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ordered them, expressly approved them, or failed to punish them; and indirectly, but fundamentally, upon the militaristic imperialism which sent forth officers and men upon its mission. Such attacks, he contends, "far from constituting criminal exceptions, infractions (individual and collective) of the established discipline, are imputable to that discipline itself, and consequently to the system of government, to the whole social and moral creed, of which that discipline is the expression, the consequence, and the support."

The ultra-Teutonic conceptions of aggressive war as a capitalistic enterprise, a political duty, a biological necessity, etc., have become familiar to all the world in recent years, and the author of this book attempts, not so much to restate them, as to point out the proofs which German intellectuals have fabricated for them, and to illustrate their concrete results when embodied in actual war.

The moral of this, as of all other versions of the sordid story, is obviously that men must get rid of the whole system of war, for any nation is liable to pervert even its most chivalrous ideals to base and brutal uses; and, as the best means of achieving this great task, that they must replace autocracy by democracy, and nationalistic imperialism by international organization and cooperation.


European Treaties Bearing on the History of the United States and its Dependencies to 1648. Edited by Frances Gardiner Davenport. Washington: The Carnegie Institution. 1917. pp. vi, 387. As defined by the editor, the purpose of the volume is to furnish "all treaties, or parts of treaties, that bear upon the history of the present territory of the United States, or of its outlying possessions. Some drafts of treaties, and the papal bulls which formed a basis for the claims of Portugal or Spain to the aforesaid territory, are also included." Four documents in this collection are now printed for the first time, and all others have been more carefully collated with the originals or authentic texts than in previous editions. A brief general introduction describes the character and inter-relation of the documents as a whole, while a more detailed introduction prefixed to each document adequately sets forth its individual background and bearing. A bibliography accompanies each document; and the documents themselves are printed in the original languages, with translations and ex

haustive notes. Nearly two hundred pages, more than half the volume, are taken up with the relations of Portugal and Spain (and the Papacy) before the entrance of a third power. The relations of these two and of France, England, the Netherlands, and Denmark fill the rest of the book.

The first half of the volume, as the direct background of American diplomatic history, is much more valuable than the second, which, in general, possesses rather minute importance for American history, and is more or less incidental to the larger diplomacy of Europe. The Department of Historical Research plans to continue the work thus begun, and a volume including similar materials from 1648 to 1713 is in preparation. An inconsistency is noted between pages 1 and 27 in ascribing to both Nicholas V and Calixtus III the authorship of document 2.




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