The Panama Canal and Its Ports

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Page 7 - Art. 11. A vessel under 150 feet in length when at anchor shall carry forward, where it can best be seen, but at a height not exceeding 20 feet above the hull, a white light, in a lantern so constructed as to show a clear, uniform, and unbroken light visible all around the horizon at a distance of at least 1 mile.
Page 57 - After the expiration of the free time allowed, a charge of $1 per car per day, or fraction of a day, will be made until car is released.
Page 16 - States" as used in this section includes the Canal Zone, and all territory and waters, continental or insular, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.
Page 26 - Only such officials as are authorized in the several foreign countries and in the United States to measure vessels and to issue tonnage certificates for purposes of national registry, and such other officials as are authorized by the President of the United .States, or by those acting for him, to measure vessels and to issue Panama Canal tonnage certificates, shall have authority to measure vessels for Panama navigation or to issue Panama tonnage certificates.
Page 32 - No containers of explosives shall be loaded above the side of any crate or basket nor shall rope-net slings be so loaded as to prevent the sling from encompassing the entire load on its top side. Explosives shall not be handled roughly. They must be hoisted and lowered carefully and only deposited or lowered onto a mattress.
Page 59 - Neither the carrier nor the ship shall in any event be or become liable for any loss or damage to or in connection with the transportation of goods in an amount exceeding $500 per package lawful money of the United States, •or in case of goods not shipped in packages, per customary freight unit...
Page 27 - Canal to any vessel which, in their opinion, is insufficiently manned as to officers and crew. 107.2 Crew on watch. (a) When underway in Canal Zone waters, a vessel shall keep a full watch on deck and in the engine...
Page 15 - Part n hereof shall be required to present an identifying travel document in the nature of a passport, showing his nationality and identity and bearing his photograph, before he may be granted shore leave for any purpose, unless the possession of such an identifying travel document is waived by the Secretary of State, except that for such a seaman arriving at a port in the Virgin Islands the Governor thereof may grant such...
Page 7 - ... (c) Between sunrise and sunset every vessel when at anchor shall carry in the forepart of the vessel, where it can best be seen, one black ball not less than 2 feet in diameter.

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