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duke of Argyll, lord Elcho, and others, March, 1868; would go on." He appeared before the emperor, the meeting for arrangements, 10 Jan. 1870, held in the Agricultural Hall, Islington (16 classes and a fine arts

archduke Ferdinand, six electors, twenty-four dukes, department); opened by the prince of Wales, 16 July; seven margraves, thirty bishops and prelates, and many closed by Mr. Gladstone.

..31 Oct. 1870 princes, counts, lords, and ambassadors, 17 April, acknowlNational trades' societies congress meet at Manchester, 1868; at Birmingham.....

edged his writings and opinions, and left Worms, in

... Aug. 1869 Demonstration of working-men in Hyde Park against fact, a conqueror. Yet, to save his life, he had to remain

certain clauses relating to masters and servants in the in seclusion under the protection of the elector of Saxony Criminal Law Amendment act..

2 June, 1873 for about a year. The edict putting him under the ban International Working-men's Association (termed the International) owes its origin to some German social

of the empire was issued 26 May, 1521. Worms was ists in London, 1847, and was much promoted by the burned, by order of Louis XIV., 1689, the cathedral exforeign visitors to the great exhibition in 1862. It

cepted; and was taken by the French, under Custine, 4 was definitely organized, 28 Sept. 1864, George Odger first president. Its professed object is the complete

Oct. 1792. A memorial statue of Luther at Worms was emancipation of labor from the tyranny of capitalists. uncovered, 25 June, 1868, in the presence of the king of It has held congresses at Geneva, Sept. 1866; Lau- Prussia and other sovereigns. sanne, Sept. 1867; Brussels, 6–13 Sept. 1868; Basel, 6-11 Sept. 1869; Barcelona, June, 1870; at the Hague, Worship. The first worship mentioned is that of when great dissensions arose between the "authori- Abel, 3872 B.C. (Gen. iv.). “Men began to call on the tarians," who consider a government needful, and the "anarchists," who deny it. One party, including

name of the Lord,” 3769 B.C. (Gen. iv.). The Jewish the council, seceded from the trade portion, and ad

order of worship was set up by Moses, 1490 B.C. Solojourned to New York....

3-10 Sept. 1872 mon consecrated the temple, 1004 B.C. Four of its members were elected into the French na. tional assembly.

tions of the simple worship of the patriarchs all the

...Feb. 1871 The association took part in the communist insurrection

Egyptian and Greek idolatries owed their origin. Athat Paris....

Dec. otes, son of Menes, king of Upper Egypt, is supposed to It made a demonstration at New York.. .18 March, 1872 be the Copt of the Egyptians, and the Toth, or Hermes,

[It is said to have about 2,500,000 members in all countries, and to be allied with several secret societies,

of the Greeks, the Mercury of the Latins, and the Teusuch as Fenians, the Mary Anne, etc.)

tates of the Celts or Gauls, 2112 B.C.-Usher. A proposal from Spain that European gorernments should combine for its suppression, 9 Feb., was de

Worship in ENGLAND. The Druids were the clined by Great Britain, 8 March; it was proscribed in

priests here, at the invasion of the Romans (55 B.C.), who France by the national assembly.. .14 March, 1872 eventually introduced Christianity, which was almost The British section met at McQueen's club-house, Parliament street...

21 July,

extirpated by the victorious Saxons (455), who were One party took the name of International Association,

pagans. The Roman Catholic form of Christianity was and held annual congresses: Geneva, Sept. 1873; Brus- introduced by Augustine, 596, and continued till the sels, 7 Sept. 1874; Berne, 1876; Verviers, 7 Sept. 1877. Reformation (which see). See llymns, Liturgies, Prayers, A congress of socialists met at Ghent (partly united the two divisions)..

... Sept. 1878 Public Worship, Ritualists. International congress, Paris, assembled.. .2-12 Sept.

PLACES OF WORSHIP IN ENGLAND AN WALES IN 1851. Report of an alliance between Conservative peers and the working men for the improvement of the condition of

Places of Worship. Sittings. the latter, about 15 Oct.; explained by Mr. Scott-Rus

Church of England..

14,077 5,317,915 sell (Times, 14 Nov. 1871), who issued a programme,

Wesleyan Methodists.

6,579 2,194,298 Jan. 1872 Independents...

3,244 1,067,760 Workmen's Peace Association held its first annual meet.



752,343 ing in London.. ..20 Sept. 1871 Roman Catholics,


186,111 A “workman's city,” Shaftesbury Park, Clapham, was

Society of Friends.

371 91,559 inaugurated by the earl of Shaftesbury.. .3 Nov. 1873 Unitarians.

229 68,554 Annual trade congress at Sheffield .12-17 Jan. 1874 Scottish Presbyterians...

160 86,692 Alexander Macdonald and Thomas Burt, working - men,

Latter-day Saints (Mormonites).


30,783 elected M.P. 's for Stafford and Morpeth.

... Feb.
Brethren (Plymouth)

18,529 Royal commission on labor-laws appointed (chief-justice



8,438 Cockburn, lord Winmarleigh, Messrs. Roebuck, T.

New Church (Swedenborgians)


12, 107 Hughes, Alexander Macdonald, and others) .... March,



9,305 Dwellings of working classes protected from railway bills

Catholic and Apostolic Church (Irvingites) 32

7,437 by new standing orders..

.30 July,
Greek Church..

291 Trades' Union Congress opened at Liverpool, 18 Jan.

Countess of Huntingdon's Connection 109 35,210 1875, 1876; at Leicester, 17 Sept. 1877; at Bristol, 9

Welsh Calvinistic Methodists...


198,242 Sept. 1878; at Edinburgh, 15 Sept. 1879; at Dublin, 13

Various small bodies, some without

546 Sept. 1880.

105,557 Employers and Workmen act passed.

..13 Aug. 1875

(See Wesleyan Methodists, note.) Annual trade congress at Glasgow..

.11-16 Oct. 116 sects, having 20,330 places of Worship, Oct. 1871. Church of England Working-men's Society, founded at Places of worship, 1877— consecrated, 15, 468; unconsecrated, St. Alban's, Holborn....

......5 Aug. 1876 20,490. Working-lads' institutes, London : meeting at the Man. sion House to found them, 27 Oct.; first institute

Worsted, spun wool, obtained its name from having opened at Whitechapel.

.14 Nov, 1876 been first spun at a town called Worsted, in Norfolk, in Workmen's Social Education League, founded June, 1879; prof . J. R. Seeley, president, announced, 10 June, 1879 worsted are still extensively carried on, 14 Edw. III.

which the inventor lived, and where manufactures of Employers' Liability act (to compensate workmen for injuries) passed...

.........7 Sept. 1880 1340. — Anderson. “A worsted-stocking knave” is a (See Co-operative Societies, and Employers.)

term of reproach or contempt used by Shakespeare, Works and Public BUILDINGS, see Woods. Worth, see Warth.

Workshop Regulation Act, supplement to Worthies, Nine, a term long ago given to the Factory acts, passed 21 Aug. 1867; amended, 1871. following eminent men : Workshops, see Ateliers and Factories.


Died. World, see Creation and Globe. World weekly Joshua.

.B.C. 1426 newspaper began 8 July, 1874.


1015 Judas Maccabæus

161 Worms, a city on the Rhine, in Hesse-Darmstadt.

Heathens. The Roman city, Borbetomagus, was plundered by the Hector of Troy

1184 Alemanni, 351, and by Attila, 451; rebuilt by Clovis I. Alexander the Great..

393 about 475. Here Charlemagne resided in 806 B.C.

Julius Cæsar.

44 Here was held the imperial diet before which Martin Christians. Luther was summoned, 4 April, 1521, and by which he King Arthur of Britain.

542 was proscribed. Luther was met by 2000 persons on Godfrey of Bouillon..

Charlemagne of France..


1100 foot and on horseback, at the distance of a league from Worms. When Spalatin sent to warn him of his dan- tor and Arthur. In Shakespeare's “ Love's Labor's Lost,” act

In some lists, Gideon and Samson are given, instead of Hec. ger, he answered, “ If there were as many devils in v. sc. 2, Hercules and Pompey appear as worthies. Worms as there are tiles upon the roofs of its houses, Il Wothlëtype, see under Photography.


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A. D.

Wounded in Battle, see Geneva Convention, and | Royal Sovereign, 100 guns, burned in the Medway, 29 Jan. 1696
Aid to Sick and Wounded.

Stirling Castle, 70 guns; Mary, 70 guns; Northumber.

land, 70 guns, lost on the Goodwin. Vanguard, 70
Wounding. Malicious wounding of another was guns, sunk at Chatham. York, 70 gups, lost near Har.
adjudged death by the English statutes. The Coven-

wich; all lost but four men. Resolution, 60 guns,

coast of Sussex. Newcastle, 60 guns, at Spithead; 193
try act was passed in 1671; see Coventry Act. By lord drowned. Reserve, 60 guns, at Yarmouth; 173 per-
Ellenborough's act, persons who stab or cut with intent ished; in the night of...

...... 26 Nov. 1703
to murder, maim, or disfigure another were declared Association, 70 guns, and other vessels, lost with admiral

sir C. Shovel, off the scilly isles (which see).....22 Oct. 1707
guilty of felony without benefit of clergy. Those guilty solebay, 32 guns, lost ncar Boston neck; crew perished,
of maliciously shooting at another, in any dwelling-

25 Dec. 1709
house or other place, are also punishable under the same Edgar, 70 guns, blew up at Spithead; all on board per.
statuite in the same degree, 43 Geo. III. 1802. This wager : part of commodore Anson's South Sea expedi-


15 Oct. 1711
offence is met by some later statutes, particularly the tion; wrecked on desolate island, lat. 47° S... 14 May, 1741
act for consolidating and amending the acts relating to Victory, 100 guns, near the isle of Alderney; all per
offences against the person, 9 Geo. IV., June, 1828. This Colchester, 50 guns, lost on Kentish Knock; 50 men per-

.5 Oct. 1744
last act is extended to Ireland by 10 Geo. IV. 1829. An


21 Sept.
act for the prevention of malicious shooting, stabbing, Namur, 74 guns, foundered near Fort St. David, East in-
etc., in Scotland, 6 Geo. IV. 1825; amended by 10 Geo.

dies; all perished except 26 persons; Pembroke, 60
IV., 4 June, 1829, for the prevention and punishment of

guns, near Porto Nuovo; 330 of her crew perished,

13 April, 1749
assaults on women and children.

Prince George, 80 guns, burned in lat. 48° N., on way to

Gibraltar; about 400 perished..
Wreck Commission, a new court established to Lichfield, 50 guns, lost on the coast of Barbary; 130 of

13 April, 1758
inquire into the causes of shipwrecks; first sat, 30 Oct. the crew perished.....

.29 Nov.
1876, Mr. H. C. Rothery president.

Tilbury, 60 guns, lost off Louisburg; most of the crew

25 Sept. 1759
Wrecks. The loss of merchant and other ships by Ramilies, 90 guns, lost on the Bolt-head; only 26 per-
wreck upon lee-shores, coasts, and disasters in the open

sons saved; Conqueror, lost on St. Nicholas's Island,

15 Feb. 1760
sea, was estimated at Lloyd's, in 1800, to be about an Duc d'Aquitaine, 64 guns, and Sunderland, 60 guns, lost
average of 365 ships a year. In 1830, it appeared by off Pondicherry; all perished..

.1 Jan. 1761
Lloyd's Lists that 677 British vessels were totally lost, Raisonable, 64 guns, lost at the attack of Martinique,

3 Feb, 1762
under various circumstances, in that year. The laws Repulse, 32 guns, foundered off Bermuda ; crew per-
respecting wrecks were consolidated in 1846 and 1854; ished

see Seamen (commission of inquiry.)

Thunderer, 74 guns; Stirling Castle, 64; Defiance, 64;

Phænix, 44; La Blanche, 32; Laurel, 28; Shark, 28;
British vessels wrecked in 1848 were, sailing vessels, 501; Andromeda, 28; Deal Castle, 24; Penelope, 24; Scar.
steamers, 13; tonnage, 96,920.

borough, 20; Barbadoes, 14; Chameleon, 14; Endearour,
In 1851, there were wrecked 611 vessels, of which number 11

14; and Victor, 10 guns-all lost in the same storm, in
were steamers; the tonnage of the whole being 111,976.

the West Indies, in

...Oct. 1780
The year 1852–3, particularly the winter months (Dec. and

Gen. Barker, Indiaman, off Scheveling.

17 Feb, 1781
Jan.), was very remarkable for the number of dreadful ship Grosvenor, Indiaman, coast of Caffraria ....4 Aug. 1782
wrecks and tires at sea; but a few of them are recorded.

Swan, sloop of war, off Waterford; 130 drowned.. 4 Aug.
Wrecks in 25 years (1854-79), 49,322; lives lost, 18,319. Royal George ; above 600 perished..

...29 Aug.
Many vessels were lost in the great storms, 25, 26 Oct. 1859; Centaur, 74 guns, foundered on her passage from Jamai.

28 May, 1861; 19, 20 Oct. 1861; and 13, 14 Nov. 1862; by a ca; capt. Inglefield and 11 of the crew suved, .21 Sept.

cyclone, India, 5 Oct. 1864; in the West Indies, Oct. 1867. Ville de Paris, of 104 guns, one of admiral Rodney's
From the establishment of the Royal National Life-boat Insti-

prizes; the Glorieux, of 74 guns, lost in the West In-
tution, in 1824, to the end of 1867, 16,987 lives had been dies..

.5 Oct.
saved by its life-boats; to 1880, 27,603; 577 in 1880.

Superb, 74 guns, wrecked in Tellicherry roads, East In.
Lives saved, principally by the life-boats, in 1867, 5845; in dies

.5 Nov. 1783
1869, 5121; in 1871, 4336; in year 1875-6, 4358; in 1878-9, Cato, 50 guns, admiral sir Hyde Parker, on the Malabar

coast; crew perished

Count Belgioioso, Indiaman, off Dublin bay; 147 souls
Vessels. Lives lost. perished..

.13 March,


920 Menai, ferry-boat, in the Strait; 60 drowped......5 Dec. 1785


Halsewell, E. Indiaman; 386 persons perished....6 Jan. 1786


Hartwell, Indiaman, with immense wealth on board,


24 May, 1787

Charlemont Packet, from Holyhead to Dublin; 104
Vessels wrecked, or Vessels totally

drowned ...

22 Dec. 1790
suffering other casualties. wrecked. Lives lost. Pandora, frigate on a reef; 100 perished. ..28 Aug. 1791


Union, packet of Dover, lost off the port of Calais; a



similar occurrence had not happened for 105 years be-



.28 Jan. 1792


Winterton, E. Indiaman: many perished..



Impétueur, 74 guns, burned at Portsmouth. 24 Aug


Scorpion, 74 guns, burned at Leghorn.. ..20 Nov. 1793


Ardent, 64 guns, burned off Corsica.

.. April, 1794


Boyne, by fire, at Spithead (see Boyne).

.4 May, 1795



Courageur, 74 guns, capt. B. Hallowell, near Gibraltar;

crew, except 124, perished...

.18 Dec. 1796


La Tribune, 36 guns, of Halifax; 300 souls perished,



16 Xov. 1797


Proserpine frigate; in the Elbe; 15 lost. ..1 Feb. 1798


Resistance, blown up in the straits of Banca....24 July,



Royal Charlotte, E. Indiaman, blown up at Culpee. . 1 Aug.


H.M.S. Lutine, 32 guns, was wrecked at Vlieland, coast



of Holland; only one saved, who died before reaching
967 (6 months)
England $.

.9-10 Oct. 1799



Impregnable, 98 guns, wrecked between Langstone and



19 Oct.



Nassau, 64 guns, on the Haak Bank; 100 perished, 25 Oct.






8 La Lutine was a French ship captured by admiral Duo-



She contained much bullion and money belonging to


merchants; a great loss to the underwriters at Lloyd's. The

Dutch government claimed the wreck, and granted one third

of the salvage in 1801 to the bullion fishers. Aner much dis-
Mary Rose, 60 guns, going from Portsmouth to Spithead, cussion and occasional recoveries, the king of the Nether.

upset in a squall; all ou board perished.......20 July, 1545 lands ceded to Great Britain (for Lloyd's) balf the remainder
Coronation, 90 guns, foundered off the Ramhead; crew of the wreck. A Dutch salvage company began operat ons in
saved. llarwich, 70 guns, wrecked on Mount Edg. Aug. 1857.

At the end of 1859, Lloyd's bad received 22, 1621.
cumbe; crew perished...

1 Sept. 1691 6s. 70. About 99,8931, recovered; about 1,175.0001, remaining

A chair and table at Lloyd's were made of the rudder, recov.
* 331 in Schiller. 318 in Eurydice, 281 in Atalanta. ered in 1859.- Martin's History of Lloyd's.

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.....6 Feb.

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Sceptre, 64 guns, wrecked in Table bay, cape of Good 200 of the 82d regiment, with wives and children, lost Hope; 291 of the crew perished.. .5 Nov. 1799 near Kinsale; alınost all perished

.31 Jan. 1816 Ethalion, frigate, 38 guns, on the Penmarks...... 24 Dec. Harpooner, transport, near Newfoundland; 200 persons Queen, transport, on Trefusis point ; 369 lives perished,


10 Nov. 14 Jan. 1800 William and Mary, packet, struck on the Willeys rocks, Mastiff, gun-brig, on the Cockle Sands.

19 Jan.

near the Holmes light-house, Bristol Channel; nearly Repulse, 64 guns, off Ushant.. ...10 March, 60 persons perished.

.23 Oct. 1817 Queen Charlotte (which see), burned; 673 perished,

Queen Charlotte, E. Indiaman, at Madras; all on board 17 March, perished..

24 Oct. 1818 Queen, W. Indiaman, by fire, off Brazil.. .9 July, Ariel, in the Persian Gulf; 79 perished . 18 March, 1820 Brazen, sloop of war, off Newhaven; all lost except one Blendon Hall, on Inaccessible Island; many perished, man

23 July, 1821 Invincible, 74 guns, near Yarmouth; capt. John Rennie Earl of Moira, on the Burbo Bank, near Liverpool; 40 and the crew, except 126, perished .16 March, 1801 drowned..

.8 Aug. Margate, Margate hoy, near Reculver; 23 persons per- Juliana, E. Indiaman, on the Kentish Knock; 40 ished. .10 Feb. 1802 drowned.

..26 Dec. Bangalore, E. Indiaman, Indian sea.. ......12 April, Thames, Indiaman, off Beachy Head; several drowned, Active, W. Indiaman, in Margate Roads..... ...10 Jan. 1803

3 Feb. 1822 Hindostan, E. Indiaman, went to pieces on the Culvers, Drake, 10 guns, near Halifax; several drowned. 20 June, 11 Jan. Ellesmere, steamer; 11 persons lost ..

14 Dec. La Déterminée, 24 guns, in Jersey Roads; many drowned, Alert, Dublin and Liverpool packet; 70 persons perished, 26 March,

26 March, 1823 Resistance, 36 guns, off cape St. Vincent..

.31 May, Robert, from Dublin to Liverpool ; 60 persons perished, Lady Hobart, packet, on an island of ice.. 28 June,

16 May, Seine, frigate, 44 guns, off Schelling. ...31 July, Kent (which see), E. Indiaman; burned

. March, 1825 Antelope, capt. Wilson, off Pellew Islands .......9 Aug. Fanny, in Jersey Roads; lord Harley and many drowned, Victory, Liverpool ship, at Liverpool; 27 drowned,

1 Jan. 1828 30 Sept. Venus, packet, from Waterford to Dublin, near Gorey; 9 Circe, frigate, 32 guns, off Yarmouth..

16 Nov.
persons drowned..

.19 March, Nautilus, E. Indiaman, on Ladrones.

18 Nov.

Newry, from Newry to Quebec, with 360 passengers; cast Fanny, in Chinese Sea; 40 perish..

29 Nov.

away near Bardsy; about 40 persons were drowned, Suffisante, sloop, 16 guns, off Cork .25 Dec.

16 April, 1830 Apollo, frigute, on coast of Portugal..

. 1 April, 1804 Lady Sherbrooke, from Londonderry to Quebec; lost near Cumberland Packet, on Antigua coast. ..4 Sept. Cape Ray; 273 persons perished; 32 only were saved, Romney, 50 guns, on Haak Bank, Tesel.. 18 Nov.

19 Aug. 1831 Venerable, 74 guns, at Torbay; lost 8 men.. ..24 Nov. Experiment, from Hull to Quebec; wrecked near Calais, Severn, on a rock, near Grouville.. ..21 Dec.

15 April, 1832 Doris, frigate, on the Diamond rock, Quiberon Bay, Hibernia, burned in W. long. 22°, S. lat. 4°; 150 persons 12 Jan. 1805 (out of 232) perished.

...15 Feb. 1833 Abergavenny, E. Indiaman, on the Bill of Portland; more Earl of Wemyss, near Wells, Norfolk; the cabin filled, than 300 persons perished...

and 11 ladies and children were drowned; all on deck Naias, transport, on Newfoundland coast........23 Oct.


...13 July, Æneas, transport, off Newfoundland; 340 perished,

Amphitrite, ship with female convicts to New South 23 Oct.

Wales; lost on Boulogne Sands; out of 131 persons, Aurora, transport, on the Goodwin Sands; 300 perished, 3 only were saved..

.30 Aug. 21 Dec. United Kingdom, W. Indiaman, with rich cargo; run King George, packet, from Park gate to Dublin, lost on down by the Queen of Scotland steamer off Northfieet, the Hoyle Bank; 125 persons, passengers and crew,

near Gravesend..

.15 Oct. drowned

.21 Sept. 1806 Waterwitch, steamer, on the coast of Wexford ; 4 Athénien, 64 guns, near Tunis; 347 perished......27 Oct.


.18 Dec. Glasgow, packet, ofl Farm Island; several drowned,

Lady Munro, from Calcutta to Sydney; of 90 persons on 17 Nov. board, not more than 20 were saved.

..9 Jan. 1834 Felix, 12 guns, near Santander; 79 lives lost.....22 Jan. 1807 Chameleon, cutter, run down off Dover by the Castor, Blenheim, 74 guns, admiral sir T. Troubridge, and Java, frigate; 13 persons drowned...

23 guns, foundered near island of Rodriguez, East In. Earl of Eldon, E. Indiaman; burned.. dies.

1 Feb. Killarney, steamer, off Cork; 29 persons perished, Ajar, 74 guns, by fire, off the island of Tenedos; 250 per.

26 Jan. 1838 ished.

14 Feb. Forfarshire, steamer, from Hull to Dundee; 38 persons Blanche, frigate, on the French coast; 45 men perished, drowned. Owing to the courage of Grace Darling and

4 March, her father, 15 persons were saved (see Forfarshire), Ganges, E. Indiaman, off the cape of Good Hope. 29 May,

6 Sept. Prince of Wales, Park-gate packet, and Rochilale, traus. Protector, E. Indiaman, at Bengal; of 178 persons on port, on Dunleary point, near Dublin; nearly 300 per

board, 170 perished...

.21 Nov. ished....

19 Nov. William Huskisson, steamer, between Dublin and Lirer. Boreas, man of war, upon the Hannois rock in the Chan

pool; 93 passengers saved by capt. Clegg of the Hud. nel...

28 Nov.

.11 Jan. 1840 Anson, 44 guns, wrecked in Mount's bay; 60 lives lost, Lord William Bentinck, off Bombay; 58 recruits, 20 off

29 Dec.

cers, and 7 passengers perished; the Lord Castlereagh Agatha, near Memel; lord Royston and others drowned, also wrecked, most of her crew and passengers lost, 7 April, 1808

17 June, Astrea, frigate, on Anagada coast...

23 May,

H.M.S. Fairy, capt. Hewitt; sailed from Harwich on a Frith, passage-boat, in the Frith of Dornoch; 40 persons

surveying cruise, and was lost next day in a violent drowned.

13 Aug. 1809 gale off the coast of Norfolk .. Forhound, 18 guns, foundered on passage from Halifax; City of Bristol, steam-packet; 35 perished ......18 Nov. crew perished.

..31 Aug Thames, steamer, capt. Gray, from Dublin to Liverpool, Sirius, 36 guns, and Magicienne, 36 guns, wrecked when wrecked off St. Ives; the captain and 55 persons peradvancing to attack the French, off Isle of France,


...4 Jan. 1841 23 Aug. 1810 Governor Fenner, from Liverpool for America; run down Satellite, sloop of war, 16 guns, upset, and all on board off Holyhead by the Nottingham, steamer, out of Dub. perished

.14 Dec.
lin; 122 persons perished...

19 Feb. Minotaur, of 74 guns, wrecked on the Haak Bank; 360 Amelia, from London to Liverpool; lost on the Herne persons perished....

.22 Dec.

26 Feb. Pandora, sloop of war, ofl Jutland; 30 persons perished, President, steamer, from New York to Liverpool, with

13 Feb. 1811 many passengers on board; sailed on 11 March, enSaldanha, frigate, on the Irish coast; 300 persons per

countered a terrific storm two days afterwards, and has ished..

...4 Dec.
never since been heard of....

..... 13 March, St. George, of 98. and Defence, of 74 guns, and the Hero,

[In this vessel were Mr. Tyrone Power, the comedian, stranded on the coast of Jutland; admiral Reynolds a son of the duke of Richmond, etc.) and all the crews (about 2000 persons) perished, except William Browne, by striking on the ice; 16 passengers 18 seamen.....

24 Dec.

who had been received into the long-boat were thrown Manilla, frigate, on the Haak Sand; 12 persons perished, overboard by the crew to lighten her.

19 April, 28 Jan. 1812 Isabella, from London to Quebec; struck by an iceberg, Atalante, H. M. frigate, off Nova Scotia... 10 Nov. 1813

9 May, British Quren, packet, from Ostend to Margate, wrecked Solway, steamer, on her passage between Belfast and on the Goodwin Sands, and all on board perished,

Port Carlisle; crew saved ..

,25 Aug. 17 Dec. 1814 | Amanda, off Metis; 29 passengers and 12 of the crew lost, Duchess of Wellington, at Calcutta, by fire....... 21 Jan. 1816

26 Sept. Seahorse, transport, near Tramore bay : 365 persons, James Coolce, of Limerick, coming from Sligo to Glasgow, chiefly soldiers of the 59th regiment, and most of the

21 Nov. crew, drowned.......

.......30 Jan.

Abercrombie R binson and Waterloo, transports, in TaLord Melville and Boadicea, transports, with upwards of ble bay, cape of Good Hope; of 330 persous on board

27 Aug .27 Sept.

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the latter vessel, 189, principally convicts, perished, near Torres Straits; the captain (Bibby) and 6 lires 28 Aug. 1842 lost.

....3 aug. 1953 Spitfire, war-steamer, off Jamaica.

..10 Sept. Annie Jane, of Liverpool, an em grant.vessel, driven on Reliance, E. Indiaman, from China to London, off Merle

shore on the Barra Islands, ou west coast of Scotland; mont, rear Boulogue; of 116 persons on board, 7 only

about 348 lives lost

, 29 Sept. were saved.

13 Nov. Harwood, brig, by collision with the Trident steamer, Hamilton, on the Guntleet Sands, near Harwich; 11 of near the Mouse light near the Nore; foundered; 6 of the crew perished. .

15 Nov.
the crew perished..

....5 Oct. Conqueror, E. Ind aman, homeward bound, near Bou- Dalhousie, foundered off Beachey Head; the captain logne; crew and passengers lost....

.13 Jan. 1843 (Butterworth), the passengers, and all the crew (ex. Jessie Logan, E. Indiaman, on the Cornish coast; many

cepting one), about 60 persons in all, perished; the lives lost..

16 Jan.
cargo was valued at above 100,0001..

19 O t. Solway, royal mail-steamer, near Corunna; 28 lives lost, Marshall, screw-steamer, in the North sea, ran into the and the mail.

.7 April,

bark Woodhouse; about 48 persons supposed to have Catherine, trader, blown up off the Isle of Pines; most of perished...

.28 Nov. the crew were massacred by the natives, or afterwards Tayleur, emigrant ship, driven on the rocks off Lambay drowned.

.12 April,

Island, north of Howth; about 380 lives lost... 20 Jan. 1834 Amelia Thompson, near Madras; part of crew saved, Favorite, in the Channel, on her way from Bremen lo

23 May,

Baltimore, came into violent contact with the Ameri. Albert, troop.ship, from Halifax, with the 61th regiment can bark Hesper, off the Start, and immediately went on board, which was miraculously saved......13 July, down; 201 persons were drowned..

29 April, Pegasus, steam-packet, from Leith, off' the Fern Islands; Lady Nugent, troop-ship, sailed from Madras, 10 May, of 59 persons (including Mr. Elton, the actor), 7 only

1854; foundered in a hurricane; 350 rank and file of were saved.

19 July, the Madras light infantry, officers, and crew, in all 400 Phænir, in a terrific snow-storm, off the coast of New

souls, perished.

May, foundland; many lives were lost

26 Nov. Arctic, C. S. mail steamer, by collision in a fog with the Elberfeldt, iron steamship, from Brielle.. 22 Feb. 1844 Vesta, French steamer, of Newfoundland; over 300 Manchester, steamer, from Hull to Hamburg, off the Vogel

lives lost...

...27 Sept. Sands, near Cuxhaven; about 30 lives lost....16 June, Forerunner, African mail-steamer, struck on a sunken John Lloyd, by collision in the Irish sea; several lives rock off St. Lorenzo, Madeira, and went down directly lost..

25 Sept. 1845 afterwards, with the total loss of ship and mails, and Margaret, Hull and Hamburg steamer; many lives lost,

14 lives...

25 Oct. 22 Oct. Nile, iron screw-steamer, struck on the Godevry rock, Tweed, steamer, off Yucatan... 12 Feb. 1846 St. Ives' buy, and all perished.

.30 Nov. Great Britain, iron steamship, grounded in Dundrum City of Glasgow, a Glasgow steamer, with 480 persons on bay (see Great Britain).

.22 Sept.

board, disappeared in. (Recovered by Brunel, ete., 27 Aug. 1847.)

In the storm which raged in the Black sea, 13-16 Nov. Tweed, W. India mail - packet; 72 persons perished,

1854, eleven transports were wrecked and six disabled.

19 Feb. 1847 The new steamship Prince was lost with 144 lives, and Exmouth, emigrant-ship, from Londonderry to Quebec; a cargo worth 500,0001, indispensable to the army in of 240 persons on board, nearly all were drowned,

the Crimea. The loss of life in the other vessels is es. 28 April,

timated at 340.. Carrick, brig; a gale in the St. Lawrence; 170 emi- George Canning, Hamburg and New York packet, near grants perished..

19 May,

the mouth of the Elbe; 96 lives lost; and Stately, Eng. Avenger, H.M. steam - frigate, off north coast of Africa; lish schooner, near Neuwiek, in a great storm.. 1 Jan. 1875 officers and crew nearly 200) lost..

.20 Dec. Mercury, screw-steamer, by collision with a French Ocean Monarch (which ser).. ..24 Aug. 1848 ship; passengers saved...

11 Jan. Forth, steamer, off Campeachy.

13 Jan. 1849 Janet Boyu, bark, in a storm off Margate Sands; 28 lives Caleb Grimshaw, emigrant-ship, fire; 400 persons mi


.20 Jan. raculonsly escaped...

.12 Nov. Will o' the Wisp. screw-steamer, on the Burn rock, off Royal Adelaide, steamer, wrecked on the Tongue Sands,

Lambay; 18 lives lost..

.9 Feb off Margate; above 400 lives lost..

.30 March, 1850 Morna, steamer, on rocks near the Isle of Man: 21 lives Orion, steamship, off Portpatrick (see Orion). ..,18 June,


25 Feb. Rosalind, from Quebec; a number of the crew drowned, John, emigrant vessel, on the Muncles rocks, off Fal.

9 Sept.
mouth; 200 lives lost..

1 May, Edmund, emigrant-ship, with nearly 200 passengers from Pacific, Collins steamer, lett Liverpool for New York, Limerick to New York (of whom more than one half

with 186 persons on board; never since heard of (sup. perished), wrecked off the western coast of Ireland,

posed to have struck on an iceberg). ..........23 Jan. 1856

12 Nov. Josephine Willis, packet.ship, lost by collision with the Amazon, W. India mail-steamer (see Amazon).....4 Jan. 1852 screw-steamer Mangerton, in the Channel; about 70 Birkenhead, troop-ship, iron padile-wheeled, and of 556

lives lost....

..3 Feb. horse power, sailed from Queenstown, 7 Jan. 1852, for John Rutledge, from Liverpool to New York, ran on an the Cape, having on board detachments of the 12th iceberg, and was wrecked; many lives lost....20 Feb. lancers, 2d, 6th, 12th, 430, 45th, and 60th rities, 73d, Many vessels and their crews totally lost.......1-8 Jan. 1807 74th, and 91st regiments. It struck upon a pointed Violet, royal mail-steamer, lost on the Goodwin; many pinnacle rock of Simon's bay, South Africa, and of persons perished...

...5 Jan. 638 persous only 184 were saved by the boats; 454 of Northern Belle, American vessel, wrecked near Broadthe crew and soldiers perished...

26 Feb.

stairs. American government sent 21 silver medals Victoria, steam-packet, wrecked near Wings beacon off

and 2701. to be vistributed among the heroic boat men Gottenburg; many lives lost...

.8, 9 Nov.
who saved the crew.....

..5, 6 Jan. Lily, stranded and blown up by gunpowder, on the Calf- Tyme, royal steamer, stranded on her way to Southof-Man, by which more than 30 persons lost their lives,

ampton from the Brazils..

..13 Jan. 24 Dec. Brig Emmeline, of lenobscot, Me., wrecked off the HighSt. George, steamship, bound from Liverpool to New lands of New Jersey; crew so benumbed with cold

York, with 121 emigrant passengers (chiefly Irish), and that they could not haul lines on board which were a crew consisting of 29 seamen (the captain inclusive),

thrown them by mortars; all hands perished.. 18 Jan. was destroyed by fire at sea. The crew and 70 of the St. Andrew, screw steamer, totally wrecked near Latakia; passengers were saved by the American ship Orlando,

loss about 110.0001..

29 Jan. and conveyed to Havre, in France; 51 supposed to Charlemagne, iron clipper, wrecked by the coast of Canhave perished.

24 Dec.

ton; passengers saved; loss about 110,0001..20 March, Queen Victoria, steamship, bound from Liverpool, was H.M.S. Raleigh, 50 guns, wrecked on southeast coast of wrecked off the Bailey light-house, Dear Dublin; mis.


.14 April, took her course in a snow-storm; 67 lost out of 120,

Catherine Adamson, Australian vessel, wrecked 25 miles

15 Feb. 1853 from Sydney; 20 lives lost.... .. about 3 June, Independence, on the coast of Lower California, and H.M.S. Transit, wrecked on a reef in the Straits of Banca, which afterwards took tire; 140 persons were drowned

10 July, or burned to death, a few escaping, who underwent

Steamer J. W. Harris sunk in collision with steamer the most dreadful additional sufferings on a barren

Metropolis, in Long Island Sound; 14 lives lost.8 Aug. shore...

..16 Feb. Dunbar, clipper, wrecked on the rocks near Sydney: 121 Duke of Sutherland, steames, from London to Aberdeen, persons, and cargo valued at 22,0001., lost; one person

struck on the pier at Aberdeen, and the captain (Ed. only saved, who was on the rocks 30 hours....20 Aug. ward Howling) and 16 of the crew and passengers Central America, American steamer, from Havana to perished..

..1 April,

New York, foundered at sea; had on board 579 perRebecca, on west coast of Van Diemen's Land; capt.

sons, of whom only 152 were saved; also $2.000.000 in Shephard and many lives lost ....... . 29 April,

gold, which was lost..

12 Sept. William and Mary, an American emigrant ship, near Sarah Sands, an iron screw steamer, sailed from Ports. the Bahamas, She struck on a sunken rock; about

mouth to (alcutta, in Aug. 1857; 300 soldiers on board. 170 persons perished....

..3 May,

On 11 Nov, the cargo (government stores) took tire, Aurora, of llull; sailed from New York, 26 Apr.), and

By the exertions of major Brett and capt. Castle, the foundered; about 25 lives lost...

:20 May,

master of the vessel, who directed the soldiers and the Bourneuf, Australian emigrant vessel, struck on a reef crew, the flames were subdued, although a barrel of

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gunpowder exploded during the conflagration. A new Lolus, merchantman, off Chale bay, in the great storm; danger then arose--the prevalence of a strong gale;

crew all lost except 2....

...19 Oct. 1862 water was shipped heavily where the port quarter had Many vessels lost during storm..

......19 Oct. been blown out. Nevertheless, after a fearful struggle, Colombo, East India mail steamer, in thick weather, the vessel arrived at the Mauritius, 21 Nov., without wrecked on Minicoy Island, 440 miles from Point de losing a single life..

.11-21 Nov. 1857 Galle, Ceylon; no lives lost (the crew and passengers Windsor, emigrant-ship, struck on a reef near the Cape taken off by the Ottawa from Bombay, 30 Nov.) Verd Islands.. ......1 Dec.

19 Nov. Ava, Indian mail-steamer, with ladies and others from Lifeguard, steamer, left Newcastle with about 41 passen.

Lucknow on board, wrecked near Ceylon......16 Feb. 1858 gers; never since heard of; supposed to have foun. Eastern Cily, burned about the equator on her way to dered off Flamborough Head.

20 Dec. Melbourne; by great exertions all on board were saved, Orpheus, H. M. steamer, new vessel, 1700 tons, com.

23, 24 Ang.

mander Burnett, wrecked on Manakau bar, west coast Austria, steam emigrant-ship, burned in the middle of

of New Zealand; 70 persons saved; about 190 perished, the Atlantic; of 538 persuus on board, only 67 were

7 Feb. 1863 saved; the disaster due to carelessness,

13 Sept.

Anglo-Saxon, mail-steamer, capt. Burgess, in dense fog, St. Paul, capt. Pennard, from Hong Kong to Sydney, wrecked on reef off cape Race, Newfoundland; about with 327 Chinese emigrants, wrecked on the island of

237, out of 446, lives lost...

27 April, Rossel, 30 Sept. 1858. The captain and 8 of the crew All Serene, Australian ship; gale in the Pacific; above left the island in search of assistance, and were picked 30 lives lost (the survivors suffered much till they up by the Prince of Denmark, schooner. The French

reached the Fiji isles in a punt)...

21 Feb. 1964 steamer Styr was despatched to the island, and brought Many shipwrecks in consequence of the cyclone at away one Chinese, 25 Jan. 1859. All the rest had been


.5 Oct. massacred and devoured by the natives.

H.M.S. Racehorse, off Chefoo cape, Chinese coast; 99 Czar, steamer, wrecked off the Lizard; 14 lives lost,

lives lost..

. 4 Nov. 23 Jan. 1559 The Stanley, Friendship, etc., in a gale of Tynemouth; Pomona, an American ship, capt. Merrihew, 419 persons and the Dalhousie, screw-steamer, mouth of the Tay, on board, from Liverpool to New York, was wrecked on

same gale; 34 lives lost..

.24 Nov. Blackwater bank, through the master mistaking the H.M.S. Bombay, burned off Flores Island, near MonBlackwater for the Tuskar light; only 24 persons

tendes; 91 lives lost.....

14 Dec. saved.

.. night of 27-28 April, Lelia, cutter, off Great Orme's Head, during a gale; sey. Eastern Monarch, burned at Spithead; out of 500, 8 lives eral lives lost; 7 persons drowned by upsetting of the lost. The vessel contained invalid soldiers from India,


14 Jan. 1865 who, with the crew, behaved admirably. ...2 June, Eagle Sperd, emigrant vessel, foundered near Calcutta; Alma, steamer, grounded on a reef near Aden, Red Sea, 205 coolies drowned; great cruelty and neglect imputed, about 35 miles from Mocha; all persons saved; after

24 Aug.. 3$ days' exposure to the sun, without water, they Duncan Dunbar, wrecked on a reef at Las Rocas, South were rescued by HM S. Cyclops; sir John Bowring,

America; no lives lost....

7 Oct. who was on board, lost valuable papers.......12 June, Samphire, mail- steamer; collision with an American Admella, steamer, running between Melbourne and Ade. bark; several lives lost...

.13 Dec. laide, struck on a reef; of about 72 persons, only 23 Ibis, steamer, machinery damaged, off Ballycroneen bay; were saved; many perished through exposure to cold,

15 lives lost; sailed from Cork

..18 Dec. 6 Aug

Steamer Constitution, wrecked on cape Lookout shoals; Royal Charter, screw - steamer, capt. Taylor, totally 40 lives lost....

25 Dec. wrecked off Moelfra, on the Anglesea coast; 446 lives London, steamer, on her way to Melbourne, foundered lost. The vessel contained gold amounting in value in Bay of Biscay, about 220 persons perished (includ. to between 700,000!. and 800,0001. ; much of this has ing capt. Martin, Dr. Woolley, principal of the univer. been recovered..

night of 25-26 Oct.

sity of Sydney, G. V. Brooke, the tragedian); about the Indiun, mail-steamer, wrecked off the coast of New.

same time the Amalia, steamer, went down with a foundland; out of 116, 27 lives lost.

.21 Nov.

cargo worth 200,0001.; no lives lost... ....11 Jan. 1866 Blervie Castle, sailed from London docks for Adelaide; Many wrecks and inuch loss of life during gales, especiallost in the Channel and all on board, 57 persons; last

ly off Torbay

.6-11 Jan. scen on...

.25 Dec. Steamer Miami, exploded boilers, burned, and sunk in Northerner, steamer, wrecked on a rock near cape Men

Mississippi river; 150 lives lost..

30 Jan. docino, between San Francisco and Oregon; 38 lives Steainer Missouri, exploded her boilers on Ohio river; lost... .6 Jan. 1860 100 lives lost..

...30 Jan. Endymion, sailing vessel, burned in the Mersey; loss Spirit of the Ocean, steamer; wrecked on a rock near above 20,0001.

..31 Jan.
Dartmouth; all lost except 4...

..23 March, Dreadful gales, and many wrecks on the coast. 15-19 Feb. General Grant, on voyage from Melbourne to London, Ondine, steamer, lost through collision with the Her. wrecked off Auckland isles; only 13 out of about 100 oine, of Bideford, abreast of Beachey Head; the cap.

saved ...

. May, tain and about 50 persons perished... ...19 Feb. Amazon, H. M. screw-sloop, and screw.steamer Osprey, Luna, American emigrant vessel, wrecked on rocks off sunk by collision near Plymouth; several passengers Barfleur; about 100 lives lost...

.19 Feb.
and sailors drowned.

10 July, Hungarian, new mail - steamer, wrecked off coast of Bruiser, steamer, sunk by collision with the Haswell, ofr Nova Scotia; all on board (205) lost on the night of

Aldborough; about 15 lives lost..

...19 Aug. 19-20 Feb. Bhima, Indian steamer ; foundered through collision Nimrod, steamer, wrecked on rocks near St. David's with Nana, steamer, between Bombay aud Suez; 19 Head; 40 lives lost...

.28 Feb.
lives lost..

11 Sept. Malabar, iron ship, on her way to China, with lord Elgin Evening Star, steamer, from New York to New Orleans, and baron Gros, wrecked off Point de Galle, Ceylon.

foundered at sea; about 250 lives lost..

.3 Oct. The ambassadors displayed much heroism; no lives H.M.S. Berenice, burned in Persian gulf; none perished, lost; of much specie sunk, a good deal was recovered,

13 Oct. 22 May, Ceres, near Carnsoe, Ireland; about 36 lives lost (capt. Lady E'gin, an American steamer, sunk through collis. Pascoe censured for neglecting to sound)... 10 Nov. ion with schooner Augusta on Lake Michigau; of 385 Many wrecks in the Channel..

...5, 6 Jan. 1867 persons ou board, 287 were lost, including Mr. Herbert James Crosfield, iron ship; wrecked off languess, Isle of Ingram, M. P., founder of the Illustrated London News, Man; all on board lost,

.5 Jan. and his son.

...morning of 8 Sept. Singapore, Peninsular and Oriental steamer, struck Arctic, Hull steamer, wrecked off Jutland; many per

on å sunken rock, and went down; no lives lost, sons sared by Mr. Earle, who lost his own life while

20 Aug. endeavoring to save others...

...5 Oct. Rhone and Wye, royal mail-steamers, totally lost, and Connaught, steamer, burned; crew saved through the about 50 other vessels driven ashore; great loss of life

gallantry of the crew of an American brig......7 Oct. by a hurricane, off St. Thomas (sce Virgin Islands), Juanita, wrecked through collision with an American

29 Oct. vessel, Joseph Fish; 13 lives lost..... .15 March, 1861 | Hibernia, screw-steamer; the shaft of screw- propeller Canadian, steamer, struck on a field of ice in the Straits broko, 600 miles off coast of Ireland; many lives lost, of Belle isle, and foundered in half an hour; 35 lives

24 or 25 Oct. or Nov. 1868 lost...

..4 June, Magnolia, steamer, exploded boilers on Ohio river; 80 H.M.S. Conqueror stranded on Rum Cay, near Bahamas,

lives lost..

....18 March, and lost (the captain and master were censured for Sea-bird, steamer, burned on Lake Michigan; 100 lives neglect of duty). .

.29 Dec.

9 April, Ilarmony, lost, with all hands, off Plymouth..... 27 Feb. 1862 Henry Trowbridge, bark, wrecked off Neversink, N. J.; Ocean Monarch, 2195 tons, sailed from New York, 5

4 lives lost..

..5 Aug March, laden with provisions; foundered in a gale,

Hippocampus, steamer, wrecked in Lake Michigan ; 9 March, many lives lost.

8 Sept. l'pwards of 60 merchantmen lost during gales in March, United States and America, steamers, in Ohio river, near Mars, Waterford steainer, struck on a rock near Milford

Warsaw, Ky. ; in collision and burned, heavy loss of life, Haven; about 50 lives lost... .. April,

4 Dec. Bencoolen, East Indiaman, 1400 tons, struck on sinds Many wrecks on the Cornish coast during a gale, Dear Bude Haven, Cornwall; about 26 lives lost.. 19 Oct.

19, 20 March, 1869

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