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where the toasts breathed just as much foul air against the Federal Government as those of Philadelphia did. This would prove, if proof of the fact were were yet wanted, that men of faction wall still be factious in whatever country aud under whatever government they may live. Here is no established hierarchy for Doctor Priestley to rail at, nor are there any tithes for him to wrangle for ; and yet he cannot be quiet. Wherever the standard of discontent is hoisted, there the Doctor is a volunteer, ready armed and accoutred, whether it be in a conventicle or a club-room, whether the attack be to be made with scraps of scripture, mangled and profaned from the quivering lips of malice, or with blackguard toasts roared forth from the lungs of gluttony and drunkenness.

After this instance of hostility (as far as exhausted powers can lead him) against the general government of America, I hope we shall hear no more of his peaceable disposition, of his coming amongst us" to enjoy that toleration which his native land " denied hiin," and of his wish to continue unmolested those pursuits of various literature to

which, without having ever entered into any

political connections, his life has been devoted." If he never before entered into political connections, he has done it now, at any rate. If his present ille timacy, I say intimacy, with Citizen Adet; his toast

I ing success to the fleets of France, Spain, and Batavia, and the insulting sarcasms on the Federal Go. vernment, contained in the above list : if his herding along with all those who hate, who oppose and who slander this government, and whose only object is to overturn it, and render the country dee pendant on France ; if this be not entering into political connections, I do not know what is.

I hope also, that those who were simple enough to believe the Doctor, when he professed his at


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tachment to the royal government of his country, and solemnly declared that neither he nor his friends thought of, or wished for, a revolution, will be convinced of his duplicity, when they hear him toasting “ The Republic of Great Britain," and wishing that the present year may witness the jubilee ; the revolutionary jubilee, the jubilee of plunder and carnage, of incendiaries, thieves, philosophers, and cannibals.

The conduct of this persevering demagogue, and that of all those who, like him, have fled from Brilain to America, is the best justification that the strong measures of Billy Pitt can have. While on the other side of the water, they only wanted a reform, a gentle reform; a very little would have done; a correction of abuses or so. They only wanted to

restore to the constitution its primitive purity, “ its ancient integrity and excellence. The tools of

power had insinuated that they wanted' to pull down, when their only intention was to repair “ the goodly fabric.This was their plaintive cant while in England; but, once arrived in America, once removed from the dangers of Botany Bay, the jail and the halter, they have no scruple to confess, nay they boast, that if tyranny had not disappointed their projects, they would, ere this, have repaired “ the goodly fabric,” into a republic, and buried King George under the rubbish.

Let this, then, be a warning to you, Englishmen (if ever these remarks should fall into your hands): beware of the pit that these subtle fiends are preparing for you ; be blind to their pauper exhibitions, and deaf to their crocodile cries. If you fóllow them but one step, you are gone, you are engulphed for ever. Under your government, whatever faults it may have (for none ever was without), your property and persons are in safety ; under the change that they would operate, neither would be


of long existence : first, they would take your money and goods, and then, for fear of your revenge for the robbery, your lives. This is the sure and certain progress in which they advance, and to this tend all their words and all their actions. We know them better than you do. The sight of the gibbet kept them in awe, imposed a restraint on their tongues; we have seen their bosoms bare, and have had the discretion to profit from the discovery.

When in Britain, they, like their apostle of sedition, Paine, held up our government to your

imitation, and dunned your ears with the rare talents and virtues of our Chief; but now, behold! they slander both. Our government is but a copy of yours, and General Washington is become an apostate, a hypocrite. This land of liberty,” to which they fled, as they pretended, from the “ rude arm “ of lawless power,” is now become a den for slaves, " where the proud tyrant, aristocracy of wealth, “ lords it over the honest but indigent citizen.” The same tone, the same language, the very same expressions, are now applied to this government, with which you were formerly amused, and, I am 'sorry to say it, of which you had nearly been the dupes. If this does not rouze you from your cre

. dulity, if this does not open your eyes, you deserve to be plunged into all the horrors of revolution, into desolation without bounds, and miseries without end.

Recollect that this lesson comes to you from the United States of America, from Philadelphia, the spot to which your deceivers resorted in hopes of meeting men of their own minds. To say that they have fallen into neglect would be too much, for they never were noticed. Poverty, though rarely visible here, is generally their lot. A threadbare coat, a dirty shirt, and a long beard are, with us, the distinctive marks of a Republican Briton. And




these are the wretches, oh! credulous Englishmen! that were leading you about in crowds at their heels. These were your oracles, the expositors of your laws, and the defenders of your rights. These scrofulous philosophers, these political lepers, whom we sicken but to see, you were hugging to your bosoms!

“ Wisdom is in age;" but, it seems, this maxim does not hold good with respect to nations. In the calendar of states, America was born but yesterday ; yet she has had the discernment to see through, and to frustrate, the designs of those men, who have destroyed the fairest part of Europe, and have shook the rest to its very base. There they had to encounter adamantine institutions grown stronger with time: here there seemed nothing to oppose them, the whole continent lay open to their demon-like assaults ; yet have they been completely defeated by the peaceful operation of the national good sense.

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The following report was presented to the House

HE of Representatives, with an extensive appendix.

“ The secretary of state, in pursuance of the order of the House of Representatives, of the 8th of May, 1796, on the memorial and petition of sundry citizens of the United States residing in the city of Philadelphia, relative to the losses they have sustained by the capture of their property by French armed vessels on the high seas, or in consequence of the forced or voluntary sales of their provisions and merchandize, to the officers of the colonial administrations of the French republic, having examined the same, together with accounts of similar losses sustained by American citizens from the French, in the European seas, or in the ports of France, which in the details were necessarily connected with the former;

RESPECTFULLY REPORTS, “ That since the commencement of the present war, various and continual complaints have been B b 2


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