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Concise Exposition of the Draftsman's Art,
with a Series of Forms framed in accordance with recent Legislation.

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"Principles and Precedents of Modern Conveyancing' is a comprehensive treatise on the law and practice of conveyancing, as it has been modified hy recent changes. Mr. Cavanagh's work aims at including within the space of this substantial volume the whole conveyancing legislation of the last two years. Besides the two parts in which this extensive subject is dealt with, the Author furnishes in a third part a series of no fewer than one hundred forms, framed in accordance with the Conveyancing and Law of Property Act, 1881, some being, moreover, specially

adapted to the Conveyancing, Settled 'Land, Bills of Sale, and Married Women's Property Acts of this present Session of Parliament."


“Mr. Cavanagh is a writer whose reputation was established by his work on the Law of Money Securities," and from our experience of that book we were prepared to find in the present one those characteristics of orderly treatment, clear apprehension of principles and decisions, and lucid exposition which are essential in dealing with any subject so complicated and abstruse as the law of real property. We may at once say that these expectations were in no wise disappointed, Mr. Cavanagh's peculiar merits being even more noticeable in his later than in his former work.

The book concludes with a judicious selection of welldrawn and original precedents of various kinds, so framed as to secure the full benefit of the recent legislation.

His book bids fair to become the accepted text-book of the modern school of conveyancers, and to supplant the somewhat ponderous volumes which recent reforms have gone far to render out of date." THE “LAW TIMES” SAYS,

"It certainly forms a 'multum in parvo,' and is in itself good evidence of the large amount of abbreviation in conveyancing which recent legislation has rendered possible. The precedents are of many and various descriptions, and they will be of great use to the draftsman."


“We have nothing but praise for Mr.Cavanagh's able work, the length of which is to be ascribed to no lack of correctness or clearness on the Author's part, but to the wide extent of ground he has covered. The whole of the conveyancing legislation of the last two years is included in the volume, an advantage which conveyancers will rot be slow to appreciate. To them, and to all who may be desirous to understand the principles upon which conveyancing rests, Mr. Cavanagh's work may with confidence be commended."


“A careful perusal of the precedents' leads as to the conclusion that on the whole they are drawn in the spirit of the recent Acts.

• The notes to the štatutes are also clear and concise. The general arrangement of the work leaves little to be desired."


“In this work Mr. Cavanagh has placed before the reader a very careful compendium of the law relating to the conveyance of property.

Mr. Cavanagh's work, taken as a whole, is decidedly well done, and we can confidently recommend his work as one likely to prove

eful, both to students and practitioners."


“Mr. Cavanagh's book seems thoroughly trustworthy."

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