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ABM, anti-ballistic missile

ACDA, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

ADB, Asian Development Bank

ADC, aide-de-camp

AEC, Atomic Energy Commission

AFS, Afghanis, Afghan currency

AID, Agency for International Development

AID/ASIA/NE, Office of Near Eastern Affairs, Bureau for Asia, Agency for International

AID/GC, Office of the General Counsel, Agency for International Development
AID/NESA, Bureau for Near East and South Asia, Agency for International Develop-


AID/PPC, Office of Program and Policy Coordination, Agency for International Development

AID/PRI/DRD, Disaster Relief Division, Office for Private Overseas Programs, Agency for International Development

AICC, All India Congress Committee

AL, Awami League (Pakistan)

AMCITS, American citizens

A/OC/T, Bureau of Administration, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications, Communications Center, Department of State

A/OPR/RS, Bureau of Administration, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations, Records Services Division, Department of State

AP, Associated Press

APC, armored personnel carrier

ARMATT, Army Attaché

ASAP, as soon as possible

BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation

BD, Bangladesh

BDG, Bangladesh Government

B/G, Brigadier General

BNDD, Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Department of Justice

CAS, Controlled American Source

CCC, Commodity Credit Corporation

CCD, Conference of the Committee on Disarmament

CENTO, Central Treaty Organization

CF, contingency funds

Chicom(s), Chinese Communist(s)

CIA, Central Intelligence Agency

CIA/ONE, Central Intelligence Agency, Office of National Estimates

CINC, Cabinet Committee for International Narcotics; Commander in Chief

CINCARPAC, Commander in Chief, Army, Pacific

CINCMEAFSA, Commander in Chief, Middle East, South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara

CINCPAC, Commander in Chief, Pacific

CINCPACAF, Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force

CINCPACFLT, Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet

CINCSTRIKE, Commander in Chief, Strike Command

CINCUSAFE, Commander in Chief, United States Air Forces in Europe
CL, commercial list

CND, United Nations Commission on Narcotics Drugs

COMECON, Council on Mutual Economic Assistance

CONGEN, Consulate General

CPM, Communist Party Madras
CPI, Communist Party of India

CTB, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

CWC, Congress [Party] Working Committee, India

DAC, Democratic Action Committee, Pakistan

DATT, Defense Attaché

DCM, Deputy Chief of Mission

DEA, Department of External Affairs, India

DefSec, Defense Secretary

del, delegate; delegation

DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency

DL, development loan

DMZ, demilitarized zone

DOD, Department of Defense

DOD/ISA, Department of Defense, International Security Affairs

DOD/ISA/NESA, Department of Defense, International Security Affairs, Office of Near

Eastern and South Asian Affairs

DRV, Democratic Republic of Vietnam

DSAA, Defense Security Assistance Agency

EA, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State

EA/VN, Office of the Vietnam Working Group, Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs EBR, East Bengal Regiment

ECAFE, United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and Far East

ECOSOC, United Nations Economic and Social Council

EEC, European Economic Community

ELINT, electronic intelligence

ENDC, Eighteen-Nation Disarmament Committee, Geneva
Emb, Embassy

EP, East Pakistan

EPADC, East Pakistan Development Corporation

EPCAF, East Pakistan Civil Armed Force

EPR, East Pakistan Rifles

EUR, Bureau of European Affairs, Department of State

EUR/SOV, Office of Soviet Union Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs

Exdis, Exclusive Distribution (extremely limited distribution)

Ex-Im, Export Import Bank of Washington

FAO, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization

FCO, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom
FDR, Franklin D. Roosevelt

FFW, Food for Work

FMS, Foreign Military Sales

FonMin, Foreign Minister

FonSec, Foreign Secretary

FPREPORT, Foreign Policy Report
FRG, Federal Republic of Germany

FSL, Foreign Service Local

FY, fiscal year

FYI, for your information

GA, United Nations General Assembly
GBD, Government of Bangladesh

GAO, General Accounting Office

GMT, Greenwich Mean Time
GNP, gross national product
GOBD, Government of Bangladesh
GOEP, Government of East Pakistan

GOI, Government of India

GON, Government of Nigeria

GOP, Government of Pakistan

GOT, Government of Turkey

H, Bureau of Congressional Relations, Department of State

HMG, Her Majesty's Government, United Kingdom

HRH, His Royal Highness

IA, Indian Army

IAEA, International Atomic Energy Agency

IBRD, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank
ICAO, International Civil Aviation Organization

ICBM, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

ICC, International Control Commission

ICRC, International Committee, Red Cross

IDA, International Development Association
IFY, Indian Fiscal Year

IG, Inspector General

IMF, International Monetary Fund

INR, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State

INR/DDC, Directorate for Coordination, Bureau of Intelligence and Research

INR/DRR/RNA, Office of Research and Analysis for Near East and South Asia, Directorate for Regional Research, Bureau of Intelligence and Research

INR/DRR/RSE, Office of Research and Analysis for USSR and Eastern Europe, Directorate for Regional Research, Bureau of Intelligence and Research

INR/DRR/RSG, Office of Strategic and General Research, Directorate for Regional Research, Bureau of Intelligence and Research

INR/IL, Office of Intelligence Liaison, Bureau of Intelligence and Research

IO, Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Department of State

IO/UNP, Office of United Nations Political Affairs, Bureau of International Organization Affairs

IRBM, Intermediate-range Ballistic Missile

ISID, Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (Indian and Pakistani equivalent of CIA) IST, Indian Standard Time

J, Office of the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

JCS, Joint Chiefs of Staff

JP, Justice Party, Pakistan

J/PM, Office of Politico-Military Affairs in the Office of the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

kg, kilogram

LDC, less developed country
Limdis, Limited Distribution
LTG, Lieutenant General

MAAG, Military Assistance Advisory Group

MAC, Military Assistance Command

MAI, Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Afghanistan

MAP, Military Assistance Program

MB, Mukti Bahini (People's Brotherhood, East Pakistani guerrilla force)
MCH, Ministry of Children's Health

ME, Middle East

MEA, Ministry of External Affairs

MFA, Minister/Ministry of Foreign Affairs

MIDEASTFOR, Middle East Forces

MIL, military

MINAG, Ministry of Agriculture

MINPLAN, Ministry of Planning

ML, Muslim League; military list

MLA, Martial Law Administrator/Administration, Pakistan

MNA, Member of the National Assembly, Pakistan

MP, Member of Parliament

MPA, Member of Provisional Assembly, East Pakistan

MPH, Ministry of Public Health

MPW, Ministry of Public Works

MT, metric ton

NAC, North Atlantic Council

NAP, National Awami Party, Pakistan

NAP/L, National Awami Party, Left, East Pakistan

NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC, National Broadcasting Company

NDF, National Democratic Front, Pakistan

NEA, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs, Department of State

NEA/INC, Country Director for India, Ceylon, Nepal, and Maldive Islands, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

NEA/INS, Country Director for India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Maldive Islands, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

NEA/PAB, Country Director for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

NEA/PAF, Country Director for Pakistan and Afghanistan, Bureau of Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs

NEA/RA, Office of the Director of Regional Affairs, Bureau of Near Eastern, and South Asian Affairs

NEFA, Northeast Frontier Agency

NESA, Bureau for Near East and South Asia, Agency for International Development

NI, Nizam-E-Islam (Pakistani political party)

Niact, night action, telegram indicator requiring immediate action

NIC, National Intelligence Council

NIE, National Intelligence Estimate

NLF, National Liberation Front

Nodis, No Distribution (other than to persons indicated)

Noforn, no foreign dissemination

NPT, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NSA, National Security Agency

NSAM, National Security Action Memorandum

NSC, National Security Council

NSCIC, National Security Council Intelligence Committee

NSCIG/NEA, National Security Council Interdepartmental Group for the Near East and

South Asia

NSDM, National Security Decision Memorandum

NSSM, National Security Study Memorandum

NVN, North Vietnam

NWFP, Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan

OASD/ISA, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

O/CT, Bureau of Administration, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications, Communications Center

OECD, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OEP, Office of Emergency Preparedness

OMB, Office of Management and Budget

OPIC, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

OSD, Office of the Secretary of Defense

PA, purchase authorization

PAF, Pakistan Air Force

PAK, Pakistan, Pakistani

PAO, Public Affairs Officer

PDM/AL, Pro-PDM Awami League (Pakistan political party)

PDP, Pakistan Democratic Party

PIA, Pakistan International Airlines

PL, Public Law

PM, Prime Minister

PM, Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs, Department of State

PM/AE, Office of Atomic Energy and Aero-Space, Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs PM/MAS, Office of Military Assistance and Sales, Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs PML, Pakistan Muslim League

PNE, Peaceful Nuclear Explosion

POL, petroleum, oil, and lubricants

Polad, Political Adviser

PolOff, Political Officer

POW, prisoner of war

PPP, People's Party of Pakistan

PR, Public Relations

PRC, People's Republic of China

PriMin, Prime Minister

R&D, research and development

RCD, Organization of Regional Cooperation for Development

reftel, reference telegram

rep(s), representative(s)

res, resolution

RGA, Royal Government of Afghanistan

SALT, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

SCI, Bureau of International Scientific and Technological Affairs, Department of State SDR(s), Special Drawing Right(s)

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