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On behalf of the Board of Governors, I am glad to offer to the members of your Club our entire facilities, including a considerable number of bedrooms, most of them with bath (some shower, some tub), a strictly first-class restaurant and grill-room, and all the facilities of a first-class, up-to-date, business man's social club.

I would thank you to inform your members of this fact, so they may begin to enjoy the facilities of our Club House at an early date, and I will also be pleased to have you advise me as to whether your members carry with them identification cards, or by what means our doormen shall know them.

With kindest regards, I am,

Yours very truly,

(Signed) H. C. C. STILES,




The Entertainment Committee wishes to again bring to the attention of the members the matter of the Thursday night dinners, which precede the entertainments on those evenings. Men who are known to be particularly interested in the subject under discussion are invited, but any member of the Club, who wishes, may secure tickets at the office of the Civic Secretary, to the capacity of the banquet room.

Because invitations are sent on one occasion to one group of members, and on another occasion to another group, does not signify that all

members are not welcome.

All entertainment functions are always open to all members, in order of application.

The dinners are held at six o'clock, and the price is one dollar, to be charged to the accounts of the members attending, it being quite evident that no one member should be the guest of the other members of the Club on general principles.

The after-dinner speeches are most interesting and educational features of the Club life, which is evidenced by the eagerness to attend on the part of a large number of the Club members.


In order to complete the files of the Club, copies of the BULLETIN, Vol. 2, Nos. 3 and 8 are desired. If any member has these copies, it will be appreciated by the Library Committee if they will send them to the office of the Civic Secretary.

Partial List of Events occurring in the Club House during the Month of October


Annual election of a governing board for the Retail Trade Board of the Boston Chamber of Commerce.


Monthly luncheon of the National Fire Protection Association and Box 52 Association. Adjutant-General Charles H. Cole, and former Fire Commissioner of Boston, presided. Principal speaker: John A. O'Keefe, Metropolitan Fire Hazard Commissioner.


Dinner of the New England Association of Purchasing Agents. Dean Edwin F. Gay, of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, gave a talk on "Some of the Economic Aspects of the European War."


First fall dinner of the Boston Chapter, American Institute of Banking. Robert H. Bean, former President of the Chapter; Charles Stevens, Randall Whittier, Frank E. Tracy, Francis Freeman, and John Marno, told of their experiences at the National Convention held recently in Dallas. Frank Bryant, President, outlined the year's work.


Meeting and dinner of the United Improvement Association. Principal speaker: Mayor James M. Curley, who advocated annual vacations for city laborers. Other speakers were former Senator George Holden Tinkham, Francis J. Horgan, and Henry C. Peters.


Monthly meeting and dinner of the Employment Managers Association. C. M. Lawrence presided.


Bimonthly dinner and meeting of the Alexander Hamilton Club of Boston. H. E. Stone presided.


Dinner of the Massachusetts Retail Shoe Merchants Association. Anthony Arnoux, military critic of the Boston Journal, spoke on "Lessons of the European War." Mr. Arnoux discussed the causes of the conflict and the most important events up to the present time, including the principal campaigns of the East and West. Edward W. Burt, President of the Association, presided.


Annual reunion and dinner of the Franco-American Historical Society of New England. Benjamin Sulte, of Ottawa, one of the leading French historians of Canada, was the principal speaker. He spoke on "The Origin of the French Canadians." Dr. J. A. Bedard, of Lynn, presided.


Meeting of the Boston Society of Printers. Charles E. Lauriat gave a description of the international exhibition for the book industry and the graphic arts held in Leipsic, Germany.


All-day annual conference on community service promoted by the State Y. M. C. A. General Secretary F. L. Willis presided. H. W. Gibson, Boys' Secretary, spoke on "Men of To-morrow," and said that many eccentricities of boys are readily dealt with by the exercise of common sense and an earnest endeavor to get a point of contact with the youngster. Paul C. Wolfer, a shoe manufacturer of Chelsea, spoke of his career as an immigrant. Dr. George W. Tupper, Immigrant Secretary, spoke on "Misunderstood Immigrants." Other speakers included Charles W. Birtwell, W. H. Foster, Elgin Sherk, William E. Day, T. P. Gould.


Meeting of the Charitable Irish Society. Principal speaker, ex-
Mayor John F. Fitzgerald, who spoke on "New England's Business
Atmosphere." President John A. Kiggen presided.


Dinner of the Boston Section of the Reciprocity Club of America. A. A. Ballantyne discussed the Federal Trade Commission Act just passed, for the study and investigation of the conduct of business all over the country, saying, that as time went on the commission would be likely to have more and more powers added to it. "Government regulation would have the tremendous danger of so diminishing ambition as to weaken the economic structure itself."


November, 1913-November, 1914


JAMES W. ROLLINS, First Vice-President
W. T. A. FITZGERALD, Second Vice-President

JAMES E. DOWNEY, Secretary

ADDISON L. WINSHIP, Civic Secretary

Board of Governors

Horace Bacon

March G. Bennett

Charles L. Burrill
Charles M. Cabot
George W. Coleman
Morgan L. Cooley
Louis A. Coolidge
John A. Coulthurst
James E. Downey
David A. Ellis
Frederic H. Fay
James E. Fee
Frederick P. Fish
W. T. A. Fitzgerald
R. H. Gardiner, Jr.
James M. Head
Frederick Homer
Samuel F. Hubbard
Louis E. Kirstein
Charles Logue
James P. Munroe
H. Staples Potter
Charles M. Rogers
James W. Rollins
David D. Scannell
Charles H. Thurber
Robert A. Woods

Executive Committee

W. T. A. Fitzgerald, Chairman.

Frederick Homer, Secretary

Frederic H. Fay

Louis E. Kirstein

Charles H. Thurber

House Committee

James E. Fee, Chairman

George E. Brock

Arthur E. Dorr

Henry H. Fuller
Clarence W. McGuire

Entertainment Committee

March G. Bennett, Chairman
Louis A. Coolidge
John B. Dore
George B. Glidden
Charles J. Martell
H. Staples Potter

S. W. Reynolds

George S. Smith
Max E. Wyzanski

Art and Library Committee
James P. Munroe, Chairman
Frank W. Bayley
Carroll M. Bill
A. B. Beeching
Charles K. Bolton
Charles L. Burrill
Charles F. R. Foss
Herbert F. Jenkins
Charles Logue

Finance Committee

R. H. Gardiner, Jr., Chairman
Nathan L. Amster

Edward A. Filene
Laurence Minot
James J. Phelan
James J. Storrow

Membership Committee

Dr. David D. Scannell, Chairman
Frank L. Locke

William H. Pear

Charles M. Rogers

Ralph G. Wells

John White, Jr.

Bulletin Committee

Samuel F. Hubbard, Chairman
George P. Morris

George S. Smith

Building Committee

James W. Rollins, Chairman
Clarence H. Blackall
Carl Dreyfus
David A. Ellis
James M. Head
John S. Lawrence
James P. Munroe
John R. Simpson

Auditing Committee

Horace Bacon, Chairman
Charles M. Cabot
David A. Ellis

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