Public Documents of the State of Connecticut, Volume 3, Part 2

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order of the General Assembly, 1903 - Connecticut

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Page 168 - Administration shall be subject to review, on appeal, by such administrator. "SEC. 3. All property the title of which now stands in the name of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers is hereby transferred to and the title thereof vested in the United States.
Page 58 - State of , take or needlessly destroy the nest or the eggs of any wild bird nor shall have such nest or eggs in his or her possession.
Page 124 - Every man and woman, either of whom is epileptic, imbecile, or feeble-minded, who shall intermarry, or live together as husband and wife, when the woman is under forty-five years of age, shall be imprisoned not more than three years.
Page 119 - ... shall be fined not more than two hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than one year, or both...
Page 76 - The directors so elected shall hold their offices for one year, and until others are elected in their places. In case of any vacancy in the board the remainder of the directors shall have power to fill such vacancy until the next election.
Page 36 - As to abridgment of indefeasible rights by confinement of the person, it is no more than what is borne, to a greater or less extent, in every school : and we know of no natural right to exemption from restraints which conduce to an infant's welfare.
Page 22 - The trustees shall have full power to place any boy committed to said school during minority, at such employment, and cause him to be instructed in such branches of useful knowledge as may be suitable to his age and capacity ; and they may, with the consent...
Page 36 - It is to be remembered that the public has a paramount interest in the virtue and knowledge of its members, and that of strict right, the business of education belongs to it.
Page 37 - The infant has been snatched from a course which must have ended in confirmed depravity . and not only is the restraint of her person lawful, but it would be an act of extreme cruelty to release her from it :
Page 59 - Greenwich, not being in the possession or under the protection of any civilized power, shall be fined not more than fifty dollars, or imprisoned not more than three months, or both.

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