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Turkey. (See Ottonian Porte.)
Turner, Jesse, title of, to a tract of land, confirmed
Tuscaroras, appropriation for

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Vattemare, Alexandre, to be furnished with a series of the

standard weights and measures of the United States, for

presentation to the government of France Vessels employed by the American Colonization Society, to

be exempt from the provisions of the act regula

ting the carriage of passengers in merchant vessels
employed in transporting passengers, ventilation of

provided for
engaged in the coasting trade, may touch at foreign

ports during the voyage, &c. Vermoni, certain post roads established in

claims of a detachment of militia of, who served at

the battle of Plattsburg, to be audited and settled
two brass field-pieces captured at the battle of Ben-

nington, to be presented to
Vice President of the United States, appropriation for salary of
Villalobos, Jose Argote, and others, act for relief of -
Virginia, appropriation for repayment of certain advances made


certain post roads established in
Virginia military land warrants, time for location of, extended
Volunteers, may be furnished with clothing in kind, in lieu of

commutation therefor
additional quarters near New Orleans provided for
money advanced by States, individuals, &c., for

organizing, subsisting, and transporting, re

certain mounted; of Tennessee, to be paid for the

use and forage of their horses
paymasters of, to be allowed a commission on their

certain mounted, of Texas, payment provided for
horses belonging to, which were thrown overboard

in the Gulf of Mexico, to be paid for

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Wabash and Erie canal, State of Indiana authorized to select

a certain quantity of vacant land for completion of Walker, Patrick, pension of increased War Department, appropriation to supply deficiencies in for

mer appropriation for clerks of appropriation for

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Page. War, Department, Secretary and officers of

142 contingencies of, and its various bureaus 143, 144 Ward, Joseph and Lindley, act for relief of

8 Ward and Smith, act for relief of

204 Warren, Fort, appropriation for

75 Washington city, charter of, continued and amended

28 powers granted to the corporation of

28 Officers of, how appointed, their powers and duties

30,31 qualifications of voters in

32 vacancies, how to be filled .

32 penalty for bribery or voting more than once at elections in

33 provision for vacancy in office of mayor of 33 sale of real property in, for taxes, authorized 33, 34 school tax in, how to be applied

35 funded debt of, not to be increased without

the consent of two-thirds of the voters of 35 four additional members of the levy court to be appointed from

37 sale of part of reservation No. 13 in, au. thorized

78 appropriation for navy-yard at

106 for naval hospital at

107 for enclosing, planting, &c., public grounds in

150, 151 for grading and gravelling certain streets in

154 erection on the public grounds in, of a monu

ment to George Washington, authorized - 215 erection on the public grounds in, of a monument to General Jackson, authorized

225 Washington Gas Company, act to incorporate

67 appropriation to pay, for lighting Capitol and grounds, &c.

151 Washington Infirmary, appropriation for support of twelve transient pauper patients in

152 Washington National Monument Society, authorized to erect

a monument to the memory of George Washington on the public grounds in Washington city

215 Washington parish, sale of part of reservation No. 13 to, authorized

78 Waterman, Silas, grant of pension to

56 Watterston, David A., act for relief of

213 Weas, appropriation for

98 West, Oliver, & Co., to be paid the amount of certain stolen treasury notes

205 White, Benjamin, land warrant for 160 acres to issue to

117 White, Alfred, amount of a certain judgment to be refunded to

SO White, Moses, act for relief of the heirs of

SI White, O. B., to be paid the amount of certain stolen treasury notes





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Widows of revolutionary officers and soldiers, further provis

ions for
to be entitled to the same amount of pensions that

their husbands would have been entitled to if

assignments, mortgages, &c. of pensions of, to be

null and void

rules ofevidence to be observed in relation to claims of Widows and orphans, appropriation for pensions of

provisions of the act of July 4, 1846, ex

tended to widows and orphans of offi-
cers and soldiers who were in the
army in March, 1846, and during the

war with Mexico
certain naval pensions to, continued
of engineers, firemen and coal-heavers

in the navy, to be entitled to the

benefits of existing navy pension laws of the officers, seamen and marines of

the late brig.of-war Somers, act for

the relief of Widows and heirs of certain settlers in Florida to be entitled

to the benefits of the act for the relief of their husbands and

Wilhamet, barque, register to issue to
Wilkinson, David, act for relief of
Willis, Elijah H., act for relief of
Wilmington, N. Ć., appropriation for custom-house at

Joseph, ací for relief of
Winnebagoes, appropriation for
Wiscasset, Maine, appropriation for custom-house at
Wisconsin, act of admission of, as a State

boundaries of
assent of Congress given to certain resolutions of

the convention of
courts of the United States for district of
to be entitled to three Representatives in Con.

gress until the next census

certain post roads established in Wood, Fort, appropriation for Wyandotts, appropriation for

a certain agreement of, with the Delawares, sanc



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Yachts, Secretary of the Treasury authorized to license

not to be allowed to transport passengers or merchan

dise, and to be subject in all respects to the revenue

laws of the United States Yancton and Santie Sioux, appropriation for

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