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Wilson, E. B., 29 4th of July St. Vasquez, E.,30 Eighth St.



Metropole Theatre, F. P Peterson, Prop., 170-172 Cent. Ave. National Theatre, 42 Third St.



Borke, Henry, 93 Ave. B.
Fidel, Spaccarotella, 23 Balboa

Muñoz, Bertoldo, 144 E. 12th St.


LeBlanc, jr., Guillermo, 55 W. 16th St.

MONTILLA, GIL, 82 North Avenue. Baules, Muebles y Hamacas por mayor y menor.




Henderson, A. A., 60 Ninth St. Ureta, Pedro, 96 11th St.



Alvarado, A.,Fráncisco,34 B St. LeBlanc, jr., Guillermo, "La Istmeña," 72 B. St.


Henderson, A. A., 60 Ninth St. Ureta, Pedro, 96 Tenth St.



Arce, Enríque, 24 Ninth St. Mordecai, Dr. L. S., 31 W. 16th Street.



Cummings, Roberto, 350 Central Avenue.

Chapeto, Pedro, 13 W. 16th St. Fernandez, Claudio, 15th and B. Streets.

Lopolito, Francisco, 4 Fourth of July St

Sufrez & Co., 167 E. 16th St.


Altamira, F. F. de, 180 North

Bellino, Ernesto, 151 North Ave. Bertoli & Co., Tulio, 162 Central


Canavaggio, P., 82 Central Ave Caro, Daniel de, 379 Central Ave. Corco & Co., 27 Central Ave. Diego, Eduardo de, 19 3rd. of November Blvd.

Henriquez, Jesurun, 7 José de Obaldia St.

Icaza, M. M., 152 Twelfth St. Martinez, S. Samuel, 78 Ave. A. Monteverde, José C., 64 Fifth St.

J. A, WHITBOURNE-Junior of the firm of J. B. Whitbourne & Co., Kingston, Ja.

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--PANAMA. --

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Achun, Jacinto, 218 Cent. Ave.
Chan Fat, 14 Caledonia.
Chin Chon, 348 E. 13th St.
Chon Chang, 213 E. 13th St.
Chon Lee, 223 13th St.
Chong Hen, 88 South Ave.
Chong Hing Lung, 171 North

Chong Kee, 45 Ancon Blvd.
Chong Kee Chang, 113 B. St.
Chong Woo, 2 Colon Street.

Chong Tay Foo, 93 Fifteenth St.,

and 83-85 B. St.

Choy Hop, 241 Ave. B.

Chun Kee, 74-76 Guachapali.
Cin Fat Chong, 118 Caledonia.
Con Lee Chong, 163 W 15th St.
Con Man Chong, 78 Colon St.
Con Sing, 89 Pueblo Nuevo.
Con Sing Yee, 160 Caledonia.
Cui Chong, 89 South Ave.

Diaz, Joaquin, 159 North Ave.

Fak Lung ang, 37 W. 13th St.
Fang Lee, 11 B. St.

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Feng Tay, San Miguel.
Fen Woo, 39-41 B. St.
Fock Loy Chang, 36 Cent. Ave.
Fok Sin Chong 144-146 Caledonia.
Fon Fat Cheong, Caledonia.
Fong Fat Chan, 47 South Ave.
Fong Tai, 424 Cent. Ave.
Fock Chong, 9 Caledonia.
Fong Yueng, 274-276 E. 15th St.
Fong Yuen, 155 North Ave.
Fock Heen Long, 433 Cent. Ave.
Fock San, 17 W. 12th St.
Fook Wo Hing, Ling Kee & Co.,
215 Thirteenth St.
Feng San, 23 San Miguel.
Feng Tai, 18 San Miguel.
Fung Hing & Co., 147 North Ave.
Fung Loy, 13-15 Pueblo Nuevo.
Gee Hing Long, 9 Cent. Ave
Guien Cheng Woo, 199 South Ave
Gung Sung Chang, 263 Cent. Ave.
Hang Chong Tan, 72 Marañon.
Hang Hing, 22-24 Via de la Sa-

Han Kee, 90 Colon St.
Hang Sang, 48 Marañon.
Han Hing Long, 19 Marañon.

Han Hop, 186 Cent. Ave.
Han Kee, Caledonia.
Han Tai, 15 Guachapali.
Hing Chong Chang, Caledonia.
Hip Chong Long, 362 Cent. Ave.
Hop Hing Hang, 232 W. 15th St.
Hop Hing Lung, 52 Marañon.
Hop Hong Long, 6 Marañon.
Hoy Jap, 65 San Vicente St.
Hop Kee, 122-124 North Ave.
Hung Fong Chang, 56 W. 16th

Jap Yeep, 61 Ave. A.
Jen Ching, 40 B. t.
Joi On, 21 Trujillo.
Kay Kee, 78 North Ave.
Kee Wo, 33 Caledonia.
Kim Wah, 394 Cent. Ave.
Kong Fock Cheong, 145 North

Kong Hing, 96 Marañon.
Kong Kee, 211 Ave A.

Kong On Chang, 86 W 16th St.
Kon Sang Chang, 218 Cent. Ave.
Kong Sing, 151 W. 15th St.
Kong Tai, 152 W. 14th St.
Kong Yee, 120 Guachapali.
Kong Yee Hop, New Street off

Kon Sun Chang, 81 W. 13th St.
Kon Yee Chang, Plaza Arango

and 11th St.

Kong Yee Hop, 5-7 Via á Gua-

Kiong Tai, 2 Marañon.

Kung Hing, 199 North Ave.
Kuan Lung, 2 Marañon.

Kung Ying Tan, 5 Via de la Sa-

Kun Yick, 398 Cent. Ave.

Kum Tai Lung, 176 North Ave
Kuong Fong Chong, 47.49 San

Kuong Fong Fat, 131 W. 15th St.
Kuong Hing Lung, 410 Central

Kuong Ling Hing, 413-415 Cent.

Kuong Man Wo, 261 Cent. Ave.
Kuong Sang, 31-33 Fourth of
July St.

Satisfaction given. Prices in touch with the times. Give me a trial and you will come again,-No. 270 Central Ave, Panama,

RICHARD H. CHANDLER, Tailor and Cutter, also Cleaner and Repairer of All Woolen Clothes.

Classified Business Directory of Panama City.

Kuong Sang Chang, 36-38 Colon


Kwong Yee Sang, 20 Tenth St.
Kwong Lee Chong, 17 San Mi-

Lee Hing Chang, 186 W. 14th St.
Lee Hing Chong, 140 North Ave.
Lee Woo, 108 Caledonia.
Lee Woo Chong, 129 B. St.
Lo Tim Fock, 268 Cent. Ave.
Lum Chong, 122 Cent. Ave.
Loy Kee, 38-40 Balboa St.
Luis, Santiago, 31 San Miguel.
Man Chong Jon, 39 San Miguel.
Man Cong Long, 68 Marañon.
Man Hop, 95 Colon St.
Man Lung Tai, 157 North Ave.
Man Lung Tai, 153 North Ave.
Man On, 400 Cent. Ave.
Man On Tai, 157 North Ave.
Man Sang, 9 Caledonia.

Man Yee Chang, 62 Ave. B.
Mingon Chang, 298 Cent. Ave.
Nom Chen Woo, 37-39 Pueblo

On Foo Shin, 79 Third St.
Ong Chang, 49 Victoria St., Cor.

On Yik Hang, 75 W. 17th St.
Pang Chang, 112 B. St.
Po Hing, 19 Cent. Ave.

Pon San Chan, 288 Cent. Ave.
Qui Chon Chan, 68 South Ave.
Qui Chon Cheong, 68 North Ave.
Sam Lee, 163 North Ave.
Sam Woo, 30 Guachapali.
Sam Yick Chong 68 Ancon Blvd.
San Cian, 35 Caledonia.
Sang Woo Chang, 252 Ancon


Sang Yuen, 100 Guachapali.
San Tai, 139 W. 14th t.
San Tai Chang, 63 San Vicente.
See Hing Lung, 287 Ancon Blvd.
Sen Woo, 152 Ave. A.
Shtung Cheng, 144 North Ave.
Sian Tai, 156 Caledonia.

Si Hing & Co., 26 Jose de Higi-
nio St.

Sim Gen Chan, 465 Cent. Ave.
Sin Chong Lee & Co., 112 North

Sin Chin, 98 Guachapali.
Sin Chong Yee,27 Jose de Higinio

Sin Fock Chong, 143 E. 16th St.
Sing Chong, 83 Ave. A.
Sing Chong Chang, 99 Ave. A.
Sing Chong Long, 11 Caledonia.
Sing Fook Chang, 300 Cent. Ave.
Sing Yuen Seng, 17 W. 15th St.
Sin King Faf, 33-35 Pueblo Nuevo
Sin Kong On, 390 Cent. Ave.
Sin Woo Chang, 25 Trujillo.
Sion Taitung, 223 Ancon Bl: d.
Soro, Jose, 60 Ave, A.

Sue San Cheon, 66 Caledonia.
Sui Lee, 475 Central Ave.
Sui Sang, 75 Ave. B.

Sui Yuen Chang & Co., 233-235
Cent. Ave.

Sun Chong Wo, 391 Cent. Ave.
Sung Chang, 139 B. St.

Sung Chang, 23 La Boca Blvd.
Sun Gen, 447 Cent. Ave.
Sun Gen Chan, 465 Cent. Ave.
Sun Hing & Co., 148 North Ave.
Sun Hop, 11 Caledonia.

Sun Yee Tai & Co., 461 Central

Suy San (hang, 96 Caledonia,
Sin Wo Jan, 60 Ave. A.

Sing Tun Hing, 201 W. 14th St.
Tai Lee, 376 Cent. Ave,
Tam Sang, 188 Cent. Ave.
Tan Asi, 110 B. St.
Tang Hong, 40 Marañon.
Tin Sing, 314 Central Ave.
Ton Fang Chang, 56 W. 14 h St.
Tong Fat Cheoug, 24 Caledonia.
Tong Kee, 388 Cent. Ave.
Tong Lee Tai, 212 Cent. Ave.
Tong Tai, 192 Central Avenue.
Tong Yuen, 155 North Avenue.
Tuck Hing Chong, 126 Central

Tu Heng, 193 Avenue A.
Tung Hing Chan, 1 D. St.
Tung Lee, 11 B. Street.
Tun Sin, 286 E. 15th St.
Wan Sang, 19 Caledonia.
Wing Chong Chang, 20 Marañon.
Wing Lee, 34 Caledonia.
Wing On, 120 North Avenue.
Wing On Cheong, 49 Fourth of
July St.

Wing Sang Jang, 55-57 Twenty-
first St.

Wo San, 208 Central Avenue.
Woo Chong Chang,31 Caledonia.
Wo Sang, Cor. North Ave. and
4th St.

Wo Sing Chang, 25-27 Pueblo
Yung Yin, 7 First St.


Yee Chong, 5 Avenue A.

Yee Chong Lung, 2 Marañon.

Yee Foo Sang, 44 W. 13th St
Yee Hop, 74 B. St.

Yee Lee Chong, 209-211 Ancon

Yee Long, 66 Marañon.

Yee On Lung, 219 Avenue A.

Yee Woo, 37 San Vicente St.
Yee Woo Jeng, 29 La Boca Blvd.
Ye Hop Ho, 30 W. 14th St.
Ten Lee, 143-145 North Ave.
Yip Woo & Co., 21 Avenue A.
Yit Fot Sin, 48 Colon St.
Yick Jap, 21-23 B. St.
Yuen Chang, 426-428 Central

Yueng Hing, 69 B. St, Cor. W.


Yuen Lee, 169 North Ave.

Yuen Lee & Co., 150 North Ave.
Yuen Loy Chang, 134 Central

Yee Lee Chang, 39 Marañon.
Yun Hen, 48 W. 13th St.



Yee Woo, 217 Central Avenue.



Wing Chong, 200 E. 13th St.
Wing Wo, 190-192 E. 13th St.



Kwong Sang, 186 E. 13th St.
Jose Diaz, 132 North Avenue.

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