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John H. Flagg; James Campion; E. H. Clement; Alfred Ela; John
J. Enneking; T. H. Brophy.

MAY 23

Annual meeting of the Association of New England Colleges for
Conference on Athletics. Athletics of all sorts were discussed, after
which came the election of officers, which resulted thus: William H.
Garcelon, of Harvard, President; Prof. H. D. Wild, of Williams,
Vice-President; Dr. F. N. Whittier, of Bowdoin, Secretary-Treasurer;
Major F. H. Briggs, of Tech, and Prof. Charles A. Proctor, of
Dartmouth, Executive Committee.

MAY 25

Eighth annual banquet of Mt. Pleasant Lodge, I. O. O. F., of Dorchester. Robert Siggins, toastmaster.

Eleventh annual banquet of the Lowell Institute School for Industrial Foremen, with an attendance of 185. Among the guests was President Lowell, of Harvard. Francis J. Emery was toastmaster.

MAY 26

Nineteenth annual reunion of the Class of 1895, Cambridge Manual
Training School. Officers elected: President, Herbert F. Wyeth;
Secretary, William H. White.

MAY 27

Fourth annual banquet and election of Commercial Chapter, New
England Telephone Employees. E. C. Upton presided, and Thomas
J. Feeney acted as toastmaster. Officers elected: G. G. Bartlett,
President; A. P. Nowell, Vice-President; Alfred Rico, Secretary-

MAY 28

Business meeting and banquet of the N. E. Efficiency Club. Charles F. Abbott presided. Plans were outlined for a campaign to increase the membership to five hundred.

MAY 28

Fourth annual meeting and banquet of the Pen, Paint, and Pretzel Society of Tufts College. President R. L. Davidson presided. Professor Leo Lewis was the principal speaker.


Meeting and dinner of the United Improvement Association. Principal speaker, President Patrick F. Sullivan, of the Bay State Street Railway Company. Mr. Sullivan declared that the five-cent fare on street railways was a hardship to the companies, and while a fair tariff in the days of short rides and light expenses, it could not be considered so with present conditions. Dr. B. M. Rastall spoke on "City Upbuilding." President Benjamin C. Lane was in the chair.


Complimentary dinner to Peter F. Gartland and Oscar C. Gallagher, of the English High School. John F. Casey, Headmaster of the School, presided, and Samuel F. Tower was toastmaster.


Annual banquet and meeting of the Sub-masters Club of Public Schools. President Charles E. Quirk presided. The following officers were elected: John Carroll, President; James A. Crowle, VicePresident; John F. Suckling, Secretary-Treasurer; A. M. Nickerson and M. J. Downey, Executive Committee.


Dinner to the graduating class of the Huntington Preparatory School by the alumni and faculty. James B. Taylor, Dean of the History Department, acted as toastmaster. Speakers were: Frank P. Speare, Educational Director of the Boston Y. M. C. A.; A. I. Flinner, Headmaster of the School; and G. F. Sexton, Athletic Coach.


Monthly meeting and dinner of the Reciprocity Club of America.
John Quincy Adams, of Brookline, spoke on "Pleasure in Business."
President Fred L. Coburn, of Somerville, presided.


Complimentary banquet given to the members of their committees,
by Senator Louis F. R. Langelier and Representative Maurice Caro,
Chairmen of the Senate and House Committees on Municipal Finance.
The guests included Governor Walsh and Hon. Calvin Coolidge,
President of the Senate.


Dinner to the members of the Arlington Town Committee by Chairman E. A. Robinson, of the Republican State Committee.


Complimentary dinner to the baseball team of the Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation by General Superintendent J. J. Murray in appreciation of its attainment of first place in the insurance league.


Annual convention of the salesmen of the Carpenter-Morton Company, meetings held in the Boston City Club.


Meeting of the Alexander Hamilton Institute. Principal speaker: Prof. William H. Lough, Vice-President of the Institute, who spoke on "War and Its Effect on Business." He declared that New England industries for the most part would benefit by the present European war. "The world," he continued, "is passing through a great crisis, and there has been entirely too much talk about the

wonderful opportunities created by the war. One might think that all we had to do was to step in and handle the trade that is ready and waiting for us. Some think such talk shows optimism, but real optimism consists in looking the real facts squarely in the face, whether favorable or unfavorable."


Meeting of Boston bankers and stock exchange brokers in a conference to protest against the long shutting-up of the stock exchanges of the United States, and to make efforts to encourage their opening. C. W. Barron, of the Boston News Bureau, presided. Roger W. Babson spoke at length on conditions in this country and just how much the war in Europe had affected the commerce and industry of the United States. He declared that a spirit of unrest in financial matters should not prevail here, and he strongly urged the opening of the Stock Exchange and the resumption of trading.


The following books have been added to the Library, which, on account of European war, will have a special interest:

Imperial Germany, Count Bernhard Von Bulow.
The Franco-Prussian War, Emile Ollivier.
A History of France, H. E. Marshall.
A History of Germany, H. E. Marshall.
German Memories, Sidney Whitman.

Russia of the Russians, H. W. Williams.

Austria of the Austrians, Kellner, Arnold, and Delisle.
Hungary of the Hungarians, Kellner, Arnold, and Delisle.
Secrets of the German War Office, Dr. A. K. Graves.

Other books added to the Library:

Psychology and Social Sanity, Hugo Munsterberg.
Juvenile Courts and Probation, Flexner and Baldwin.
Soul of America, Stanton Coit.

Ancient Town Planning, F. Haverfield.

Rise of the American People, Roland Greene Usher.

Department of State of the United States, Gaillard Hunt.
Modern City Planning and Maintenance, Frank Koester.

Record of a Special Meeting of the Boston City Club
September 10, 1914

At 12.45 a quorum was present and President Fish called the meeting to order.

The Secretary read the following call for the meeting:


There will be a special meeting of the Boston City Club at the Club

House on Thursday, September 10, 1914, at 12.30 P. M., to consider and act upon the following matters:

To see if the Club will vote to borrow a sum not exceeding four hundred thousand dollars upon its note secured by a mortgage of its real estate situate at the corner of Somerset Street and Ashburton Place in Boston or take any action relating thereto.

To see if the Club will authorize its Treasurer to pay from the sum so borrowed, the amount now due upon a registered mortgage of said real estate now held by the Home Savings Bank of Boston by assignment from the Trustees of Boston University, or take any action relating thereto.

BOSTON, September 2, 1914.


Upon motion duly made and seconded,


IT WAS VOTED: That the Boston City Club borrow of the Home Savings Bank the sum of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the term of five years, with interest at the rate of four and three-fourths per centum per annum, payable semi-annually, to be secured by a mortgage on its real estate at the corner of Somerset Street and Ashburton Place in Boston in the County of Suffolk, being the real estate described in certificate of title No. 6433, in the Suffolk County Registry District of the Land Court, and that its President and Treasurer be authorized in the name and behalf of said Boston City Club to execute and deliver to said Bank its promissory note for said sum, payable on said terms, and a mortgage of its said real estate securing said note, with power of sale, and such mortgage may contain such other provisions in addition to those hereinabove specifically provided for as said Bank may require.

VOTED: That from said three hundred and fifty thousand dollars so borrowed, the Treasurer may pay the amount now due upon a registered mortgage upon said real estate now held by said Savings Bank, said mortgage being Document No. 16471 and its assignment to said. Bank being Document No. 16472, both noted on said certificate of title No. 6433.

JAMES E. DOWNEY, Secretary.

Meeting adjourned at 12.55 P. M.



High-crown straw hat, size 6%, with R. H. White Co. mark on inside. If party having same will please return to Manager's office he may secure his own hat.

Reciprocal Relations

The Boston City Club has reciprocal relations with the following


Albany Club, Albany, N. Y.

Arkwright Club, 320 Broadway, New York City.

Business Men's Club, Richmond, Va.

City Club, Baltimore, Maryland.

City Club, Hartford, Conn.

City Club, Milwaukee, Wis.
City Club, St. John, N. B.
City Club, St. Louis, Mo.

Commercial Club, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Commercial Club, Omaha, Neb.

Ellicott Club, Buffalo, N. Y.

Moline Commercial Club, Moline, Ill.

Underwriters' Club, 18 Liberty Street, New York City.

[blocks in formation]

The Nominating Committee, elected last year, to nominate candidates for the Election to be held on Monday, November 16, 1914, invites suggestions from the members of men who are available for consideration by the Committee.

All suggestions should be made in writing at the earliest possible date, to the Secretary of the Club.




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