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Ordinance. Domestic Slavery in German East Africa.
Berlin, 29th November, 1901. 763
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :--with
China. Final Protocol. Resumption of
Friendly Relations.

Peking, 7th September, 1901. 686
Convention. Preservation

Great Britain, &c.

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Netherlands. Agreement. Frontier Traffic.


Berlin, 24th July, 1901. 595 Order in Council (British). Jurisdiction. Territories adjacent to Gold Coast Colony.

London, 26th September, 1901. 1301
Act of Parliament. Civil List.. 2nd July, 1901. 485
Demise of the Crown (Holding
of Offices).

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of Wild Animals, &c.,
in Africa.

London, 19th May, 1900.* 715

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The Hague, 5th June, 1901. 593 Agreement. Telegraphic Cable Communications. Colonial Possessions in Asia.

2nd July, 1901. 489 Finance... ..26th July, 1901. 489 Amendment. Larceny Act, 1861.

9th August, 1901. 498

Royal Titles.

17th August, 1901. 499 Patents (International Arrange


17th August, 1901. 500

Pacific Cable.

17th August, 1901. 500 British Government, Governments of Cape Colony and Natal, British South Africa Company, and Eastern, and Eastern and South African Telegraph Companies. Telegraph Traffic to and from South Africa.

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London, 27th July, 1901. 504 British Government and Eastern Extension, Australasia, and China Telegraph Company. Submarine Cable between Chefoo and Wei-hai Wei. London, 23rd April, 1901. Correspondence. Action of British Naval Authorities with regard to Detention and Search of certain Foreign Vessels during War in South Africa

*Not ratified. See foot-note, page 1365.



GREAT BRITAIN. Correspondence with Presidents of South African Re-
public and Orange Free State, re-
specting the War.

(Search of Mail-Steamers; Con-
traband of War; &c.).

December 1899-January 1900. 973



March 1900. 971
Insurrectionary Movement and Dis-
turbances in China ("The Boxers;"
Murder of British Missionaries;
Decrees naming Heir to Throne of
China, and suppressing Secret
Societies; International Force for
Protection of Life and Property ;
Question of Mandate to Japan to
send Troops to China; Russian
Views; Messages from Emperor of
China to President of United States
and Emperor of Germany; Ap-
pointment of Count Waldersee to
Command of Expedition; Siege and
Relief of Legations at Peking;
Bombardment of Newchwang, and
Occupation by Russians; &c.).

January-September, 1900. 1050
Anglo-German Agreement of Octo-
ber 16, 1900, relating to China
(Communication to Governments of
Austria-Hungary, France, Italy,
Japan, Russia, and United States).
October 1900. 897
Convention signed at Washington on
5th February, 1900. Establishment
of Communication by Ship Canal
between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
1900, 1901. 473
Slavery and Slave Trade in East
Africa, Zanzibar, and Pemba.

1900, 1901. 906

See also Despatch. Papers.
Despatch. Russo-Chinese Agreement. Manchuria.

St. Petersburgh, 6th February, 1901. 1048
Law (Germany). Commercial Relations with British


Berlin, 29th May, 1901.
Claims of British Subjects against

London, 15th March, 1901.
Introduction of Fire-arms into Spain.
London, 16th March, 1901.
Claims of Foreigners arising out of
their Deportation from South Africa
by British Military Authorities.




London, 8th April, 1901. 645


London, 11th July, 1901. 616
(Germany). Commercial Relations with
British Empire.

Berlin, 11th June, 1901. 593
Order in Council. Naturalization. Southern Rho-

GREAT BRITAIN. Notification. Foreigners in Norway.

Windsor, 7th March, 1899. 731
Amendment. Pacific Order, 1893.

Osborne, 8th August, 1899. 735
Persia (Regulations).

London, 9th February, 1901. 136
Application to Italy of Part II
of Medical Act, 1886.

London, 9th March, 1901. 647
Boundaries. New Zealand.

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Ordinance (Ceylon). Non-export of Arms, &c., to


23rd August, 1900.
(Repealed by Ordinance of November 6, 1900.)
(Do.) Exportation of Arms.
6th November, 1900. 129
(Falkland Islands). Aliens.

27th July, 1900. 123

(Malta). Aliens.

9th February, 1899.
(Do.) Patents and Trade-marks (In-
dustrial Property).



(St. Lucia). Patents.

(Trinidad). Immigration.





13th September, 1899.
Aliens Ordinance,

2nd April, 1900.

27th October, 1899. 299

17th July, 1899.
Labour Contract
(No. 4 of 1900).
4th December, 1899. 279
Patents and Trade-marks.






12th March, 1900. 282
Papers. Negotiations between Commandant Louis
Botha and Lord Kitchener. Termination
of War in South Africa.

February-July, 1901. 1011
Proclamation issued by High Commissioner for South
Africa. Alienation of Property by
Governments of South African Re-
public and Orange Free State.

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GREAT BRITAIN. Proclamation. Making Additions to Royal Style and



London, 4th November, 1901. 133 Fixing Date for King's Coronation. London, 10th December, 1901. 135 Règlement of Administrative Council constituted under The Hague Convention for the Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes.

The Hague, 19th September, 1900. 722 Organization and Personnel of International Bureau of Permanent Court of Arbitration.

The Hague, 8th December, 1900. 724
Regulation. Prohibiting Supply of Arms, &c., to
Natives of Western Pacific Islands.
4th October, 1893. 1308
Regulations. Applying Siamese Law prohibiting Er-
port of Arms to China.

Bangkok, 10th April, 1901. 655
Enforcing Persian Law prohibiting
Importation and Exportation of cer-
tain Articles.

Tehran, 26th August, 1901. 648 Sale of Alcoholic Liquors in Persia, &c. (Coast and Islands).

Bushire, 30th September, 1901. 650
Enforcing Persian Law. Import and
Export Duties, and Road (or Rah
dari) Taxes (Persian Coast and

Bushire, 25th November, 1901. 651
Enforcing Persian Law relative to
Import and Export Duties, and Road
(or Rahdari) Taxes.

Tehran, 28th November, 1901. 653
Sale of Alcoholic Liquors in Persia.

Tehran, 31st December, 1901. 654 (Central Africa Protectorate). Sale of Opium and Poisons. Zomba, 24th October, 1901. 622 (Do.) Native Hut Tax. Zomba, 31st December, 1901. 627 (East Africa Protectorate). Registration

and Licensing

of Fishing
Boats, &c.

Mombasa, 1st July, 1901. 629

Hut Tax.
Mombasa, 23rd October, 1901. 630

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