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Reception to Lord and Lady Aberdeen. TUESDAY EVENING, SEPTEMBER 5.

Opening of the renovated Lounge. Address of welcome by Vice

President George S. Smith. Music. THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 5.

Opening of the season. Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. MONDAY, OCTOBER 9.

Luncheon in honor of Newton D. Baker, Secretary of War. George B. Glidden, chairman of Entertainment Committee presiding.

Lieutenant-Governor Calvin Coolidge, toastmaster. THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 19.

Hon. William Phillips, Assistant Secretary of State: " How the United States Conducts its Foreign Affairs.” Hon. Louis A. Coolidge, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Hon. John F. Malley, Hon. Charles L. Burrill, Charles J. Martell, John S. Lawrence, George L. Walker,

W. T. A. Fitzgerald. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20.

Luncheon in honor of William G. Sharp, U. S. Ambassador to France. Hon. Edmund Billings, presiding. Address by the Ambassador:

“ France under War Conditions." FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 27.

Dr. David Jayne Hill, former U. S. Ambassador to Germany: “The Turning of the Tide." James P. Munroe, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Louis E. Cadieux, Arthur L. Williston, Hon. Samuel J.

Elder, Daniel J. Kiley. MONDAY, OCTOBER 30.

Luncheon in honor of Martin Ycas, member of the Russian Duma.

Hon. Joseph A. Conry, Russian Consul in Boston, presiding. THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 2.

Concert by the Schubert Club of Malden, 60 male voices. Edward

L. MacArthur, conductor. TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 7.

Election returns by stereopticon. THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 9.

William H. Barter: “Mexico ” (illustrated). Col. Willis W. Stover,

Fifth Regiment, M. N. G., presiding. MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 13.

Forum meeting. Ivy L. Lee: “ The Railroads from the Capitalist

Point of View.'

Hon. Andrew J. Peters, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury: “Importance of our South American Trade." John S. Lawrence, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Hon. Edmund Billings, Congressman

F. W. Dallinger, George L. Walker, Dr. F. D. Donoghue. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20.

Luncheon to Lynn Haines, Washington, D. C. Rev. Harold Marshall, presiding,



Hon. Samuel J. Elder: “ Copyright and Playright." Edward W. Hutchins, presiding. Speakers at dinner: A. A. Ballantine, John

Philip Sousa, Robert Luce, Homer Albers. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25.

Harvard-Yale Football game. Reproduction on score board by


Forum meeting. Cranston Brenton, New York: “ The Problem of Theatrical Censorship, particularly as Applied to Motion Pictures."

George W. Coleman, presiding. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 7.

Concert by the Harvard Musical Clubs, Banjo, Glee and Mandolin. MONDAY EVENING, DECEMBER II.

Forum meeting. Richard A. Feiss, Cleveland, Ohio: "The Relations between Employee and Employer." George W. Coleman,


Moorfield Storey, LL.D.: “ Lawlessness." Rev. George A. Gordon, presiding. Speakers at dinner: E. W. Burdett; Reginald H. Smith,

Legal Aid Society; Justice Wilfred Bolster, Municipal Court. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 14.

Annual club dinner, ioth anniversary. Speakers: Dr. Harvey W.
Wiley, former Chief of the Bureau of Chemistry, U. S.; Wm. P. G.
Harding, Governor of the Federal Reserve Board; Lieutenant-Gov-
ernor Calvin Coolidge; Mayor James M. Curley. President James

J. Storrow, presiding.

Forum meeting. Dr. James J. Walsh, New York: Does Man

Progress?" George W. Coleman, presiding. THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 21.

LeRoy Jeffers, F.R.G.S., New York: “Mountaineering in North America ” (illustrated). Hugh W. Ogden, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Prof. Charles E. Fay, Maj. Howard A. Giddings, Dr.

Willis E. Lougee.

Gilbert H. Montague, New York: “ The Federal Trade Commission and the Clayton Act." Everett W. Burdett, presiding: . Speakers at dinner: John S. Lawrence, W. T. A. Fitzgerald, James M. Swift, R. D. Weston.


Luncheon to Clinton Rogers Woodruff, Secretary National Munici

pal Review, Philadelphia. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 4.

Concert: Mme. Evelyn Scotney, Soprano; Mme. Cara Sapin, Contralto; Harold S. Tripp, Tenor; Howard White, Bass; Herbert

Seiler, Accompanist.

Forum meeting. Hon. George R. Lunn, Schenectady, N. Y.: “The

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Strength and Weakness of Socialism." George W. Coleman, pre


Joseph A. Steinmetz, Philadelphia: “Aërial Warfare and Some Devices Terrestrial and Submarine" (illustrated). Alfred R. Shrigley,

Secretary Aero Club of New England, presiding. FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 12.

Clarence H. Howard, St. Louis: “ The Ruskin Wild Animal Moving


Prof. Roscoe Pound, Dean of Harvard Law School: “The Limits of Effective Legal Action.” Homer Albers, Dean of Boston University Law School, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Charles J.

: Martell, F. W. Grinnell, Judge Hugo A. Dubuque, Former Chief

Justice L. A. Emery of the Supreme Court of Maine. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 18.

Photologue: “ The Grand Canyon Region." Moving pictures and

slides by Dr. C. D. Williamson. MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 22. Forum meeting. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, New York: "Highbrows

, and Lowbrows." George W. Coleman, presiding. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 25.

The Constitutional Convention. Hon. Robert Luce, presiding: "Initiative and Referendum," Prof. L. J. Johnson, Harvard University; “ The Short Ballot," Richard S. Childs, New York; “State Military and Naval Forces,” Brig.-Gen. Charles H. Cole; “ Executive Budget," Harvey S. Chase. Speakers at dinner: Hon. Charles

” Sumner Bird, Rev. Harold Marshall, Hon. Joseph Walker, Dr. F. A.

Cleveland, Director Bureau Municipal Research, New York City. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 31.

Hon. George W. Wickersham, former U. S. Attorney-General: “The Sherman Antitrust Law." Hon. James M. Swift, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Judge Hugo A. Dubuque, Homer Albers, Esq., E. W.

Hutchins, Hon. George W. Anderson. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 1.

Concert by the Amphion Club of Melrose, sixty male voices. A. B.

Keene, conductor.

Forum meeting. Rev. John A. Ryan, D.D., Washington, D. C.: " The Right and Wrong of the Labor Unions." George W. Coleman,


Luncheon to Lt. Col. J. L. McAvity, Twenty-Sixth Battalion Canadian Overseas Forces. Brig.-Gen. E. Leroy Sweetser, presiding. Speakers: Gen. W. E. Lombard, former Adjutant-General G. W.

Pearson and Colonel McAvity. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 8.

Henry W. Dunn, Esq.: “ The Constitution and the Courts.” Hon. Samuel L. Powers, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Alfred R. Shrigley, Willard Howland, James D. Colt, George W. Coleman.



Edwin Markham: “ Lincoln and the American Ideal.” Rev. Harold Marshall, présiding. Speakers at dinner: Nixon Waterman, Nathan

Haskell Dole, Samuel C. Lancaster, Portland, Ore.; George P. Morris. THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 15.

“ The Cotter's Saturday Night,” by the Scottish Musical Comedy


Forum meeting. Prof. Edward A. Steiner, Grinnell College, Iowa:

Immigration." George W. Coleman, presiding. WEDNESDAY, EVENING, FEBRUARY 28.

Frederick P. Fish: “Invention and the Patent System of the U.S." Odin Roberts, Esq., presiding. Speakers at dinner: Hon. George

. W. Anderson, March G. Bennett. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 1.

Gen. George W. Goethals:“ The Construction of the Panama Canal " (moving pictures). James W. Rollins, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Charles L. Burrill; Capt. W. R. Rush, Commandant Charles

town Navy Yard; Maj. H. A. Giddings; Victor J. Loring. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 8.

John S. Dennis, Canadian Pacific Railway: “ Your Neighbor on the North.” Louis E. Cadieux, presiding. Speakers at dinner:

Richard C. Johnston, James M. W. Hall. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 15.

William G. Thompson, Esq.: " Administration of Law in Massachusetts." Henry F. Hurlburt, Esq., presiding. Speakers at dinner: Charles E. Burbank, Hon. Robert O. Harris, Daniel J. Kiley, C. J.

Martell, John C. Crosby. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 22.

The Navy League of the U. S. Speakers: Senator John W. Weeks; Lieut. Edward G. Blakeslese, U.S.N., on “Our New Navy" (illustrated). Harry K. White, presiding. Speakers at dinner: Col. Edward L. Logan, Ninth Regiment M. N. G.; Commander R. D. Hasbrouck, U.S. N.; Col. H. L. Hawthorne, U. S. A., retired; Com

mander G. E. Gelm, U. S. S. Kearsarge; George S. Smith. WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 28.

Hon. Nathan Matthews: "Public Service Valuations and Rates." B. N. Johnson, Esq., presiding. Speakers at dinner: Hon. Robert

Luce; John A. Sullivan, Corporation Counsel. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 29.

Orchestral Concert, Boston Opera Players, with the Pilgrim Male


Fourth annual Sons of Members dinner. George S. Smith, presiding.
Speakers: Hon. Edmund Billings, Collector of the Port; Mayor
Curley; Wm. F. Garcelon, Graduate Manager, Harvard Athletics;
James H. Hustis, Temporary Receiver, B. & M. R. R.; Joseph Lee,

President Storrow. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 5.

Patriotic meeting. " The State of the Union and Preparedness."


Judge Michael J. Murray, presiding. Speakers: President Storrow, Lieutenant-Governor Calvin Coolidge, Hon. Guy A. Ham, Charles J. Martell; Judson Hannigan, First Corps Cadets; Col. H. L. Haw

thorne, Rev. Edward Cummings. THURSDAY, APRIL 12.

Luncheon to President Emeritus Charles W. Eliot, Harvard University, commemorating his eighty-third birthday. Hon. John L Bates, presiding. Speakers: Lieutenant-Governor Calvin Coolidge, Hon. Herbert Parker, Hon. W. Cameron Forbes, James P. Munroe,

Dr. Eliot. THURSDAY, APRIL 19.

Luncheon in honor of Hon. Wm. H. Taft. Hon. W. Cameron Forbes,

presiding. Speakers: Mayor Curley, Mr. Taft. THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 26.

Prof. L. A. Clinton and Prof. George L. Farley, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. “The Food Problem: Production, Conservation, Distribution.'' John D. Willard, Mass. Committee on Public Safety,

' presiding. Speakers at dinner: State Forester F. W. Rane; Dr. F. D. Donoghue; President H. C. Bumpus, Tufts College; Ex-Mayor

Josiah Quincy; George L. Walker. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 3.

Dinner to Brig.-Gen. Clarence R. Edwards, new commander of the Northeastern Dept. Governor Samuel W. McCall, presiding. Speakers: Hon. George W. Anderson; Capt. A. H. Robertson, U. S. N.; Capt. Charles H. Cole, M. N. G.; Gen. Butler Ames, George S.

Smith, General Edwards. MONDAY EVENING, MAY 7.

Dinner to the Officers of France: Maj. P. J. L. Azan, Lieut. M. de Jarny, Maj. J. de Reviers de Mauny, Capt. A. Dupont, Lieut. A. Morize, Lieut. Jean Girardoux. President James J. Storrow, presiding. Speakers: Lieutenant-Governor Calvin Coolidge, John J. Attridge, Hon. Edmund Billings, Acting Adjutant-General E. Leroy Sweetser, Dr. Joseph A. Bedard, George W. Kyte, M. P., Canada,

and the officers. SUNDAY, MAY 13.

Reception and dinner to M. Viviani and colleagues of the French Mission. Greeting in French by Judge Hugo A. Dubuque. Introductory speeches by Charles J. Martell and Mayor Curley. Address

by M. Viviani. MONDAY EVENING, MAY 28.

Sports Dinner. Awarding of tournament prizes. Louis E. Cadieux,

presiding. TUESDAY, JUNE 5.

Luncheon in honor of William G. McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury. Alfred L. Aiken, Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, presiding

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