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Letter from General Mortier to the French Minister of War


Decree of the French Government prohibiting the Entry of Vessels from England 400

Decree of the French Government relative to British Flags of Truce


Decree of the French Government relative to the Fisheries

Decree of the French Government prohibiting the Exportation of undressed Leather


Notice respecting Bills drawn on the French Government by the Government of

St. Domingo


Letter from the American Consul at Paris, respecting American Claims on the French



Address of the French and Italian Troops under General Murat to the First

Consul, offering a Part of their Pay for the Construction of a Ship of War


Letter from General Victor; Commander of the French Troops in Batavia to the

French Minister at War, transmitting the Contribution of his Army, towards

the Expense of the Invasion


Proclamation of the President of the United States, for convening the American

Congress, dated on the 16th of July


Proclamation of Admiral Bruix to the Officers and Men of the French national



Regulations to be observed on Board the French national Flotilla


Report of the French Ministers of War to the Consuls of the Republic, relative to

the captured French Standards, found at Hanover


Proclamation of General Ernouf, Captain General of Guadaloupe and its Depen-

dencies, to the Inhabitants of Guadaloupe and to the Army


Decree of General Ernouf, Captain-General of Guadaloupe, respecting the open.

ing of the Ports of that Island, and a new Tariff of the Duties of Import and



Letter from Admiral Bruix to the French Minister of Marine


General Orders issued by Adniral Bruix to the Officers, &c. of the French na-

tional Flotilla

Decree of the Vice-President of the Italian Republic, regulating the Conduct of

the Press

Proclamation of the Agents of the King of Spain for surrendering Louisiana to


Message from the President of the United States of America, to Congress, at the

Commencement of an extraordinary Session, held on the 17th of October SS;

Report relative to the Fiscal Affairs of the United States of America, laid before

the House of Representatives on the 25th of October, by AlbertGallatin, Secre-

tary of the Treasury

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Lords - July 4-Army of Reserve-- Earl Suffolk-Ld. Walsingham-Duke of Cum-

berland-Ld. Hobart-Earl Moira-Ld. Mulgrave-Earl Grosvenor-Ld. Car-

lisle-The Lord Chancellor-Ld. Darnley-Ld. Pelham - Earl Spencer
Lords-July-Army of Reserve-Ld. Hobart-Earl Suffolk-The Lord Chan-

Commons - July 3-Income Tax-Mr. Alderman Coombe-The Lord Mayor-col.

Bastard-Chancellor of the Exchequer- Attorney General-Sir R. Buxton-
Dr. Lawrence-Mr. Kinnaird-Mr. W. Smith-Ld. Hawkesbury -- Mr.

Erskine-Sic T. Metcalfe

Lords, July 6-Clergy-Ld. Suffolk-The Lord Chancellor-Ld. Limerick-B. of

St. Asaph

- 1029

Commens-July 6-Army of Reserve-Gen. Gascoyne-Gen. Loftus

- 1033

Lords-July 8 -- Lottery-Earl Suffolk--Earl Moira--- Ld. Hobart

· 1043

Commons — July 8-Seamen-Sir W. Scott--Attorney General-Mr. Wilberforce 1045

Commons- July 12—Fraud on the Bank-Sir F. Burdett-Attorney General . тобі

Lords—July 13–Woollen Manufacturer-The Lord Chancellor-Earl Rosslyn-

Duke of Clarence .


Commons—July 13-Income Tax-Mr. Smith-Mr. Pitt-Attorney General-

Mr. Kinnaird-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Sir H. Mildmay—Dr. Lawrence

-Lord Hawkesbury-Mr. Ellison-Speaker-Sir W. Pulteney-Mr. Tierney

-Mr. Giles


Commons- July 14-Income Tax-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Mr. Pitt-Attor-

ney General-Dr. Lawrence-Ld. Hawkesbury-Mr. Kinnaird - Mr. Hob-



Lords–July 13-Clergy-Earl Suffolk-B. of St. Asaph-Ld. Chancellor - 1103

Commons- July 16-Income Tax-Chancellor of the Exchequer.- Mr. Pitt-

Attorney General

Commons- July 18-Defence of the Country-Secretary at War-Mr. Windham

-Ld. Hawkesbury-Sir F. Burdett-Mr. Pitt-Mr. Fox-Chancellor of the
Eschequer - Dr. Lawrence-Sir J. Pulteney

Commons- July 20-Defence of the Country-Secretary at Wap-- Mr. Sheridan-

Mr. Kinnaird-Mr. Pitt-Mr. Windham-Ld. Castlereagh-Dr. Lawrence-
Sir. J. Pulteney—Mr. Sullivan-Gen. Tarleton--Mr. Canning-Chancellor of
the Exchequer-Gen. Gascoyne-Attorney Gen.-Ld. Hawkesbury-Sir W.

- 1178

Commons-Jaly 21-Defence of the Country-Secretary at War-Marquis Titch-

feld - Mr. Pilt-Mr. Courtenay-Sir W. Pulteney-Ld. Castlereagh-Mr.

W. Smith


Commons-july 22-Port of London-Chancellor of the Eschequer-Gen. Gas-

coyne-Sir W. Elford--Mr. Vansittari, 1210-Defence of the Country-Mr.

Alderman Coombe-Col. Crausord-Sec. at War-Mr. Pitt-Mr. Courtenay

-Col. Wood-Capt. Harvey-Mr. Windham-Gen. Maitland-Dr. Law-

Tence—Sir W. Erskine-Mr. Archdall-Capt. Markham-Sir J. Pulteney-

Mr. Hutchinson


Lords – July 25-Defence of the Country-Ld. Hobart-Duke of Cumberland-
Ld. Mulgrave-Ld. Westmoreland-Ld. Winchelsea

- 1256
Commons- July 25-Prince of Orange-Ld. Gower-Ld. Hawkesbury- Mr.Can-

ping-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Mr. W. Smith-Mr. Johnstone, 1264-
Ways and Means-Chancellor of the Exchequer

Commons-July 26—Sugars Mr. Chapman-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Sir
W.Pulieney-Mr. Manning-Mr. Giles

: - 1276.
Commons July 27–Property Pas-Chancellor of the Exchequer—Mr. Pitt-Mr.
Fellowes — Attorney Gen. Mr. Western

Lords–July 28-Rebellion in Ireland-Lord Hobart--Earl Limerick, 1286-Mar-
tial Law-Lord Hobart-Ld. Chancellor-Earl Rosslyn

• 1290
Commons- July 28-Rebellion in Ireland-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Mr.

Windham - Mr. Sheridan-Mr. Hutchinson-Ld. Hawkesbury-Dr. Law-
rence-Ld. Castlereagh-Mr. Alexander-Mr. Chapman-Mr. Archdall-
Mr. Hawthorn-Mr. Kerr-Mr. J. H. Browne-Col. Crauford--Mr. Bragge
--Speaker-Mr. Ormsby

Commos.-- July 29-Irish Clergy-Mr. Corry-Mr. Frarcis-Sir T. Metcalfe---




Mr. Hutchinson, 1317-East India Budget-Ld. Castlereagh-Mr. Johnstone

-Mr. Burrowes - Mr. Prinsep


Commons-- August 2--East India Budget-Ld. Castlecragh-Mr. Prinsep, 1351

-Navy Abuses--Capt. Harvey-Sir W. Scott-Charcellor of the Exchequer

- Dr. Lawrence- Mr. Johnstone



August 4-Defence of the Country-Mr. Wilberforce-Secretary at
War--Mr. Windham-Mr. Sheridan-Mr. W. Smith-Mr. Archdall-Chan-
cellor of the Exchequer-Dr. Lawrence


Lords-August 5-Income Tax-Duke of Norfolk-Ld. Chancellor, 1368-

Curates-Duke of Norfolk-Ld. Chancellor-B, of London


Commons-August 5-Defence of the Country, Secretary at War-Mr. Sheridan

-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Col. Crauford-Dr. Lawrence

Lords - August 8-— Military Council -- Earl of Suffolk-Ld. Hobart-Earl Bridge-



Commons-August 10–Vote of Thanks to the Volunteers--Mr. Sheridan, Gen.

Gascoyne-Mr. Chapman-Ld. Castlereagh-Mr. Windham-Secretary at
War- Mr. C. Dundas-Mr. Wilberforce-Mr. Archdall-Mr. Francis Col.
Crauford-Ld. Hawkesbury-Mr. W. Smith

Commons-August 11--State of Ireland - Mr. Hutchinson-Ld. Hawkesbury-

Mr. Elliot-Ld. Castlereagh-Mr. Windham-Sir R. Williams-Col. Cole-
Chancellor of the Exchequer-Dr. Lawrence- Attorney Gen.-Ld. Temple
- Col. Crauford-Mr. Serjeant Best Mr. Alexander -


Lords-- August 12 --Address of the House of Commons--His Majesty's Answer-

Prorogation of Parliament


Lords—November 22-His Majesty's Specch from the Throne-Marquis Sligo-

Ld. Limerick


Commons-November 22-King's Speech-Hon. C. Ashley-Mr. Burland-Mr.

Fox-Chancellor of the Exchequer-Sir F. Burdett
Commons-November 23-Address-Hon. C. Ashley-Mr. Windham

Commons-November 25-Waterford Election-Mr. C. Dundas-Chancellor of

the Eschequer-Mr. C. Grant-Speaker-Mr. Tierney-Mr. Bragge - 15€

Commons November 30—English Bank Restriction-Chancellor of the Exche-

quer-Mr. Jekyll


Commons-December 1-Fortification of Liverpool-Mr. Dent-Chancellor of

the Exchequer-Mr. Creevey -

- 150

Commons--December 2-Curates--Chancellor of the Exchequer-Sir R. Burton

1533-Suspension of the Habeas Corpus in Ireland - Mr. Secretary Yorke-

Hon. C. H. Hutchinson-Gen. Loftus--Mr. Hawthorn-Ld. Temple--Ld. A.

Hamilton-Mr. Burrowes--Speaker-Ld. Castlereagh, 1481--Martial Law

in Ireland-Mr. Secretary Yorke-Mc Burrowes- Mr. Corry-Mr. J. C.


- 159

Commons-December 5-Oats Distillation--Mr. Corry -- Mr. Francis, 1607-

Martial Law in Ireland--Mr. Elliot-Mr. Secretary Yorke-Col. Crauford-

Mr. Francis–Ld. Castlereagh-Mr. Polc-Mr. Windham-Chancellor of the

Exchequer-Mr. Wilberforce-Gen. Loftus-Attorney General-Hon C. H.


Commons-December 6–Irish Bank Restriction-Mr. Corry-Ld. A. Hamilton

1653 -- India Bonds--Nir. Dent-Ld Castlereagh--Mr. Johnson-Mr. Van-

sitiart--Mr. C. Grant--Mr. W. Dundas

- 165

Commons-December 7- Martial Law in Ireland --Mr. Wilberforce-Speaker-

Col. Wood-Mr. Secretary Yorke~Mr. Windham-Dr. Lawrence-Ld. H.

Hamilton--- Adm. Berkeley -Chancellor of the Exchequer-Mr.J.C. Beresford

- Mr. T. Grenville


Commons-December 8.-Sierra Leona---Mr. H. Thornton--Speaker-Chancellor
of the Exchequer-- Vir. Dent

Lord - December 9-Volunteers -Earl Darnley-1 d. Hawkesbury, 1671-Eng-
lish Park Restriction-Ld. King-d. Hawkesbury-Ld. Grenville

Cominons--December 9-Army Estimates--Secretary at Warm-Mr. Windham

Mr. Secretary Yorke-Mr. Pitt-Mr.T.Grenville--Ld. Castlercagh--Mr. Fox
-Chancellor of the Exchequer--Mr. Corry -

Commons- December 10- Voluntcer Exemption -- Mr. Secretary Yorke - Mr.

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Crcular Letter to the Official Ministers of the several Parishes of Great Britain


I portant Considerations for the People of this Kingdom


Vote from Lord Cathcart to the Marquis of Titchfield

Prodanation by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland


Message from the King to Parliament, on the 21st of July


Dispatches from Gen. Grinfield and Com. Hood, relative to the Capture of St.



Proclamation by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland


Address of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Middlesex to the King


Circular Letter from Lord Hobart to the Lords Lieutenarts of Counties, July 30 203

Address from the Lord Lieutenant of Sussex to the Nobility, Gentlemen, &c.

of the County -


Circular Letter from the Admiralty to the Commanders of Fencible Districts 206

Letter from Lord Hobart to the Lords Lieutenants of Counties, August 3


Address of the House of Commons, on the 12th of August


The King's Speech to Parliament, on the 12th of August


Letter from Lord Hobart to the Lords Lieutenants of Counties authorizing the

Suspension of some Clauses of the General Arming Bill, and directing the

Number of Volunteers to be raised by each Parish


Plan of a Volunteer Naval Armament for the Protection of the Coast, transmitted

to the Lords Lientenants of Counties by Lord Hobart


Letter from the Speaker of the House of Commons to the Lords Lieutenants of

Coanties, enclosing the Vote of Thanks given by the House to the Volunteers 3.41

Vote of Thanks of the House of Commans to the Volunteers


Letter from Lord Hobart to the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, enclosing a Plan for

a voluntary Naval Armament


Letter from Lord Hobart to the Lords Lieutenants of Counties, dated August 15 342

Letter from Lord Hobart to Lord Fitzwilliam, dated August 19


Address of the Catholic Noblemen of Ireland, intended to be presented to the

Proclamation by the King, respecting Aliens

Letter from the Lord Lieutenant of Middlesex to the Commanders of the Volun-


Letter from the Right Hon. C. Yorke to the Lords Lieutenants of Counties, re-

leer Corps

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Letter from the Right Hon. C. Yorke, relative to the Establishment of the Volun-

teer Corps


Admiralty Orders relative to the Blockade of Havre de Grace, and the Mouth of

the Seine

His Majesty's Order for the farther Prorogation of the British Parliament, dated

on the 14th of September

Letter to the Clerks of the Subdivision Meetings, relative to the Suspension of the

Ballots for the Militia and Army of Reserve, so far as concerns the Members,

of Volunteer Corps

Letter from the Right Hon. C. Yorke to the Lords Lieutenants of Counties, respect-

ing the Yeomanry and Volunteer Corps, dated on the 22d Sept.

Letter from the Attorney and Solicitor Generals to Mr. Yorké, respecting the

Exemptions claimed by the Members of Volunteer Corps

Orders issued by H. R. H. the Commander in Chief, for the Appointment of in-

specting Field Officers for the Volunteer and Yeomanry Corps

Regulations for the Formations, &c. of Corps of Yeomanry Cavalry, raised sub-

sequently to the Defence Act, with the Allowances granted, 499, continued



Speech of the Right Hon. Ld. Minto, at a General Meeting of the County of Rox-

burgh, beld at Jedburgh, on moving an Address to his Majesty


Regulations for the Establishment, Allowances, &c. of Volunteer Infantry Corps,

accepted subsequently to August 3


Preceedings of the Lieutenancy, Heritors, &c. of the County of Edinburgh, on

the 4th of October


His Majesty's Proclamation for convening the British Parliament on the 20th of



General Order; by H.R. H. tlie Commander in Chief, for the Officers of the Bat-

talions of the Army of Reserve, and the second Battalion of the Line 5

Resolutions adopted by the Meeting of the County of Edinburgh on the 4th of



Statements and Observations on the Sugar Trade between Great-Britain and her

old West-India Colonies ; printed for the Use of the Jamaica Assembly 5

Dispatches from Admiral Gambier and Captain Malbon, announcing the capture

of St. Pierre and Miquelon


His Majesty's Proclamation relative to Aliens, dated on the 12th of October - 5

Order of the King in Council, relative to the Yellow Fever at New-York, dated

on the 26th of October


Orders issued by H. R. H. the Commander in Chief, for the Review of the Volun-

teer Corps of the London District, which are to be assembled in Hyde Park

for the Purpose of being reviewed by his Majesty on the 26th and 28th of



General Orders issued by H. R. H. the Commander in Chief, after the Reviews

of the Volunteer Corps, on the 26th and 28th of October


General Return of the Volunteer Corps reviewed by His Majesty in Hyde Park

on the 26th and 28th of October


His Majesty's Speech to Parliament on the 22d of November


Proceedings of the Committee of the St.Giles's and St. George's Bloomsbury Volunteers 98

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