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of Texas; W. C. Crane's Life and Select Literary Remains of Sam Houston ; Hinton R. Helper's The Impending Crisis; Susan D. Smedes's Memorials of a Southern Planter; Frances Anne Kemble's Journal of a Residence on a Georgia Plantation; the Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S.Grant; the case of Luther vs. Borden, touching the relation between the federal and state authorities in the matter of the rebellion in Rhode Island, reported in the seventh volume of Howard's Supreme Court Reports, p. 1; the cases of Prigg vs. Pennsylvania, 16 Peters's Reports, 539, and Ableman vs. Booth, 21 Howard, 506, touching upon the law with regard to fugi tive slaves; and the Kansas Historical Collections.






LANDS, 1829

Samuel A. Foot, United States Senator from Connecticut, on December 29, 1829, introduced a resolution in the Senate which seemed at the time to be a simple, harmless measure, but it led to a five months' debate. This was chiefly upon the Federal Union, with very little reference to the subject of the resolution. In the course of this debate Senator Hayne of South Carolina, in replying to Senator Webster of Massachusetts, announced the nullification doctrine. Text in “Congressional Debates," First Session, Twenty - first Congress, Vol. VI., Part 1, pp. 58 - 93. (See page 23.-)

Resolved, that the committee on public lands be instructed to inquire and report the quantity of the public lands remaining unsold within each State and Territory, and whether it be expedient to limit, for a certain period, the sales of the public lands to such lands only as have heretofore been offered for sale, and are now subject to entry at the minimum price. And, also, whether the

1 The final page references in the introductions are to allusions in the History which are explained and illustrated in these documents.

office of surveyor-general, and some of the land offices, may not be abolished without detriment to the public interest; or whether it be expedient to adopt measures to hasten the sales, and extend more rapidly the surveys of the public lands.

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