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1. Official press communiques may only be issued:
-regarding the work of the Assembly as a whole,
on the express instructions of the President (or acting

-regarding the work of the Committees, on the
express instructions of the appropriate Committee
Chairman and with the agreement of the Committee.
2. Delegates shall otherwise be free to make use of the
good offices of the International Secretariat to issue press
releases on their own responsibility, without committing
the Assembly in any way. Such a release should be
preceded by an indication that the statements in the
communique are those of the delegate concerned and do
not necessarily reflect the views of the North Atlantic

3. Officers of Committees shall not communicate to the
press details of draft reports, recommendations and resolu-
tions, opinions and orders prior to their discussion in

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session, propose a derogation from these Rules of Proce The President may, at any time during the annual

Revision 12. Section XV. Article 39.

Purpose: To reflect a decision by the Assembly to hold two semi-annual sessions.

The President may, at any time during the (annual session) SEMI-ANNUAL SESSIONS, propose a deroga

dure. Such a derogation must be approved unanimously tion from these Rules of Procedure. Such a derogant.

by the delegates present.

Article 40.

The Rules of Procedure may be amended in two ways:
(a) Six or more delegates from at least two countries,
wishing to amend the Rules of Procedure may submit
proposals in writing. These proposals shall be referred
without debate to the Standing Committee, which
may in turn refer them to a special working party or
to a Rapporteur. The Standing Committee shall report
back to the Assembly.

(b) Alternatively, the Standing Committee may, at
any time, appoint a Rapporteur to review the Rules
of Procedure. After examining the Rapporteur's con-
clusions the Standing Committee shall report back to the

must be approved unanimously by the delegates present.


Membership of the Assembly is as follows:

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Whenever the Standing Committee takes a decision involving additional expenditure, the number of votes of each of its members shall be as follows:

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5. Committee on Education, Cultural Affairs and Information:

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2 Portugal.

United Kingdom..

2 Iceland..



2 Luxembourg-.




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NOTE. Some of the suggestions included in the text of this report and in appendix A would add to the cost of operating the Assembly. Prior to adoption of any of these suggestions (particularly holding two plenary sessions a year instead of one, slightly expanding the substantive research capabilities of the secretariat, and improving the quality of Assembly documents) the secretariat staff should be asked to cost out the proposals. As should be clear from the figures that follow in appendix B, the Assembly budget is very small (just over $1 million) and the U.S. contribution is a relatively minor budgetary sum. Although there may be certain inefficiencies in the current Assembly budget, the cost of operating the Assembly runs far below that for the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, and the Western European Union, for example.

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