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The Legislator, the Magistrate, and the Lawyer.

SATURDAY, JULY 25, 1846.

Money to Lend.


ABSTRACTS, 6d. per sheet. All other Writings

MONEY-12,0007, Trust-Money is ready parchment work, 1 on paper, 1d. per folio. Deeds, and all

14d. per folio.

to be advanced on approved Landed


or more Sums, at Four per cent. interest.

Prepaid letters and parcels addressed to KERR and CO.
Law Stationers, 13, Chichester Rents, Chancery-Lane, Lon-
don, will meet with immediate attention.

Apply to Messrs. WHITE and SON, Auctioneers,
East Retford.

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Situations Wanted.


Gentleman who has been admitted several years, is desirous of being Engaged as MANAG. ING CLERK, in a Solicitor's office in the Country. The advertiser is well acquainted with Conveyancing and the general business and management of a Country Solicitor's office. Satisfactory references will be given.

Apply by letter to G. H. LAW TIMES Office.

AW.-A Gentleman who has been ac

a Country Business, is desirous of a RE-ENGAGEMENT in an Office of good practice in the Country, to manage generally, with or without the superintendence of the Principal. A liberal salary expected.

Address W. G., Wright's Library, Crawford-street,



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VOL. VII. No. 173.]


and "LAW TIMES."-A copy of the former from
its commencement to December, 1844, including Statutes
and Digests, half-bound, law calf, (from 1836, each volume
bound in two parts) with the numbers for 1845.

The first four volumes of "THE LAW TIMES,"
N.B.-The whole in excellent condition. Cash price, 251.
bound, with the numbers forming the 5th and 6th vols.
Address D. C. LAW TIMES Office.


ANTED by the Advertiser, a SITUATION as CLERK to a Gentleman holding the appointment of a District (including a Poor Law Union, &c.) The Advertiser is perfectly acquainted with Union and Parochial business, and the Law of Settlement, and capable of taking the entire management of those departments; is a good Accountant, of business-like habits, and acquainted with the usual routine of a Solicitor's Office. Reference undeniable. Address X, LAW TIMES Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand.


AW. The Advertiser, who has had fifteen
years' experience in the offices of a Solicitor and
Law Stationer, and is acquainted with abstracting, drawing
deeds, and the general business of an office, wishes an
A moderate salary required.
Address, D. D. Post Office, 32, Gray's-Inn-lane.

AW.-WANTED by a Young Man, aged

ING CLERK. The Advertiser is well acquainted with Poor
Law Union Accounts, and can have a seven years' character
from his late employer.

Apply (by letter) to T. T. 29, Essex-street, Strand,

New Publications,


This day is published, in royal 12mo. price 17. 5s. boards.
Of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
Third edition, with considerable additions. By T.
GRANGER, Esq. Barrister-at-law.
London: WM. BENNING and Co. Law Booksellers,
43, Fleet-street.



An Eligible Leasehold Estate, Islington, for Investment of
R. ROBERTS (of Old Jewry) will
SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on WEDNES-
DAY, AUGUST 5, at Twelve, two very convenient and
42, Noel-street, near Duncan-terrace, Islington; contain
genteel RESIDENCES, in excellent order, being 41 and
each eight rooms and a large garden inclosed with lofty
brick walls, let to highly respectable tenants at 821. per
annum, held direct from the freeholder for a term of 79
years, at a low ground-rent. These residences are built in a
very substantial and superior manner, regardless of expense,
the situation is highly desirable and delightful, near the
New River, in a most respectable neighbourhood, and within
14 mile of the City.-Particulars may be had at the King's
Arms, Lower-road, Islington; of ARTHUR HOLME-
STED, Esq. Solicitor, 40, Bedford-row; at the Mart; and
of the AUCTIONEER, 7, Old Jewry.

Just published, 3rd Edition, price 6s. boards,
to the REGIS-

THE LAW RELATI, and PRACTICE of AP- Detached Freehold Cottage, with Reversion in fee to a

PEALS to the COMMON PLEAS, together with a Chap-
Members for Cities and Boroughs, with Forms, &c. &c.
ter shewing all the Proceedings to be taken at Elections of
By CHARLES WORDSWORTH, Esq. of the Inner

Family Residence.


R. ROBERTS (of Old Jewry) will SELL by AUCTION, at the Mart, on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, at Twelve, a convenient detached COTTAGE RESIDENCE, distinguished as Rose Cottage, near the Wheatsheaf, on the west side of South Lambeth-road; it contains four sleeping-rooms, dining and drawing room, sitting-room, kitchen, washhouse, larder, and other convePAPERS PUBLISHED AT THE REQUEST OF THE niences, spacious forecourt, and in the rear a large garden, well stocked with choice fruit-trees; together with the Reversion in fee to the Family Residence and Grounds attached thereto adjoining.-Particulars may be had at the Wheatsheaf; of THOMAS ROFFEY, Esq. 20, Walcot. place East, Lambeth; the Mart; and the AUCTIONEER, 7, Old Jewry.

Price 1s.


AW.-A Gentleman who has been in the
Profession upwards of thirty years as Managing
-Clerk and otherwise, and is fully competent to conduct the
general business of an Office under the superintendence of a
ENGAGEMENT in a respectable
Principal, wishes
He has been in his present situation
Office in or near Town.
the last eight years, which he can leave on giving a short


Address (post-paid) N. W. Post-office, Ixworth, Suffolk.

Sales by Auction.

St. John's-wood.-Desirable Cottage Residence, with
Conservatory and large Garden.


R. GEORGE TRIST is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at Garraway's, on FRIDAY, AUGUST 7th, at Twelve, a well-built COTTAGE RESIDENCE, pleasantly situate, 15, Elm Tree-road, close to Lord's Cricket Ground, and containing drawing-room opening into a handsome conservatory, dining parlour, three bed chambers, kitchen, scullery, washhouse, and other conveniences, with neat verandah in front, and large walled 713 years, unexpired, at a peppercorn rent, and extremely garden well stocked and neatly laid out; held for a term of half-eligible for occupation, or as a secure investment.-May be viewed by permission of the tenant, and particulars had of Mr. GEORGE TRIST, Auctioneer and Estate Agent, 80, Old Broad-street, Royal Exchange.


N the DEMORALIZATION and INJURIES occasioned to the WORKING CLASSES by the ordinary mode of CONSTRUCTING and MANAGING RAILWAYS, and on the legislative and voluntary means of regulation and prevention.

mitted some years, and is in practice in town, wishes
to have a Branch Office in the country, and enter into a con-
nection with a country Solicitor, where a partnership might
be agreed to.

Address to A. B. 179, Strand.
Partnerships Wanted.


Solicitor, of business habits and with ample command
of capital, wishes to purchase a share in a first-rate practice
in town or in the country. Such share to yield not less than
4001. a year.

Address A. B. LAW TIMES Office, 29, Essex-street,

Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
London: W. BENNING and Co. Law Booksellers,
43, Fleet-street.

Three genteel Residences, Islington.


By EDWIN CHADWICK, Esq. Barrister-at-law, Author



LAWNAGING CLERK by the Advertiser, who would of
also assist in the general business of an office. Satisfactory
references as to competency and character will be given.
Address, J. W. K. 72, Caroline-street, Birmingham.

the Report on the Sanitory Condition of the Labouring MR. ROBERTS (of Old Jewry) will SELL
the Report on the Sanit, on; JOHN ROBERTON,
Esq. Surgeon, and President of the Statistical Society, Man-
chester; and ROBERT RAWLINSON, Esq. Engineer of
the Bridgewater Trust.

AUCTION, at the on situate 13, 14, and 15, Halliford-street, Lower-road, IslingAUGUST 5, at Twelve, THREE genteel Six-roomed RESIDENCES, with fore-courts and large gardens, pleasantly ton, of the value of 351. each per annum, held for a term of 96 years, at a low ground rent.-Particulars may be had of G. POPE, Esq. 12, Gray's-inn-square; the Mart; and of the AUCTIONEER, 7, Old Jewry.

London: CHAS. KNIGHT and Co. 22, Ludgate-street.

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who has been ad- Property they affect.

This Volume presents a succinct account of all our Local
Taxes; comprehending their various purposes, the Legal
Provisions under which they are raised and expended, and the
Published under the directions of the Poor Law Com-
CHARLES KNIGHT and Co. London.
This day is published, 2 vols. royal 8vo., Price 21. 10s. boards.
MESNE TENURE; with the jurisdiction of Courts Baron
and Courts Leet; also an Appendix containing Rules for
holding Customary Courts, Courts Baron and Courts Leet,
Forms of Court Rolls, Deputations, and Copyhold Assu-
By JOHN SCRIVEN, Serjeant-at-Law.
rances, and Extracts from the relative Acts of Parliament.
EDITION, embracing all the authorities to the present
period, by HENRY STALMAN, Esq. of the Inner Temple,
HENRY BUTTERWORTH, Law Bookseller and Publisher,
7, Fleet-street.



Legal Notices.


ANCASHIRE INTERMEDIATE SESSIONS. Notice is hereby given, that a GENERAL SESSION of the Peace for the County Palatine of LANCASTER, for the trial of persons committed and held to bail on charges of felony and misdemeanor, will be held at the Court House in Preston, on FRIDAY, the Twentyeighth day of August next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon; and at the New Bailey Court House in Salford, on MONDAY, the Thirty-first day of August, next, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon.


For One Year, paid in advance.. £2 7
For Half Year, paid in advance
Single Numbers, or on credit
Double Numbers

1 5 0

0 1 0


1 6

GORSTS and BIRCHALL, Deputy Clerks of the Peace.
Clerk of the Peace Office, Preston, July 20, 1846.

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Isle of Wight, near St. Catherine's, commanding extensive views of the Needles, and the opposite coast to the Isle of Portland.


AW BOOKS CHEAP.-Law Journal Reports, from 1838 to 1844, inclusive; clean in numbers for 91. cost 251.; Legal Observer, from the commencement to Jan. 6, 1846, with Digests, 37 vols. and 17 nos. fine copy, half calf, for 61. cost 251.; Statutes at Large, from Magna Charta to 34 George 3, 12 vols. 4to. fine copy, 21. 158.; Bacon's Abridgment, 7 vols. 18s. 1798; Chitty's General taries, by Florenden and Ryland, 4 vols. 1836, 25s.; HarriPractice, 4 vols. fine copy of, 38s.; Blackstone's Commenson's Index to the Reports, 3 vols. 24s. 1837.

Apply to WILDY and SON, 90, Chancery-lane, London.


instructions to SELL by AUCTION, at Garraway's, Change-alley, on THURSDAY, JULY 30, at One an elegant and substantially stone-built GOTHIC RESI(unless in the mean time disposed of by private contract), DENCE, with a small gothic Cottage, and six acres of land, including three excellent kitchen gardens, partially walled. The residence is most romantically situate under the cliff, and has been formed at a considerable cost with judicious with beds of flowers, clumps of evergreens, native and inditaste into pleasure grounds, undulated lawns, ornamented genous flowering and other shrubs, and bordered by young plantations now luxuriantly growing; terrace walks gradually winding up the cliff lead to the caves and hermitage expense, is replete with comfort; it has a south-west aspect, excavated in the rocks, whence most extensive and romantic and contains porch entrance, stone hall, principal and seviews are obtained. The residence, erected regardless of condary staircases, three elegant sitting-rooms, bath-room, five best bed-rooms, two dressing-rooms, three bed-rooms for servants, every requisite domestic office, most extensive stabling with rooms over, and other outbuildings.-Printed particulars may be had at the Fountain Hotel, West Cowes ; Messrs. SEWELLS, Solicitors, Newport; and of Messrs. BROOKS and GREEN, Estate Agents, Surveyors, and Auctioneers, 28, Old Bond-street.


EEDS FOR EXECUTION ABROAD. -Messrs. J. and R. M'CRACKEN, Foreign Agents, No. 7, Old Jewry, beg to inform the Legal Profession, that they undertake to forward Deeds for Execution by Parties the costs of transmission, and a simple commission. abroad, through their correspondents on the Continent, for

List of Correspondents, and for further information, apply as above.



Insurance Companies.



G. G. Kirby, esq. Managing


Swynfen Jervis, esq. Chairman.
Sir John Barrow, bart. F.R.S. | Right Hon. Sir T. F. Fre- The Hon. Captain Carnegie James Jephson, esq.
William King, esq..
LordW.R.K. Douglas, F.R.S. mantle, bart.
Right Hon. Sir Edward Hyde Henry Harvey, esq. F.R.S.
East, bart. F.R.S.
James Murray, esq.
Charles Elliott, esq. F.R.S. Samuel Skinner, esq.
Joseph Esdaile, esq.
P. M. Stewart, esq. M.P.
Wm. A. Guy, M.D.
Sir William Young, bart.
AUDITORS-Capt. C. J. Bosanquet, R.N.; Jas. Buller East,
esq. M.P.; John Young, esq. M.P.
BANKERS-The London and Westminster Bank.
PHYSICIAN-Seth Thompson, M.D.

The result of the Third Septennial Investigation of the affairs of the PALLADIUM having been announced to the Proprietors and Policy holders, at the General Meeting,

21st ult.

The Directors submit to the public, in evidence of the success which has attended the business of the Society, the following Table, shewingTotal additions made to Policies for 5,000l. which had been in force for Twenty-one Years, on the 31st December, 1845.

Age at Commence ment.










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1,271 8 1

1,383 16 11
1,554 19 9

£85 4 2

96 9 2

108 19 2
120 4 2

133 10 10

149 11 8
169 15 10

Reduction of Pre-
miums equiva-
lent to the Bo-
nus declared.

194 15 10
226 13 4

£21 11 11

28 10 2

37 7 5

43 18 7

52 14 6

64 18 0

84 29 113 11 1 164 6 8

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DISEASED & HEALTHY LIVES ASSURED. MEDICAL, INVALID, & GENERAL LIFE OFFICE, 25, Pall Mall, London, and 22, Nassau Street, Dublin. Subscribed Capital £50,0000. HIS OFFICE WAS ESTABLISHED 1841, and possesses tables formed on a scientific basis for the assurance of diseased lives. The urgent necessity for an institution like the present may be estimated by the statement that two-thirds of the population are not assurable as healthy lives, and that about one in five of the applicants to other offices is declined on examination. Of the proposals accepted by this Society during the last three years, nearly 300 had been rejected among upwards of 80 other offices. These cases came under the class of the most prevalent diseases, and the various parties could not have participated in the advantages of life assurance had not this Society been in existence, as it is the only one possessing OLICITORS' AND GENERAL LIFE tabulated rates of premium deduced from extensive data. ASSURANCE SOCIETY, Premiums have been determined for the assurance of per57, Chancery-lane, London. sons at every age, among those afflicted with consumption, Capital One Million. asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, disease of the heart, apoplexy, paralysis, epilepsy, insanity, disease of the liver, dropsy, scrofula, gout, rheumatism, &c.

JEREMIAH LODGE, Secretary and Actuary. 1st June, 1846. Applications for Agencies in places where none are established, to be addressed to the Secretary.



DONNE, SAMUEL E. Esq. New Broad-street.
FONBLANQUE, JOHN S. M. Esq. St. John's-wood.
JONES, WILLIAM, Esq. Crosby-square
MORRIS, JOHN MICHAEL, Esq. Moorgate-street.
MURRAY, WILLIAM, Esq. London-street.
TORR, JOHN SMALE, Esq. Chancery-lane.
WITHALL, WILLIAM, Esq. Parliament-street.


Ayrton, W. Scrope, esq. Dorset-square.
Church, John Thomas, esq. Bedford-row.
Hand, Robert William, esq. Stafford.
Jones, Joseph, esq. Welshpool.
Reeves, John Frederick, esq. Taunton.


David Lewis, M.D. 23, Finsbury-place.


11, Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London.


Bransby B. Cooper, esq. F.R.S. New-street, Spring-gardens


The London and Westminster Bank (Bloomsbury Branch).


Messrs. John and William Galsworthy, Ely-place.

This Society transacts all the usual business of Life As


It is based upon a principle which will combine the benefits of Mutual Assurance with the guarantee of a Subscribed Capital of ONE MILLION STERLING.


William Day, esq.
Sir Wm. H. Dillon, R.N.
Frederick Dodsworth, esq.
Joseph Holl, esq.
THIS Office unites the Benefit of a Mutual

pany, and offers to the Assured the following advantages:-
1. Credit until death, with privileges of payment at any time
previously, for one-half of the premiums for the first five
years, upon Assurances for the whole of Life,-a plan pecu-
liarly advantageous for securing Loans.

2. In Loan transactions the lender secured against the risk
of the borrower going out of Europe.

3. Sums assured to become payable AT GIVEN AGES OF
DEATH, if previous.

4. Policies indefeasible; fraud alone, not error, vitiating
them; and in case the Renewal Premium remain unpaid,
the Assurance may be revived at any time within sIX
MONTHS, upon satisfactory proof of health, and payment
of a trifling fine.

5. Officers in the Army and Navy, and persons residing
abroad, or proceeding to any part of the world, assured at

low rates.

6. Immediate, Survivorship, and Deferred Annuities granted;
and Endowments for Children, and every mode of provi
sion for Families arranged.

Information and Prospectuses furnished, on application
at the office.

George Henry Lewes, esq.
Sir Thomas Usher, R. N. C.B.
and K.C.H.

[blocks in formation]


17, Cornhill, London.

Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 7 & 8 Vict. cap. 118.


Richard Hartley Kennedy, esq. Chairman.
George William Anderson, esq. Deputy Chairman.
Sir H. Elphinstone, bart. M.P.
Rev. David Rabinszu.
Harry G. Gordon, esq.
John Savage, esq.
Frederick Jones, esq.
Rev. S. Tenison Mosse.

John Shewell, esq.
Archibald Spens, esq.

s. d.

30 1 3 91

s. de

s. d.'

s. d.

s. d.

5 2 1 6 8 1 8 4 1 10 0 2 10 5


1 11 10 1 13 9 1 15 10 1 18 12 0 6 3 8 3

ADVANTAGEs of this InSTITUTION. Assurances effected on all classes of Lives, including the Lives of persons proceeding to, or residing in India and Military or Naval Service, and of persons afficted with bodily or mental infirmities.

Endowments granted to Widows and existing or future Children.

Tables of rates adapted to suit the circumstances and eanvenience of every class of Policy-holders.

Indian rates of Premium much lower than in any existing Company.


Age of the Assured, in every case, admitted in the Policy.
Impaired state of health admitted in Policies en Invalid

Annual Prem. for 1600 Rupets.

Civil Ser- Military Ser



Whilst security is thus


racter of the Shareholders (consisting of nearly 500 Members

of the Legal Profession), will command a large amount of without requiring new certificates of health, or incurring a business, and consequent advantages will arise to the As-higher rate of premium.


Annual Premium for

Half Premium Table.

Age Seven

A Prospectus may be obtained of the Secretary, Henry T.
Thompson, esq. 4, New Bank-buildings, or of the Actuary,
10, Pall Mall East.
JOHN KING, Actuary.

der of

£ s. d. £ s. d.
201 0 22 0 4
5 10 2 11 8
30 1
401 15 9 3 11
50 2 14 55 8 10
60 4 11 0920

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FITHS WELFORD, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Burs


These circumstances induce the Directors to believe that GEORGE GOLDSMITH, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Bu rister-at-Law. by the establishment of this office they have conferred an important benefit upon those whose condition made such a ROLLS COURT, by J. MACAULAY, Esq. of the Inu Temple, Barrister-at-Law. provision as assurance necessary, and they are therefore led to expect a powerful support from the public. Increased VICE-CHANCELLOR KNIGHT BRUCE'S COURT annuities are granted on unsound lives. Healthy lives are GEO. S. ALLNUTT, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister. assured at lower rates than at most other offices, and a capi-VICE-CHANCELLOR WIGRAM'S COURT, by J. Fasty tal of half a million sterling, fully subscribed, affords a complete guarantee for the fulfilment of the Society's engagements. F. G. P. NEISON, Actuary.

DAWSON, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.


$6 38


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32 49 42




Prospectuses and every requisite information may be of tained on application at the office.



The following are the names of gentlemen who fareer the LAW TIMES with the Reports:PRIVY COUNCIL by THOMAS CAMPBELL FOSTER, of the Middle Temple, Esq. Barrister-at-Law,


the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and EDWARD WISE,
Esq. of the Barrister-at-Law.




Year. derof life The COURT of REVIEW by GEO. S. ALLNUTT, Esq. of the

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

of the EXCHEQUER by H. T. COLE, Beg, the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law; md H. BROOK, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. The BAIL COURT by T. W. SAUNDERS, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
of Lincoln's-inn, Barrister-at-Law.

Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

This table is not only suitable to those who, from the prospect of an increasing income, or other circumstances, prefer paying a smaller sum during the first few years, but is NISI FRIUS, CIRCUITS, AND CROWN CASES. also decidedly the best mode of insuring fit years, but is ROBINSON,

securing the repayment of temporary loans. It is preferable,

of Barrister-at-Law.


STON, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

NORTHERN CIRCUIT, York and Liverpool, by J. B

Tables of Premiums have been prepared expressly for this Office, by F. G. P. NEISON, Esq. F.L.S., calculated on the nearest approximation to the real law of mortality.

the Circuit, by G. F. H. OLEPHANT, Esq. Barrister-at-Lan ASPINALL, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. The other parts a

These Tables will be found to afford peculiar encouragement to the assurance of young lives. They embrace participating and non-participating scales.

WESTERN CIRCUIT, by EDWARD W. Cox, Esq. of the

Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.


The Nervous are invited to send to Mr. ADAMS SITTINGS AT NISI PRIUS AFTER TERM, by Joan



In the participating class, the Assured will be entitled to have four-fifths of the profits divided amongst them periodi

for his pamphlet on the symptoms, treatment, and cure
of nervous complaints, which pamphlet he will return


LANE, Esq. D.C.L. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. cally, either by way of addition to the amount assured, or in post-paid on receipt of two stamps. Persons suffering REGISTRATION APPEALS in the COMMON PLEAS

diminution of premium, as the parties may elect. No de-
duction will be made from such profits for interest of capital.
or for a guarantee fund.
The Premiums may be paid half-yearly or annually, or by
a single payment.

from groundless fear, delusion and melancholy, inquietude,
disinclination for society, study, business, the overflow
of blood to the head, head ache, giddiness, failure of
memory, irresolution, and every other form of nervous
disease, are invited to avail themselves of his never-failing

by EDWARD W. Cox, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Bar
rister-at-Law; and HENRY TINDAL ATKINSON, Esq. ef
the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.
of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

citor, or by writing to the Secretary.

Assurances may be effected through any respectable Soli- remedy. The most deeply rooted symptoms are effectually REGISTRATION COURTS, collected and edited by Eow.

W. Cox, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

The Directors meet on Thursdays at Two o'Clock; but Assurances may be effected on any day, by applying between the hours of Ten and Four, at the Offices of the Society, where Prospectuses and all other requisite information may be obtained. CHARLES JOHN GILL, Secretary.

57, ha cery-lane.

and permanently removed without bleeding, blistering, or
purging, and without hindrance to habits of business or


forwarded to all parts.-At home for consultation from 11

Letters will be replied to without delay.-The remedies The LORD CHANCELLOR'S COURT by WILLIAN

DUGGAN, Esq. Barrister-at-Law.



ST. LEGER BABINGTON, LL.D. Barrister-at-Law.

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SUMMER RIDE or PROMENADE.The peculiar virtues of C. and A. OLDRIDGE'S BALM of COLUMBIA completely remove the difficulty experienced by ladies in preserving their ringlets after exercise: its use so invigorates the hair, that tresses, previously the straightest and most destitute of curl, rapidly acquire a vigour, which maintains in permanent ringlets the head-dress of the most persevering votary of the Ball-room, the Ride, or the Promenade. After the minerals and vegetables of the Old Worl have been compounded in all imaginable ways in fruitless attempts to discover so important a desideratum, we are indebted to the Western Hemisphere for furnishing the basis of Oldridge's Balm of Columbia, the efficacy of which in preserving, strengthening, and renewing the hair, has become a matter of notoriety among all civilized


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PISTOL REPOSITORY in London (established 1770), No. 221, COFFEE AS IN FRANCE.-It is a fact beyond

dispute, that in order to obtain really fine Coffee, there must be
a combination of the various kinds; and to produce strength and
flavour, certain proportions should be mixed according to their different
properties. Thus it is we have become celebrated for our delicious
Coffee at 1s. 8d. which is the astonishment and delight of all who have

Strand, near Temple Bar. B.
begs to in-
form Gentlemen his Stock for the Season is large, and comprises
every London Maker of eminence, which B. C. respectfully requests
gentlemen to inspect before purchasing; reference may be had to the
makers, and a trial allowed; and to those gentlemen who prefer a less
expensive gun, B. C. is enabled to offer sound double Guns, from 63s.
ditto in cases complete, from 5 guineas; Single Guns, from 21s. each;
Pocket Pistols, from 14s.; Holster Pistols, from 27s. per pair and up-
wards; six barrels, self-revolving Pistols in cases complete, from 3
guineas each. Every article in shooting apparatus, of the best quality
at the lowest prices; a large assortment of Sykes's improved Travel-
ling Bottles in leather, wicker, and metal; Joyce's anti-corrosive Per-
cussion Caps, chemically prepared. Gun Waddings and Wire Car-
tridges. Repairs executed with the greatest attention and dispatch.

tasted it, being the produce of four countries, selected and mixed by
rule peculiar to our establishment, in proportions not known to any

other house.

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eminent as a finished specimen of what Punch should be. It is in a high state of concentration; and when diluted, presents to the connoisseur in tangible reality, that which before existed but in imagination. That truly valuable stomachie JAMAICA GINGER, is also most successfully combined with other wholesome ingredients; and introduced as a delicious Liqueur, known as ORANGE CINCERETTE : and in a stronger form (as an anti-spasmodic), under the style of CINCER BRANDY. These, as well as the eximious IMPERIAL LIQUEUR GENEVA, may be obtained of all the Spirit Merchants in the kingdom. In order more effectually to protect the quality, and to present them to the consumer in a convenient form, these Liqueurs are bottled, sealed, and labelled by the distillers, and JOHN VICKERS and N.B. The Curaçao Punch and Orange Gingerette will be found admirable adjuncts to Soda Water. Distillery: Stoney-street, Borough Market, London.


HOLLANDS.-Owing to the late enormous duty on this beautiful and wholesome Spirit, comparatively very little has been used or known in this country. The Public have, therefore, had no opportunity of testing its merits. VINCENT and PUGH, after innumerable experiments and immense outlay in machinery, have at length arrived at that acine of distillation which has enabled them to produce an ARTICLE equal in every respect to the finest Foreign. Vincent and Pugh introduce this splendid matchless spirit to the public for their opinion and approbation, which they trust it merits, not only for quality but price, being enabled to offer it at 2s. 6d. per bottle, in square Dutch bottles, with the corks branded (VINCENT & PUGH), and sealed for security as to its genuineness.

To be had of all the respectable retail dealers in and about the nie. tropolis, or of their agent, Mr. Charles Hodder, Castle, Moorgate-street, City, and wholesale, Vincent and Pugh, Distillery, 16, New Parkstreet, Borough, and 10, Rood-lane, City.

The public attention is particularly called to their Pale Brown British Brandy, which is allowed to be matchless.


142, Strand.-Old Ports, Sherries, Madeiras, &c. &c., several years in bottle. Private families may be supplied with any of the above wines, selected from the best vintages and bottle with great care, by J. WRIGHT, late of Mark-lane, comprising many thousand dozens. Finest old Ports, from three to five years in bottle.. 42s. 48s. 50s. Sherries, various, ditto, ditto 36s. to 48s. West India Madeira .... 425. " 56s. 60s.,, 725. 50s.



Solicitors, Auctioneers, and Surveyors, entrusting their Drawings to DEAN and CO. will find them executed with accuracy and great dispatch. Their artists and workmen in the different branches of printing are employed on the premises.


begs to inform Solicitors, Auctioneers, Surveyors, &c. that he has commodious offices as above, where he can execute any orde rs for plans of estates, buildings, elevations, views, &c. with the greatest dispatch and economy. Mr. Coon will be happy to wait upon any gentleman with specimens of his improved style of Lithographing in all its N.B. Estimates supplied gratis.






The NEW DREADNOUGHT COATS and CAPES, made by J. C. CORDING, will be found by Sailors and Sportsmen to be the best articles ever made up for their use. They will resist the heaviest rain and the fiercestt ropical heat for any time, and their durability is equal to their waterproof qualities. Trousers, leggings, sou'-westers, caps, and gloves, of the same proofing. Officers and others going to the colonies will find these articles invaluable. Gentlemen who drive should use CORDING'S new waterproof driving aprons and coats, the most service able and complete things of the kind, and approved by all who have tried them. Ladies' light riding capes, with hoods and sleeves. CORD. ING'S improved sheet India rubber boots are superior to any thing hitherto made for the comfort of anglers and suipe-shooters. They are light, pliable, and never crack; impervious to water for any length of time, and require no dressing to keep them in condition. Patterns and prices sent on application. Any description of article made to order. London: J. C. CORDING, 231, Strand, five doors west of Temple Bar.

the right place. The new Comprimo Brace (registered Act 6 and 7
Vict.) supports at once both drawers and trousers, This simple con-
trivance keeps the drawers well up in their place, which is essential to
the well fitting of the trousers, and comfort of the wearer. Prices, 28.
2s. 6d., 3s. 6d., 4s. 6d., to 10s. 6d. A great variety at the outfitting
warehouse of the inventor, Henry Powell, 102, New Bond-street,
where can be seen a large assortment of the new registered Templar
Caps for sleeping, travelling, or soiree. The immense sale of which is
the strongest proof of the comfort they afford to the many thousands
who have tested them. Night-caps, 1s. to 4s.; Travelling, 5s. 6d. to
18s. Either sent to any part of the kingdom for post-office orders with
threepence added to price of each.

The finest German Eau de Cologne, 17s. per case of 6 bottles,
3s. per bottle.


ARVING IN WOOD.-The important reduction in the price of carving in wood as executed by the patent process enables the proprietors to encourage the prevailing taste by the most exquisite the Gothic, Elizabethan, French, and Italian styles, adapted to all architectural purposes, picture frames, and every possible variety of elaborate decoration. The proprietors solicit an inspection of the specimens executed by this simple and beautiful process, at their offices, 444, West Strand, or at their works, Ranelagh-road, Thames-bank. Published by J. Weale, 59, Holborn, Parts I., II. III, and IV. price 38. each (to be continued), containing specimen drawings of elaborate Carvings in Wood, produced by the Patent Wood Carving Company, 444, West Strand."

From experiments we have made on the various kinds of Coffee, we have arrived at the fact, that no one kind possesses strength and flavour. If we select a very strong Coffee it is wanting in flavour; by the same rule we find the finest and most flavourous Coffees are generally wanting in strength; and as they are usually sold each kind separately, quite regardless of their various properties, the consumer is not able to obtain really fine coffee at any price. There is also another peculiar advantage we possess over other houses-our roasting apparatus being constructed on decidedly scientific principles, whereby the strong aromatic flavour entirely destroyed; and as we are coffee roasters, we are enabled to keep a full supply of fresh roasted Coffee continually, after the Parisian and Continental method.

we are

process of

The rapid and still increasing demand for this Coffee has caused great
excitement in the trade, and several unprincipled houses have copied
our papers and profess to sell a similar article. We, therefore, think it
right to CAUTION the public, and to state that our superior mixture
of four countries is a discovery of our own, and therefore the propor-
tions are not known, nor can it be bad at any other house. In future
we shall distinguish it from all others as

Packed in tins of all sizes perfectly air-tight for the country.
We have also strong and useful Coffees, from 1s. to 1s. 4d.
Tea Establishment, 95, High Holborn, adjoining Day and Martin's,
leading through into 22, Dean-street.
HENRY SPARROW, Proprietor.




from 2007. to 5001, worth of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE, in
large or small quantities, for which a fair price will be given in cash,
without any deduction for valuation, and removed at the purchaser's
expense. Linen, china, glass, books, pictures, and musical instruments
included, if required.

Apply to Mr. J. CHAPMAN, No. 6, Great Russell-street, Covent-


Grey Goose
Foreign ditto




DRESS, in great variety, the newest fashions, and remarkably low in price, at SHEARD'S, 166, Strand, the only real maker and inventor of the New SUMMER PALLETOT-those comfortable and gentlemanly coats, in all colours, ready made, or made to measure, at 30s. 35s. and 27. each. Also the greatest variety of fashionable trousers and waistcoats in London. Every article marked the price per

Superb old East India.

Very old Malmsey, in pints
Bronti ditto, and of the best quality
Most of the above may be had in pints, delivered free within five yard, also the price of each garment when completed, giving an oppor-
tunity to those who are desirous of purchasing, the great advantage of
miles of the metropolis.
selecting from a stock of superior goods (in woollens, doeskins, and
fancy waistcoatings), the quality and price of which cannot fail to
please the most fastidious. Wool dyed Dress Coats, to measure,



avoid piracy and disappointment, ask for 21. 2s.; Doeskin Trousers, 14s. 6d. ; Summer Vests, 78. 6d. each;

Garden and Fishing Coats, 12s. 6d. ;-made by the best workmen.
Note the ADDRESS:-SHEARD, Tailor and Woollen-draper, 166,
Strand. Three doors from the New Strand Theatre.

Bottle, which keeps in every situation. The Dose can be apportioned
to form a medicine, refreshing beverage, or saline draught, so as to
suit all ages and constitutions. It is the TASTELESS Salt of a natural
Spring, and is the best family Medicine, as it feeds the blood and
system with the necessary saline to prevent cholera, and other bowelONIC MILK OF ORANGE, a Delicious Cor-
affections; it instantly stops adults and children, from
whatever cause arising. A bottle of twelve to thirty doses, 2s. 6d.
C. HOCKIN, 33, Duke-street, Manchester-square, and 1, Bishopsgate-
street Within, London.

dial, and sweetener of the breath. Patronized by the Royal Family and Nobility, and recommended by the faculty. The Milk of Orange (warranted to be extracted from fruit) warms the stomach, creates an appetite, digests the food, strengthens the lungs, clears and improves the Voice for Singing, enlivens the spirits, dispels nerIt is particularly on leaving home in the morning or after smoking a cigar, while to ladies it will be equally grateful on going to a party or ball, for its invigorating influence on the mind and spirits, and its refreshing effect on the organs of health. It may be added, that as a lively but gentle stimulant wholly unmixed with spirituous ingredients, it will prove extremely grateful to that numerous class of persons, who, on principles of abstinence refrain from all intoxicating drinks.


10 Best Foreign Grey Goose..
14 Best Irish White Goose....
18 Best Dantzic

LITHOGRAPHY in all its Branches, Mapping, recommended to gentlemen od sweetens the breath.

Writing, Planning, Drawing, and Printing, executed in first style, and on the most moderate terms, at DEAN and CO.'s LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING OFFICES, 35, 36, to 40, Threadneedle-street, City, where Merchants and the Trade may be supplied with Stationery, the best German Stones and Transfer Paper, French Chalks, and Inks; and with their improved Lithographic Press, so excellent in principle

and construction, that it is warranted to do the finest work with perfect case and certainty.

Per lb. I
s. d.

Warranted sweet and free from dust.

Per Ib.

s. d.
2 6
3 0

A List of every description of Bedding, containing weights, sizes, and prices, sent free hy post, on application to HEAL and SON, Feather Dressers and Bedding Manufacturers, 196, Tottenham-courtroad, opposite the Chapel.

Prepared by A. ROWLAND and SON, 20, Hatton-garden, London. Half-pints, 28. 9d., Pints, 4s. 6d., Quarts, 9s. Sold by them, and by chemists and perfumers.


NERVOUS or MENTAL COMPLAINTS were never cured by any with certainty till the Rev. Dr. Willis Moseley cured himself, and he is the only person now who understands or can cure mental disease as certainly as bodily complaints are cured by other persons. Dr. W. M. has been in the habit of doing this for thirty years, and out of 12,000 applicants in the last twelve years knows not twenty uncured who have followed his advice. Depression of spirit, inquietude, sleeplessness, involuntary blushing, dislike of society, unfitness for study, thoughts of self-destruction, and insanity itself are most speedily cured by the EXTRA MEANS of cure at his house, and with no less certainty, but not as soon, at their own. The means of cure are sent to all parts. A NEW PAMPHLET for NOTHING, with cases, testimonials, symptoms, cures, &c. will be sent to any address, and franked home, if one stamp is enclosed. At home from 11 to 3, 18, Bloomsbury-street, Bedford-square.


One dozen Pens and Holder for Sixpence, 5s. the gross.-
Stationery, Travelling Writing Desks, Stationery and Dressing Cases,
Ladies' Companions, Portfolios and Biotting-books, Inkstands, Gold
and Silver ever-pointed Pencil-cases, Pearl and Ivory Tablets, &c.;
Bibles and Prayers, in plaiu and elegant bindings. Name plate en-
graved for 2s. 6d.; 100 best cards, 2s. 6d. ; superfine letter-paper from
6s. the ream; note-paper, from 3s. the ream; with every article of
stationery, of the best quality and lowest prices.

At LIMBIRD'S, 143, Strand, facing Catherine-street. Envelopes, 6d.
9d. and 1s. the 100.

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YE BROWS, MOUSTACHES, and WHISKERS, produced in a few weeks by GRIMSTONE'S AROMATIC REGENERATOR, an Essential Spirit, drawn by the Inventor from choice Aromatic Herbs. The Regenerator will produce new hair on bald places caused by weakness of constitution, &c. and is a certain preventive of Headache and Fainting. Sold in triangular bottles, with name, &c. at 4s. 75. and 11s. each, government stamp, and a pamphlet of testimonials and advice, included. Sent through the post, at 4s. 6d. 7s. 8d. and 12s. by all Chemists, Medicine Vendors, and W. GRIMSTONE, Herbary, Highgate, near London.

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EAMINSTER, Dorset.-Mr. RICHARD with a commission by the Executrix in Trust of the late Mrs. Dunning, to submit to competition by public AUCTION, that most eligibly situate and richly fertile FREEHOLD ESTATE, called Chapel Marsh, in the parish of Beaminster, Dorset, situate within one mile of the town, and now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Chapman, as tenant thereof. The sale will take place on THURSDAY, the 30th day of JULY instant, at Twelve for One o'clock, at the Commercial Rooms, Bristol, (subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced.) The farm, which consists of 151 acres, 2 roods, 18 perches, by statutary measure, of meadow, pasture, and arable land, will be put up in the undermentioned lots, or in one lot as may be determined on at the time of sale. Lot 1.

Thursday, October 1. Thursday, November 5. Thursday, December 3.

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Names of Closes, &c.

Sheep's Sleight
Long Seven Acres
Spring Close..........
Withy Bed..

Farm-house, yard, gar-}
and buildings
Home Mead
Long Close
Four Acres...
Pit's Close..
Seven Acres
Ox Leaze
Dock Mead
Milkhouse Mead
Horse Close

Lot 2.
Great Chapel.....
Higher Cowleaze.
Lower Cowleaze
Five Acres...


Quan tity.

a. r. p. Meadow 7 1 14 2 3 29 Arable..15 0 3 Arable.. 6 0 10 Pasture 3 1 24 015 Orchard 1 3 1 0 3 22 Pasture 9 0 30 Arable.. 4 0 3 Arable.. 3 1 30 Pasture 7 3 3 Arable.. 7 0 2 Meadow 6 3 1 Meadow 7 2 16 Meadow 6 0 38 Meadow 7 3 22

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154 0 5

The above property lies within a ring fence, and has a substantial farm-house, with every requisite building for a complete homestead, in perfect repair. The river Axe, runother fish, and the surrounding country is celebrated for its ning directly through the lands, is abundant in trout and excellent sport. The estate is situate about one mile from the town of Beaminster, six from Crewkerne, eleven from Yeovil, and seven from Bridport, all populous and thriving towns, the latter having an excellent harbour, giving every facility for conveyance by water. It is also within four miles of the intended Exeter, Yeovil, and Dorchester Railway. Any gentleman of taste, who would desire a residence in his

own grounds, in a rural,
country, where first-rate society may be enjoyed, will find this
an estate, which may be rendered, by fishponds, &c. in the
highest degree ornamental, and its lands, under good culture,
capable of great improvement. The land-tax is redeemed,
and the rent-charge in lieu of tithes is 127. 15s. To view the
premises, apply to the tenant, and for further particulars to
GEORGE P. HINTON, Solicitor, 8, Nicholas-street, Bris-
tol; or to the AUCTIONEER, Beaminster, where a map of
the estate may be seen.

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This farmis in the occupation of Mr. George Shuttleworth, ME

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Sales by Auction.

the occupation of Mr. Thos. Cornthwaite, under a lease for Oatlands Pleasure Grounds and Park, Surrey, containing a term of seven years, from Candlemas and May Day, 1841. 236 acres, now divided into building lots, with immediate

Lot 6.- Also, all that messuage or farm-house, with the possession, within one mile of the Weybridge and Walton Important and valuable Copyhold Estates (in tenure equal outbuildings, garden, and several closes or parcels of meadow, stations on the South-Western Railway, and half an hour's to freehold), Kentish-town, Middlesex, near to Highgate. pasture, and arable land, thereto belonging, situate at Halton ride of the terminus in London.

ESSRS. DRIVER have been favoured by AUCTION, at Garraway's, on THURSDAY,

with instructions to OFFER to PUBLIC COMPE. AUGUST 6, at Twelve, very valuable COPYROLD ES. as yearly tenant. TATES, most desirably and pleasantly situate at Kentish- Lot 7. Also, also all that Messuage or Farm-house, with TITION, at the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England,

on TUESDAY, the 4th of AUGUST, in 16 lots, the remain. town, near to Grove-terrace, on the high road from High- the garden and outbuildings, and the several closes or par. gate to London, to which it has a capital frontage of above 300 cels of excellent meadow. pasture, and arable land, occupied ing portion of the above renowned and highly-admired feet. The property will be apportioned in convenient lots, and therewith, situate at Halton aforesaid, and containing DOMAIN, formerly the property of his late Roral Highness comprehends the substantial and commodious Family Resi- 91a. 2r. 11p. This farm is also in the occupation of Mr.

the Duke of York, together with the valuable Freehold dence, known as Woodland House, with all necessary offices George Shuttleworth, as yearly tenant,

Manors of Byfleet, Weybridge, and Walton-upon-Leizh. and outbuildings, garden, &c. The Ground Rents arising Lot 8. Also, all those four closes or parcels of excellent The whole of the above property is Freehold, and the lots from (with the important reversion to) four extremely well. meadow and pasture land, situate at Halton aforesaid, and varying in quantity tn 20 acres and upwards, from the built modern dwelling-houses, crected within the last two known by the names, and containing the respective quan: nificent Broadwater Lake, and commanding bigbls pie

. years. Also a range of livery stables, coach houses, stable. tities following; that is to say, -Broad Meadow, 52.05: 25p.: turesque, and extensive rich views of the surrounding counyard, &c. complete, known as Lyall's livery stables; and small Back Arrows Meadow, 1a. Or. 21p;; Do. do. 29. or. 19p. ; try and the river Thames, and from their inviting character dwelling-house, with mason's shop, &c. The whole at pre. Back Arrows Top, 3a. Ir. 36p. ; total, lla. 3r. 21p. sent realizing an inadequate rental of 1311. per annum. This Lot 9. Also, all that close of land, situate in Halton

and soil, are so disposed as to form peculiarly eligible sites for property claims the attention of builders and capitalists from aforesaid, and known by the name of “ Nithinghaugh," the erection of Villa Residences, with the advantaze, from The extensive frontage to a pretty part of the Highgate road, containing 2a. Ir. 27p.

the stately and ornamental timber on the several lots, of and the picturesque open prospect over the hilly country at Lot 10. Also, all tbat close of Land, situate in Halton securing a place already formed. The present graiel road, the back. The tenure is unexceptionable, equal in effect to aforesaid, and known by the name of “Mill Flat,"contain

so long the acknowledged and highly admired drive through freehold. It is copyhold of the manor of Cantlowes, at quit ing 3a. Or. 4p.

the park, leading from Walton to Weybridge, atinding. at rents, and fines little more than nominal in amount. The The above lots, 8, 9, and 10, are in the occupation of Mr. all points, fine prospects, is preserved as a publie road, and


forms the approach and frontage to the various lots. property will have the advantage of being sold with almost Owen Garnett, as yearly tenant. immediate possession, being (with one exception) in the oc- Lot 11. And also these four closes, inclosures, or parcels is also a Villa Residence and land, and a farm of 48 acres, cupation of yearly tenants. - Printed particulars and condi. of Land, situate at Halton aforesaid, called the Oakenhead with cottage, &c. thereon. The far-famed Grotto, which is tions of sale, with lithographed plans, will be issued ten days Allotments," and containing together 50a. Ir. 12p. These divided into four compartments, with its admirable arrangeprior to sale, and may be obtained of the respective tenants, allotments are in the occupation of Mr. George Presow, as

ment of, and justly celebrated, fine and costly colleetion of

rare conchs and other valuable shells, large and rarions spewho will shew the premises ; also of Mr. BABER, House yearly tenant. Agent, 6, Montague-place, Kentish-town ; of Mr. WITH- The respective tenants will shew the property; and for cimens of coral, minerals, and petrefactions, &c. will also ALL, Solicitor, 7, Parliament-street ; at GARRAWAY'S; further information application may be made to HIGGIN be included in this sale. The materials of Oatlands Mas. and at the OFFICES of the AUCTIONEER, 80, Cheapside. and MAXTED, Solicitors, Lancaster, at whose office plans sion and offices, &c. and the homestead will be sold by aue. and descriptive particulars of the estates may be obtained.

tion, in lots, about fourteen days after this sale.-Pricted

particulars, with plans annexed, may be had of Mr. Harres,

Lancaster, 14th July, 1846. Over Wyersdale, Bolton-by-the-Sands, Farleton, Claugh

at the Farm at Oatlands; at the White Hart, Windsor ; ton and Halton, Lancashire. Periodical Sales (established in the vear 1803) of Rever.

Griflin, Kingston ; Swan, Chertsey ; of Messrs. FRERE, be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. sions, Life Interests, Annuities, Policies of Assurance,

FORSTER, and Co. Solicitors, Lincoln's.inn; at the AucHODGSON, at the King's Arms Hotel, in Lan- Advowsons, Next Presentations, Rent Charges in lieu of tion Mart, near the Bank of England; and of Mesats. caster, on THURSDAY, the 27th day of AUGUST next, at Tithes, Post-obit Bonds, Tontines, Debentures, Ground

DRIVER, Surveyors and Land Agents, 8, Richmond-ter. Five o'clock in the afternoon (unless previously disposed of Rents, Improved Rents, Shares in Docks, Canals, Mines,

race, Parliament-street, London. by private contract, of which due notice will be given), the Railways, Insurance Companies, and all Public Undertak. valuable and highly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATES, ings. situate in the townships of Over Wyersdale, Bolton-hy-the

Freehold Ground Rents, Building Land, and Residence,

ESSRS. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS Sands, Farleton, Claughton, and Halton, all in the county

Bermondsey, Surrey. of Lancaster, late the property of J. Stout, Esq. dec. ; containing together 1300 statute acres, or thereabouts, namely, zears' experience having proved the classification of this spe.

with instructions to offer to PUBLIC COMPETI. will be offered in the following or such other lots as may be cal to vendors, and equally satisfactory and convenient to TION, at the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, og agreed upon at the time of sale, and subject to such condis purchasers, the PERIODICAL SALES of reversionary inte. FRIDAY, the 14th day of AUGUST, at Twelve o'clock is tions as will be then and there produced, consisting of

rests, policies of insurance, tontines, debentures, adrowsons, nine lots, sundry very raluable FREEHOLD ESTATES, Lot 1. IN OVER WYERSDALE.-All'that substantial and next presentations, all securities dependent upon human principally exonerated from land-tar, eligibly sitaate is commodious Messuage or Farm-house, with the outbuild- life, shares in docks, canals, mines, railways, and all the Grange-road, Bermondsey, comprising ground rents

amounting to about 1351. per annum, well and amply reings, garden. homestead, and the several closes of arable, public undertakings, will be continued through 1816, as follow:

cured on numerous dwelling-houses, tan-yards, and premeadow, pasture, and wood land thereto belonging, situate

Friday, August 7 and being at Over Wyersdale, in the county of Lancaster,

Friday, October 2

mises, of the estimated annual value of 9301. wicà de raialand known as the “Catshaw Estate," and containing alto.

Friday, September 4

ble reversion, in 22 years, to the fee thereof.
Friday, November 6
Friday, December 4.

Likewise, a FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, ad. gether 373a. 3r. 22p. Catshaw Fell, an excellent moor land pasture, 486a. Or. op: This estate is tithe free, distant from the Royal Hotel, Manchester; the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool; strong, at the low annual clear rent of 121.

Particulars may be had Ten days previous to each sale, at joining the above, in the occupation of the Rev. Hr. Atm. the county town of Lancaster nine miles, and from the mar. Dee's Royal Hotel, Birmingham; the Angel, Oxford; the

Also, a valuable PLOT of FREEHOLD BUILDING ket town of Garstang five miles, and is now in lease to Mr. Eagle and Child, Cambridge ; at the Auction Mart; and of GROUND, containing about half an acre, situate at the rear William Rhodes, of which three years will be unexpired on the 14th day of February next. The Farm-buildings are Messrs. SHUTTLEWORTH and SONS, 28, Poultry.

Printed specifications, with plans annered, may be had at substantial and commodious, and replete with every conveni. ence. The land (which is principally in meadow and pasture) Valuable Estates for Sale, in the Isle of Ely and County of road; of Messrs. POWELL, F. and W. BRODERIP. and

the placc of sale; of Robert Thomas Searles, esq. Keat. has recently been improved at a very considerable expense,


WILDE, Solicitors, 9, Lincoln's-inn Ner-square ; and a and is of excellent quality as a stock farm. In lease with

be SOLD by AUCTION, by Messrs. Messrs. DRIVER, Surveyors and Land Agents, Parliamentthe farm, are 310 sheep, of different kinds, as specified in the lease, which the lessee is bound to leave upon the pro- Cambridge, on THURSDAY, the 30th day of July, 1846, at perty at the end of the term. The Wood upon this estate, Four o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such Conditions of valuable Freehold Gruund Rents, an excellent Freehold which extends over about fifteen acres, is to be taken by the Sale as will be then and there produced, unless sooner dispurchaser at a valuation, which will be produced at the time posed of by Private Contract, a valuable Estate, the pro

Dwelling-House and Premises, and Two Freehold Houses of sale.

in the rear (the whole land-tax redeemed) in the higt porty of John Hodson, Esq. situate in Well Fen, in the Isle Lot 2. IX BOLTON-BY-THE-SANDS.-All those two mes. of Ely aforesaid, and consists of a Mansion, erected within

Camberwell-road, Surrey. suages or farm houses, with the outbuildings, folds, gar: the last few years, lodge, with coach-house, stables, outdens, and orchards, and the several closes or parcels of land offices and buildings, a well arranged garden, sloping down instructions to offer to PUBLIC COMPETI. thereto belonging, and occupied therewith, known by the from the Mansion to a rivulet, well supplied with fish, plan. TION, at the Auction Mart, Bartholomer-lane on FRIDAY, name of the " Bolton Holme Estate," situate at Bolton-by- tations, sbrubberies ; also a farm-house, barns, stables, and the 14th of AUGUST, at Twelve o'clock, in Four lots, sunthe-Sands, in the county of Lancaster, and containing alto all other requisite buildings, cottages for labourers, draining dry valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES, eronerated from gether 82a. Ir. Op.

mill; also Five Hundred acres of excellent arable and rich land-tax, very eligibly situate on the high Camberwell-toad, This estate, which is in the occupation of Mr. Christopher pasture land of the finest quality. The estate lies in a ring comprising á Frechold Ground Rent, of 551. per annum, Heaton, as yearly tenant, is most delightfully situated on fence, and is most advantageously situated, being within most amply secured upon six private Dwelling-Houses, being the shores of Morecambe Bay, commands extensive views eleven milies of Wisbech, seven miles of Downham, and Nos. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26, Grosvenor-place, of the ab. of the Westmoreland and Cumberland mountains, and pos- fourteen miles of Ely, and two miles of the projected line nual value of 3501., with the valuable Reversion to the Fee sesses building sites rarely equalled for beauty and extensive of Railway from Ely to Peterborough, and within half a mile thereof; another Freehold Ground Rent of 51. per appum, prospect. The dwelling-houses and farm buildings are is the sixteen feet river, which is navigable into the river well secured upon a pair of Houses in the rear, of the value suitable and commodious, and in complete repair. The Nene, and from thence to Lynn, Cambridge, Peterborough, of 701. per annum, also with the valuable Reversion to the land is in excellent condition, and of superior quality, and and other places. The Estate is now occupied by a most Fee thereof; a Freehold Dwelling, No. 20, Grosrenor-place, conveniently situated within a mile of the picturesque village respectable and responsible tenant, at the annual rent of and extensive Premises behind on lease, to and in the ocruof Bolton-by-the-Sands, and about four miles from the mar. 1,1201. The excellent produtive quality of the land, toge- pation of Mr. Freeman, miller and corn-dealer, at the vers ket town of Lancaster. The Lancaster and Carlisle Rail. ther with the many other advantages attached to it from its moderate clear annual rent of 501. free from all deductions way, about to be opened, passes through a portion of the situation and otherwise, will insure to a purchaser a capital (property-tas excepted); likewise Two Freehold Houses is estate, and will bring the property within three hours of investment. The estate will be offered in one lot, and if not Windmill-lane, immediately adjoining the above, in the reboth Manchester and Liverpool. Annexed to this estate is then sold, will be offered in the following Lots. a pew, on the north side of the parish church.

Lot I will comprise a building formerly used as a farm. spective occupations of Mr. Rutland and Miss Creasy, as

rents amounting together to about 50l. per annum.-To be Lot 3. IN FARLETON.-All that messuage or dwelling- house, and now divided into tenements, barn, suitable out viewed by permission of the respective tenants, and printed house and farm buildings, with the several closes, inclosures, buildings, stables, and thirteen cottages, and 224a. 2r. 36p; specifications may be had of Messrs. DESBOROUGH 20 or parcels of arable, meadow, and pasture land, occupied (more or less) of land, of which 207a. Ir. 5p. are arable, and YOUNG, Solicitors, 6, Sise-lane, Bucklersburg; at the Auetherewith, situate in the township of Parleton, in the county 15a. Ir. 30p. are pasture, and the rest plantation. The pro- tion Mart, near the Bank of England ; and of Messrs. of Lancaster, now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Burrow, perty comprised in the above is holden under lease from the DRIVER, Surveyors and Land Agents, 8, Richmood-terrect, as yearly tenant, and containing 56a. Ir. 4p.

Bishop of Ely for twenty-one years from 25th of March last, Whitehall. All that allotment or parcel of land situate in Claughton, renewable every seven years. occupied with the last described premises, and containing Lot 2 will comprise 25a. Or. 6p. (more or less) of land, of ба. 2r. 1бр.-62а. Зr. 20р.

which 17a. Or. 17p. are arable, and the rest pasture. The This estate is situate about two miles from the town of land contained in this lot is copyhold of the manor of

INTEREST Hornby (where a market for cattle is held every fortnight), Maney. and seven miles fror the market-town of Lancaster.

Lot 3 will comprise the mansion, with the lodge, coach- street, London. Established 1823. Actual paid ap Capitai Lot 4. In Clauguton.--All those four closes or parcels house, stables, and farm-buildings, and 251a. Or. 16p. (more above half a million. of land, situate in the township of Claughton, in the county or less) of land, of which 188a. 3r. 37p. are arable, and 59a. Reversionary property, life policies, and deferred ananiof Lancaster, in the occupation of Mr. Robert Burrow, as Ir. 34p. are pasture, and the residue plantation. The pro- ties, purchased to any amount, and the full raloe giren. yearly tenant, and containing together 5a. 31. 26p.

perty comprised in this lot is also holden under lease from without putting the vendor to any unnecessary trouble a Lot 5. IN HALTON.-All that messuage or farm-house, the Bishop of Ely for twenty-one years from the 25th day of expense.' Daily attendance from ten to four. with the outbuildings, garden, and orchard, and the several March last, renewable every seven years. closes of rich meadow, pasture, and arable land thereto be. Lot 4 will comprise two tenements, with out-buildings, longing, situate at Halion, in the county of Lancaster, and and la. 2r. 22p. (more or less) of garden ground. This lot LONDON:—Printed by HENRY MORRELL Cox, of 74, Great known by the name of the “Mansion House Estate," and is copyhold of the manor of Wisbech Barton. :

Queen Street, in the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, is containing in the whole 82a. Or. 35p.

Printed descriptive particulars may be obtained, ten days the County of Middlesex, Printer, at his Printing Office, This estate, which comprises some of the best land in the previous to the day of sale, at the offices of Mr. J. 0. Sme. 74 & 75, Great Queen Street aforesaid, and published by peighbourhood, is well adapted for separate lots, and may tham, Solicitor, King's Lynn; and Mr. St. Barbe Sladen, JOHN CROCKFORD, of 29, Essex Street, Strand, in the be offered for sale in portions to suit

the wishes

of pur- Solicitor, 14, Parliament-street, London ; and of Mr. Jobn Parish of St. Clement Danes, in the City of Westminster, chasers. With the exception of a small parcel of land, Hodson, or the Auctioneers, Wisbech. called "Bank and Croft," containing 2a. Or. 38p. it is in

at the Office of the Law TIMES, No. 29. Essex Street King's Lynn, June 30, 1846,

aforesaid, on Saturday, the 25th day of July, 1846.

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The Legislator, the Magistrate, and the Lawyer.


Money to Lend.


ONEY.-4,000l. and Smaller Sums, to be LENT on Landed Security for a term of years, at four per cent. ; and on Freehold Buildings at reasonable Apply to Mr. ROCHE, Solicitor, Daventry.

AW.-WANTED in an Office in the
Country, a MANAGING CLERK, who thoroughly
understands the routine of an attorney's office. The having
a knowledge of Union and Magisterial business will be pre-
ferred. Unexceptionable references will be required.-
Applications, stating age, salary required, and other par-
ticulars, may be addressed to A. B. Post-office, Settle.

rates of interest.

REEHOLD ANNUITY.-From 8,000l. Tonal Gentleman residing in Mid Kent, within five FR

HE LONG Profes

to 10,000l. to be invested in the purchase of an ANNUITY upon the Life of a Lady aged 35, to be secured upon Freehold or Landed Property of ample value.

Apply to Messrs. GEORGE and CHARLES POLLOCK, Solicitors, 19, Essex-street, Strand. None but principals or their solicitors will be treated with.

minutes' walk of the South-Eastern Railway station, in a
most picturesque and healthful neighbourhood, is anxious to
receive a Single Gentleman or Married Couple, either to
BOARD and LODGE for the next three months, or he is
willing to give up to them a suite of Furnished Apartments,
on moderate terms.

Apply, by letter, to A. Z. Post Office, Maidstone, Kent.

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VOL. VII. No. 174.]


AW.—A GENTLEMAN fully competent to conduct the general business of an office under the superintendence of a principal, is desirous of obtaining a SITUATION in a respectable Solicitor's office, either in Town or Country.

Address W. P. LAW TIMES Office, Essex-street, Strand.


A SOLICITOR, who the and Engrosements on paper, 1d. per folio. Deeds, and all

Parchment work, 14d. per folio.

has conducted a small practice in a country town, is desirous of an ENGAGEMENT as MANAGING CLERK. Address by letter (post-paid) with particulars, including amount of salary, S. T., Mr. TRIMEN, Law Stationer, 11, Portugal-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields.

Prepaid letters and parcels addressed to KERR and CO. Law Stationers, 13, Chichester Rents, Chancery-Lane, London, will meet with immediate attention.

Legal Notices.


XAMINATION QUESTIONS in TRINITY TERM, are now ready, with full Answers and Reference to Cases and Authorities, by the Editors of the Law Student's Magazine. Price 1s. 6d. or sent free on receipt of 24 Postage Stamps.

Situations Wanted.

KELLY and Co. 20, Old Boswell-court, Temple Bar, and all


WANTED CLERK to a Gentleman holding the ap-me, mouthshire, take the Son of another Solicitor whose
ANTED by the Advertiser, a SITUA- A CARDA Solicitor residing on from Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, may

still be had.

pointment of a District (including Poor Law Union, &c.)
The Advertiser is perfectly acquainted with Union and Paro-
chial business, and the Law of Settlement, and capable of
taking the entire management of those departments; is a good
Accountant, of business-like habits, and acquainted with the
usual routine of a Solicitor's Office. Reference undeniable.
Address X, LAW TIMES Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand.

views may be similar as an Articled Clerk, by way of ex-
change. The most satisfactory references will be given and
Address, M. W. care of Mr. FARRER, Beacon Office,


AW.-WANTED by a Gentleman about twenty-eight years of age, a situation as CLERK in an office where he would copy and engross, and make himself generally useful. Salary, 521. per annum. Apply by letter to R. LAW TIMES Office, 29, Essex-street, Strand, London.

AW. - WANTED, by an experienced routine of business, including Conveyancing, Abstracting, and making out Bills of Costs, a SITUATION in a Solicitor's Office. Satisfactory references will be given. Apply, pre-paid, to A. B. Mr. CARTER'S, Hairdresser, Bath-street, Bristol.


tiser, a young man, who writes and engrosses in a superior manner, and who possesses a thorough knowledge of reference taking, getting up the books of reference, preparation of the notices, &c. a SITUATION in a Solicitor's office. References of the most satisfactory nature will be given.

A line addressed to Viator, at Mr. ANSLEY'S, 4, Westminster-bridge Road, Lambeth, will meet with im

mediate attention.


taining a SITUATION as CLERK. He is fully qualified to take the entire management of Insolvency business with out the assistance of the principal. He understands Railway business generally, including Referencing, Parliamentary, and Surveying. The Advertiser has held the situation he has just left between three and four years.

Address to A. B. 6, Beresford-street, Walworth.

SIONS. Notice is hereby given, that a GENERAL
SESSION of the Peace for the County Palatine of LAN-
CASTER, for the trial of persons committed and held to
bail felony and will be held at

LAWA Gentleman of industrious habits, the Court House in Preston, on FRIDAY, the Twenty- THE LAW REVIEW, No. 8, for AUGUST,

price 5s. contains :


eighth day of August next, at Ten
the Forenoon;
and at the New Bailey Court House in Salford, on MON.
DAY, the Thirty-first day of August, next, at Ten o'clock
in the Forenoon.

1. Proxies in Parliament.
2. Railway Tribunals.

3. The Law of Estates. Chap. 2.

4. Controverted Elections.

and possessing high testimonials as to competency, &c. OFFERS his SERVICES to any Gentleman requiring a MANAGING CLERK, or wishing to retire from the active duties of the Profession. The Advertiser is fully competent to undertake the management of an office in the absence of the Principal, and would be glad to make himself generally useful. Address L. E. L. Messrs. HoULSTON and STONEMAN, Paternoster-row, London.

Situations Vacant.
AW.-WANTED, in the Country, a

mon Law, Bankruptcy, and the making out of Bills of Costs;
if he also has a general knowledge of Conveyancing, he will
be preferred. It is requested that all communications will be
explicit in stating the references and the amount of salary


and "LAW TIMES."-A copy of the former from

its commencement to December, 1844, including Statutes
and Digests, half-bound, law calf, (from 1836, each volume
bound in two parts) with the numbers for 1845.

The first four volumes of "THE LAW TIMES," half-
bound, with the numbers forming the 5th and 6th vols.
N.B.-The whole in excellent condition. Cash price, 251.
Address D. C. LAW TIMES Office.

New Publications.

Address, post paid, B., 97, Post Office, Liverpool.


GORSTS and BIRCHALL, Deputy Clerks of the Peace.
Clerk of the Peace Office, Preston, July 20, 1846.


1 5 0

For One Year, paid in advance..£2 7 0
For Half Year, paid in advance
Single Numbers, or on credit
Double Numbers

OF LONDON,--Some of

you will lose 5001. per annum, some 3007. some 2007. some 100%. more or less "for life" by the passing of the proposed Small Debts Act. Surely this is an incentive on behalf of yourselves and families to arouse you to a sense of duty.

A meeting is proposed by a few members of the Profession on TUESDAY EVENING next, at Seven o'clock precisely, at the Gray's-inn Coffee-house, which you are earnestly solicited to attend not to oppose the passing of the Small Debts Act (because that would be folly and madness), but to

with our clients to sue unrestrictedly in the Superior Courts,
if they choose. This is all we can hope for; this is our last
struggle. Lend a hand and come forward like men!
E. CLARKE, Hon Sec. pro. tem.

N.B.-Nothing to pay.

0 1 0


1 6



MOND, Railway Share Auctioneers, beg to thank
their Friends and the Public for their continued support and
patronage, and to announce that their Public Sales of Rail-
way Shares, &c. take place every Tuesday and Friday, at
One o'clock, at the Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle-street,
are respectfully requested to be addressed.

All Scrip and Share Certificates must be deposited for
examination at least one day previously to their being
offered; and advices of results will be forwarded by the first
post after the sale, and the proceeds immediately disposed
of according to instructions.
Offices, Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle-street, London.

Now ready,

and QUARLXXII. Old Series, No. VIII. New Series, Price 68.



1. On the Report of the Criminal Law Commissioners. 2. The discipline of the French Bar.

3. The results of Death Punishments.

4. The Law of International Domicel.

5. Stephen's Commentaries.

6. Chief Justice Tindal.

NO SOLICITORS of projected Lines of REWARD of TWO SOVEREIGNS will be produced), the undermentioned valuable FREEHOLD

CADELEIGH, DEVON.-Eligible Investment. 10 be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. TUESDAY, the 25th day of AUGUST next, at One o'clock (subject to such conditions as will then and there be ESTATES, situate in the parish of Cadeleigh, in the county of Devon, in Two Lots :

APTAIN, otherwise MAJOR BARNES. paid by a post-office order, or in cash, to any person who will, by letter or otherwise, inform either of the under-named Referees the residence of the above-named gentleman, whose description is as follows:-He has had the misfortune to lose his right arm; he appears to be from 55 to 60 years of age, about 5 feet 7 in. high, stout made, and looks rather weather-beaten, and is now, or was lately, an officer in the East India Military Service, with a pension. He some ten or twelve years ago resided at Spalding, in Lincolnshire; afterwards (about four years since) at Tenby, in Pembrokeshire: and about three months ago at Leamington, in Warshire; and about three months ago at I

Lot 1. EAST COURT ESTATE, comprising a newlyerected farm-house and out-buildings, and 168 acres, or thereabouts, of orchard, meadow, pasture, and arable land, formerly parts and parcels of the messuage, barton, and farm, called Cadeleigh Court Barton, situate in the parish of Cadeleigh aforesaid. The whole is within a ring fence, and a large proportion is orchard and meadow land. The above valuable estate is tithe-free. It is now let to Mr. Whiddon, a respectable tenant (except eleven acres of wood and cop pice which are in hand), for a term of ten years from Lady Letters of information to EDWARD JOHN HORTON, No. day last, at a yearly rent of 2007. subject to an allowance of 11, Furnival's Inn, London; or Mr. D. BAYNTON, of Bris-201. per annum for the first three years. There is a large quantity of thriving timber upon this lot. tol, will meet immediate attention.

Lot. 2.-LOWER COMB ESTATE, consisting of an excellent farm-house with convenient farm-buildings in complete repair, and about 102 acres of arable, pasture, and LA-wood land, within a ring fence, situate in the parish of Cadeleigh aforesaid. This estate is near to Lot 1, and, with the exception of the plantation, 4a. 3r. 7p. which is in hand, is now in the occupation of Mr. Samuel Daw, as tenant thereof, for a term of ten years from Lady-day, 1844, at the yearly rent of 901. The plantation upon this property, 4a. 3r. 7p.

7. The Equitable Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery. 8. The County Court Bill.

9. Vexatious Legislation on Parish Settlements. Notes of Leading Cases-Events of the Quarter-Digest of all Cases in the Law Courts.

** The Cases in the Courts of Ireland are added to the

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