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relating to the title, the usual practice is to abstract fully revealed by the abstract. See 1 Prest. Abs. alone costing the late proprietor 94,000. The preit very shortly, because a printed form of the Act 156, 157.

mises are held under three leases, for terms which itself is always forwarded with the abstract.

(To be continued.)

expire at Michaelmas 1868, at a yearly rent of 1,4001,

and are iasured by the lessor at the sum of 11,000l, a 13. Judgments.

covenant in the lease also compelling the lessee for It was not formerly usual to abstract judgments,


the time being to insure in a further sum of 6,0001. the practice being for the purchaser to search for

Mr. Manson said he was aware that the building them, except in those cases where such search was

was not suitable to the multitude, but for the pur. rendered unnecessary by the equitable protection

poses of a public institution nothiog could be better. afforded by an attendant term, or the like; but as Three per Cents. Consols

The first offer for the lease was 1,000l. and eventually

964 964 954 95 95 951 it was knocked down for 2,9001. Who the purchaser since the statute of the 1 & 2 Vict. c. 10, judg- Three per Cents. Reduced 95 954 951 954 952 954


was could not be ascertained.

97 ments are made an actual charge upon the lands, New Three-&-a-quarter per Cts 961 371 971 97

101 102 103 104 10 Long Annuities..

105 the vendor's solicitor ought to abstract them.

Bank Stock

2054 2057 2054 205 206 2061 India Stock


2654 2644 265 4 265 2657 2050
14. Decrees.
India Bonds, prem....

27 27 27 27 Decrees or decretal orders, where they in any way Exchequer Bills, prem.

16 16

affect the property, should be abstracted.
wherever there has been a reference to the Master


The sum stated as the Dividend means so much declared in Spanish Fire upon any point relating to the title, his report, Spanish Three per Cents.

Cents...... per

24 24 24 24 24 the Pound. The Assignees, when chosen, follow this

371 371 370 371 372 373 statement. together with the order or decree thereupon, should Russian

1104 1104 110 110 1101 1097

Monday, June 15. be stated.


385 381 38

374 375

Waller and Waller, grocers, joint div. next week. Tur. Portuguese 15. Descents.

504 quand, London. Exam. July 13. Mexican

304 291 291 294 291 29 Descents should be proved by an authenticated Deferred

Tuesday, June 16. 164 165 164 163 164 16!

Burnett, E. merchant, first div. next week. Groom, pedigree, in which the names of the parties, and the Dutch Two-and-a-Half per

London.- Dailey and Co. leather manufacturers, last exam.

Cents... days of their births, marriages, and deaths, as also

598 59! 601 601 601 601 July 21.- Dickinson, G. farrier, div. next week. Groom,

Four per Cents. 92 924 92 - 917 917 91 London.-Ecsall, R.' draper, div. next week. Alsager, Lon. of the respective ages at which they each respec- Danish

881 881 991 881 87' don.-Hambridge, C. coachsmith, last exam. Sept. 22. tively died, all of which should be copied out ver


174 175 170 171 17

Gilpin, W. army clothier, div. next week. Whitmore, Lon. Chilian batim.

991 991 991 99 994 991 don.-'Miller, J. painter, last exam, July 14:- Thompson, W. To this should be added extracts from

Buenos Ayres

391 394 401 412 413 41 ancient leases, or land tax, assessments, or such Brazilian.......

wine merchant, last exam. passed.- Tubbs, T. cow keeper,

div. next week. Alsager, London.-Vade, J. silk printer, other evidence of ownership as can be produced to Belgian

964 963 963 96 964 964 last exam. July 21.-Wells and Co. coal merchants, last shew the manner in which, and by whom, the pro

exam. sine die.-Weston, J. hatter, last exam, Aug. 18. perty has been enjoyed.

Public Sales.

Wednesday, June 17.

Ross and Ogilvie, army agents, first joint div. next week. 16. Administration.

Groom, London.-Smith, I. cheesemonger, assignees, July

By Messrs. DANIEL SMITH and SON,
Where letters of administration have been granted, The freehold property, comprising the Maer Hall estate,

Thursday, June 18. it should be mentioned whether they were general or in Staffordshire, bordering on Cheshire and Shropshire, near

Freeman, T. fringe manufacturer, last exam. passed.Newcastle-under-Lyne, many years the residence and pro- Hearn, R. 'commission agent, last exam. passed.Starback, special, the name of the Court out of which they perty of the late Josiah Wedgwood, esq. forming a domain R. shipwright, div. next week. Pennell, London.- Taylor, were obtained, and to whom granted. The date of 1,100 acres. Also, the advowson and manor of Maer, and J. J. tobacconist, last exam. passed. also should be set out in the usual way in the outer a residence known as Camp Hill, adjoining the property, margin. were offered in five lots, as follows, viz.

Friday, June 19.

Aburrow. w. druggist, last exam. July 13.-Bell, w. The first lot comprises the mansion of Maer Hall, stabling, 17. Malters of fact.

gardens, and park-like pastures, refreshed by a lake of 23 merchant, further div. next week. Groom, London.- Car. Matters of fact, such as births, marriages, and acres, together with 1,062a. 11. of land.--- 13,8001.

ter and Co. woollen drapers, fur. jt. div. next week. Groom, deaths, should be inserted in the order in The perpetual advowson of the living of Maer, the present London.-Chrisp, J. wine broker, div. next week. Alsager, incumbent aged 50.-8501.

London.-Clarke, C. draper, last exam passed.-Clayton, E. which they occur ; and if authenticated by certi. ficates, the latter with the dates of the events 2,5001.

Camp-hill House, together with 26a. 3r. 22p. of land.- victualler, div. next week. Follett, London.-Collins, c.

yarn agent, last exam. July 28.-Dow, J. A. draper, div. therein certified should be set out. Io the case of The freehold impropriate small tithes of the parish, com- next week. Follett, London.-Fearnley. J. worsted stuff muted at 221, 1s. 8d.-3401.

manufacturor, last exam. July 17.-Haddar, W. J. brewer, intestacy, letters of administration are the most

The fifth lot was withdrawn.

last exam. passed.-Harrison, s. provision merchant, div. satisfactory evidence of that fact, and if they have A freehold villa, at Old Windsor, Berks, late the residence next week. Belcher, London.- Johnsons and Mann, bankers, been obtained they should be abstracted for that of Mrs. Carbonel, deceased, with its beautiful grounds and joint div. next week. Follett, London.-Reis and Co. soap

manufacturers, joint and sep. R. and K. next week. Alsager, paddock of pasture land, comprising above 13 acres--sold purpose. ior 2,6001.

London.-Rogers, W. draper, div. next week. Follett, Lon18. Cancellation, alteration, or erasure of

don.-Standen, T. brewer, div. next week. Follett, Londop. By Messrs. WARLTERS, LOVEJOY, and SON, at documents.


Saturday, June 20.

Munkhouse and Co. merchants, fin. jt. and sep. diss. next A freehold residence, No. 10, on the north side of Lin. Before dismissing this portion of my subject, I coln's-inn-fields-3,2501.

week. Green, London.-Perry, R. draper, last exam, sine consider it will be proper to remark that no fact

A villa residence, and about three acres of garden and die. -Stevens, T. W. G. hackneyman, outlawed.-Willis, J. or circumstance whatever connected with the title meadow land, situated on the north side of the Uxbridge. eating-house keeper, last exam. passed. should be omitted, simply because such fact or cir- road, at Shepherd's Bush ; held for 88 years, at 171. 6s. per

DIVIDENDS. annum-9201. cumstance may be insufficient to invalidate it. A piece of building-ground on the east side of the preced.

Bankrupts' Estates. Take, for example, the case of the cancellation of a ing lot, frontage 110 feet by 190 deep, and 90 feet wide; hela Oficial Assignees are giren, to whom apply for the

Dividends. material deed, which, as the law now stands, will for 88 years, at 101.-2001. not annul it, or restore the estate to the former fields, Poplar-1,0301.

Three copyhold tenements, Nos. 47, 48, and 49, Penny's Wakley, Newcastle.-Briddick, W. B. iron merchant, ie.

Atkinson, A. and F. colour manufacturers, second, 790.proprietor (Magennis v. McCullough, Gilb. Eq.

cond, 3s. Wakley, Newcastle.-Harrington and Co. calico Cas. 235; Bolton v. Carlisle (Bishop of), 2 Hen.

By Messrs. WINSTANLEY, at the Mart.

printers, third and fin. ifd. Baker, Newcastle.-Knight,

A freehold residence, situate at Úpper Clapton, with Blackst. 264 ; Perrott v. Perrolt, 14 East, 423 ; coach-houses, stabling: gardens, orchard, and pleasure. M. T. K. 208. "Miller, Bristol. - Littler, S. draper, first, 8s.

T. and M. T. upholsterers, first jt. 3s. 6d. sep. T. K. 188. 8d: see also Roe v. York (Archbishop of), 6 East, 86 ; grounds, and a paddock, comprising altogether about five Cazenove, Liverpool.—-Perry, G. coach builder, 2s. 3d. Mil. Doe dem. Courtail v. Thomas, 9 B. & C. 288). acres-4,2007.

ler, Bristol. A freehold residence, known as Grove House, situate at

Insolvents' Estates. Still a fact of that kind ought not to be passed Weybridge, Surrey, with stabling, and about seven acres of Beale, J. porter, Maldon, 6s. 1od.-Guillim, D. farmer, by unnoticed in the abstract. If an erasure or land-2,0001.

Clirow, 18. 23d.-Halford, J. R. draper, out of business, interlineation has been made subsequent to the

The lease of a shop and dwelling-house, No.93, Newgate. Shepley-farm, near Broomsgrove, 3s. 510.-Iteson, W. at

street-1501. execution of the instrument, that fact should

torney, Hedon, fur. 8 d.-Mabbott, R. bootmaker, Shefield, By Messrs. DRIVER, at the Mart.

28. 5d.-Platt, S. widow, Manchester, 2s. 540.-Reed, R. B. be disclosed, together with the manner and cir.

A freehold estate, comprising the celebrated Glazenwood gent. Wick, fur. Is. 740.-Robson, H. A. bookseller, Thame, cumstances under which it was done; and the Horticultural Orchard, Nursery, and American Gardens, 710.--Ward, W. farmer and

publican, Weasenham St. Peter,

18. 54d.-Wood, J. grocer, Fenchurch-st. 138. 101d. more particularly so, as a fraudulent alteration by containing about 50 acres, with an excellent mansion

and a

ASSIGNMENTS either of those means, if made by the person himself ewly: erected villa residence, situate three miles from Brain

tree, in the parish of Bradwell Neset, Coggeshall, in two taking under it, would vitiate his interest alto- lots, as follows:

TO Trustees for the benefit of Creditors.

Gazette, June 19. The first lot comprises the mansion-house and 38 acres of gether. It was, indeed, formerly considered that

Cowper, J. chemist, Downham-market, June 13, Truste, an alteration by erasure or interlineation, would land, including the Australian garden and filbert orchard

F. Langton, Lawrence Pountney-lane, and J. De C. Smith, avoid the whole instrument, even if made by a mere The second lot comprises the horticultural garden, Ameri- druggist, Norwich. Sol. Reed, Downham-market.-Spenstranger. But the strictness of this rule has been can garden, conservatories, and orchard, together with a cer, W. L. baker, Doncaster, June 4. Trusts. F. Ingham,

grocer, Doncaster, and B. Skelton, miller, Scrooby. Sol. latterly so far relaxed, that, as the law now stands, residence and other buildings, in all 12 acres — 1,4601.

Mason, Doncaster.-Spink, J. farmer, Buxhall, June 13. an alteration by a stranger will not of itself invali

Trusts. D. Downing, farmer, Brettenham, and S. W. Hunt, date a deed or other instrument; so that now the VALUE OF LAND.-At an auction, at Crewkerne, auctioneer, Wetherden. Sol. Gudgeon, Stowmarket. original contents will still be allowed to retain their held by Mr. Eales White, some land was sold at the

Gazette, June 23.

Braddyll, T. R. G. esq. Conishead Priory, Lancashire, effect and operation, if it can be clearly shewn what rate of nearly, 2001. per acre, not for building, but

June 3. Trusts. T. H. S. Sotheron, M.P. Bowden Park, purely for agricultural purposes, and at some distance R. G. Townley, esq. Fulbourne, Cambridgeshire, and the that effect and operation was. To accomplish this from the town. Surely such instances as these

will Rev. W. G. Townley, clerk, Outwall, Norfolk. Sols. Flade the mutilated instrument may be given in evidence serve to dispel the apprehensions of alarmists.- gate and Co. Essex-st.-Harris, J. farmer, Sevenoaks, June as far as its contents appear; and extrinsic evidence Taunton Courier. will be admitted to shew

what parts have been erased SALE OF THE St. James's CLUB-ROUSE.-On Harris, surgeon, Sevenoaks, and R. Marshall, yeoman, Se. or altered, as also of the words contained in such Tuesday, at one o'clock, by order of the executors of

venoaks. Sol. Holcroft, Sevenoaks. altered or erased parts; but if for want of this evi- the late Mr. Crockford, the St. James's Club-house, dence, or any uncertainty arising out of it, the ori. St. James's-street, better known by the title of

Bankrupts. ginal contents of the deed cannot be ascertained,

“ Crockford's," with the whole of the furniture, &c. DATE OF FIAT AND PETITIONING CREDITORS' NANES, then the old rule would become applicable, or, more Manson being the auctioneers. The first lot put up Ball, CHARLES, lineodraper, Lane-end and Cheadle, Scaf: was brought to the hammer, Messrs. Christie and

Gazette, June 19. properly speaking, the deed would become void for was the unexpired lease of twenty-two years of the uncertainty. In cases of this or a like kind, every building, which the auctioneer stated was built some

fordshire, July 11 and 25, at twelve, Birmingham, Com. fact and circumstance, as I have before stated, con- few years since under the direction of Mr. Wyatt, the

Daniell ; Whitmore, off. ass. ; Lloyd, Milk-st. and Bart

leet, Birmingham, sols. Date of fat, June 3. J. and H. nected with such alteration or erasure, should be well-known architect; the decoration of the building

Cowper and H. Nash, warehousemen, St. Paul's Church. yard, pet. crs.

BLACKBURN, JOSEPn, cloth manufacturer, Gomersal, York. off. ass.; Smith, Birmingham, sol. Date of fiat, June 18. Lamb-st. Spital-sq. July 10, at twelve, div.-Waller, T. B. shire, July 2 and 27, at eleven, Leeds, Com. Burge; Hope, Bankrupt's own petition.

and J. grocers, Ipswich, July 13, at twelve, div.--Stone, W. off. ass. ; Hall, Aldermanbury, Lees, Bradford, and Bond, Eva, JAMES JAY, baker and flour dealer, Redruth, Corn- laceman, Wood-st. City, July 10. at one, div. Leeds, sols. Date of fiat, May 13. J. Hall, woolstapler, wall, July 6, at twelve, Aug. 4, at eleven, Exeter, Com. MEETINGS FOR ALLOWANCE OF CERTIFICATES. Bradford, pet. cr. Bere; Hirtzel, off. ass. ; Millett and Borlase, Penzance,

Blacker and Earith, warehousemen, Gresham-st. July 13, Court, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, No. 19, North-st. Terrell, Exeter, and Coode and Co. Bedford-row, sols. at half-past two.-Budgett, J. S. B. bookseller, Strand, Brighton,

June 29, at eleven, July 30, at two, Basinghall- Date of fiat, June 8. John Marshall Bromley, merchant, July 13, at half-past eleven.-Bullock, B. H. wine mere st. Com. Evans; Johnson, off. ass. ; Lawrence and Reed,

Penzance, pet. cr.

chant, Nicholas-lane, July 10, at two.--Clifford. E. victuale Cheapside, sols. Date of fiat, June 13. W. E. Fitch, FULLER, ELIZABETH, baker, Harrow, July 3, at half-past ler, Minster, July 10, at two.-Gandy, T. grocer, Lower-rd. gent. Brixton, pet. cr.

one, July 31, at half.past eleven, Com. Islington, July 13, at twelve.-Harlow, J. tobacconist, EVERETT, William, builder, No. 88, Drury-lane, lately Fonblanque; Pennell, off. ass.; Turner. Percy-st. sol. Leicester-sq. July 10, at eleven.--Stearman, W. carpenter, trading in copartnership with Edward Woods, June 26, at Date of fiat, June 20. Bankrupt's own petition.

Chelsea, July 10, at eleven.-Stone, W. laceman, Wood-st. half.past ten, July 28, at twelve, Basinghall-st. Com. Fon- HALL, SAMUEL, commission agent and share broker, Man- July 10, at one.-Thompson, W. wine merchant, Cooper's. blanque; Belcher, off. ass.; Townshend, Howland-st. chester, July 8 and 29, at twelve, Manchester ; Pott, off. row and Fowke's-buildings, July 10, at twelve. Fitzroy-sq. sol. Date of fiat, June 17. Bankrupt's own ass. ; Gregory and Co. Bedford-row, and Cooper, Man.

Gazette, June 23. petition. chester, sols. Date of fiat, June 18. George Bivins, tc.

Denew, J. auctioneer and commission agent, Charles-st. FOWLER, ANSELM COLTON, draper, Louth, Lincolnshire,

bacco manufacturer, Manchester, net. cr. July 3 and 31, at one, Basinghall-st. Com Fane; Whit- HARPER, Josepa, provision merchant, and commission Long-lane, Bermondsey, July 16, at half-past one, div.

Berkeley-sq. July 14, at twelve, div.-Diron, F. currier, 33, more, off. ass. ; Jones, Sise-lane, sol. Date of fiat, June agent,' 129, Chancery-lane, July 3, at one, July 31, at Giro, J. mercbant, Moorgate-st. City, July 17, at twelve, 10. W. Smith, w. Leaf, J. Coles, M. Bankston, and w. eleven, Basinghall-st. Com. Fonblanque; Pennell, off. 29. div.-Harrop, J. clothier, Saddleworth, July 3, at half-past S. Leaf, warehousemen, Old Change, pet. crs.

Horsley, Staple-ino, sol. Date of fiat, June 15. Bank. eleven, proof of a debt. Howe, W. builder, Boxford, July Harr, Txomas Rice, victualler, Horse and Groom, Lea

rupt's own petition. bridge, Essex, June 29, at half-past eleven, August 6, at HATTERSLEY. George, stove grate and fender manufac. Dover, June 30, at one (adj. June 9) last exam. and July 14,

15, at twelve, aud.-Latham, S. M. banker and ship agent, eleven, Basinghall-st. Com. Evans; Bell, off. ass. ; Fry turer, Sheffield, July 3 and 31, at eleven, Sheffield, Com. at half-past twelve, div.--Ross, Sir J. kpt. banker, Graceand Co. Cheapside, sols. Date of fiat, June 16. Bank

West; Freeman, off. ass.; Tattershall, Great James-st. church-st. July 15, at tweve, aud. - Waters, C. H. dealer rupt's own petition.

and Broadbent, Sheffield, sols. Date of fiat, June 8. in paintings, Pimlico, July 17, at half.past one, aud. -Ward, Hobson, MATTHEW,corn and coal merchant, Great Grimsby, Bankrupt's own petition. Lincolnshire, July 1 and 22, at eleven, Hull, Com. Burge; Holmes, Jonn, cutlery manufacturer, Sheffield, July 3 and and 43, Gilbert-st. Oxford-street, July 16, at two, sep. div.

R. G. and Perry, J. meat salesmen, 14, Newgate-market, Kynaston, off. ass. ; Kirk, Symond's-inn, Daubney, Great 31. at eleven, Sheffield, Com. West; Freeman, off. ass.; of Perry. Grimsby, and Bell, Hull, sols. Date of fiat, June 10. W. Nixon, Clifford's-inn, and Binney, Sheffield, sols. Date MEETINGS FOR ALLOWANCE OF CERTIFICATES. G. Loft, farmer, Healing, Lincolnshire, pet. cr.

of fiat, June 13. Bankrupt's own petition. Hugues, Jonn, provision dealer, Stanhope-st. Liverpool, JOLIPPE, JAMES Erwin Hudson, chemist and druggist, Bartlett, T. J. M. bill broker, Pall-mall East, July 15, at June 29 and July 21, at twelve, Liverpool, Com. Ludlow;

6, Durdham.down, Gloucester, and 2, Dowry, eleven.- Blyth, J. grocer, Chelmsford, July 15, at one. Turner, off. ass. ; Cornthwaite and Co. Old Jewry-chambers, and Pemberton, Liverpool, sols. Date of fiat, June

square, Bristol, July 7 and Aug. 4, at one, Bristol, Com- Warriner, G. victualler, George-yd. Lombard-st. July 17,

Stephen; Hutton, off. ass. ; Coles. Bristol, sol. Date of at eleven.-Willis, J. eating-house keeper, Bucklersbury, 11. J. Reynolds, grocer, Liverpool, pet. cr. fiat, June 18. Bankrupt's own petition.

July 15, at one. Jones, EDWARD, ironmonger, Liverpool, June 29 and July KenneTT, WILLIAM, and Reynolds, Joan Hammon.

21, at twelve, Liverpool, Com. Ludlow; Turner, off. ass. ; wax and tallow chandlers and oilmen, 25, Lamb-st. Spital. Keightley and Co. Chancery-lane, and Hetherington and

Meetings in the Country. fields, June 29, at half-past one, Aug. 7. at eleven. BasingCo. Liverpool, sols. Date of fiat, June 13. E. Jones, hall-st. Com. Shepherd; Graham, off. ass.; Wheatley,

Gazette, June 19. ironmonger, pet. cr.

Walbrook, sol. Date of fiat, June 19. Bankrupt's own Astle, W. plumber, Wolverhampton, July 15, at twelve, LEAD, Joun, innkeeper, Wellington, Salop, July 7 and 31, petition.

Birmingham, aud.-Buttrey, J. commission agent, Mana at twelve, Birmingham; Valpy, off. ass. ; Great wood, LONGFIELD, George, tailor and wollen draper. West Brom- chester, June 30, at one, Manchester (adj. June 10), last Wellington, and Motterham and Knowles, Birmingham, sols. Date of fiat, June 13. T. Smallwood, gent. Wel

wich, Staffordshire, July 7 and Aug. 7, at half-past ten, exam. and to choose assignees.--Clay, T. (merchant, Hudlington, pet. cr.

Birmingham; Christie, off. ass. ; Hodgson, Birmingham, dersfield, July 13, at eleren, Leeds, aud.- Edmond and Ed. sol, Date of fint, June 19. Bankrupt's own petition.

mond, merchants, Liverpool and Bombay, July 1, at eleven, LUMLEY, GEORGE, cotton and linen manufacturer, Wigan, M'ROBERTS, WILLIAM, grocer and provision dealer, Liver. Manchester (adj. June 8), last exam. of T. Edmond.- Fox June 30 and July 23, at twelve, Manchester; Hobson, off.

pool, July 9 and 27, at twelve, Liverpool; Com. Lud. and For, oilmen, Manchester, July 2, at eleven, Manchester ass. ; Gregory and Co. Bedford-row, and Leigh, Wigan, sols Date of fiat, June 11. I. Taylor, linen manufacturer,

low; Bird, off. ass. ; Cornthwaite and Co. old Jewry- (adj. June 12), last exam.-Gales, T. Guest, W. J. Naisby, Wigan, pet. cr.

chambers, and Pemberton, Liverpool, sols. Date of fiat, J. F. and Kirtley, M. ship builders and ship.owners, all of

June 15. J. Reynolds, wholesale grocer, Liverpool, pet. cr Hylton, Durham, July 13, at half-past twelve, Newcastle, M'INTOSH, WILLIAM, spirit merchant, High-st. Kingston OLIVER, SAMUEL, provision dealer, Hyde, Cheshire, July 16 joint aud. and sep. of Gales. -- Gowen and Shanks, brewers, upon-Hull, July 1 and 22, at eleven, Hull; Kynaston, off.

and 30. at twelve, Manchester ; Hobson, off. ass.; Bower Morpeth, July 13, at half-past twelve, Newcastle, aud. ass.; Leigh, George-st. Mansion-louse, and Stamp, Hull,

and Son, Chancery-lane, and Brooks, Ashton-under. Habgood, w. merchant, Dianchester, July 14, at twelve, sols. Date of fiat, June 10. W. T. Tennant and E. Wood. bridge, wine merchants, Trinity-square, pet. crs.

Lyne, sols. Date of fiat, June 15. J. Bamforth, corn- Manchester, div. --- Harrison, T, victualler, Birmingham, dealer, Ashton-under-Lyne, pet. cr.

July 11, at one, Birmingham, aud. and July 15, at one, div. MORRIS, Hendy, stone mason and builder, South Lambeth OSBORK, William Heskin, and Blackburn, Herry -Kelsey, J. joiner, Manchester, July 14, at twelve, Man.

New-road, June 25, at two, July 30, at one, Basinghall-st.
Com. Evans; Bell, off. ass.; Dawes, Serjeant's-inn, sol.

WEBSTER, stock and share brokers, Bradford, July 6 and chester, aud. - Rodgett, s. ironfounder, Blackburn, July 1, Date of fiat, June 12. G. Thatcher, ironmonger, Clapham

27, at eleven, Leeds. Com. Burge; Hope. off. ass. ; Law at twelye, Manchester (adj. June 16), last exam.-Summers, common, and J. F. Sherwood, house decorator, Holland.

rence and Co. Old fish-st. and Morris, Bradford, sols. Date W. and Rae, N. ropemakers, Strangeways, Manchester, of fiat, June 16. Bankrupt's own petition.

July 13, at twelve, Manchester, aud. and July 14, at twelve, place, Clapham-road, pet. crs.

PARTRIDGE, John, coal merchant, Cheltenham, July 7, further div.-Taylor, T. grocer, Newcastle, July 13, at half PATTINSON, ROBERT, grocer and wine and spirit merchant,

and Aug. 4, at twelve, Bristol, Com. Stephen ; Acraman, past ten, Newcastle, aud. - Tomkinson, M. linen draper, Exeter, July 6, at twelve, July 23, at one, Exeter, Com. off. ass. ; Jessop, Cheltenham, sol. Date of fiat, June 17. Kidderminster, July 11, at twelve, Birmingham, aud. and Bere; Hernaman, off. ass.; Terrell, Exeter, sol. Date of

J. N. Tanner, esq. Plymouth, pet. cr.

final div. fiat, June 12. Bankrupt's own petition.

PERRY, RICHARD, hatter, Leeds, July 6, and 27. at MEETINGS FOR ALLOWANCE OF CERTIFICATES. PERROTT, ROBERT STANFORD, grocer and wine and spirit eleven, Leeds, Com. Burge; Hope, off. ass.; Few and Co. merchant, Exeter, July 6, at twelve, July 23, at one, Éxe- Covent-garden, and Messrs. Upton, Leeds, sols. Date of Manchester. - Clay, T, merchant, Huddersfield, July 13, at

Blundell, J. pawnbroker, Wigan, July 15, at twelve, ter, Com. Bere; Hernaman, off. ass. ; Terrell, Exeter, fiat, June 17. Bankrupt's own petition.

sol. Date of fiat, June 12. Bankrupt's own petition. Rains, Horatio, boiler maker and innkeerer, Newton eleven, Leeds.- Daries, J. mercer, Shrewsbnry, July 13, at Potter, Jonn, portable weighing machine and scale beam Wood, Chester, July 7 and 28, at twelve, Manchester, Rochdale, July 14, at twelve, Manchester. - Moltram,

P. dra.

twelve, Manchester.--Howarth, J. woollen manufacturer, maker, June 30, at twelve, July 23, at eleven, Manches. Pott, off. ass. ; Gregory and Co. Bedford-row, and Law, per, Shrewsbury, 'July 14, at twelve, Birmingham.- Parker, ter; Hobson, off. ass. ; Jaques and Edwards, Ely-place, Manchester, sols. Date of fiat, June 10. J. A. Fullarton, C. 'draper, Liverpool, July 15, at eleven, Liverpool.– Rowa and Chew, Manchester, sols. Date of fiat, June 12. J. iron merchant, Manchester, pet. cr. Rowcroft, ironfounder, Manchester, pet. cr. SIMPSON, JAMES CHARLES, pawnbroker, Sheffield, July 3 Manchester, July 16, at twelve, Manchester.--Shann, s.

botham and Kenworlhy, calico printers, Brinksway and ROLFE, WILLIAM, music seller, 59, Ring-st. and 42, Bur. and 31, at eleven, Sheffield, Com. West; Freeman, off. lington-st. Manchester, June 30 and July 29, at twelve,

cloth finisher, Leeds, July 13, at eleven, Leeds.-Staples,

ass. ; Tattershall, Great James-st. Broadbent, Sheffield, Manchester; Pott, off. ass. ; Messrs. Baddeley, Leman- and Blackburn, Leeds, sols. Date of fiat, June 10. J. T. grocer, Newcastle, July 13, at I alf-past ten, Newcastle.

E. J. surgeon, Bristol, July 13, at eleven, Bristol.- Taylor, st. and Simpson, Manchester, sols. Date of fiat. June 11.

Frith, pawnbroker, Sheffield, pet. cr. T. H and N. Rolfe, pianoforte makers, Cheapside, SMITH, 'Neville, Holt, THOMAS LYTTLETON, and Timmins, J. brickmaker, Caynham, July 10, at half-past ten, SEWELL, EDWARD, hatter, 40, Old Bond-st. June 29, atone, Neale, Jonn, printers, 112, Fleet-st. July 3, at half.past July 14, at eleven, Leeds.

Birmingham.-Walker and Williamson, sharebrokers, Leeds, Aug. 6, at twelve, Basinghall-st. Com. Evans; Johnson, twelve, and July 31, at twelve, Basinghall-st. Com. Fonoff. ass.; Hare, Coleman-st. sol. Date of fiat, June 18. blanque; Belcher, off. ass. ; Messrs. Cross, Surrey-st.

Gazette, June 23.
Bankrupt's own petition.
Strand, sols. Date of fiat, June G. Berry, newspaper

Arkell, J. miller, Stow-on-the-Wold, July 17, at eleven, SuorTHOUSE, George, merchant, Newport, Monmouth. agent, 116, Upper Stamford-st. pet. cr.

Bristol, aud.-Clay, T. merchant and commission agent, shire, July 6, at twelve, Aug. 4, at eleven, Bristol, Com. Smith, Stephen, miller, Bradfield, Berks, July 1 and Longroydbridge, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, July 21, at eleven, Stephen; Acraman, off. ass. ; Smith, Bristol, sol. Date August 1, at twelve, Basinghall-st. Com. Goulbourn ; Leeds, div.-Gregson, J. S. grocer, Manchester, July 17, at

of fiat, May 22. R. Bruce, merchant, Bristol, pet. cr. Follett, off. ass ; Johnson and Co. Temple, and Cole and twelve, Newcastle, aud.-Hall and Toone, lace manufacSmith, Jonn, grocer and provision dealer, Stratten-upon- Co. Basingstoke, sols. Date of fiat, June 17. R. Bye, turers, Nottingham, July 15, at twelve, Birmingham, aud. Avon, Warwickshire, June 27 and July 22, at twelve, Bir- yeoman, Bradfield, pet. cr.

Kelly, w. common brewer, Chester, July 15, at twelve, mingham, Com. Daniel; Whitmore, off. ass.; James, Bir- Tomlins, Charles, and Lock, William, plumbers, Liverpool, div.--Kemp, !. C. merchant, Liverpool

, July 15, mingham, sol. Date of fiat, June 11. Bankrupt's own 46, Henry-st. East, Portland-town, July 7, at half-past at twelve, Liverpool, div.-Leather and Wardle, earthen petition.

one, July 25, at one, Basinghall-st. Com. Holroyd ; Groom, ware manufacturers, Leeds, July 18, at eleven, Leeds, aud. THORLEY, JOSEPH, cabinet maker, 10, Newman-st. July 1 off. ass. ; Trott, Crown-ct. sol. Date of fiat, June 19. Marsland, H. silk throwster, Bosden, July 10, at twelve, Man.

and 23, at eleven, Basinghall-st. Com. Goulburn; Green, W. and R. Webb, brick makers, Stoke Newington, chester (adj. June 17), last exam.-Massey, J. grocer. Man. off. ass.; Taylor and Co. Great James-st, sols. pet. crs.

chester, July 17, at one, Manchester, aud.-Nichol, A. shipWilcox, Joseph, tailor, 28, Little Bell-alley, Moorgate-st. WILDY, ALPRED, hatter, 266, Oxford-st. July 1, at half-past broker, Newcastle, July, 14, at half.past ten, Newcastle,

June 25 and July 27, at half-past eleven, Basinghall-st. eleven, Aug. 1, at eleven, Basinghall-st. Com. Goulburn ; aud. - Pridder, H. upholsterer, Droitwich, July 15, at Com. Shepherd; Graham, off. ass. ; Smith, Basinghall-st. Follett, off. ass.; Low, Chancery-lane, sol. Date of fiat, twelve, Birmingham, aud. and proofs.-Sutton, T. jun. sol. Date of fiat, June 13. J. Griffin, woollen factor, June 20. H. Bakewell, hatter, 151, Church-st. Shore draper, Atherstone, July 14, at eleven, Birmingham, aud. Basinghall-st. pet. cr.

ditch, pet. cr.

Taylor, J. merchant, Liverpool, July 15, at eleven, Liverpool, Gazette, June 23.

WILLIAMS, Henry, apothecary, Llanrwst, Denbighshire, div.-White, J. corn dealer, Linton, July 14, at ten, Bir: BEEDEL, EDWARD, and REFPOLD, CHARLES, builders,

July 3 and 31, at twelve, Liverpool, Com. Ludlow; Turmingham (adj. May 14, 1832), last exam. Reading, Berks, July 10, at one, July 25, at two, Basing

ner, off. ass.; Bower and Son, Chancery-lane, and Hughes, MEETINGS FOR ALLOWANCE OF CERTIFICATES. hall-st. Com. Holroyd ; Groom, off. ass. ; Hill and Heard, Llanrwst, sols. Date of fiat, June 17. Bankrupt's own

Bacon, J. carpenter, York, July 14, at eleven, Leeds. Throgmorton-st. and Weedon and Slocombe, Reading, Wilson, Thomas, CHARLES KIRKMAN, and William, petition.

Birchall, A. sharebroker, Manchester, July 16, at eleven, sols. Date of fiat, June 19. Bankrupt's own petition. Blurion, TuomAS JAMES, wine merchant, 103, Piccadilly,

linen drapers, Liverpool, July 15 and Aug. 11, at twelve,

Manchester.-Godfrey, J. linendraper, Midsomer Norton, July 3, at eleven, Aug. 7, at twelve, Basinghall-st. Com.

Liverpool, Com. Ludlow; Turner, off. ass. ; Gregory and July 17, at eleven, Bristol.- Nichol, á. shipbroker, New. Fane i Alsager, off. ass.; Hare, Coleman-st. sol. Date

Co. Bedford-row, and Clay and Co. Liverpool, sols.Date castle, July 14, at half.past ten, Newcastle. -Walters, H. of fiat, June 19. Bankrupt's own petition.

of fiat, June 18. Bankrupt's own petition.

victualler, Bristol, July 16, at eleven, Bristol.-Whitfield, CARTER, JOIN TAOMAS, apothecary, 10, Berners-st. Os.

G. soda water manufacturer, Nottingham, July 15, at twelve, WOODBRIDGE, JAMES, saddler and harness maker, Gun-st. ford-st. June 29, at two, Aug. 7, at half-past-eleven, Ba.

Reading, July 8, at half-past one, Aug. 4, at eleven, Ba- Birmingham. singhall-st. Com. Shepherd ; Turquand, off. ass. ; Pocock,

singhall-st. Com. Holroyd; Groom, off. ass. ; Smith, Bartholomew-close, sol. Date of fiat, June 17. H. Jukes, Reading, and Badham and Co. Verulam-huildings, sols.

Partnerships Dissolbed. 12, King-st. Portman-sq. builder, pet. cr. Date of fiat, June 16. J. Philbrick, tanner, Reading,

Gazette, June 16. Cook, Tuomas Aquila, carver and gilder, Robin Hood.

pet. cr.

Banks, W. ard Russell, J. Knighton, March 25.-Brown, yard, Leather-lane, July 3, at twelve, Aug. 7, at half-past

Meetings at Basinghall-street.

E. G. E. and Bleaden, G. sack manufacturers, Mark-lane, twelve, Basinghall-st. Com. Fane; Whitmore, off. ass. ;

Gazette, June 19.

June 15. Debts paid by Bleaden.- Cawkwell, W. 0. and Taylor, Moorgate-st. sol. Date of fiat, June 19. Banka Bartlett, c. merchant, Southampton, July 10, at one, Dalby, J. coal merchants, Tooley-st. June 10.-Davies, M. rupt's own petition.

div.-Brett, J. sheep salesman, Luton, July 14, at eleven, and Cosway, S. ironmongers, Cardiff, June 11. Debts paid CORRALL, William, and Wharf, George, potatoe aud. --Haddon, w. J. brewer, Tottenham, July 10, at half" by Davies.-Goddard, W. and Buttivant, C. coal merchants, dealers and watermen, Boston, Lincoln, July 9 and 29, past twelve, div.--Harlow, J. tobacconist, Leicester-sq. July viilihank-st. June 15.-Hands, T. and Dalby, G. B. stock at twelve, Birmingham, Com. Daniell; 'Bittleston, lio, at eleven, div. ---Kearton, w. checscmonger, 13 and 14, I brokers, York, June 12.- Hurris, J. Whyting, G. H. and




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Messers inform the


REAL PROPERTY AND CONVEYANCING CASES. Whyting, J. discount agents, Lombard-st. April 13.- beer seller, Bradford, June 23, at eleven, Leeds.-Deakin, R. Maddock, G. and W. lace manufacturers, Nottingham, June butcher, Palm’s-hill, near Wem, June 26, at ten, Birming. THE FIRST VOLUME of the REPORTS 9.-Nias, B. and Saunders, H. upholsterers, Brighton, June ham.- Dibb, G. hutcher, Shipley, June 23, at eleven, Leeds.

of REAL PROPERTY and CONVEYANCING 13. Debts paid by Nias.- Pearce, W. G. and Conran, -Easty, B. S. traveller, Nottingham, June 26, at ten, Bir.

CASES, published for the Verulam Society, is now ready, 1. S. proprietors of the safety letter box, London, June 4:- mingham.- Kendall, M. A. dressmaker Bath, June 26, at price 11! 138. 6d. bound. It contains all the Cases for the Postlethwaite, R. and Hayton, E. wine merchants, Kendal, one, Bristol.- Jowett, J. razor grinder, Sheffield, June 26, Years 1844-45. June 11. Debts paid by Hayton.- Power, R. and at eleven, Sheffield.- Potter, J. out of business, Ardwick

N.B. These Reports are continued in parts, price 58. each. Mousley, G. surgeons, Atherstone, June 16.- Robinson, S. upon-Dearne, June 26, at eleven, Sheffield.

Also and Jennings, W. carriers, Owston, June 10.-Saile, W. P.

COX'S CRIMINAL LAW CASES, Parts I. II. and Pickles, R. and W. tar distillers, Barnsley and Burton,

and 111. price 5s. cach. June 12. Debts paid by R. Pickles.- Sargant, W. L. and From the Gazette of Friday, June 26.

NEW MAGISTRATES' CASES, Parts I. II. Sargant, E. sword manufacturers, Birmingham, Dec. 25,


III. and IV. price 5s. each. Saunders, D, and Bromley, B. joiners, Birkenhead, June 8.

Morel, D. A. dentist, Langham-place, Marylebone.-
Gazette, June 19.
Barerstock, J. H. and Parnell, G. brewers, Walworth, Soul, E. bookseller, Tabernacle-walk. Finsbury. - Knight, price 5s, each.

LAW Times Office, 29, Esser-street, Strand.
May 25.--Currey, B. and W. and Wilmer, W. attorneys, T. draper, Minories, City.-Beart, R. H. wine merchant,
Old Palace-yard, so far as regards Wilmer, May 28.- Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.-Hobbs, F. haker, Romford, Es-

Preparing for publication, and will be shortly ready, the Fonseca, L. and Steinhardt, C. dealers in perfumery, Broad. sex.-Evans, S. R. beer shop keeper, Coppice-row, Clerken.

Third Edition of st. and Old Fish-st. Sept. 25.– Fooks, c.'B. and Johnson, well.-Sugden, J. worsted manufacturer, Steeton, Yorkshire.

INTS on the STULY of the LAW. F. auctioneers, Seale-st. May 13. Debts paid by Fooks.- - Dibb, E. grocer, Idle, Yorkshire.- Marcus, H. J. and

By EDWARD FRANCIS SLACK, Solieitor. Forman, R. jun, and Williams, E. P. stock brokers, Derby, Naylor, J. share brokers.- Lonergan, W. wine merchant, June 18. Debts paid by Williams.-Garnett, R. and J. | Liverpool.-Lyddon, J. S. chymist, Birkenhead, Cheshire. With an Appendix containing an account of the last Trinity and W. worsted spinners, Bradford, so far as regards R. -Stonehouse, C. H. ship broker, Newport, Monmouthshire. Term Examination of Candidates for Admission as Attorneys, Garnett, May 25. Debts paid by the remaining partners:- - Holtam, J. otherwise Holtham, grocer, Lockhampton, and Suggestions to Future Candidates, for their assistance Hamer, J. Clough, J. Smith, T. and Holgate, W. calico prin- Gloucester.- Derham, T. P. linen draper, Westhury-upon- in preparing for the Examination ordeal.

London: Law Tires Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand. ters, Newchurch, May 13.-Hampson, J. and G. pork Trym, Bristol.--Hormsfield, W. H. draper, Cardiff, Glamor. butchers, Ashton-under-Lyne, Aug. 12.-Hansard, L. J. ganshire.- Philp, J. stationer, Bristol.

Second Edition. Price One Guinea. Quarto,
Southampton-st. and Gardiner, J. Hammersmith, printers,
April 24.-Heathcote, M. and Collison, R. P. surgeons,


ADVERTISEMENTS. Diaghull, May 1.-Lord, G. and W. cotton spinners, Shaw

STATISTICS forth, June 10.-Martin, P. S. F. Watney, D. Swayne, G.

By FRANCIS G. P. NEISON, and Bovill, G. H. Gwendraeth Anthracite coal and iron

Sales by Auction.

Actuary to the Medical, Invalid, and General Life Office. works, June 16.- Nias, B. and Saunders, H. upholsterers,

Also, by the same Author, price One Shilling, Brighton, June 13. Debts paid by Nias.- Prance, T. and Periodical Sales (established in the year 1803) of Rever.

OBSERVATIONS on the QUESTIONS at pre. c. brewers, Bocking. June 13.-Sangster, T. and Younger, sions, Life Interests, Annuities, Policies of Assurance, sent pending in the MANCHESTER UNITY of ODD J. masons, North Shields and Tynemouth, June 17.-Debts

Advowsons, Next Presentations, Rent Charges in lieu of FELLOW'S, with some suggestions for the settlement of the paid by Younger.-Wise, J. and G. carmen, Hyde-place, Tithes, Post-obit Bonds, Tontines, Debentures, Ground same. Hoxton, May 8.-Wynn, J. Wilson, T. Hall, J. and G. Rents, Improved Rents, Shares in Docks, Canals, Mines,

London : SIMPKIN, MARSHALL, and Co. Newsome, T. and Hemingway, E. woollen manufacturers,

Railways, Insurance Companies, and all Public Undertak Dewsbury, so far as regards Wynn, June 13. ings.


This Family Literary Ensolvents

respectfully inform the public, that upwards of 40 Journal is now the LARGEST AND CHEAPEST Petitioning the Courts of Bankruptcy.

years' experience having proved the classification of this spe- LITERARY JOURNAL IN EUROPE.

cies of property to be extremely advantageous and economi- No.75, for this day, price only 4d. or 5d. stamped, conGazette, June 16.

cal to vendors, and equally satisfactory and convenient to tains :-Kissingen, its Sources and Resources, Hairby's PETITIONS TO BE HEARD AT BASINGHALL- purchasers, the PERIODICAL SALES of reversionary inte. Rambles in Normandy Thompson's Recollections of STREET.

rests, policies of insurance, tontines, debentures, advowsons, Mexico - Letters of the Kings of England-Paul Fitz-benry Atterton, T. malster, Bury St. Edmunds, June 25, at two. next presentations, all securities dependent upon human - The Astrologer-The Bridal of Salerno-The Eternal, by

Recollections of a Professional Life – South life, shares in docks, canals, mines, railways, and all R. Philip — -Baughen, J.plumber, Stanley-place, Paddington, June 25,

Australia and its Mines -Fletcher's Notes on Cruelty to at half-past eleven.---Blagrove, H. G. professor of music, public undertakings, will be continued through 1846, as Mortimer-st. Cavendish-sq. June 23, at twelve. – Clark, follow :

Animals—The Plough, a Journal of Agriculture-Journal of C. omnibus conductor, Green-street, Chelsea, June 25, at

Friday, July 3

Friday, October 2

American Literature: The Wilderness and the War Path; two.-Garland, J. out of business, Norland-terrace, Not.

Friday, August 7

Friday, November 6 Margaret, a Tale-Journal of Natural History, The Tourist: ting-hill, June 23, at one.-Groom, G. B. carpenter, Wal

Friday, September 4

Friday, December 4. Letters from a Travelling Bachelor, No.7 - Art: New ton-on-Thames, June 23, at half-past two.-Ground, E. B.

Particulars may be had Ten days previous to each sale, at Publications, &c.-Music-Drama, &c.-Necrology: B. R. (in the employ of the London City Mission Society), York

the Royal Hotel, Manchester; the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool; Haydon, esq. ; Mr. James Marsh ; M. Charles de Ochoa; M. st. Kingsland-rd. June 23, at eleven, Hamilton, G; A. linen Eagle and Child, Cambridge ; at the

Auction Mart; and of tions, &c. - Journal of Mental Philosophy Phrenologs, its

Dee's Royal Hotel, Birmingham; the Angel, Oxford; the Rodolphe Topffer; Dr. Marheinecke-Journal of Inven. draper. Arbour-st. Stepney, June 23, at one.--Imms, E. coal-weigher, Johnson's-terrace, Mile-end, June 23, at three,

Messrs. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS, 28, Poultry. Nature and Uses ; Surgical Operations-Heirs-at-Law, Next Jobson, W. carpenter, Great Shelford, June 23, at two.-Le

of Kin, &c.-Bookseller's Circular: Literary Intelligence;

List of New Books-Gleanings-Advertisements.

RAILWAY SHARES BY PUBLIC SALE. vien, J. A. clerk, Regent-sq. July 2, at one.-Moore, A. engraver, Kingsland-green, June 25, at half-past one.- Ouk, E.

The Monthly Family CRITIC, in a neat cover,

ESSRS. LAMOND, SMALE, and LA. brewer, Burrough-green, June 23, at half-past twelve.

128 large pages, price only 1s. 6d.

MOND, Railway Share Auctioneers, beg to thank A stamped number, as a specimen, sent to any person, en. Reed, R. B. Wick, esquire, July 23, at twelve.-Speakman, their Friends and the Public for their continued support and

closing three postage stamps. J. jun. miller, Chelmsford, June 3, at two.-Standeren, T.

CRITIC Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand. D. coal dealer, Richmond-st. Haymarket, June 23, at hali: patronage, and to announce that their Public Sales of Rail

way Shares, &c. take place every Tuesday and Friday, at past eleven.-Tittensor, M. glass dealer, Drury-lane, June

One o'clock, at the Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle-street, 23, at half-past two.-White, T. beer retailer, Poplar, June London, to which place all favours, containing instructions,

RCHBOLD'S NISI PRIUS.—The Law 23, at eleven, White, J. L. Le M. chemist, Walton

of Nisi Prius, comprising the whole of the Law as to are respectfully requested to be addressed. upon-Thames, June 25, at twelve.

All Scrip and Share Certificates must be deposited for Personal Actions, Actions upon Bills of Exchange, PromisPETITIONS TO BE HEARD IN THE COUNTRY. examination at least one day previously to their being sory Notes, &c. Actions upon Policies of Insurance in all

Baron, G. tin plate worker, Blackburn, June 23, at offered; and advices of results will be forwarded by the first Cases, and Actions of Ejectment upon all Titles; with twelve, Manchester.--Charlesworth, J. fariner, Peniston, post after the sale, and the proceeds immediately disposed Forms of all the Pleadings, and the Evidenee necessary to

support them. 2 vols. 12mo. price 21. 2s. Second edition. June 25, at cleven, Leeds.--Cooke, J. grocer, Bridgford, of according to instructions.

By JOHN FREDERICK ARCHBOLD, Esq. Offices, Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle-street, London. June 26, at ten, Birmingham.- Denby, J. heald maker, Bradford, June 25, at eleven, Leeds.-Evans, B. clerk, Bed.


Published by OWEN RICHARDS, Fleet-street, and

EEDS FOR EXECUTION ABROAD. minster, July 2, at twelve, Bristol.-Fisher, J. shroud maker,

Shaw and Soxs, Fetter-lane. Birmingham, June 26, at ten, Birmingham.-- Foulston, J. -Messrs. J. and R. M'CRACKEN, Foreign Agents,

The volumes may be had separately. corn miller, Blackburn, June 23, at twelve, Manchester.- No. 7, Old Jewry, beg to inform the Legal Profession, that Greenaway, W. shopkeeper, Woorwinstow, June 25, at one, they undertake to forward Deeds for Esecution by Parties This day is published, price 58. 6d. boards ; half-bound, law Exeter.-Haythorn, J. silk plaited cord manuf. Notting- abroad, through their correspondents on the Continent, for calf, 78.; or half-bound and interleaved, 8s. 6. ham, June 26, at ten, Birmingham.-Inston, J. pump maker the costs of transmission, and a simple commission.

THE PRACTICE of SUMMARY CON. Kidderminster, June 24, at twelve, Birmingham.-ireland, List of Correspondents, and for further information, apply J. cooper, Collumpton, June 25, at one, Exeter.-Langdale, as above.

VICTIONS before JUSTICES of the PEACE, toge. J. joiner, Liverpool, June 23, at twelve, Liverpool.- Outram,

ther with the Proceedings subsequent to the Conviction, in. J. innkeeper, Dore-moor, ncar Sheffield, June, 25, at twelve,

cluding Appeals to the Sessions, Applications for the Writs Manchester.-Payne, W. tea dealer, Bath, June 23, at

New Publications.

of Certiorari and Habeas Corpus, and Actions against Naeleven, Bristol.- Protheroe, W. J. fire iron manufacturer,

gistrates, with a comprehensive body of Forms. Dudley, June 23, at ten, Birmingham.-Scott, J. appraiser,


By THOMAS WILLIAM SAUNDERS, Esq. Liverpool, June 29, at eleven, Liverpool.-Shepperson, s.

Of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-law. labourer, Bingham, June 24, at twelve, Birmingham.

Just Published,

Published at the Law TIMES Office, 29, Essex-street,

Strand. Walker, G. housekeeper, Ancoats, June 25, at twelve,

THE FOURTH EDITION of the REGISManchester.-M'estaway, T. tailor, Exeter, June 23, at

TRATION OF ELECTORS' ACTS, incorporating eleven, Exeter.

the Reform Act and other recent statutes, and the decisions DR. CULVERWELL'S GUIDE TO HEALTH AND
of the Court of Common Pleas on Registration Appeals, with

Introduction and copious Index. By EDWARD W. Cox,
Brooke, J. cupper, Liverpool, July 7, at eleven, Liverpool, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, price 5s. boards; half-bound in law

(300 pages, pocket volume), price Is.; by post Is. 68. aud. and July 8, at twelve, div.-Pryde, D. joiner, Birken- calf, 6s. 6d. ; and interleaved, 75, 6d.

THAT to EAT, DRINK, and AVOID; head, July 8, at eleven, Liverpool, aud. Jonx CROCKFORD, 29, Essex-street, where also,

With Diet Tables, for all Complaints.

By R. J. CULVERWELL, M.D. M.R.C.S., L.A.C. &c.
COMPANIES' ACT, with Notes and Index. By W. Pater- feelings, a good night's rest, a clear head, and a contented

Contents: How to secure perfect digestion, tranquil
Gazette, June 19.
SON, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, price 55.

mind. By an observance of the instructions herein contained,

The REAL PROPERTY STATUTES of the Amass, G. jun. butcher, Debenham, July 9, at eleven.Champion, E. boot maker, Tonbridge Wells, June 29, at last Session, with Notes and Index. By G. S. ALLNUTT, tered constitution, may acquire the greatest amount of phy.

the feeble, the nervously delicate, even to the most shathalf-past eleven.-Copplestone, J. traveller, Trinity-sq. July Esq. Barrister-at-Law, price 3s.

sical happiness, and reach in health the full period of life 2, at eleven.-Felton, H. late innkeeper and baker, Bletch- The SMALL DEBTS ACT. By EDWARD W. allotted to man. worth, July 9, at eleven.-Hayes, T. publican, Langham, Cox, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, price 25.

To be had of Sherwood, 23, Paternoster-row ; Carvalho, June 29, at eleven.-King, J. sadler, Chiswell-st. June 29, The NEW RULES AND ORDERS IN CHAN. 147, Fleet-street; Hannay, 63, Oxford-street; Manp, 39 at half-past eleven.-- Reading, D. cooper, Patterson-st. cery, with Notes, and a copious Index. By G. S. ALL Cornhill; and all Booksellers; or direct, by post or otherStepney, July 9, at eleven.-Smith, w. out of business, NUTT, Esq. Barrister-at-Law, price 38.

wise, from the Author, 21, Arundel-street, Strand. Northampton, July 9, at half-past eleven.-Strip, J. assistant to a whitesmith, Winchester, July 9, at eleven.Whitt, T. L. late lessee of tolls, Poole, July 2, at eleven.


Just ready.

required for the coming REGISTRATION are now Antrobus, G, butcher, Toxteth-park, June 23, at eleven, to all the Reports that appeared during the Half-year Liverpool.--Ashworth, J. delfman, Shawforth, June 29, at ending the 1st of January last. Price 5s.6d. in a stout

Solicitors and Parish Officers requiring a quantity may twelve, Manchester.-Barber, J. blacksmith, Stockport, wrapper. To be continued half-yearly.

have the name of the County, City, or Borough inserted, June 29, at twelve, Manchester - Barnsley, E. grocer, Bir

by forwarding their orders immediately.

The object of this Digest is to enable the Practitioner to kenhead, June 29, at eleven, Liverpool.-Buckle, J. tea dealer, find in a moment what has been the law decided on any sub

Members of the Verulam Society will be entitled to all the Snape, June 23, at eleven, Leeds.- Castledine, H. innkeeper, ject, with reference to the authorities.

Forms at the Society's prices. Coventry, June 27,

Law Times Office, 29, Essex-street; and by order of all at twelve, Birmingham.-Dalby, J. Law Times Office, 29, Essex-street.

Booksellers in town and country.

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Court of Common Pleas

301 301 301

301 302 302





310 310

312 313




Page | sonal decree against the defendants, inasmuch as regretted he had not jurisdiction, because the fother REPORTS

other legacies, &c. had been paid, and there was some cause was before another branch of the Court. The Lord Chancellor's Court


expectation that the estate would prove deficient. defendant should have come to your lordship and Vice-Chancellor of England's Court

298 Rolls Court.


The Vice-Chancellor had decided against the plain- asked for leave to give a notice of motion in both Vice-Chancellor Wigram's Court

300 tiff's claim to priority; from that decree the plaintiff causes.
300 appealed.

The LORD CHANCELLOR.-I think the notice of Court of Exchequer

Parker and Glasse, for the appeal, contended that motion should have been in both causes, or leave to Nisi Prius Cases........

the plaintiff was not bound to wait until the accounts give notice should have been obtained in the way Circuit Reports fo.......

in that cause had been taken. The testator devised pointed out by Mr. Parker. LEGISLATOR-Summary

and bequeathed considerable real and personal estate Parker.-The Vice-Chancellor said he had jurisdicBusiness of Parliament.. Bills in Progress..

to the defendants Forman and Shipley in the following tion in one cause only, and all he could do was to The Debates...

302 terms:-"As to all and every my messuages, farms, direct the cause to stand over. The other suit was Bankruptcy and Insolvency.

302 lands, hereditaments, and real estate whatsoever, instituted by residuary legatees, and there were no MAGISTRATE-Summary...

303 and as to all my moneys, securities for money, rents, parties present to protect the interests of annuitants Review of Magistrates' Cases decided during Easter &c. not specifically devised and bequeathed to Forman and other legatees. The Vice-Chancellor said they and Trinity Terms .....

303 and Shipley, their heirs, executors, and administra- might have applied to the Lord Chancellor, and that Report on Criminal Law Criminal Justice in France

tors, upon trust as to the real estate, and so much of he could not conceive why some means had not been LAWYER-Summary ..

the personal estate as should not consist of money, to taken to place the two causes in one branch of the 304

sell; and I direct that the said trustees should stand court. Notes on New Cases in Equity

possessed of the money to arise from such sales upon The Lord CHANCELLOR.— The difficulty seems to PROMOTIONS, APPOINTMENTS, &c...

trust, in the first place, to pay certain sums (soms the have arisen from that. COURT PAPERS...........

306 testator stated himself to be under covenant to pay] Parker.-The Vice-Chancellor said, if he could he LEGAL INTELLIGENCE.....

308 and my funeral and testamentary expenses; and in would have referred this cause to the same Master, PROCEEDINGS OF LAW SOCIETIES

the second place, to set apart and appropriate on go and consolidated the two causes. (Jackson v. Leaf, Report of the Society for the Amendment of the Law. 308 vernment or real security an annuity of 1001, which I 1 Jac. & Walk. 229; Eades v. Harris, 1 Hare.) In CORRESPONDENCE”

am bound to pay to my brother Jobn, and an annuity Seton on Decrees, it is stated that the plaintiff is Conveyancing Fees in Revenue Prosecutions.

of 301. to Elizabeth (the plaintiff) the daughter of my entitled to go and obtain his costs up to the hearing; Recovery of Agency Accounts

said brother, for her life." And the said testator di- and that notice is ineffectual. The common decree is, Selections from Correspondence...

310 rected that his trustees might be at liberty to pur. that the Master shall be at liberty to adopt proceedHeirs--LAW AND NEXT OF Kın, &c. Wanted.. 311 chase government annuities instead of making investings in the other cause. (Vernon v. Thelluson, 1 LEADING ARTICLES

ments to meet these annuities. The testator had Phillips.) A suit by legatees or creditors is never Privilege of the Bar

su plainly indicated his intention to prefer these annui. stayed except upon the terms stated. Short Conveyances

312 tants; but the plaintiff bad received only a small part The LORD CHANCELLOR.-What difference will it Sham Lawyers..

312 of her own annuity or of the arrear due to her late make whether I make an order on the decree or tho Verulam Reports

312 father. The trustees had, notwithstanding, paid away motion ? The Law Times Edition of Important Statutes 312 large sums to other legatees, amounting to 6,0001. Parker.-If the order is made on the decree it will Railway Litigation....

312 including 7501. to the executors. (Brown v. Brown, be in the common form, reserving further directions THE CRITIC

1 Keen, 275.) The answer intimates a doubt whe- and costs. Holthouse's Law Dictionary The Law Digest..

ther the estate will be sufficient to pay all the lega. Glasse, on the same side, cited Rogers v. Soutten,

cies. The bill in this suit was filed on the 7th of No. 2 Keen, 598; The Corporation of Clergymen's Sons BIRTOS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS PROPERTY JOURNAL

vember, 1843, and the plaintiff learnt from the answer v. Swainson, 1 Ves. sen. 75; Whittam v. Heming, 2 Practice of Sales (continued)

of the executors, put in on the 23rd of January, 1844, Sim. 493. The decree in this cause should be the Public Sales...

that the suit of Osborn v. Forman was pending common decree, referring the cause to the same MasMoney Market..

315 They contended that the mere pendency of another ter as the other cause had been referred to, with GAZETTES

315 suit by another legatee or annuitant formed no rea- liberty to adopt the accounts and conclusions he had ADVERTISEMENTS.

son why the present suit should not proceed. In come to in that cause. With the present order, that May 1844 the cause of Osborn v. Forman was beard was impracticable, and therefore the plaintiff was

before the Vice-Chancellor Wigram, and it was after- bound to appeal. This suit was not to be tied up for THE REPORTS.

wards, on the 25th of June, put in his honour's an indefinite time. Besides, the objection would be

paper to be spoken to. The decree as drawn up now taken of want of parties, that all the other annuitants Equity Courts.

bears that date, but it was not drawn up, and there- and legatees should have been parties to the suit notfore did not become an efficient decree till the 13th of withstanding the 30th Order of August, 1841, on the

November, 1844. On the 25th of June, 1844, the authority of Miller v. Huddleston, 13 Sim. 467. That LORD CRANCELLOFU'S COURT. plaintiff's solicitor received from the defendants' objection was taken in the other suit of Osborn v.

solicitor a notice, entitled in the two causes, inform- Forman, 2 Hare, 656. Saturday, June 6.

ing the plaintiff that a decree had been pronounced, by Anderton and Goodeve, for the defendants, on the THWAITES V. FORMAN.

which the estates had been ordered to be sold, and construction of the gifts of the annuities, contended Practice-Staying cause after decree in another suit directed all to be done that could be done in Thwaites that Beeston v. Booth was a conclusive authority for administration--Construction-Priority of gifts

v. Forman, and required the plaintiff to incur no fur- against the plaintiff's claim to priority. On the point -Parties.

ther expense in that suit, and gave notice that, in of practice the plaintiff had been offered her costs up Where there are two suits against executors for admin case of non-compliance, the defendant would move to the time of the motion.

istration by different legatees, in two branches of the to stay proceedings in this suit. On the 6th of July, The LORD CHANCELLOR.-The proceedings in the court, and a decree has been obtained in one suit, the 1844, subpana to hear judgment was served in this cause were stayed, and the plaintif bad leave to apply defendants may apply in the other suit to stay all cause, and, on the 9th of July, a notice of motion, in the other cause. Would it not have been sufficient proceedings therein, and the Court is quite competent also entitled in this cause, was served

upon the plain to have made an order in this suit

, to stay proceedings to suspend the cause within

its own jurisdiction until tiff, whereby it was stated that the Court would be on payment of costs, when another suit for adminis. the other cause has been finally disposed of.

moved to stay all proceedings in the cause of Thwaites tration is pending, in which the accounts could be Where a testator, after directing his real and personal

v. Forman. The motion was ordered to come on with taken, and justice done between the parties? Is it estate to be converted into money, directs that, " in the cause, and the matter was partly argued before necessary to do more than stay proceedings on pay. the first place," one annuity shall be prorided for, the vacation. On the 6th of December the order was ment of costs? Is it essential that there should be and, " in the next place," another annuity be pro- pronounced, against which the plaintiff appealed. an order for leave for the plaintiff in this suit to attend vided for, by the appropriation of stock or real The case is reported, as heard in the court below, the taking of the accounts ?

Anderton.--No such order is ever made in a credi. security, or by the purchase of government annui- | 1 Col. 409, and the Vice-Chancellor referred to Bees. ties, and then proceeds to make other bequests, there ton v. Booth, 4. Mad. 161, but that case is distin- tor's suit. is nothing in the expressions " in the first place," and guishable from the present.

The LORD CHANCELLOR.-The Vice-Chancellor " in the next place,to give the annuitants priority

The LORD CHANCELLOR.–The only words you merely postponed the hearing of the cause ; he di. over the other legatees.

can rely upon are those in which the testator says, rected it to stand over; the decree amounts to nothing The plaintiff, Elizabeth Thwaites, was an annuitant " after making the investments," &c. Does that go more than a direction to let the cause stand over for

the present, with leave to the parties to proceed in of 301. a year under the will of Henry

Thwaites, the beyond Beeston v. Booth ? testator in the cause, dated the 25th July, 1839, and

Parker.-The other interests do not commence the other cause before Vice-Chancellor Wigram, as

they think fit. That is only postponing his decision. the bill was filed for payment of the arrears of the until these annuities are provided for. annuity, and to have a fund set apart to answer the bad been and then," would this case not have established precedent has been departed from,

The LORD CHANCELLOR.--Suppose the words Is that a ground of appeal ? Mr. Parker says the annuity. The testator had also bequeathed an an- fallen precisely within the authority of Beeston v. nuity of 1001. a year to his brother, John Thwaites,

Goodeve. --The cases cited on the other side relate the father of the plaintiff, in satisfaction of a security Booth ?

to creditors' suits. There is a distinction between to that amount. John Thwaites had since died, and

Parker.-As to the stay of proceedings.

creditors and legatees, because the former claim the plaintiff, as his personal representative, claimed The LORD CHANCELLOR.-The Vice Chancellor paramount to the will. The Court does not neces

The case in Jacob & also the arrears of that annuity. The plaintiff, by her then went upon the assumption that all are to take sarily give legatees costs. bill, insisted that, on a right construction of the will, equally.

Walker's Reports is founded on its special circum. these two annuities were entitled to priority over the le

Parker:-Yes; up to the decree, any person having stances. The Court is not bound by any such rule. gacies given by the will. This cause was in the list of claim against a testator's estate by reason of a legacy (Hayward v. Constable, 2 Younge & Col. Exch. Rep. causes before Vice-Chancellor Knight Bruce. There or debt, may proceed with his own suit. The pend- 43 ; Moore v. Prior, ibid. 375.) In the latter case the was another suit

of Osborn v. Forman for the admin- ency of another suit amounts to pothing. There is a order was that the suit be stayed, and the question of istration of the same testator's estate, in which a de- settled

rule as to the mode and terms of staying pro- costs was reserved. (Cumming v. Slater, You. & cree for an account had been made by Vice-Chan- ceedings in these suits.

Leave is given to the plaintif Col. C. C. 585.) The second cause was ordered to cellor Wigram. Before that decree had been left in the second suit

to come in under the other cause, stand over, and come on with the

other cause

on further for entry, the defendants moved to stay proceed with costs up to the hearing. Here there is no power directions, and that one decree should be made in ings before Vice-Chancellor Knight Bruce, who dis- to go in under the decree, and no provision for the both suits. Here the Vice-Chancellor gave the plainmissed the bill as against the testator's heir-at-law,

tiff leave to apply in the other suit. and directed all further proceedings to be stayed till

The LORD CHANCELLOR. -The Court will not The LORD CHANCELLOR.-Why should he have further order, without prejudice to any application stay proceedings in the usual way; this case is not leave to go in more than any other legatee? The which the plaintiff might think fit to make in the within the general rule, for the plaintiff chose to go Master makes a report upon the will, and any legatee other cause to Vice-Chancellor Wigram, and the costs on,

and the decision was against her.

may except to the report if his particular interest is were reserved. If the plaintiff's claim to priority was titled in Thwaites

v. Forman only, and it ought to have may apply to have the conduct of the cause. What

Parker.-The motion was irregular, for it was en Dot attended to, and if delay takes place, any legatee established, she would have been entitled to a per-| been entitled in both causes. The Vice-Chancellor) is be to do ? Leave to do what?

VOL. VII. No. 170.

Parker.—To attend the proceedings in the Mas. ber. That the said John Hindley, by his will, bear. mere sixpence the tenant for life might sign an ac. ter's office.

ing date the 5th of April, 1808, gave and bequeathed knowledgment that po interest was due. Goodeve.-Other legatees have the same right to unto his wife Ann the said leaseholds, to hold the Bill dismissed, but without prejudice to the right go in to watch the proceedings as the plaintiff. same, subject to certain yearly rents and pay. of filing a new bill.

Kenyon Parker, Roupell, jun, and Tripp, for other ments, and also subject and chargeable with the pay. defendants. ment of the interest of the sum of 9961., secured

Monday, March 9. Parker, in reply, cited Holden v. Kynaston, 2 thereon by way of mortgage, unto his said wife and

MUSTON V. BRADSHAW. Beavan, 205.

her assigns, during the term of her natural life; and Pleading-Specific performance of agreement-Deeds The LORD CHANCELLOR.-This appeal must be from and immediately after her decease, he gave

in possession of vendor's wife. dismissed. When the Court disposes of a cause, it and bequeathed the same unto his nephew, John A purchuser filed his bill for specific performance, disposes of the costs also ; but here there was no Hindley, the defendant; subject and chargeable is wherein he stated that upon application to the vendor final order, only a postponement of the final determi- aforesaid, and also subject and chargeable with for inspection of certain title-deeds belonging to the nation. As to the form of the order, it exactly cor- the payment of the said principal sum of 9961. and property, he refused to produce them, on the ground responds with that in Moore v. Prior, in 2 Y. & Col. interest thereon, to grow due from the decease of his of his not being able to make out a good title or lo Esch. Rep. The question of costs is entirely in the said wife Ann. Bg a codicil to his will, bearing date produce the said title-deeds, by reason of his wife, discretion of the Court, which is quite competent to the 15th Feb. 1817, the testator ratified and con- H. B. having broken open a box and taken them postpone the one cause until the other has been heard firmed the devise of the said leaseholds to his said away, the contrary whereof the plaintiff charged to and finally disposed of. Vice-Chancellor Knight wise Ann and her assigns for her life, subject to the

be true ; the bill nevertheless stated that the vendor's Bruce doubtless thought that as he bad no control payment of the interest of such sum and sums of

wife admitted that the said deeds were in her posover the other cause, some inconvenience might arise money as remained due and owing on mortgage of the

session, but that she claimed an interest in, or had if he had made any order; and he adopted it, without same estate, or for which the title-deeds thereof might

some claim upon the estate for her sole and separate any reference to the cause pending in the Court of remain piedged; and from and after her decease he use independently of her husband, and refused to Vice-Chancellor Wigram, as was done in the case re- did ratify and confirm the devise thereof unto his said deliver up or produce any of the said deeds or docu. ported in the Exchequer. I think it was quite com- nephew, John Hindley, his heirs, executors, adminis. ments, unless her said alleged interest or claim was petent to the Vice-Chancellor to take that course. trators, and assigns, subject and chargeable, never- first satisfied, or some provision made for her out of As to the main question, the construction of the will, theless, with the payment of the several charges in

the purchase-money. The plaintiff charged that the I must be quite satisfied the testator wished these his will mentioned, and also to such sum and sums of vendor's wife had not, and never had, any interest in annuities to be paid before the legatees, before I can money as might be then due and owing on mortgage

the said esiate, but if she had, it was subject to the reverse the decision of the Vice-Chancellor upon that of the same estate, or for which the title-deeds might plaintiff's contract, and that there was collusion beground; but I think no priority has been established. remain pledged by way of security. That John

tween the vendor and his wife to defeat the agreeI cannot accede to the argument of Mr. Parker, that Hindley died in August, 1817. The bill, moreover,

ment. The bill prayed that, if necessary, the dethese annuities must be considered to come under the stated that by an indenture, bearing date the 18th

fendants might answer separately and for specific class of debts. Unless I am clearly satisfied that the day of August, 1839, after reciting, as the facts were,

performance, and that H. B. the vendor's wife, testator intended a preference, I cannot give the an- among other things, that the said two principal sums

might be decreed to deliver up the title-deeds. A puitants priority; and there appears to me to be of 9961. and 401. (amounting together to the sum of

demurrer by H. B. for want of equily allowed. nothing in the will to take them out of the ordinary | 1,0361.) only remained due and owing upon the said It appears by the bill, that by an agreement bear. rule of equity, that all annuitants and legatees are to several securities, “ all interest for the same having ing date the 2nd of April, 1845, the defendant, G.M. take equally. The appeal will be dismissed with been paid." It was witnessed that, in consideration of Bradshaw, agreed to sell, and the plaintiff agreed to costs.

1,0361. Charles Wigglesworth, Sarah Wigglesworth, purchase, the property in question for 7,9991. subject Re WEBB, in Lunacy.

John Stowe and Rebecca his wife (the representatives to a good title being thereunto made. That various

of John Dawber, then deceased), with the privity and applications had been made by the plaintiff to the Friday, May 29.

consent of Ann Hindley, then Ann Milns, did assign said defendant, G. M. Bradshaw, to perform his part Practice in lunacy-Petition for a commission against unto the plaintiff, Joseph Gregson, his executors, of the said agreement; but that he refused so to do, a person abroad.

administrators, and assigns, all the said two principal alleging his inability to make out a good title to the The petition in this matter was presented by Mr. sums of 9961. and 401. and all interest to grow due freeholů and inheritance of the premises in question, F. Webb, the nephew and tenant in tail in remainder thereon, and all the benefit and advantage thereof and particularly that he was unable to deliver up, of an estate, of which John Webb, the alleged lunatic, respectively, to have and enjoy the said principal sum or procure to be delivered up, the title-deeds was tenant for life. The petition prayed a commis- and interest, as and for his and tbeir own proper and muniments of title relating thereto; but sion to inquire into the state of mind of the alleged goods and chattels for ever. And by the same inden- the plaintiff charged the contrary of such alle. lunatic, stating that, after a confinement of several ture the said leaseholds were also assigned to the gations and pretences to be the truth. The bill months in th establishments of two of the most plaintiff, John Gregon, his heirs and assigns, subject then charged that shortly after the 15th of May, eminent medical men in Paris, he was now in a state to a proviso for redemption on payment by Ann 1845, the defendant, G. M. Bradshaw, stated to the of hopeless insanity. The affidavits of Sir T. Chern- Milns, or the person who, after her decease, should be plaintiff, that all the deeds relating to the title of the side, the physician to the British embassy, and entitled in reversion to the said hereditaments, unto estate were then io bis possession, and that plaintiff several French physicians, corroborated this state the plaintiff, John Gregson, bis executors, adminis- and his solicitor could see such deeds; that on the

Mr. Webb had large landed estates in York, trators, or assigns, the sum of 1,0361. and interest. 22nd May, 1845, the plaintiff, with bis solicitor, at. shire and Lincolnshire, prolucing an income of that the name of the plaintiff, John Gregson, was tended at the house of the defendant, Braðsbaw, who 12,4001. but in consequence of an insane passion for made use of in the said last-mentioned indenture, as produced all the title-deeds relating to the said es. pictures and articles of vertu, he had incurred debts a trustee for the said Ann Milns, and that the said iate; and, amongst others, indentures of lease and to the extent of 58,6001. which had been paid by sum of 1,0361. was in fact advanced by her. That release of the 29th and 30th October, 1776, and a money borrowed from the West of England Fire and Ann Milns died in 1842. The bill then, among other certain other deed bearing date the 6th October, 1841, Life Assurance Company, and which now formed a things, prayed that the defendant, John Hindley, which completed his aforesaid title; the last of which charge on the life estate, requiring, with the sum for might be decreed to obtain a renewed lease of the deeds was a conveyance of the legal estate from the the insurance of the lunatic's life, an annual outlay of mortgaged premises, and that such renewed lease trustees of a will under which defendant was en. 4,9001. The expenses of management were 2,5001. might be declared to be well charged with the payment titled to other trustees, to uses to bar dower. The more, and the petitioner alleged, that as the estates of the said principal money and interest.

bill then charged that on a subsequent occasion the were in the hands of a manager who had not given Wakefield and Faber, for the plaintiff, contended plaintiff and his solicitor attended at the house of the any security, there was an additional reason for ask that the interest had been paid from time to time, and defendant for the purpose of examining the said titleing the protection of the Court.

that it was not at all probable that it should have deeds, and upon applying to the defendant to produce Romilly and Busk supported the petition, James been paid all at once.

the seid deeds, he refused so to do, alleging that he Parker and Walford opposed, and read affidavits Beihell contended that, so far from there being any was unable to produce the said deeds and documents, to shew that Mr. Webb had been removed lately proof that interest had been paid from year to year, by reason, as he alleged, that his, the said defend.

an establishment in Paris, where the treat there was not even an allegation that interest had ant's, wife had broken open a box in which the said ment was very different from that under which his been paid from the death of the mortgagor in 1817, defendant had kept such deeds and documents, and illness had hitherto continued, and that there was a till the executing the indenture of 1839, an interval had taken them away, and that his said wife rereasonable prospect of his recovery.

of more than twenty years, and therefore the Statute fused to give them up to him, or to inform him where Bacon, for the Insurance Company. of Limitations would operate as a bar.

the same were ; and the said defendant also alleged The LORD CHANCELLOR.-The case is of such a Roupell, Malins, Metcalf, Tennant, Campbell, Gold. that, under such circumstances, the said deeds were no nature that no harm can be done by allowing the case smith, Hubback, Bennett, and Barton, for the several longer under his control. The bill then charged that to stand over for a short time, in order to ascertain other parties.

afterwards, and on the same occasion, Harriett the effect of the new treatment to which Mr. Webb is The Vice-CHANCELLOR.–What you are requireil Bradshaw, the wife of the said defendant, came into now subjected. Let the matter be in the paper on to prove is, that payments of interest have been made the room, and she then and there admitted or stated the day before the last seal.

within twenty years.

As to the fact stated in the that the said deeds, or some of them, were in her The matter has not been agaio mentioned.

bill, taking it at the utmost, is, that on the 18th of possession; or that she knew where they then were, August, 1839, all interest had been paid; very differ- and could produce them; but she also then and there

ent indeed from an averment that interest had been stated that she claimed an interest in, or had some VICE-CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND'S paid during the interval of twenty years. Now this claim upon, the said estate, or to that effect; and COURT.

is a peculiar case, for it appears that the equity of although she did not then state, and, in fact, upon redemption was devised to A for life, with remainder being asked to do so, refused to state what ber said

to B. Suppose it to be the fact that, for more than alleged interest or claim was, she positively refused Monday, Feb. 23.

twenty years, no interest had been paid during A's to deliver up or produce any of the said deeds and GREGSON V. HINDLEY.

life, a serious question would arise, namely, whether, documents, or to state where the same were, unless Mortgage-Tenant for life-Statute of Limitations. after the reversioner bad obtained the benefit of the her said alleged interest or claim was first satisfied, A tenant for life of a mortgage estate, admitted by Statute, it would be competent for the tenant for or some provision was made for her out of the said

way of recital, in a deed that interest on the mort - life, by her own act, to create a mortgage that estate, or the purchase-money for the same. The bill gage had been paid: Held, not to be a sufficient ac- should be redeemable. What the plaintiff seeks then charged, that the said female defendant still knowledgment of the mortgage debt against the re- is, that he may have liberty to prove that pay- claims some interest in the said estate, and in the said mainderman, to prevent the operation of the Statute ments of interest were made from time to time; deeds; and she claims such interest for her sole and of Limitations.

but this was not coincident with the statement in separate use, and idependently of the said other deThe bill stated, among other things, that by an in the indenture, as that might mean, for any thing fendant, her husband; but tbat, in fact, she has not denture, bearing date the 12th of August, 1806, John to the contrary appearing, that a lumping sum had and never had any interest whatever in the said estate, Hindley mortgaged certain renewable leaseholds for been paid. My opinion is, that for the sake of or any part thereof, or the said deeds; and, at all lives, at Marton, to John Dawber, for 9961., and at admitting proof of payment from time to time, a events, she has not, and never had, any interest the same time executed a bond for the same gum; and specific set of facts ought to have been alleged in the therein, otherwise than subject to the said agreement that he afterwards further charged the said leaseholds bill. I can easily conceive that the grossest fraud of the 2nd of April last, por any interest therein at with the repayment of 401. to the said John Daw- I might be practised on the remainderman, as for a l all against the plaintiff, as such purchaser as afore



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