-and for the defence of a Sovereign endcared Women, 9 Children.—Total, 640.-N. B. One

to us by loug experience of his royal virtues, and hundred and sixteen of the prisoners, included in

commanding not our allegiance alone, but our the total, are returned sick.

hearts and affections, the whole nation bas risen WM. TATUM, Capt. Assist.

up in arms.- May then the God of our fathers Adjutant General.

go forth with us to battle, and bless our cause,

and establish with victory that Throne which we DOMESTIC OFFICIAL PAPERS.

revere as the bulwark of our liberties; and so shall

other nations at length learn, that a free, valiaut, Adiress of the House of Commons to His Majesty, at the and united people is unconquerable, and able to

close of their session on the 12th August, 1803. set lasting bounds to an empire of violence, perMost Gracious Sovereign,-Your Majesty's most fidy, and unrelenting ambition. - To the Bills duritul and loyal subjects, the knights, citizeus, which I have now humbly to present to your Maand burgesses of the United Kingdom of Great jesty, your Commons, with all humility, catreat Britain and Ireland in Parliament assembled, have your Majesty's Royal Assent. at length completed the supplies granted to your Majesty for the service of the present year-a pe- His Majesty's most gracious Sprech from the Throne to riod memorable for the events which it has


borh Houses of Parliament. duced, and awful for those which may be yet to My Lords and Gentlemen, am at length

-In granting those supplies, Your Ma- enabled, by the state of public business, to release jesty's faithtui Commons have considered that a

you from your long and laborious attendance in crisis without example, demands unexampled ef- closing the session, I have the

utmost satisfaction in expressing the strong sense


konts: and by resolving to raise annually a large

which I entertain of that zealous and unwearied preserved and ensured to themselves and their regard for the welfare and honour of your country posterity. which has distinguished all your proceedings

" Then the Lord Chancellor, by his Majesty's com. During the continuance of peace, your conduct mand, suid :-My Lords and Genilemen, - It is his Ma. masitested the just view which you had taken of jesty's royal will and pleasure, that this Parlia. our actual situation, and of the dangers against ment be prorogued to Thursday the sixth day of which you were peculiarly called upon to provide; October next, to be then here holden ; and this and since the recurrence of hostilities, you have Parliament is accordingly prorogued to Thursday displayed an encrgy and promptitude which have the sixth day of October next." never been surpassed, in the means which you have supplied for the defence of the country, and

INTELLIGENCE. for the vigorous prosecution of the war. Your proceedings in consequence of the late treasonable

Foreign. — Mr. Drummond, the British and atrocious occurrences in Ireland, will, I trust,

Minister at Constantinople, bad his first auhave the effect of preveoring any further interrupo tion of iis internal tranquillity, and of convincing

dience of the Grand Vizier on the 13th of by loyal subjects in tbat part of the United King- June; and, on the 21st was presented, with dom, that ihey may confidently rely on that pro- great pomp, to the Grand Sigoior.-- Abdul tection to which they are so justly entitled. In

Wechab, after being defeated by the Pacha the midst of the deliberations, which were occa

of Damascus, collected great reicforcements, sioned by the immediate exigency of the times,

s, you bare not been unmindful of other objects, to which

and again obtained possession of Mecca.I bad directed your attention; and I have great Tahur, the Albanian chief, who headed the satisfaction in obse: vjog, that you have completed revolt at Cairo, has been assassinated by the a system for consolidating the duties, and regulaling the crilection and management of the several

people, and the Beys of Upper Egypt have branches of the revenue; and that you have adopt

obtained possession of the city.-The Porte, ed measures which are calculated to allord mate.

alarmed at these circunstances, is enibodyral accommodalion to the mercantile part of the ing two powerful armies, for the purpose of community, and to encourage and extend the na- compelling the submission of the rebels ; vigation and commerce of My dominions.-Gentienes of the House of Commons, -I shall return

and the Capitan Pacha, with a considerable You My particular thanks for the liberality and

fleet sailed from Constantinople on the 26th fadiness with which you have granted the oup

of June, to co-operate in restoring tranquil. piies tur the public service.

lity in the Egyptian provinces. The repub. " li is painiul for me to tellect, that the means lic of the Seven Islands has declared its des ef decessary exertion cannot be provided without

termination to observe the strictest neutra. a beavy pressure upon my faithiul people: but I cacoce sufficienuy applaud that wisdoni and for

lity during he continuance of the war titude which have led you to overlook considera- beween England and France. The new tives of temporary convenance, for the purpose Grand Master of Malta, was installed in of preventing a large accumulation of debi dwing the contiouance of the war. You may be assurce

presence of an assembly of the knights of that there shall be as strict an attention to cco

the order, held at Messina on the 27th of Domy on my part as may be consistent with those July. The oath was administered to Signior preparations and exertions which will be best cal. Tommasi, by the Bailley Trolti.

M. Busy culated to frustrate the designs and to weaken the was immediately dispatched to Rome as the power of the enemy, by whose arrogant preten. sions and restless ambition alone these sacrifices

representative of the Order at the Holy See. have been rendered unavoidable.--

My Lords and

General Vial has been ordered to repair to Genilemer,--am fully persuaded that, during the

Messina, to resume his station as ambassador cessation of your parliamentary duties, you will from the French Republic to the Grand continue to be actuated by the same spirit which Master of Aialta. His Neapolitan Majesty has been uniformly displayed in your councils. It will lie your duty to assist in carrying into

and the royal family still remain at Naples; effect those important measures which your wis

and, it is said, have no intention of redom bas matured for the defence and security of

njoving to Palermo – Buonaparıé arrived at the realm : and particularly to give the most bene- St. Cloud on the 11th inst, where, it is said, fcial direction to that ardour and enthusiasm in he will remain till the middle of September, the cause of their country, which animate all classes of my people.- Justly sensible of the state

and will then proceed to Brest, l'Orient and of pre-eminence in which it has pleased the Al.

Rochfort. The privy counsellor, Lombard, mighty to support us, for so many ages, amongst who had been dispatched on a mission from lhe nations of Europe, I rely, with confidence, the King of Prussia to the First Consul, at that, under the continuance of his Divine Prorec

Brussels, returned to Berlin on the 8th inst. tion, the exertions of my brave and loyal subjects

M. Porialis arrived ihere, froin Paris, about will prove to the enemy and to the world, that ao attempt to subvert the independence, or impair

the same time.--Considerable military and the power of this United Kingdom, will terminare naval preparations are making in the domiin :he disgrace and ruiu oi those by whom it may nions of the Emperor of Russia.--The King me made, and that my people will find an ample reward for all their sacrifices, in an vodisturbeu

of Sweden has given orders for the formafujoyment of that freedom and security, which, rion of a cordon of troops on the frontiers of by glicir patriotism and valour, they will have Pomcrania.--Negotiations are said to be


He was

carrying on, betweon the courts of Spain ) pany, held at the India-house, the late offe and Denmark, for the cession of the island made by the court of directors, of 10,00 of Porto Rico, by the former, to the latter tons of shipping for the service of govern power.-Orders have been issued by the ment, received an unanimous sanction. Landamman of Switzerland, at the request Lord Hawkesbury has communicated a of the French ambassador, for arresting all tice to the different representatives of foreign the English, within the Swiss territories, as powers, at the court of London, that bis prisoners of war.- M. Schimmelpinninck Majesty has directed his forces to blockade will reside at Paris, as ambassador àod com. the ports of Genoa and Spezia. missary. General of the Batavian Republic. MILITARY.- An engagement took place,

DOMESTIC.—A special commission will some time ago, at Brodera in Guzerat, bebe held in Dublin, on the 241h inst, for the tween the British troops and a numerous trial of those who have been committed borly of Arabs. The British sustained conupon a charge of high treason. Lord Nor- siderable loss, through the treachery of the bury, Justices Downes and Finucane, and enemy, but were finally victorious. The Baron Dally are to preside. None will be Peshwa has been deposed by Holcar, after a tried by court martial, except those who severe battle in the Mysore, and has been have been guilty of crimes since the pro- compelled to take refuge in Fort Bassine, near clamation of martial law.-The Lord Lieu Bombay. The Marquis Wellesley has sent tenant of Ireland has published an official an army of 4,000 Europeans and 10,000 recommendation to the bankers, merchants, native troops to his assistance: this army is and traders of the city of Dublin, that they now marching into the Mabratia territories. would commence a subscription similar — The French troops in Italy have not yet that of Lloyd's, for the relief of the families taken possession of ihe forts of the Ligurian of those who may fall in the present contest. Republic; but that measure is daily expected -Suspected persons continue to be daily ar- to take place. The Neapolitan Goverument rested in different parts of Ireland : and, dur- has been compelled to pay 200.000 forins ing the last week, a merchant of London, was a month for the support of ihe Gallo-italian taken into custody, upon snspicion of being army in that kingdom.-- 16,000 Swiss troops connected with the Irish rebels.

have been taken into the pay of France.taken before the Lord Mayor, and, after Two columns of French troops are marching, his examination, was put into strict confine- through the territory of Munster, to take ment, with orders that no one should be possession of the district of Gottengen: suffered to see him.- Proclamations have and 8,000 more are on their way to Hanover, been issued by his Majesty's government, where they are to be quartered.' The Senate directing that persons coming from coutries of Hamburgh has consenied that a French occupied by the enemy shall be suffered to garrison shall be establisbed a! Cuxhaven, land at Yarmouth, Harwich, Dover, Sou- during the war; and the Senate of Lubec thampton, and Gravesend, only, under the has consenied that another shall be placed penalties of the act of the 43d of his Ma- in Travemupde, on the Baltic. A camp

of jesty: also, directing, with certain excep- 6,000 men is forming in the Island of tions, that aliens, residing in any part of Walcherea, and a considerable

force England, shall remove within ten days; or is collecting for the general protection of in Scotland, within sixteen days, and reside Zealand, against any attack which may

be within 50 miles of the standard in Cornbill, made by the English. Gen. Dumonceau and not within ten miles of the sea, or any has issued a proclamation, recommending dock-yards. An order of the King in coun- unanimity between the French and Duschi, cil has also been issued, allowing the trade as they have ove common object in view, with the islond of St. Lucia to be carried on, and as the conquest of England will be under the same regulations which apply to equally advantageous to both Republics — the trade of the other British West India The conquest of the island of Tobago has islands.- Addresses have been presented to followed that of the Island of St. Lucia. his Majesty from the counties of Northum- Gen. Grinfield, with the troops under his berland, Aberdeen, and Louth; the bo- command, sailed from the latter place, on rough of Truro ; and the towns of Pen- board Commodore Hood's squadron, on the zance and Huddersfield, assuring his Ma- 25th of June, and arrived at Tobago early jesty of their support in the war.- Mr. on the morning of the 31st. Gen. G. landed Monroe, minister plenipotentiary from the the troops in the afternoon, and marched, united states of Amoxica, to the court of without obstruction, Mount - Grace, St. James's was presented to bis Majesty on whence he sent a summons to Gen Beribier, the 17th inst. and delivered his credentials. the French commandant, at Fort Scarbre -At a general court of the East-India com- rough. Terms were immediately proposed


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