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situate and modern spacious Villa, with beautifully planted OF SATURDAY NEXT, THE 18T2 OF JULY,

grounds, &c. the whole being freehold, and within tn

miles of the town, and commanding grand views of the Will contain the commencement of several Series of Papers of Social Importance and Entertainment, by Himself and his

river, Isle of Wight, and the New Forest, with immedi. EMINENT LITERARY ASSOCIÀTES ; and also a mass of News and Information, well digested and arranged, suitable to

ate possession. family reading. OFFICE, 169, STRAND,


Mart, near the Bank of England, on AUGUST, at

Twelve, unless previously disposed of by private contract, Sales by Auction.

IN. THE COUNTY OF DURHAM.—The Wolsingham the above very desirable and beautifully situate FREEHOLD

Park Estate, Freehold, comprising about 2,400 acres of | RESIDENCÉ, on a commanding elevated part of Millbrook,
Arable, Meadow, Pasture, and beautiful Wood and Moor within

a short distance of the church, and only two miles HATCHAM GROVE.-A capital MANSION, and about

Land, with invaluable Freestone, and perhaps Ironstone; from Southampton. The mansion is modern, and contaiss
and'a river and a railway passing through it.

rooms of very handsome dimensions, and ample large airy 17 Acres of Omameñtal Land, only about Three Miles from London-bridge.

(R. SINGLE will SELL by AUCTION, bedrooms, with dressing-rooms, water closets, two stai R. SINGLE will SELL by AUCTION, cisely, the valuable and highly improvable FREEHOLD

L-at the Mart, on TUESDAY, JULY 21, at One prea cases, all finished with excellent taste and in a superior

manner. The i domestic offices are very convenient; the at the Mart, opposite the Bank, on TUESDAY, ESTATE, known as the Wolsingham Park Estate, compris- grounds, comprising about nine acres, are well laid out, and JULY 21, at Twelve for One,

in Three Lots, a most valuable ing about 2,400 acres of arable, meadow, pasture, wood, and ornamentally planted. There is a productive walled gardes, and beautiful ESTATE, comprising a capital mansion, and moorland, situate only about three quarters of a mile from good stabling, and various out-offices, and the whole very Hatcham-grove, situate about three miles from London. half or three from Wolsingham,

and four from Stanbope, fect order both as to repairs and decoration, and fit for is bridge, upon the high road, at the junction of the Queen's• both excellent market towns, about seventeen miles from stant possession. The estate may be viewed by application road (late Deptford.Jane) and the old Kent-road, near the the city of Durham, and eighteen from Newcastle-on-Tyne, to Mr.

Perkins, upholder, Southampton, of hon partie. is approached by a lodge entrance and carriage

drive-through but two tenants on the estate, and they hold fearly at trifling at the Auction Mart ; of Messrs. Coombs and Son, Solie the spot. The ornamental grounds that encircle the dwell. about 4401. per annum, which gives no idea of its estimated tors, King's-road, Gray's-inn-lane; and of Messrs. DANIEL ing, the beautiful foliage that secludes it from the road, rental ; - and large portion of the estate is in hand. I SMITH and Son, Waterloo-place, Pall-mail, who are and the peculiar' charm that pervades the whole place, lead. The whole lies within a ring fence on either side of fully authorized to treat for the sale. the mind, at once, far distant from the "busy hum" of the "Waskerly," a river having its rise at one end of, and London life. The mansion is commanding, spacious, and winding in meandering beauty through the

estate, and dis. The Estate of New Place, with its Mansion and famous built in a 'superior manner, sufficiently modern to secure charging itself into the river Wear. On one side of Trout Fishery, close to Alresford, Hants, about engår all the ornamental decoration and comfort which good taste the river are beautiful hanging woods and improvable land, miles from Winchester and 18 from Southampton: s sombre beauty and interesting tone * which 'no

ESSRS. DANIEL SMITH and SON can possess but in its mature years. There is stabling towards the river, presenting therefore peculiar facilities for Mart, in AUGUST next, the above yaluable FREEHOLD of great improvement, lying principally on an inclined plane

are commissioned to SELL by AUCTION, st the dining and drawing rooms open behind on to a Jawn and drainage, by which the estate might in a short time be made PROPERTY; comprising the mansion of Ne# Piace, the

by ordinary good management to produce double the present prominent feature amidst the picture. Finchester, a prevery large and beautiful grounds, ornamentally laid out and annual rental with only a trifling outlay,, as there is an in- | proaching the town of Alresford from

scenery on 27. adorned with choice shrubberies, which afford that coolness valuable slate or stone quarry on the estate, affording main summer, and warmth of appearance in winter, so con- terials for drainage at hut little cost, as well as valuable stone sion. The house stands elevated, surrounded by well-plated

sent occupied by Lady Paxton, who will give early poster genial with good taste. The close contiguity of the property for other purposes. There are nearly 400 acres of thriving grounds, having an extensive and important froatage upon to New.cross Station, its distance of only three miles from wood land, and the railway which passes through the estate the high road, from which it is screened by ormaattita London Bridge, the high respectability of the neighbour- has two stations on the property, there are three farm- plantations. The estate comprises, in a most periect, ani hood, the country-like scenery and beauty of the spot, to houses with

homesteads, all stone-built, and a residence ca- compact ring fence, about ios acres, part very reable gether with the healthfulness of the locality, would infuse pable of being made a snug sporting

box, lying ' open water meadows, extending to and embracing the site constantly unspeakable delight into the mind of the pur- to the warm south, and to one of those delightfully pictu. which bounds it on the lower or north side for a mile, fade chaser who might choose to reside there, even should he be resque views peculiar to some of the most favoured

parts of ing some of the best

trout fishing in the county. It is a re. one whose professional engagements tend to harass him, or the county of Durham. There is famous trout-fishing in the markably healthy and a famous sporting part of the country, whose mercantile transactions absorb his mind, and tend river, first-rate grouse and other shooting on the estate, to deaden the sensibility of his heart; or a member of Par. and 'fox-hunting in the neighbourhood.

- It may be viewed with cards, whicb, with partieulan sad liament, too much concerned in the affairs of his country, or has for many years been in the hands of a London gentle son's library, Winchester ; at the hotels. Southamptonie

The property lithographic plans, may be had at Mesers. Jacob and Jobs. too intent upon posthumous fame to spare time to feel that man, who has neither advantageously let it, or in any way the Mart; of Messrs. DUNN, HOPKINS, and CARTER serene quiet which is the real enjoyment of life, and which attempted to it; it offers, therefore, to capitalists an oppor- Solicitors, Alresford ; and of Messrs. DANIEL SMITH and can be daily experienced in a high degree only through the tunity, which seldom occurs for investing money in an im. SON, Land Agents, in Waterloo-place, Pałl-mazda facilities of quick transition

from the excitement of London proving property. It is believed that a few thousand pounds life to such a delightful home as Hatcham Grove:--Par. might

be made by improving the land, &c. and a few hun. ticulars will be ready in due time, and may be obtained of dred thousands by the minerals. The tenants on the estate Sy

URREY.-TO be SOLD a most excellent AMBROSE CLARE, Esq., Solicitor, 5, Sise-lane, City; will point out the property, and full particulars, with maps

and gentlemanly FREEHOLD MANSION, absat 11 and at the Offices of Mr. SINGLE, Land Agent, 34, Cole of the estate, will be ready'in due time, and may be obtained miles from London, near a railroad, upon a dry grarely as man-street, City.

of AMBROSE CLARE, Esq. Solicitor, 5, Sise-lane, City, with about 60 acres of land, very fine ornamental time

London ; of JOHN T. HOYLE, Esq. Solicitor, Newcastle and a handsome sheet of water, good gardens, tipe CITY of LONDON.-Capital Business Premises. on-Tyne ; and of Mr. SINGLE, Land Agent, 34, Coleman- houses, ice-house, warm and cold baths, and every lazury

and comfort that can be desired. The house is in perfec MR: R. SINGLE will SELL by AUCTION, street, City.

repair, and contains handsome drawing and dining room, at the Mart, on TUESDAY, JULY.14, at Twelve

library, billiard and morning rooms, all of good proportigas, for One, some capital BUSINESS PREMISES, comprising WORCESTERSHIRE.-Freehold and Copyhold Farm of and averaging about 30 feet bye20 each

The situation and 102, Houndsditch, let to good tenants, on lease and other.

257 Acres, producing 4701. per annum ; most desirable dry, healthy and "airy, and there is a constant and ample wise, at rentals amounting to 1241. 10s. per annum; held on for Investment, or for profitable and pleasant occupation supply

of the finest water. The handsome furniture pay

be had with the house. Apply toMessrs. DANIEL lease direct from the freeholder for thírty-two years, from 25th December, 1841, at a ground rent of 651. per annum.

to SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on TUES- Pall-mall. Particulars may be obtained of JOHN BEARDMORE DAY, JULY 28, at Twelve for One, that very fertile and supe. WATHEN, Esq. Solicitor, St. Swithin's-lane, 'Lombard- rior FARM, called Alstone, pleasantly situated on the eastern The beautiful and

important Estate of MAER, in street, and at the Offices of Mr. SINGLE, 34, Coleman. slope of the Oxenton hills, in the parishes of Orerbury and

Staffordshire. street, City.

Bangrove, on the borders of Gloucestershire and Worces- ESSRS. DANIEL SMITH and SON CAMBRIDGE-HEATH, near Hackney-road. — Twenty-one ing those excellent markets, and within four miles of the terminated by the trustees rejecting the offers made, the five from winchcombe, and nine from Eresham, command.

tiation for this very valuable and beautiful property having Houses, in Lots. R. SINGLE will SELL by AUCTION, on consisting of 250a. 3r. 13p. of productive arable, meadow, and fortable mansion, and a singularly compact and richly diversi

Ashchurch station of the Bristol and Birmingham Railway, Estate is now fully open to Treaty. It comprises a comTY-ONE HOUSES, as follows:-Six Houses, Nos. 21 to cheese-room, eight cottages, and other suitable agricultural lake, and beautiful woodlands and plantation, attorin

26 inclusive, Melina-place ; Three Houses, Ada-street; and buildings, now in the occupation of Mr. John Ship delightful and extensive drives and rides amidka Twelve Houses, Nos. 12 to 23 inclusive, George-street,» near way, under a yearly tenancy, determinable at Michaelmas highly picturesque scenery. The manor vell stocked sis the Canal Bridge, Cambridge-heath-road--a capital situation' next, at 470l. per annum; and 6a. Ir. 29p. of freehold woodfor letting. They offer an opportunity for most lucrative in- land in hand; the whole tithe free, lying together, and tain to the property.- Particulars and plans may be seen, and

game. The advowjon and great portion of the tithes appera respectable; leč remarkably well. Particulars may be ob- situation very good, and the climate unusually mild and every ipformation obtained, at their offices, in Waterios tained of Mr. J. BEARDMORE WATHEN; Solicitor, St. favourable; indeed, nothing is wanting but skill and

place, Pall-mally Swithin's-lane; and at the Offices of Mr. SINGLE, Land capital to immensely improve the returns, and to make Agent, 34, Coleman street, City.

this a very productive and attractive farm.-May be viewed AMBRIDGESHIRE.To be SOLD, by

by leave of the tenant. Particulars and conditions of MILE-END.--Six well-built Houses.

sale may be had of Mr. VIZARD, Solicitor, Dursley, ESTATE, comprising a capital Farra house and other R. SINGLE will SELL by AUCTION, house, Bath; : White Lion, Bristol; Bell, Gloucester; acres of rich arable and pastare Land other

Gloucestershire ; at the Star and Garter, Worcester ; York. with walled-in Gardens and Paddocks id upranta de One, şix well-built HOUSES, desirably situate, 1, 2, 3, 4,1 Birmingham; Messrs. BLOWER, VIZARD, and PAR. replete with every convenience for an extensive 5, and 10, Single-grove East, Single-street, Bridge-street son, Solicitors, 61, Lincoln’s-inn-fields, London; at the There is also a good malting of twenty East, Mile-end-road. They each contain pis rooms, and are Mart; and of Messrs. HEWITT, DAVIS, and_FRANCIS let at rentale amounting to 18. per annum. Particulats VIGERS, Land Agents and Auctioneers, 3, Frederick's.

with ample barley and malt chambers, and a newly may be obtained of Messrs. COOMBE and JONES, Solici place, Old Jewry, London.

wind corn-mill driving txo pair of stones, with tre fors tors, 2, Church-court, Clement’s-lane, City; at the Offices

and a miller's cottage and garden, and a dotaebed mewuss of Mr. SINGLE; Land Agent, 34, Coleman.street, City:

and large barn, with a lime kila upon
Periodical Sale of Reversions, Life Interests, Annuities, Life also a right of sheep walk for eig atcer

Policies, Advowsons, Next Presentations, and all de extensive open field, which, in the
Twelve Acres Freehold, near Lee and Lewisham, in Lots. scriptions of Securities dependent upon human life, thereof, would entitle the proprietor to

R. SINGLE will SELL by AUCTION, . Ground and Improved Rents, Post Ohit Bonds," Shares in allotment. The estate has fot in intre

at the Mart, on TUESDAY, JULY 21, at Twelve for Railways, Mines, Insurance Companies, and all other of the proprietors; and, from a
One, about TWELVE ACRES of FREEHOLD BUILD. public undertakings.

very superior quality of soil, fortas
ING LAND, delightfully situate on an inclined plane, with R.
an extensive frontage on the public road, at Fürther-green,
Lewisham, about a mile from Lee, and near to where an in- ICAL SALES by AUCTION of the above description of Solicitors, 1, John Stroot, dedí, London,

respectfully informs the Public, that his PERIOD. ticulars, apply to Mr. READ alate idea
tended railway is likely to have a station. The estate will be PROPERTY will be continued throughout the present year
divided into small and large lots, presenting valuable fron- as follows:-
tages on serpentine roads and groves, which will be desirable

Thursday, August 6.
for residences. Lee and Lewisham and the neighbourhood

LONDON :- Printed by Hamar MORRELL Cox, of 14, the
Thursday, October 1.
Thursday, September 3.

Queen Street, in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields

Thursday, Noveinber 5. are most improving places; and when some of this land is

the County of Middleses, Printer, at his Printing on

Thursday, December 3. built upon, the rest will be worth more than double its pre

74 & 75, Great Queen Street aforesaid, and published sent value. Particulars may be obtained of Mr. GROVES, Notice of sales intended to be effected by the above means JOHN CROCKFORD, of 29, Essex Street, Strand, in the Solicitor, Charlotte-street, Bedford-square ; at the Inps in should be forwarded to Mr. MARSH 14 days prior to each Parish of St. Clement Danes, in the City of Westminster the neighbourhood ; and at the office of Mr. SINGLE, Land date.-No. 27, Bucklersbury, corner of Charlotte-row, Man- at the Office of the LAW TIMES, Ng, 20. Eser Stres Agent, 34, Coleman-street, City, sion-house, London.

aforesaid, on Saturday, the lith day of Iwly, 1948.

MESSRS. DAXUS and, VIGE RS are directed Palm and son, Land Agents; in Waterloo-place,




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LAW.CANTED by a young man from



T ,

Money to Lend.
LANSTEGREAT SAVING A BRIEFS and Periodical Sale.-The Absager

Reversion to 3001. sterling : and Engrossments on paper, id. per folio. Deeds, and all TR. MARSH (late Fuller and Marsh) bas ΜΟΣ

MR CONEY.-12,0001. Trust-Money is ready Parchment work 11d. per folio

received instructions to include in his next Monthly to be advanced on approved Landed Security, in one

Prepaid letters and parcels addressed to KERR and co. Sale, appointed to take place at the Mart, on THURSDAY, or more Sums, at Four per cent. interest.

Law Stationers, 13, Chichester Rents, Chancery-Lane, Lon- AUGUST 6, at Twelve, the ABSOLUTE REVERSION to Apply to Messrs. WHITE and SON, Auctioneers, don, will meet with immediate attention.

Three One-eighth Parts of the sum of 8001, sterling, secured East Retford.

on real estates, and part in the Funds, and receivable on the decease of a lady now aged 74 years.-Particulars may be

obtained at the Mart; of H. H. HOSKINS, Esq. Solicitor, Situations Twanted.

New Publications.

Loughborough, Leicestershire ; and at Mr. MARSH'S

Offices, 27, Bucklersbury. LA AW.- WANTED, by a YOUNG MAN,

THE EDINBURGH REVIEW, No. 169, Periodical Sale.-Absolute Reversionary Interests in the (who has served his Articles with a Law Stationer)

is this day published.

sums of 2,0151. 18s. 10d. Consols, and 2,9177. 33. Ild. a Situation as COPYING and ENGROSSING CLERK.

3$ er Cent. Reduced Bank Annuities, receivable on the Has had considerable experience in Railway business, and


decease of a gentleman, now in the 72d year of his age. would be glad to engage with a Railway Solicitor, to whom 2. FRENCH ALGIERS-The SAHARA and its TRIBES.

R. MARSH (late Fuller and Marsh) has his services might be of additional value.- References given.


been favoured with instructions to include in his D'EWES. care of Mr. Frencu, 3, Holywell-street, Westminster. 4. GLASSFORD'S LYRICAL TRANSLATIONS.

next Monthly Sale of Reversions, Life Policies, &c. ap5. LANGUAGE and STRUCTURE of the STATUTES,

pointed to take place at the Mart, on THURSDAY, AU. 6. BORNEO and the INDIAN ARCHIPELAGO.

GUST, 6, at Twelve o'clock, in lots, the ABSOLUTE RESOLICITOR, of 13 years' standing, who 7. FORD and HUGHES on SPAIN and the SPANIARDS.

VERSION in and to a one-seventh part or share of the sum can conduct the business in the absence of the prin. 8. MYSTICISM and SCEPTICISM.

of 2,0451. 188. 10d. Consols, also the Absolute Reversion in cipal, wishes an ENGAGEMENT. For 12 months he has 9. WHITE'S SCOTTISH HISTORICAL DRAMAS- and to a one-seventh part or share of the sum of 2,9177.35. lid. been engaged on Railway matters.


3$ per Cent. Reduced Bank Annuities. The before-menAddress W. W., Box 66 B., Post-office, Manchester. 10. COLONIAL PROTECTION.

tioned sums are standing in the names of Executors and London: Longman and Co. Edinburgh : A. and C. Black.

Trustees of great respectability, and divisible on the deAW. – WANTED an Engagement as

cease of a gentleman, now in the 720 year of his age.-Par.

ticulars may be obtained at the Mart; of EDMUND a principal, in an oflice of extensive practice in Town or RCHBOLD'S PRACTICE.-The Prac- WARDROPER, Solicitor, Midhurst, Sussex; and at Mr. Country, by a Gentleman who can be recommended by the tice of Attorneys in the Courts of Common Law at

MARSH'S Offices for the sale of all descriptions of Reverleading partner of one of the most respectable firms in Westminster, comprising the whole of the modern Practice sionary Property, 27, Bucklersbury. London.

in Personal Actions and Ejectment, with all necessary Forms, Periodical Sale.-A well-secured Life Interest of 501. Address“ A. C. D.” care of Messrs. Dux and Doxcax, and an Appendix of Questions on all Subjects of Practice.

per annum.
Law Stationers, Fleet-street.
2 vols. 12mo. price Il. 123. Second edition.

FR. MARSH (late Fuller and Marsh) has

Barrister-at-Law, the country, who has served his apprenticeship to a

of Reversionary Property, appointed to take place at the

Published by SIAw and Sons, Fetter-lane. Law Stationer, a SITUATION as COPYING and EN.

Mart, on THURSDAY, Augusto, at Twelve, an ANNUITY GROSSING CLERK.

of 501. per annum, most amply secured on estates producing Address M. Law Times Office, Essex-street, Strand.

7081. 16s. per annum (the particulars and locality of which and “ LAW TIMES.”—A copy of the former from during the life of a lady, now aged 73.- Particulars may be Situations Vacant. its commencement to December, 1844, including Statutcs

obtained at the Mart; of EDMUND WARDROPER, Esq. and Digests, half-bound, law calf, (from 1836, each volume Solicitor, Midhurst, Sussex; and at Mr. MARSH'S Offices,

AW.-WANTED, in the Office of a Soli- bound in two parts, with the numbers for 1815.
citor (tho is Clerk of a Petty Sessions in the Country), bound, with the numbers forming the 5th and 6th vols.

The first four volumes of " THE LAW TIMES,” halfa Person of industrious habits, who is a good accountant,

Valuable Estates for Sale, in the Isle of Ely and County of and has had some years' practical experience, particularly in N.B.-The whole in excellent condition. Cash price, 251.


Address D. C. LAW TIMES Office. the Law of Settlement.

be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. Address (post paid) A. B., No. 15, Post-office, Notting. ham, stating age, whether married or not, the amount of

Cambridge, on THURSDAY, the 30th day of July, 1846, at salary expected, and the address of the party to whom re

Sales by Auction.

Four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such Conditions of ference may be made for testimonials as to ability, integrity, Periodical Sale of Reversions,

Life Interests, Annuities, Life posed of by Private Contract, a valuable Estate, the program

Sale as will be then and there produced, unless sooner dis. and respectability.

Policies, Adrowsons, Next Presentations, and all dc. porty of John Hodson, Esq. situate in Well Fen, in the Isle

scriptions of Securities dependent upon human life, of Ely aforesaid, and consists of a Mansion, erected within Partnership for Sale.

Ground and Improved Rents, Post Obit Bonds, Shares in the last few years, lodge, with coach-house, stables, out

Railways, Mines, Insurance Companies, and all other offices and buildings, a well arranged garden, sloping down AW, PARTNERSHIP.-A Professional public undertakings.

from the Mansion to a rivulet, well supplied with fish, plan. Gentleman having an old and well-established BUSI.

R. MAKSH (late Fuller and Marsh) tations, shrubberies; also a farm-house, barns, stables, and NESS in one of the Midland Counties, wishes to meet with

respectfully informs the Public, that his PERIOD. all other requisite buildings, cottages for labourers, draining an active PARTNER, of good connections and business-like ICAL SALES by AUCTION of the above description of mill; also Five Hundred acres of excellent arable and rich habits.

PROPERTY will be continued throughout the present year pasture land of the finest quality. The estate lies in a ring Address to J. S., Mr. C. KNIGHT and Co. Stationers, as follows:

fence, and is most advantageously situated, being within Ludgate-street, London.

eleven milies of Wisbech, seven miles of Downham, and Thursday, August 6. Thursday, October 1.

fourteen miles of Ely, and two miles of the projected line Thursday, September 3. Thursday, November 5.

of Railway from Ely to Peterborough, and within half a mile Legal Notices.

Thursday, December 3.

is the sixteen feet river, which is navigable into the river Notice of sales intended to be effected by the ahove means Nene, and from thence to Lynn, Cambridge, Peterborough, APTAIN, otherwise MAJOR BAINES. date.- No. 27, Bucklersbury, corner of Charlotte-row, Man- respectable and responsible tenant, at the annual rent of

should be forwarded to Mr. MARSH 14 days prior to each and other places. The Estate is now occupied by a most -A REWARD of TWO SOVEREIGNS will be paid sion-house, Londoa.

1,1201. The excellent produtive quality of the land, togehy a post offiec order, or in cash, to any person who will,

ther with the many other advantages attached to it from its by letter or otherwise, inforın cither of the under-named

situation and otherwise, will insure to a purchaser a capital Neferees the residence of the above-named gentleman, Periodical Sale.-A Policy for 1,0001; in the Albion Assurance investment. The estate will be offered in one lot, and il not whose description is as follows.-He has had the misfortune

Company, effected in 1828.

then sold, will be offered in the following Lots. to lose his right arm; he appears to be from 55 to 60 years

R. MARSH (late Fuller and Marshhas Lot I will comprise a building formerly used as a farma of agc, about 5 feet 7} in. high, stout made, and looks rather weather-beaten, and is now, or was lately, an officer in the cal Sale of Reversions. Policies, &c. appointed to take place buildings, stables, and thirteen cottages, and 224a. 2r. 36p: East India Military Service, with a pension. He some ten at the Mart, on THURSDAY, AUGUST 6, at Twelve (more or less) of land, of which 207a. Ir. 5p. are arable, and or twelve years ago resided at Spalding, in Lincolnshire; o'clock, in lots, a POLICY of ASSURANCE for the SUM 15a. Ir. 30p. are pasture, and the rest plantation. The proafterwards (about four years since,) at Tenby, in Pembroke of 1,0001. effected with the Albion Life Insurance Company, perty comprised in the above is holden under lease from the shire; and about three months ago at Leamington, in War. the 29th August, 1828, on the life of a gentleman now aged Bishop of Ely for twenty-one years from 25th of Barch last, wickshire, under the name of Johnson.

63, reduced annual premium 421. 123. 60.- Particulars may renewable every seven years. Letters of information to Edward Joux HORTON, No. be obtained at the Dart; of Messrs. MOORE and si. Lot 2 will comprise 25a. Or. 6p. (more or less) of land, o 14, Furnivall's Inn, London, or Mr. D. BAYNTON, of Bristol, BARBE, Solicitors, Lymington, Hants; and at Mr. which 17a. Or. 17p. are arable, and the rest pasture. The will meet immediate attention.

Marsh's Offices for the Sale of Reversions, Life Annuities, and contained in this lot is copyhold of the manor of &c. Bucklersbury.



will comprise the mansion, with the lodge, coach

house, stables, and farm-buildings, and 251a. Or. 10p. (more MOND, Railway Share Auctioneers, beg to thank

in the sum of 5,8186. 175. 9d. 3 per Ceat. Reduced Bank their friends and the Public for their continued support and

proAnnuities; age 73.

Ir. 31p. are pasture, and the residue plantation. The

perty comprised in this lot is also holden under lease from patronaza, and to announce that their Public Sales of Rail- R. MARSH (late Fuller and Marsh) has the Bishop of Fly for twenty-one years from the 25th day of way Shares, &c. take place every Tuesday and Friday, at One o'clock, at the Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle street, Sale, appointed to take place at the Mart, on THURSDAY, Lot 4 will comprise two tenements, with out-buildings, London, to which place all farours, containing instructions, AUGUST 6, at Twelve,' in lots, the ABSOLUTE REVER. and la. 2r. 22p: (more or less) of garden ground. This lot are respectfully requested to be addressed.

SION to a One-seventh Part or Share of the Sum of is copyhold of the manor of Wisbech Barton. All Scrip and Share Certificates must be deposited for 5,8181. 178. 9d. 3 per Cent. Reduced Bank Annuities, now Printed descriptive particulars may be obtaineil, ten days examination at least one day previously to their being standing in the name of the Accountant-General of the Court previous to the day of sale, at the Offices of Dr. J. o. Sme. offered; and advices of resules will be forwarded by the first of Chancery, and receivable on the decease of a lady now in tham, Solicitor, King's Lynn; and Mr. St. Barbe Sladen, post after the sale, and the proceeds immediately disposed her 73rd year.- Particulars may be obtained at the Mart; of Solicitor, 14, Parliament-street, London; and of Mr. Joba of according to instructions.

EDMUND WARDROPER, Ésq. Solicitor, Midhurst, Sus- Hodson, or the Auctioneers, Wisbech.
Otices, Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle-street, London. sex; and at Mr. MARSH's Offices, 27, Bucklersbury. King's Lynn, June 30, 1846,

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John Savage, eso. John Shewell, esą. Archibald Spens, esą.









5 10 2 11




40 50



ANCE COMPANY, Capital, 1,000,0001. in 10,000 Shares, of 1001. each.

57, Chancery-lane, London.

17, Cornbill, London, TRUSTEES.

Capital One Million.

Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 7 & 8 Vict. cap. 118. The Right. Hon. Lord Monteagle.


The Right Hon. the Lord Chief Baron.

Richard Hartley Kennedy, esq. Chairman,
The Hon. Mr. Justice Coleridge.

George William Anderson, esq. Deputy Chairman. The Hon. Mr. Justice Erle. DONNE, SAMUEL E. Esq. New Broad-street.

Sir H. Elphinstone, bart.M.P.

Rev. David Robinson. Nassau W. Senior, esq. Master in Chancery.

FONBLANQUE, JOHN S. M. Esq. St. John's-wood. Harry G. Gordon, esq.
Chas. Purton Cooper, esq. Q.C. LL.D. F.R
JONES, WILLIAM, Esq. Crosby-square

Frederick Jones, esq.
George Capron, esq.

Rev. S. Tenison Mosse.

MORRIS, JOHN MICHAEL, Esq. Moorgate-street.
J. E. Armstrong, esq.
Charles Henry Moore, esq.

Thomas Wm. Capron, esq. Henry Hoyle Oddie, esq.

Assurances effected on all classes of Lires, including the
MURRAY, WILLIAM, Esq. London-street.
Mr. Serjeant Clarke.
Sir Francis Palgrave, F.R.S.

Lives of persons proceeding to, or residing in lodia and SYMONS, JELINGER COOKSON, Esq. Temple. John Ellis Clowes, esq. J. Phillimore, D.C.L., F.R.S. TORR, JOHN SMALE, Esq. Chancery-lane.

other parts of the World, of Officers actively enplored William I. Denne, esq.

Military or Naral Service, and of persons afiched with George W. K. Potter, esq. WITHALL, WILLIAM, Esq. Parliament-street. Sir Fortunatus Dwarris. F. Newman, Rogers, esq. WORDSWORTH, CHARLES, Esq. Temple.

bodily or mental infirmities. Francis Ewart, esq.

Endowments granted to Widows and existing or fatzare Q.C. Samuel I, Fearon, esq. Nassau W. Senior, esq.


Children. N. Hollingsworth, esq. E. Wilbraham, esq. Q.C.

Ayrton, W. Scrope, esq. Dorset-square.

Tables of rates adapted to suit the circumstances and con. J. Herbert Koe, esq. Q.C.

Church, John Thomas, esq. Bedford-row.

venience of every class of Policy-holders.
Hand, Robert William, esq. Stafford.

Indian rates of Premium much lower than in any existing
J. T. Graves, esq. F.R.S.
Eric Rudd, esq.
Jones, Joseph, esq. Welshpool.

Company. R. J. Phillimore, D.C.L. George Lake Russell, esq.

Reeves, John Frederick, esq. Taunton.

Age of the Assured, in every case, admitted in the Policy, BANKERS.


Impaired state of health admitted in Policies on Lavabii

Messrs. Hoare, Fleet-street.

David Lewis, M.D. 23, Finsbury-place.


Meskis. Rooper, Birch, and Ingram, Lincoln's-inn-fields.
Bransby B. Cooper, esq. F.R.S. New-street, Spring-gardens


Messrs. Sir Díatthew Barrington, Son, and Jeffers, Dublin.

The London and Westminster Bank (Bloomsbury Branch).

Annual Prem. for 1990 Rupees.

Robert Willis, M.D. John Scott, M.D.

Annual Premium for
B. Atkinson, esq.
Messrs. John and William Galsworthy, Ely-place.


Civil Ser. Military Ser This Society transacts all the usual business of Life As. Half Premium Table.


nice, J, J. Sylvester, esq. M.A., F.R.S.


It is based upon a principle which will combine the bene-
This Society grants Insurances upon the lives of persons fits of Mutual Assurance with the guarantee of a Subscribed First Remain-
in every profession and station wherever resident.

Age Seven der of Age
Four-fifths of the profits are divided among the assured. Whilst perfect security is thus given, the number and cha-

Years. Life. The rates are calculated on the lowest scale consistent with racter of the Shareholders (consisting of nearly 500 Members security, from the Government returns. The payments may of the Legal Profession), will command a large amount of 8. d. £ s. d.

Rs. Rs.

Rs. Rs. be made, yearly, half-yearly, and quarterly, during life, or business, and consequent advantages will arise to the As- 20 0 22 0 4 20 20 31 for a limited period. sured.

30 1

30 26

38 46 Assurances for the whole Term of Life may also be effected Tables of Premiums have been prepared expressly for this 40 1 15 9 3 11

32 upon an Increasing Scale, commencing at a rate much below Office, by F. G. P. Neisox, Esq. F.L.S., calculated on the 50 2 14 5 5 8 10

65 52 the ordinary Premiums, and exempt from any augmentation nearest approximation to the real law of mortality.

60 4 11 09 2 0 60 62 90 for a period of seren years.

These Tables will be found to afford peculiar encourageThe Board meets every Wednesday, at half-past Three ment to the assurance of young lives. They embrace partio'clock, to receive proposals and transact other business ; but cipating and non-participating scales.

Prospectuses and every requisite information may be oba any assurance for which immediate despatch is required may In the participating class, the Assured will be entitled to tained on application at the office. be effected on the same day that it is proposed. have four-fifths of the profits divided amongst them periodi.

GEORGE N. WRIGHT, M.A. Manager. In cases where a life assured by another has gone beyond cally, either by way of addition to the amount assured, or in the limits prescribed by the policy, without the knowledge of diminution of premium, as the parties may elect. No de

THE REPORTS. the party interested, the Society will, upon his application, duction will be made from such profits for interest of capital. and proof of the life being then in a satisfactory state of or for a guarantee fund. health (but subject to their medical officers' approval of the The Premiums may be paid half-yearly or annually, or by

The following are the names of gentlemen who farour the risk as applicable to such life), renew the policy upon the a single payment.

LAW TIMES with the Reports :same terms as they would have required for its continuance Assurances may be effected through any respectable Soli- | PRIVY COUNCIL by Thomas CAMPDELL POSTIE, had their consent been previously obtained. citor, or by writing to the Secretary.

the Middle Temple, Esq. Barrister-at-Law,
The usual commission allowed to all solicitors.
The Directors meet on Thursdays at Two o'clock; but

Assurances may be effected on any day, by applying between LORD CHANCELLOR'S COURT by RICHARD Guir.
LIFE ASSUR- the hours of 'Ten and Four, at the offices of the Society, FITHS WELFORD, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister.

where Prospectuscs and all other requisite information may at-Law.


CHARLES JOHN GILL, VICE-CHANCELLOR of ENGLAND'S COURT, by Established by Act of Parliament in 1834.

57, Chancery-lane.



James Stuart, esq. Chairman.
NAMILY ENDOWMENT, LIFE ROLLS COURT, by J. Macaulay, Esq. of the laser

Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
Hananel De Castro, esq. Deputy Chairman,


VICE-CHANCELLOR KNIGHT BRUCE'S COURT by Samuel Anderson, esq. Charles Graham, esq.

12, Chatham-place, Blackfriars, London. Hamilton Blair Avarne, esq.

Geo. S. ALLNUTT, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister. F. Charles Maitland, esq.

CAPITAL, £500,000.

at-Law. Edw. Boyd, esq. Resident. William Railton, esq.

VICE-CHANCELLOR WIGRAM'S COURT, by J. Vesty E. Lennox Boyd, esq. Asst. John Ritchie, esq.

William Butterworth Bayley, esq. Chairman.

Dawson, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Lan. Resident. F. H. Thomson, esq. John Fuller, esq. Deputy Chairman.

COMMON LAW COURTS. Charles Downes, esq.

Robert Bruce Chichester, esq. Elliot Macnaghten, esq. Surgeon-F. Hale Thomson, esq. 48, Berners-street. H. B. Henderson, esq.

Major Turner

The QUEEN'S BENCH, by Adam BITTLESTOS, Es, of This Company, established by Act of Parliament, affords C. H. Latouche, esq. Joshua Walker, esq.

the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and EDTARD WISE, the most perfect security in a large paid-up Capital, and in Edward Lee, esq.

Major Willock, K.L.S.

Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Las. the great success which has attended it since its commence.


BONUS. ment in 1834,

Esq. of the Middle Temple.
Thirty per cent. Bonus was added to the Society's Policies
Its Annual Incomo being upwards of

The COURT of EXCHEQUER by H. T. COLE, Esq. of on the profit scale in 1845. Assurances effected in 1840 will

the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Lar; and 8. BB00X, £82,000. be included in the valuation of 1852.

Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Lar. In 1841 the Company added a Bonus of 21. per cent. per

The BAIL COURT by 1. W. SAUNDERS, Esq. of the Midannum on the sum insured to all policies of the participating

dle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. class from the time they were effected.

Age 20 Age 25 Age 30 Age 35 Age 40 Age 45 Age 50 Age 55 The EXCHÉQUER CHAMBER by HERBERT B2004, The Bonus added to policies from March, 1834, to the 31st

Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Las. Dec. 1840, is as follows:

s.des.d. £s.d. £s.d. £ s.d. € s.d. €s.d. es.d. Sum Assured. Time Assured. Sum added to Policy

BANKRUPT AND INSOLVENT COURTS. 1 17 91 2 3 ] 2 9 712 16 2 3 5 gs 16 zlı 10 6 5 7 6 £5,000 6 Yrs. 10 Months.

The COURT of REVIEW by Geo. S. ALLAOTT, Esq. of the €683 6s. ed. 6,000 6 Years

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. 600 0 0

Annuities of all kinds, as well as Endowments for Chil. 5,000 4 Years

LONDON COMMISSIONERS' COURTS and the IN. 400 0 0 dren, are granted by the Society. 5,000 2 Years 200

SOLVENT COURT, by PAUL PAENELL, Esq. of the The usual commission allowed to Solicitors and others.

0 The Premiums nevertheless are on the most moderatescale,

Joux Cazenove, Secretary.

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

BRISTOL DISTRICT COURT, by F. T. Alles, E44. and only one-half need be paid for the

of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister-at-Law. first Five Years, where the Insurance is for Life.

THE REVERSIONARY INTEREST Every information will be afforded on application to the


Temple, -. London.

above half a million.

Reversionary property, life policies, and deferred annui. STON, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Lav. THE REGISTRATION, ties, purchased to any amount, and the full value given, NORTHERN

CIRCUIT, York and Liverpool, by de 8 Just published. without putting the vendors to any unnecessary trouble or

ASPINALL, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. The other parts of the Circuit, by G. F. 8. OLEPRANT, Esq. Barrister-at-laki

. THE FOURTH EDITION of the RE- expense. Daily attendance from ten to four.

C. G. CHRISTMAS, Secretary.


W. Cos, Esq. of the

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. rating the Reform Act, and recent Statutes, and with Notes,


B. DASENT, Esq. Barristercontaining all the decisions of the Court of Common Pleas,

at-Law. on appeal from the Revising Barristers; with Introduction



LONG LIFE. and copious Index. By EDWARD W. COX, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. (300 pages, pocket volume), price 18.; by post 1s. 6d.

Lang, Esq. D.C.L. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Lar. Price 5s. boards ; half-bound, 6s. od. ; and interleaved, 75. 6d.


; On Saturday next,

With Diet Tables, for all Complaints.


by EDWARD W. Cos, Esq. of the Middle Temple

, Bar : How to secure perfect digestion, tranquil

rister-at-Law; and HENRI TINDAL ATKINSON, Esq. of

the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law. Common Pleas in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms last. In two numbers, price Is. 6d. each. Or all the appeals, from mind. By an observance of the instructions herein containe, ELECTION COMMITTEES by EDWARD W. Cox, E14

, the commencement to the present time, may be had complete in a wrapper. Price 7s.6d. only. NORMS® of NOTICES of CLAIM and allotted to man. sical happiness, and reach in health the full period of life

W. Cox, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law,

IRISH REPORTS. To he had of Sherwood, 23, Paternoster-row ; Carvalho, The LORD CHANCELLOR'S COURT by WILLION any quantity, at moderate prices.

147, Fleet-street; Hannay, 63, Oxford-street; Mann, 39, DUGGAN, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. by order of all Booksellers in Town and Country. wise, from the Author, 21, Arundel-street, Strand.

87. LEGER BABINGTON, LL.D. Barrister-at-Loro,






THI NOX BOYD, Esq. of No. 8, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall, atroce Halfdomilli established 1823. Actual paid up Capital CROWN CASES (before and the Judges) by A. Boʻtus•



tered constitution, may acquire the greatest amounts of pha: REGISTRATION COURTS, collected and edited believe ,

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assortment in London, selected with great care by hures pertence a da CARSON'S ORIGINAL ANTI-CORROSION

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on the


SCHEDAM, HOLLANDS: Owing to the late


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WANTED to from 2007. to 500 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, in VERNMENT, in consequence of the many cures achieved by

large or small quantities, for which a fair price will be given in cash, the constant use of GRIMSTONE'S EYE-SNUFF, manufactured of AN INFALLIBLE HAIR DYE.

without any deduction for valuation, and removed at the purchaser's choice British Herbs. Government having ascertained the above fact,

expeuse. Linen, china, glass, books, pictures, and musical instrninents has commanded W. GRIMSTONE, of 434, Oxford-street, to affix a me ful Liquid Preparation, ever known in this or any other country included, if required.

dicine stamp on all canisters bearing the label as sanctioned by the for Dyeing the Hair of the Head, Whiskers, Mustachios, and Ere. Apply to Mr.J. CHAPMAN, No. 6, Great Russell-street, Covent- Lords of the Treasury in 1825, and approved by the Stamp Solicitor in brows a natural and permanent brown or black, so exactly resembling


1827. That this celebrated Grimstone's Eye-Snuff will be sold by all the natural colour of the hair as to defy detection. It is perfectly in

Chemists and Medicine Vendors, in canisters at 9 d. ls. 60, 28. 70, nocent in its nature, is free from any unpleasant smell, and can be


4s. 6d, and 9s, eacb, stamp included, and forwarded through the post. used by any lady or gentleman with secrecy.

warded from W. GRIMSTONE, Merchant, Oxford-. fluence it, and it is entirely free from in hair

begs to a dyes) which give an unnatural red or purple tint to the hair. Price, 5s.

largest and choicest Prepared by A. ROWLAND and son, 20, Hatton Garden, London. 'Sold by them and by Chemists and Perfumers. nufacturer in Havannah, and consigned direct to the advertiser. The

PAINT, specially patronized by the British and other Govern

ments, the Hon. East India Company, the principal Dock Companies,
Stock comprises the first qualities from the manufactories of SILVA
CO. Cabana, Woodville, Nørriega, La Unions, Regalia, &c.; some very lity, Gentry, Agriculturists, Manufacturers, West-India Proprietors,

and other public bodies, &c. is particularly recommended to the Nobi, RIDING, and HUNTING, superior Opel Principes, Government Munillas, anf Planchadas; Bengal and others, it having been proved, by the practical test of nearly sixty

years, to surpass all other Paints as an out-door preservative. It is exthe right place. The new Comprimo Brace (registered Act 6 and 7 einen going abroad can at all times make their own selection.

A large and select stock is always kept in bond, from which Gen

iensively used for the preservation of wooden houses, farm and other Vict.) supports at once both drawers and trousers, This simple con

out-buildings, farming implements, conservatories ; park paling, gates, trivance keeps the drawers well up in their place, which is essential to

Annexed is a list of the present prices for cash :

iron railing, iron hurdles, copper, zine, lead, brick, stone, old compo the well fitting of the trousers, and comfort of the wearer. Prices, 2s.

R. d. 1

9. d.

and stucco fronts, and tiles to represent slating. The superiority of the 2s. 60., 3s. 60., 4s. 6d., to 10s. 6d. A great variety at the outitting

Genuine Havannahs...... 18 0 British Havannahs ..12s, to 16 0

ANTI-CORROSION over every other paint, for out-door purposes, may warehouse of the inventor, Heury Powell, 102, New Bond-street,

Ditto, superior
Porto Rico Cheroots.. 9s. to 12 0

be easily inferred from the simple fact that its use has been always where can be seen a large assortment of the new registered Templar

Ditto, the finest imported ....26 0 Chinsurah, or Bengal, ditto 12 0
Ditto, Old Principes... .24 0 King's...

35 0 Caps for sleeping, travelling, or soiree. The immense sale of which is

most strenuously opposed by colour manufacturers, painters, oil and

colourmen, and others interested in the sale of common paints. It is Regalias

19 0
Queen's ...

280 the strongest proof of the comfort they afford to the many thousands

also very economical, any labourer being able to lay it on. Colours 120 Bengal Cheroots

The “Far-famed " Old Cuwho have tested them. Night-caps, Is. to 4*. ; Travelling, 58. 6d. to

bas Trabucos ...

light stone, drab or Portland ditto, Bath ditto, light and dark yellow ..30 0

.12 0 1Ss. Either sent to any part of the kingdom for post-office orders with threepence added to price of each.

Wholesale, retail, and for exportation.

ditto, light and dark oak, light and dark lead, light and dark chocolate,

bright and dark red, and black, 31s. per cwt. ; invisible green, 50s.

A Post-office Order is requested with Country orders. The finest German Eau de Cologne, 17s. per case of 6 bottles,

bright ditto, 60s.; deep green, 6os. per ewt.; in casks, 28 16., 56 lb., and 3s. per bottle.

112 lb. eachi Oil and Brushes. More detailed particulars will be sent, PURE NERVOUS OR MENTAL COMPLAINTS, CURED ONLY

free of postage. The original ANTI-CORROSION PAINT is only to be BY REV. DR. WILLIS MOSELEY.

obtained of WALTER CARSON (successor to the inventors), 15, Toprocess enables the proprietors to encourage the prevailing taste by were never cured by any with certainty till the Rev. Dr. Willis Testimonials received from the Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy, who have supplying the most exquisite specimens of genius in the Gothic, Eliza- Moseley cured himsell, and he is the only person now who understands

used the Anti-Corrosion for many years at their country seats. W.C. bethan, French, and lealian styles, adapted to all architectural pur- or can cure mental disease as certainly as bodily complaints are cured is reluctantly compelled to caution the Public against the spurious imiposes, picture frames, and every possible variety of elaborate decoration. by other persons. Dr. W.M. has been in the habit of doing this for tations of his Original A.VTI-CORROSION PAINT, now offered for The proprietors solicit an inspection of the specimens executed by this thirty years, and out of 12,000 applicants in the last twelve years knows sale. He has no agents whatever. All orders are particularly requested simple and beautiful process, at their offices, 441, West Strand, or at not twenty uncured who have followed his advice. Depression of to be sent direct their works, Ranclagh-road, Thames-bank. Published by J. Weale, spirit, inquietude, sleeplessness, involuntary blashing, dislike of society, 69, Holborn, Parts I., II. III., and IV. price 3s. cach (to be continued), unfitness for study, thoughts of self-destruction, and insanity itself containing specimen drawings of elaborate Carvings in Wood, pro- are most speedlly cured by the EXTRA MEANS of cure at his house, Drawing, and Printing, executed in the first style, and on the duced by the Patent Wood Carving Company, 144, West Strand, and with no less certainty, but not as soon, at their own. The means most moderate terms, at DEAN and Co.'s LITHOGRAPHIC PRINT

of cure are sent to all parts. A NEW PAMPHLET for NOTHING, ING OFFICES, 35, 36, to 40, Threadneedle-street, City, where MerITHOGRAPHY.-Mr. COON, 15, Cheapside, with cases, testimonials, symptoms, cures, &c. will be sent to any ad" chants and the Trade 'may be supplied with Stationery, the best Ger

begs to inform Solicitors, Auctioneers, Surveyors, &c. that he dress, and franked home, it one stamp is enclosed. At home from 11 to man Stones and Transfer Paper, French Chalks, and Inks; and has commodious othcen ns above, where he cau execute any orders for 3, 18, Bloomsbury-street, Bedford-square.

with their improved Lithographic Press, so excellent in principle and plans of estates, buildings, elevations, views, &c. with the greatest dis

construction, that it is warranted to do the finest work with perfect patch ard economy. Mr. Coon will be happy to wait upon any gentle.


ease and certainty.
man with specimens of his improved style of Lithographing in all its

most scientific principles, thoroughly cleansing between the
N.B. Estimates supplied gratis.
teeth, when used up and down, and polishing the suriace when used

One dozen Pens and Holder for Sixpence, 5s. the gross.-
crossways. This Brush so entirely enters between the closest teeth,
that the inventors have decided upon numing it the TOOTHPICK

Stationery, Travelling Writing Desks, Stationery and Dressing Cases

Ladies' Companions, Portfolios and Blotting-books. Inkstands, Gold enormous duty on this beautiful and wholesome Spirit, comparaas under-víz.--full-sized Brushes, marked T. P.W. No. 1, hard; No.2,

and Silser ever-pointed Pencil-cases, Pearl and Ivory Tablets, &c.; tively very little has been used or known in this country. The Public less hard; No3, middling : No. 4, soft. The narrow Brushes, marked

Bibles and Prayers, in plain and elegant bindings. Name plate enbove, therefore, had no opportunity of testing its merits. VINCENT T. P.N. No. 5, hard; No. 6, less hard : No. 7, middling : No. 8, solt. graved for 2s. 6d.; 100 best cards, 2s.6d. ; superfine letter-paper from and PUGII, after innumerable experiments and immense outlay in These inimitable Brushes are only to be hast at ROSS and SONS', and

6s, the ream; note-paper, from 3s. the ream ; with every article of machinery, have at length arrived at that acme of distillation which has they warrant the hair never to come out, at ls, each, or 108. per dozen,

stationery, of the best quality and lowest prices.

At LIMBIRD'S, 143, Sirand, facing Catherine-treet. Envelopes, 6d. enabled them to produce an ARTICLE equal in every respect to the in bone, or 25. each, orals, per dozen, in ivory. finest Foreign. Vincent and Pugh introduce this splendid matchless THE ATRAPILATORY,or LIQUID HAIR DYE-The only Dye that

9d. and is. the 100. spirit to the public for their opinion and approbation, which they trust

really snswers for all colours, and does not require re-doing, but as the it merits, not only for quality but price, being enabled to offer it at hair grows, as it neser fades or acquires that unnatural red or purple 2s. 6d. per bottle, in square Dutch bottles, with the cork, branded tint common to all other dyes. ROSS and SONS can, with the greatest

EAMINSTER, Dorset.-Mr. RICHARD (VINCENT & PUGH), and sealed for security as to its genuineness. confidence, recommend the abovc Dye as infallible, if done at their es.

WARR respectfully announces that he is honoured To be had of all the respectable retail dealers in and about the re

tablishment; and ladies or gentlemen requiring it are requested to tropolis, or of their agent, Mr. Charles Hodder, Castle, Moorgate-street, bring a friend or servant with them to see how it is used, which will

with a commission by the Executrix in Trust of the late Mrs. City, and wholesale, Vincent and Pugh. Distillery, 16, New Park.

enable ehem to do it afterwards without the chance of failure. Several Dunning, to submit to competition by public AUCTION, street, Borough, and 10, Rood-lane, City.

private apartments devoted entirely to the above purpose, and some of that m eligibly situate and richly fertil FREEHOLD The public attention is particularly called to their Pale Brown their establishment having used it, the effect produces can be at once ESTATE, called 'Chapel Marsh, in the parish of Beaminster, British Brandy, which is allowed to be inntchless.

seen. They think it necessary to add, that by attending strictly to the
instructions given with each bottle of the Dye, numerous persons have

Dorset, situate within one mile of the town, and now in the
succeeded equally well without coming to them.

occupation of Mr. Thomas Chapman, as tenant thereof. The 142, Strand. --Old Ports, Sherries, Madeiras, &c. &c., several years

Address ROSS und SONS, 119 2120, Bishopsgate-street, London, sale will take place on THURSDAY, the 30th day of JULY in botele. Private famílies may be supplied with any of the above

the celebrated Perruquiers, Perfumers, llair-cutters, and Hair.dyers. instant, at Twelve for One o'clock, at the Commercial Rooms, wines, selected from the best vintages and hottle with great care, by N.B, Parties attended at their own residences, whatever the distance.

Bristol, (subject to such conditions as will be then and there J. WRIGHT, late of Mark-lane, comprising many thousand dozens.' Finest old Ports, from three to five years in bottle..

The farm, which consists of 151 acres, 2 roods, 4.8. 18s. 309. Sberries, various, ditto, ditto

36s. to 495.

taining a full description of weights, sizes, and prices, hy which 18 perches, by statutary measure, of moadow, pasture, and West India Madeira

569. purchasers are enabled to judge the articles that are best suited to arable land, will be put up in the undermentioned lots, or in Superb old East India..

60s. , 72s. make a good set of bedding. Sent free by post, on application to their Very old Malmsey, in pints ...

one lot as may be determined on at the time of sale. 50s.

establishment, the largest in London, exclusively for the manufacture Bronti ditto, and of the best quality

and sale of bedding (no bedsteads or other furniture being kep!):-

Lot 1.
Most of the above may be had in pints, delivered free within five HEAL and Sox, Feather Dressers and Bedding Manufacturers, 196, Numbers on
miles of the metropolis.
opposite the Chapel, Tottenham-court-road,

the Parish
Save from Thirty to Forty per Cent, at least by purchasing your

Commuta- Names of Closes, &c.



tion Map:


128, CHANCERY LANE, five doors from FLEET-STREET, Bottle, which keeps in every situation. The Dose can be apportioned

WHOLESALE STATIONER and PAPER MAKER'S AGENT, to form a medicine, refreshing beverage, or saline draught, so as to The following is the present list of prices for good Papers, all of

&. I. P suit all ages and constitutions. It is the TASTELESS Salt of a natural wbich can be warranted as the best of their descriptions:

1231 and 1234 White Marsh

Meadow 7 1 14 Spring, and is the best fainily Medicine, as it feeds the blood and

Thin Bath Note Papers
from 28. 60, per ream.

2 Withy Bed

3 29 ditto

Good system with the necessary saline to prevent cholera, and other bowel

at 3s. 60.

at 4s. 60.

Sheep's Sleight

Arable.. 15 03 affections ; it instantly stops sickness in adults and children, from

Satin Note Paper
at 5s.6d.

1267 whatever cause arising. A bottle of twelve to thirty doses, 2s. 6d.

Long Seven Acres

Arable.. 6 0 10 Best Suciu ditto.

at 5s. 6d. C.HOCKIN, 39, Duke-street, Manchester-square, and 1, Bishopsgate.

1 268
Spring Close.

Pasture 3 1 24
street Within, London.
The New Cream - coloured

Withy Bed.

0 1 5 Note ...

at 59, 60, DRIVING,

Letter Papers of each of the above qualities at the same propor-


Orchard 1 3 1
The NEW DREADNOUGHT COATS and CAPES, made by tionate prices.

1271 The best Envelopes in London reduced to 4s. 9d. per 1,000, assorted. J.C.CORDING, will be found by Sailors and Sportsmen to be the best

0 3 22

den, and buildings articles ever made up for their use. They will resist the heaviest rain and

Partridge's extra-superone brilliant Wax 38. 9d. per lb.

1272 Home Mead


9 0 30 the fiercestt ropical heat for any time, and their durability is equal to

Superfine ditto, generally called the best 3s. Od.
Good ottice Wax..

25. Od.

1273 their waterproof qualities. Trousers, leggings, sou’-westers, caps, and

Long Close

Arable.. 4 03 Best Irish Wafers, warranted .......... 38. Od.

1274 Four Acres..

Arable.. 3 1 30 gloves, of the same proofing: Officers and others going to the colonies will find these articles invaluable. Gentlemen who drive should use Partridge's Steel Pens are well known for the ease and freedom with

1275 Pit's Close...


7 3 3 CORDING'S new waterproof driving aprons and coats, the most service which they write; they are manufactured with the greatest care, of the

1276 Seven Acres

Arable.. 7 0 2 best material, very carefally selected, and every Pen warranted, at able and complete things of the kind, and approved by all who have tried 15.3d. per gross. Seconds Pens, 4d. per gross.

1235 Ox Leaze

Meadow 6 3 1 them. Ladies' light riding capes, with hoods and sleeves. CORDPartridge's Magnum Bonum Pens, 33. per gross.

1236 Dock Mead

Meadow 7 2 16 ING'S improved sheet India rubber boots are superior to any thing hitherto made for the comfort of anglers and snipe-shooters. They are

1237 Milkhouse Mead

Meadow 6 0 38 light, pliable, and never crack; impervious to water for any length of NEW DISCOVERY.-Mr. HOWARD, Sur.

1238 Horse Close

Meadow 7 3 22 time, and require no dressing to keep them in condition. Patterns and prices sent on application. Any description of article made to order.

gcon-Dentist, 52, Fleet-treet, begs to introduce an ENTIRELY London: J.C.CORDING, 231, Strand, five doors west of Temple Bar. NEW DESCRIPTION OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH, bxed without springs,

97 2 13 wires, or ligatures. They so perfectly resemble the natural Teeth as

Lot 2. not to be distinguished from the original by the closest observer; they

1292 Great Chapel..

Pasture 11 3 22 dispute, that in order to obtain really fine Coffee, there must be superior to any Teeth ever before used. This method does not require 1293 Higher Cowleaze

Pasture 18 1 29 a combination of the various kinds; and to produce strength and the extraction of roots or any painful operation, and will give support 1294 Lower Cowleaze

Pasture 19 2 34 Havour, certain proportions should be mixed according to their different and preserve teeth that are loose, and is guaranteed to restore articu.

1295 Five Acres....

Pasture 4 0 0 properties. Thus it is we have become celebrated for our delicious lation and mastication; and that Dr. Howard's improvements may be Coffee at 13. 8d. which is the astonishment and delight of all who have within the reach of the most economical, he has fixed his charges at tasted it, being the produce of four countries, selected and mixed by the lowest scale possible. Decayed teeth rendered sound and useful

54 0 5 rule peculiar to our establishment, in proportions not known to any in mastication.-52, Flcet-street. At home from Ten till Five.

The above property lies within a ring fence, and has a other house.

substantial farm-house, with every requisite building for a From experiments we have made on the various kinds of Coffee, we

COMFORT FOR TENDER FEET, &c. have arrived at the fact, that no one kind possesses strength and favour.

complete homestead, in perfect repair. The river Axe, run

WELLLINGTON STRERT, STRAND, LONDON. If we select a very strong Coffee it is wanting in favour; by the same rule

other fish, the surrounding strength; and as they are usually sold each kind separately, quite re

CORIUM, or LEATHER CLOTH BOOTS and SHOES, for gardless of their various properties, the consumer is not able to obtain Ladies and Gentlemen. These articles have borne the test, and re

excellent sport. The estate is situate about one mile from really fue cotiee at any price. There is also another peculiar advantage ceived the approbation of all who have worn them. Such as are trou. the town of Beaminster, six from Crewkerne, eleven from we possess over other houses-our roasting apparatus being constructed bled with corus, Bunions, Gour, Chilblains, or Tenderness of Feet Yeovil, and seven from Bridport, all populous and thriving on decidedly scientific priuciples, whereby the strong aromatic flavour of the Coffee is preserved, which, in the ordinary process of roasting, is ever invented-they never draw the feet or get hard, are very durable, towns, the latter having an excellent harbour, giving every entirely destroyed; and as we are coffee roasters, we are enabled to adapted for every climate: they resemble the finest Leather, and are facility for conveyance by water. It is also within four miles keep a full supply of fresh roasted Coffee continually, after the Parisian cleaned with common blacking.

of the intended Exeter, Yeovil, and Dorchester Railway. and Continental method. The PATENT INDIA RUBBER GOLOSHES are light, durable, Any gentleman of taste, who would

desire a residence in his The rapid and still increasing demand for this Coffee bas caused great elastic, and waterproof; they thoroughly protect the feet from damp or

own grounds, in a rural, exquisitely varied, and populous excitement in the trade, and several unprincipled houses have copied cold; are excellent preservatives againsi Gout, Chilblains, &c.; and our papers and profess to sell a similar article. We, therefore, think it when worn over a bout or shoe, no sensible addition is fell to the country, where first-rate society may be enjoyed, will find this right to CAUTION the public, and to state that our superior mixture weight. Ladies and Gentlemen may be fitted with either of the above by an estate, which may be rendered, by fishponds, &c. in the of four countries is a discovery of our own, and therefore the propor- sending a boot or shoe. tions are not known, nor can it be had at any other house. In future Hall and Co.'s Portable WATERPROOF DRESSES for Ladies and highest degree ornamental, and its lands, under good culture, we shall distinguish it from all others as Gentlemen. This desirable article claims the attention of all who are

capable of great improvement. The land-tax is redeemed, SPARROW'S CONTINENTAL COFFEE, at 1s. 8d. per lb. exposed to the wet. Ladies' Cardinal Cloaks, with Hoods, 189. Gen- and the rent-charge in lieu of tithes is 121. 158.-To view the

Packert ia tius of all sizes perfectly air-tight for the country. tlemen's Dresses, comprising Cape, Overall, and Hood, 21s. The premises, apply to the tenant, and for further particulars to
We have also strong and useful Coffees, froin ls, to ls. 4d.
whole can be carried with convenience in the pocket.

GEORGE P. HINTON, Solicitor, 8, Nicholas-street, Bris. Tea Establishment, 96, High Holbora, adjoining Day and Martin's, *,HALL and Co. particularly invite attention to their ELASTIC leading through into 22. Dean-street.

BOOTS, which are much approved ; they supersede lacing or buttoning, tol ; or to the AUCTIONEER, Beaminster, where a map of HENRY SPARROW, Proprietor. are drawn on in an instant, and are a great support to the ankle. the estate may be seen.


HEAL and SONS LIST of BEDDING, com; producedes

ToHeavonds piracy and disappointment, par ko for ST.

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THEATRE ROYAL COVENT-GARDEN; Vabwebling. Fouse and representa noches Barnet, Herts. --The Remaining states of the late Right take place on MONDAY NEXT, July 20, 1846.

in the rear (the whole land-tax redeemed) in the higa


ESSRS. DANIEL SMITH and SON M. JULLIEN has the honour to announce, that it is his

Camberwell-road, Surrer. intention to terminate the series of his concerts d'Eté, MESSRS. DRIVER are favoured

with Trustees under the will of the late Rigbt Hon. Sir William instructions to OFFER to PUBLIC COMPETI. Garrow, to offer for SALE BY AUCTION, at the Mart

, ob GRAND BAL MASQUE, TION, at the Auction Mart. Bartholomew-lane, on FRIDAY, FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, at Twelve, in lots

, several time which will take place on Monday next, July 20, 1816. the 14th of AUGUST, at Twelve o'clock, in Four lots, sun- eligible FREEHOLD and COPY HOLD ESTATES, in to

It is with great pride and gratification, that M. Jullien is dry valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, exonerated from near the town of Barnet; comprising a freehold residence again enabled to refer to the increasing patronage bestowed land-tax. very eligible situate on the high Camberwell-road, with gardens and paddocks, &c. in the best part of the town February last, having far exceeded all the former, both in most amply secured upon six

private Dwelling-Houses,
being farm about a mile distant, in the parish of Sheales

, parts the brilliancy to the company, as well as in his own pecu- Nos. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26, Grosvenor-place, of the anniary remuneration.

nual value of 3501., with the valuable Reversion to the Fee desirable objects for investment. - Particulars, with plans, M. JULLIEN believes that the universal commendations of thereof; another Freehold Ground Rent of 5l. per annum, the visitors to his former Bals Masques as well as the totally well secured upon a pair

of Houses in the rear, of the value wall

; or of Mr. H. LEWIN, Solicitor, 8, St. Martin's plece, unprecedented praise bestowed by the Public Newspapers of 701. per annum, also with the valuable Reversion to the Charing-cross. thereon, will be a sufficient guarantee for the general splen- Fee thereof; a Freehold Dwelling, No. 20, Grosvenor-place, dour and excellence of the Grand Entertainment above and extensive Premises behind on lease, to and in the occu. Three Superior Family Residences on the Bediord Estate, in announced ; yet he feels it his duty to engage himself, by pation of Mr. Freeman, miller and corn-dealer, at the very the vicinity of the Regent's Park. Two eicellent Resi. the assurance to his smumerous patrons, that the arrange moderate clear annual rent of 501. free from all deductions dences for occupation or investment, in a pleasant and de. ments on the 20th shall (if possible) exceed those of his (property-tax excepted); likewise Two Freehold Houses in

lightful part of Islington. Fourteen substantial and rell. former Balls.

Windmill-lane, immediately adjoining the above, in the re- built Houses, near Commercial-road, East, offering una. The DECORATIONS both ILLLUMINATIVE and spective occupations of Mr. Rutland and Miss Creasy, at sual advantages for investment, and specially deserving FLORAL

rents amounting together to about 501. per annum.-To be the notice of members of building societa and orbers Of the whole Theatre, will be entirely unique and suited to viewed by permission of the respective tenants, and printed who may wish to purchase a small house for occupation. the Season.

specifications may be had of Messrs. DESBOROUGH and VENTILATION.

YOUNG, Solicitors, 6, Sise-lane, Bucklersbury; at the Auc. The Italian System of Ventilation, which has succeeded tion Mart, near the Bank of England ; and of Messrs.

instructed to OFFER to PUBLIC COMPETITION, most completely, will be adopted on the Evening of the DRIVER. Surveyors and Land Agents, 8, Richmond-terrace, at Garraway's, on FRIDAY, JULY 24, at Tselre, in Three Ball. Whitehall.

Lots, three very superior RESIDENCES, cheerfully situate in THE ORCHESTRA

Ampthill-square, Hampstead-road. and numbered 3, 4, and Will, as before, be complete, and consist of

Oatlands Pleasure Grounds and Park, Surrey, containing 5, overlooking (but at a sufficient distance the station of the ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT MUSICIANS. 236 acres, now divided into building lots, with immediate

Birmingham Railway : containing each about 13 rooms, 3a1 being the present Concert Orchestra with numerous addi.

possession, within one mile of the Weybridge and Walton

numerous domestic offices : one is let on lease to a highly stations, and half an hour's ride of the terminus in Lontions.

respectable tenant at 96?. per annum, but fully worth net don. Principal Comet-a-Pistons... Herr Kænig.

the other two, fortunately for those who was desire to avail Conductor, M. JULLIEN. The new and fashionable Music of the present Season will with instructions to OFFER to PUBLIC COMPE. residence, are on hand, and are each of the estimated Taloe

Held direct inn bis Grace he played, and include several New Polkas, Waltzes, and TITION, at the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, of at least 1101. per annum. Quadrilles, composed expressley for her Majesty's Court on TUESDAY, the 4th of AUGUST, in 16 lots, the remain the Duke of Bedford, two at the very low ground-rent of Balls, Almack's, &c. by M. Jullien.

ing portion of the above renowned and highly-admired 61. 10s. each, and one at 71. The fact of this property ha ing Tickets for the Ball...

10s. 6d.

DOMAIN, formerly the property of his late Royal Highness been erected immediately under the direction and superinten. The Prices of admission for

the Duke of York, together with the valuable Freehold dence of his Grace's surveyor, is a guarantet of its being bauks SPECTATORS,

Manors of Byfleet, Weybridge, and Walton-upon-Leigh. in the very best manner; at the same time the proprietor bu (for whom the Audience portion of the Theatre will, as before, The whole of the above property is Frechold, and the lots very far exceeded the requirements of the Duke, and, regard. be set apart,)

varying in quantity to 20 acres and upwards, from their avail- less of expense, turned these little mansions out of hand in Will be as on former occasions, terrace of table land, and commanding, highly pic- a manner that does his judgment and taste iafinite eredit

. Dress Circles turesque, and extensive rich views of the surrounding coun.

It seldom happens that there is an opportunty of purchasing try and the river Thames, and from their inviting character a first-class property of this sort, and, whether for a Lower Gallery.

and soil, are so disposed as to form peculiarly eligible sites for cupation or a solid investment, alike deerres tie Upper Do.

the erection of Villa Residences, with the advantage, from attention of the capitalist, who will not only at the present Private Boxes, from 31. 38. upwards.

the stately and ornamental timber on the several lots, of moment reap an ample income for his oatlay, but Persons taking Private Boxes will have the privilege of securing a place already formed. The present gravel road, have prospective advantages in store in the shape of passing to and from the Ball Room without extra charge.

so long the acknowledged and highly admired drive through an increased rental beyond the above estimate. In Tickets for the Ball, Places, and Private Boxes, may be the park, leading from Walton to Weybridge, affording, at two lots, two desirable houscs, containing each 10 ruces, secured on application to Mr. Reilly, at the Box Office of all points, fine prospects, is preserved as a public road, and and offices, with large gardens, beinz Nax. 1 200 the Theatre, which is open from 16 till 5.- Private Boxes forms the approach and frontage to the various lots. There 16, Rotherfield-street, Lower Road, Islington. One is alo at Mr. Mitchell's and Mr. Sams' Libraries; and at

is also a Villa Residence and land, and a larm of 48 acres, let to a respectable tenant, at a rent of only 41. per sa. M. JULLIEN and Co.'s Musical Establishment, 214, with cottage, &c. thereon. The far-famed Grotto, which is num, but fully worth 501. ; the other is on hand, wit of Regent-street.

divided into four compartments, with its admirable arrange the annual value of 501. offering an opportunity to purchase 'The Sherbet Carara Water, &c. will be kept in W'enham ment of, and justly celebrated, fine and costly collection of for occupation, or, if for investment, is well deserving the Lake Ice.

rare conchs and other valuable shells, large and various spe- attention of those who may wish to lay out their eapital Coffee, Tea, and Ice Creams will be supplied during the cimens of coral, minerals, and petrefactions, &c. will also where the safe return of a permanent income is sure ta be included in this sale. The materials of Oatlands Man.

follow There is, perhaps, no'neighbourhood rovad lapdan Evening, and at One o'clock the Supper will be served.


where capital can be more safels employed in investment Mr. J. NATHAN, Junt of 18; Conile et rent Leicester-square, tion, in lots, about fourteen days after this sale.-- Printed than in the very respectable one of Islington, the demand Persons in the costume of Clowns, Harlequins, or Panta

particulars, with plans annexed, may be had of Mr. Haynes, for this class of houses far exceeding the supply. Dresses

at the Farm at Oatlands; at the White Hart, Windsor ; Beckwith and Salmon anticipate the most lively competition loons, will not be admitted.

Griffin, Kingston ; Swan, Chertser ; of Messrs. FRERE, for the possession of this very desirable property, which ist

FORSTER, and Co. Solicitors, Lincoln's.inn; at the Auc. having been built with a view of sale, is finished in a very Periodical Sales (established in the year 1803) of Rever. tion Mart, ' near the Bank of England ; and of Messrs. superior and substantial manner. In 11 lots, a pery desi:

sions, Life Interests, Annuities, Policies of Assurance, DRIVER, Surveyors and Land Agents,'s, Richmond-ter: rable and well-built property, consisting of 10 beste of Adrowsons, Next Presentations, Rent Charges in lieu of race, Parliamienie strect, London.

exceeding genteel appearance, and of neat and uniform Tithes, Post-obit Bonds, Tontines, Dehentures, Ground

clevation, forming a part of and being Nos. 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, Rents, improved Rents, 'Shares in Docks, Canals, Mines, The Sedgchill Estate and Farm in Wilts, on the Borders of 14, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 24, St. James's Terrace, im. Railways, Insurance Companies, and all Public Undertak. Dorsetshire, altogether about 310 Acres, in the rich Vale mediately at ihe bottom of Lucas-street, from Comatuercial

. ings.

between Shaftesbury and Fonthill, in a famous Sporting road East. The first-mentioned ten houses are rers te Country.

spectably tenanted, at a rental of 21/. per annat each, the respectfully inform the public, that upwards of 40

FESSRS. DANIEL SMITH and SON tenants paying all taxes, and the other four, of precisels the fears' experience haviog proved the classification of this spe

are directed to OFFER for PUBLIC SALE, at the same character, have been purposely kept unlet by the pro. cies of property to be extremely advantageous and economi- Mart, AUGUST 7. at Twelve, (unless an acceptable offer shall prietor to give persons an opportunity of purchasing for cal to vendors, and

equally satisfactory and convenient to be previously made by Private Contract), is two lots: a very gardens and conveniences, and are held for about lo years. purchasers, the PERIODICAL SALES of reversionary inte. desirable FREEHOLD Gentleman's RESIDENCE, on a rests, policies of insurance, tontines, debentures, advowsons, moderate scale, though capable of accommodating a good esta. at a ground rent of only 41. cach. As an lovestnient, the next presentations, all securities dependent upon human blishment. It is a modern house, of a handsome uniform ele. whole would produce a rental of 294!. per annud, sublife, shares in docks, canals, mines, railways, and all vation, with all suitable offices, stabling, walled garden, farm ject only to the deduction of 561. ground rept

, pretenting sa public undertakings, will be continued through 1846, as buildings, lodge, &c. surrounded by a very rich little park, unusually favourable opportunity for a safe and lucrative follow:

studded with fine oak and other timber, commanding some outlay of capital. These houses are fitted up and forbed Friday, August 7

Friday, October 2 highly picturesque scenery, embracing the finely varied in a manner far superior to the general run Friday, September 4 Friday, November 6 range of hills and domain of Pitt House, the seat of John property, the arrangements shewing how closely the conte: Friday, December 4.

Benett, esq. and portions of the Fonthill Estate, together nience of tenants has been studied, while the rapid 2004 Particulars may be had Ten days previous to each sale, at labourers" cottages, &c. Also in a separate lot.), a highly before completely finished, has shown that for such the Royal Hotel, Manchester; the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool; conditioned and compact Farming of about 1190 acres, in the like accommodation may be sought for generalis in ang

with a valuable Farm adjoining, with all requisite buildings, in which tenants have presented themselves to occupy. Eagle and Child, Cambridge, at the Auction Mart; and of but recently pull into"

substantiala repetir, and met tona highly river) where it would literally be impossible to keep a little Messrs. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS, 28, Poultry.

respectable tenant. The estates may be viewed by applica. empty. If any further recommendation to this property to Freehold Ground Rents, Building Land, and Residence,

may be had at the inns at Shaftesbury, Salisbury, &C.;" of passing of the New Building Act, which is of itself Bermondsey, Surrey.

J. BATTEN, Esq. Solicitor, Ycoril; and of 'DANIEL guarantce, to a great extent, of substantial erections ; and with instructions to offer to PUBLIC COMPETI. mall, London.

If ever an -room presented aniniated copy TION, at the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, on FREEHOLD FARMS, with a Manor, Trout property ; for it cannot be doubted but that hundrede

tition, it surely must be on the occasion of the sale of this ninc lots, sundry very valuable FREEHOT.D ESTATES, together or in inca, offering very politice and improbable file: buelage of their capitaleway be viewed by penis that? ihe Grange-road, Bermondsey, comprising ground rents to about well and amply .

Messrs. DANIEL SMITH and son hare for sale by cery-lane; of George Pope, esą.' Solicitor, 12, Grapeute

PRIVATE CONTRACT, in lots or altogether, by order of square ; of John Tailor,esq. Solicitor, 110, Fenetureb-stret mises, of the estimated'annual value of 9,302

. With the valua portante DO ELE Estama, inla tine pictures que ama the Hampstead-road; Elephant and Castle, Sea hic reversion, in 22 years, to the fee tbercof.

sporting part of Hants, between the great market towns of causeway: Bricklayers, Arms, Old Kent-road; GeoTech joining the abore, in the occupation of the Rev. Mr. Armstrong, at the low annual clear rent of 421. an easy distance of Southampton, comprising several capital

WITH and SALMON, 25, Bucklersbury. Also, a valuable PLOT of FREEHOLD BUILDING thickly stored with the most thriving oak,' two water corn.

farms with superior homesteads, very valuable woodlands , ne : London :—Printed by HENRY MORBELL COLORES thercof. Printed specifications, with plans annexed, may be had at proportion of grass land. The estates comprise both strong and light soils, with a good

Queen Street, in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields

, in the place of sale; of Robert Thomas Searles, esq. Kent. parish, and there are some beautiful and commanding sites

A railıray passes through the

the County of Middlesex, Printer, at his Printinz 05 road; of Messrs. POWELL, F. and W. BRODERIP, and for a mansion.- For particulars apply to B. BAILY, Esq.

74 & 75, Great Queen Street aforesaid, and puldished by WILDE, Solicitors, 9, Lincoln's-inn New-square; and of Threadneedle-street; and at Mr. SMITH'S Offices, in

John CROCKFORD, of 29, Essex Street, Strand, in the Mesers, DRIVER, Surveyors and Land Agents, Parliament- Waterloo-place, Pall-mall, where particulars and {plans may

Parish of St. Clement Danes, in the City of Westininster; street, London.

at the office of the Law Times, No. 29

, Esses Stress be inspected, and every information obtained,

aforesaid, on Saturday, the 18th day of July, 1816.


such as

Likewise, a "FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, ad- ; a.

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