World Peace: Or Principles of International Law in Their Application to Efforts for the Preservation of the Peace of the World

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Page 199 - 59.—The decision of the court has no binding force except between the parties and in respect of that particular case. ARTICLE 60.—The judgment is final and without appeal. In the event of dispute as to the meaning or scope of the judgment the court shall construe it upon the request of any party. ARTICLE
Page 74 - if the dispute between the parties is claimed by one of them, and is found by the council, to arise out of a matter which, by international law, is solely within the domestic jurisdiction of that party, the council shall so report, and shall make no recommendation as to its settlement.
Page 70 - arise between them any dispute likely to lead to a rupture they will submit the matter either to arbitration or to inquiry by the council and they agree in no case to resort to war until three months after the award by the arbitrators or the report of the council,
Page 71 - Disputes as to the interpretation of a treaty, as to any question of international law, as to the existence of any fact, which if established, would constitute a breach of any international obligation, or as to the extent and nature of the reparation to be made for any such breach,
Page 73 - If a report by the council is unanimously agreed to by the members thereof other than the representatives of one or more of the parties to the dispute, the members of the League agree that they will not go to war with any party to the dispute which complies with the recommendations of the report.
Page 187 - of the Court ARTICLE 2.—The Permanent Court of International Justice shall be composed of a body of independent judges, elected regardless of their nationality from among persons of high moral character who possess the qualifications required in their respective countries for appointment to the highest judicial offices, or who are jurisconsults of recognized competence in international law.
Page 175 - programs and the condition of such of their industries as are adaptable to warlike purposes. ARTICLE 9.—A permanent commission shall be constituted to advise the council on the execution of the provisions of Articles 1 and 8 and on military and naval questions generally. ARTICLE 10.—The members of the League undertake to respect
Page 72 - If there should arise between members of the League any dispute likely to lead to a rupture, which is not submitted to arbitration in accordance with Article 13, the members of the League agree that they will submit the matter to the council.
Page 190 - member of the court can act as agent, counsel or advocate in any case of an international nature. This provision only applies to the Deputy Judges as regards cases in which they are called upon to exercise their functions on the court. No member may participate in the decision of any case in which he has
Page 105 - the nationals of the covenant breaking state and the prevention of all financial, commercial or personal intercourse between the nationals of the covenant breaking state and the nationals of any other state, whether a member of the league or not. If

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