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New Jersey

NEW JERSEY. From Columbia, in the township of Knowlton, New Jersey, along the Delaware river, to Flat Brookville, in Sussex county

From Vincenttown, via Lumberton, Bridgeborough, to Philadelphia

From New Germantown, via Unionville, to German Valley.
From Key Port, New Jersey, to Squankum.

From Tuckahoe, via lower bridge on Cedar creek, Seaville,
Townsend's inlet, to Cape May Court-house.

From Cranberry to South Brunswick, Middlesex county, New Jersey.

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, via Camden, New Jersey, Ellesburg, Fellowship and Green Tree, to Mount Laurel, Burlington county, New Jersey.

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SOUTH CAROLINA. From Anderson, via Seneca, Centreville, Steel's, Churubusco, Milwer's, and back to Anderson.

From Willow Grove, by Sheto, Rusk's Mills, Bethlehem, and Taylorsville, to Willow Grove, being a circuit of thirtyfour and a half miles.

From Barnwell Court-house to King's Creek.

From Columbia, South Carolina, via Maybinton, Unionville, Spartansburg Courthouse, to Rutherfordton, North Carolina, three times a week.


ILLINOIS. From Mount Carmel, via Round Prairie, Splucer's Mill, and Fairview, to Olney.

From Cairo city, via Thebes, to Cape Girardeau, in Missouri.

From Lebanon, in St. Clair county, via Marine Town and Staunton, to Carlinville, in Macoupin county.

From Waterloo, by Red Bud and Lafayetie, to Sparta, in Randolph county.

From Shelbyville, by Audubon, Hillsboro, and Mount Kingston, in Montgomery county, by Staunton, Bunkerhill, and Woodburn, in Macoupin county, to the city of Alton.

From Dresden, via Ohio Farm and Lisbon, to Newark,

From Dundee, via Prospect, O'Connell, and Jackson precint, to Marengo.

From Aurora, via Royaltown and Kaneville, to Syca


From Dundee, via Algonquin, Crystal Lake, McHenry, Ringwood, Solon, and Richmond, in Illinois, to Geneva, in Wisconsin.


From Camden to Arkadelphia.
From Mount Ida, via Dallas, to Ultima Thule.

From Lost Creek post office to Pine Bluff, in Jefferson county, to connect with route from Benton, Saline county, to Lost Creek.

From Lewisville, Lafayette county, to Minden, in Claiborne parish, Louisiana.

From Arkadelphia to Clingman's, Arkansas.

From Helena, in Arkansas, to Panola, in Panola county, Mississippi, via Askews's Bluffs, once a week.

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From New River post office, on the east bank of the Mississippi river, to Galveston, in said State.

From Winsborough, in the parish of Franklin, to Monroe, in the parish of Ouachita.

From Natchitoches, along the bank of Red river, to Shreve. port.

From Placquemine to Johnson's Store, on the Bayou Grosstéte, by the way of Point Coupee, in Louisiana.

From Harrisonburg, through what is called the Funebree and Riser settlements, to Columbia.

From Columbia, by Thomas Meredith's, Anderson, and Perkins, in Jenkins' settlement, to Vernon.

From Vernon, by Indian Village and Coon's, to Monroe.

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From Lockport, via Tonewanda Rapids, to Clarence.

From Elizabethtown, Essex county, New York, via Keene post office and Osgood's, Harrietstown, St. Amands, to Merrillsville post office, in Franklin county, New York.

From Fort Covington, Franklin county, New York, to Dickinson, by way of Moira, in the same county.

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For a mail route from Prairie du Chien, in Wisconsin, via Round Prairie, Graham's Mills, the Falls of Black river, the Mouth of Ollear river, the Middle Mills on the Menomonie river, the Mouth of William river, and Osceola, to the Falls of St. Croix.

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From Wilderness post office, via Carleton's Store, to Mott's post office.

From Troy, in Pike county, Alabama, via Wellborne or 5 Indigo Head, to Geneva, in said State.

From Benton, in Lowndes county, Alabama, via Joseph Walker's, to Warrenton, in Dallas county.

Sec. 2. Ani be it further enacted,' That the aforesaid routes shall be advertised for contracts, for the service there. into operation. on, at the next general letting in the year eighteen hundred

When saia routes shall go Proviso.

Postmaster Gen

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offices in California and make tem.

and forty-nine, and the service to commence as soon there. after as practicable: Provided, That as soon as a responsible contractor shall offer to transport the mails over any portion of the routes included in this bill, the Postmaster General shall have the power forth with tu put them under contract: Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as to express any opinion as to the true boundary of any State or Territory named therein.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster lish certain post General be, and he is hereby, authorized to establish post

offices and appoint deputy postmasters at San Diego, Monte. poneration formirane: rey, and San Francisco, and such other places on the coast of portation of mail the Pacific, in California, within the territory of the United ia said Territory. States, and to make such temporary arrangements for the

transportation of the mail in said territory, as the public interest may require ; that all letters conveyed to or from any

of the above mentioned places on the Pacific, from or to any Rates of post. place on the Atlantic coast, shall be charged with forty cents

postage; that all letters conveyed from one to any other of the said places on the Pacific shall pay twelve and a half cents postage; and the Postmaster General is authorized to apply any moneys received on account of postages aforesaid to the payments to be made on the contract for the transportation of the mails in the Pacific ocean; and the Postmaster

General is further authorized to employ not exceeding two Agents for mail agents in making arrangements for the establishment of post service in Oregon offices, and for the transmission, receipt, and conveyance of med politenia to letters in Oregon and California, at an annual compensation

not exceeding that of the principal clerks in the Post Office Department.

Approved August 14, 1848.


CHAP. 176.-AN ACT making appropriations for light-houses, light-boats,

buoys, &c., and providing for the erection and este sliment the same.

light-boats, buoys &c.


[Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep

resentatives of the United Slates of America in Congress asAppropriation for light houses, sembled, That the following appropriations be, and the same

are hereby made, and directed to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be enable the Secretary of the Treasury to carry the provisions of this act into effect: Provided, however, If a good title to any land which it may be necessary to use cannot be obtained on reasonable terms, or the exclusive right to such land cannot be acquired by cession, where the interest of the United States demand it, before the appropriation would by law fall into the surplus fund, in any and all such cases the appropriations shall be applicable to the objects for which they are made at any time within two years after the first meeting of the legislature, subsequent to the passage of this act, in any State wherein any such land lays, to wit: in

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For a fog.bell at the light-house on Pond island, mouth of Kennebec river, seven kundred and fifty dollars.

For buoys and beacons in Casco bay, one thousand dollars.



For a light-house at the mouth of Parmet river, in Truro, Cape Cod, three thousand five hundred dollars.

For a light-house and keeper's house at Sankaty head, Nantucket, twelve thousand dollars.

For a small harbor light at Hyannis, two thousand dollars.

For a beacon light on Palmer's island, New Bedford, three thonsand five hundred dollars.

For a light-house on Wing's Neck, Buzzard's bay, thirtyfive hundred dollars.

For a spar buoy at the mouth of Little Wood's Hole har. bor; one on the westerly part of Mutton shoal ; one on the southwest point, and one on the north west point of Hawe's shoal ; one on the easterly point of Tom's shoal, in Muskeket channel; and three at the mouth of Parmet river, Truro, five hundred dollars ; and the upper buoy at Edgartown harbor to be removed to the shoal point of Cape Poge.


Rhode Island.

For a dolphin on Long Bed, in Providence river, in lieu of the buoy now placed there, one hundred and twenty dol. lars.

For a spar buoy at each of the following places, to wit: off Plumb beach point; on Manna rock; on Flat rock; and on Bill Dyer's rock, near Wickford, two hundred dollars.

For two buoys and a spindle at the mouth of Pawcatuck river, two hundred dollars.



For a light-boat to be placed on Eel Grass shoal, in Fish. er's island sound, five thousand dollars.

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For three lamps on the Hudson river; one at the extreme part of West Point; one at the bend of the river, about two miles north of Catskill landing, on the west side of the river ; i and one at Pryme's Hook, two miles north of the city of Hudson, one hundred and fifty dollars.

For three spar buoys ‘at the mouth of Port Jefferson harbor, Long Island, one hundred and eighty dollars.

For eight spar' buoys to guide vessels into Niagara river from lake Erie, and into Black Rock harbor, four hundred dol


For a light-house upon the North Brother, near Hurl Gate, East river, if a title to the site can be obtained upon satisfactory terms, ten thousand dollars.



For a light-house on the stone pier in the river Delaware, near Fort Mifflin, five thousand dollars.

Mary laad.


For a light-house on Blackstone's island, Potomac river, three thousand five hundred dollars.

For a spar buoy in Potomac river, above Rozier's Bluff, on the Maryland side, between Alexandria and Fort Washington, fifty dollars.

For five spar buoys to be placed on the Great shoal in Wi. comico river, two hundred and fifty dollars.

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For two light-houses on Sand Shoal island, to be placed so as to guide vessels in the best and safest manner into Sand Shoal inlet, or to be placed so as to guide vessels into Matchapungo inlet, ten thousand dollars.

North Carolina.


For a beacon light on the upper jettee, Cape Fear river, three thousand five hundred dollars.

For a beacon light on Campbell's island, same river, three thousand five hundred dollars.

For a beacon light at Orton's Point, same river, three thousand five hundred dollars.

For a light boat at the Horse Shoe, same river, between the New inlet and Prince's creek, ten thousand dollars.

For two beacon lights placed in the best manner at Price's creek, same river, six thousand dollars.

For two light-houses placed in the best manner upon the west channel of the same river, and a keeper's house on Oak island, nine thousand dollars.

For a buoy on the Western bar, and another at the Rip off the point of Oak island, same river, five hundred dollars.

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For a light.boat to be placed off the knoll north of Tybee island, Savannah river, ten thousand dollars.

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For the removal of the light-house on Amelia island to such other site thereon as the Secretary of the Treasury shall deem best suited to the exigencies of commerce, six thousand dellars.

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