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Progressive Men, Women, and Movements in the last twenty-five years, B. O. Flower.

Guerilla Leaders of the World, Percy C. Standing.

Four American Leaders, Charles W. Eliot.
Clear Grit, Robert Collyer.

Heralds of a Liberal Faith (3 vols.))

Pioneers of Religious Liberty in America.
Life of Lord Roberts, Sir George Forrest.
A Century of Sir Thomas More, B. O. Flower.
George Du Maurier, T. Martin Wood.

Philip of France and His Court, Hugh Stokes.


Vocational and Moral Guidance, Jesse B. Davis.
The Buried Ideal, Charles Lawson.

Christianity and the Labor Movement, William M. Balch.
What Nature Is, Charles Franklin.

A Free Lance, Frederic R. Marvin.

Modern Light on Immortality, Henry Frank.

Philosophy of Christ's Temptation, George S. Painter.
Import and Outlook of Socialism, Newton Mann.

The Dilemma of the Modern Christian, Edward N. Eppens.
The Doom of the Dogma, Henry Frank.

The Stunted Saplings, John C. Sherman.

The Rise of the Modern Spirit in Europe, George S. Butz.
Life in the Making, Loren B. Macdonald.

Immortality and Modern Thought, Watson B. Duncan.
The Eternal Riddle, John W. Dunning.

Organ and Function, B. D. Hahn.

The Uncaused Being and the Eternal Truth, E. Z. Derr.

The Humanities in the Education of the Future, William B. Owen. Psychic Phenomena, Henry Frank.

The New Testament Period and Its Leaders, Frank T. Lee.

The Revelation of Present Experience, Edmund Montgomery.

The Why of the Will, P. W. Van Peyma.

Fated or Free? Preston W. Slosson.

New Thought, John B. Anderson.

Problems of Modern Education, William S. Sutton.
School, College and Character, LeBaron R. Briggs.

Education, Herbert Spencer.

The Religion of a Gentleman, Charles F. Dole.
Theology of Civilization, Charles F. Dole.

The World Set Free, H. G. Wells.

Mainsprings of Russia, Maurice Baring.

Armaments and Arbitration, Admiral A. T. Mahan.
Legal Doctrine and Social Progress, Frank Parsons.

General Education Board, 1902-1914.

The Truth about the Railroads, Howard Elliott.

Truth and Finance, E. S. Meade.

Sense and Nonsense of Christian Science, Leon C. Prince. Smoke and the Flame, Charles F. Dole.

The Spirit of Democracy, Charles F. Dole.

The Story of a Good Woman, David Starr Jordan.
The Heredity of Richard Roe, David Starr Jordan.
America's Conquest of Europe, David Starr Jordan.
The Unseen Empire, David Starr Jordan.
College and the Man, David Starr Jordan.

The Innumerable Company, David Starr Jordan.
The Strength of Being Clean, David Starr Jordan.
The Philosophy of Hope, David Starr Jordan.

The Higher Sacrifice, David Starr Jordan.

Life's Enthusiasms, David Starr Jordan.

The Religion of a Sensible American, David Starr Jordan. The Call of the Twentieth Century, David Starr Jordan. The Human Harvest, David Starr Jordan.

The Call of the Nation, David Starr Jordan.

Ulrich von Hutten, David Starr Jordan.


The Opal Pin, Rufus Gillmore.

Van Cleve, Mary S. Watts.

Kennedy Square, F. Hopkinson Smith.

Penelope's Progress, Kate Douglas Wiggin.

The Ancient Grudge, Arthur S. Pier.

The Affair at Portstead Manor, Gladys E. Locke.
Wayside, Edward Allen.

Medoc in the Moor, Georgia W. Reed.

Master of the Vineyard, Myrtle Reed.
The Net, Rex Beach.

What Will People Say, Rupert Hughes.
Initials Only, Anna Katherine Green.
The Gay Rebellion, Robert W. Chambers.
Gentlemen Rovers, F. Alexander Powell.
Pomander Walk, Louis N. Parker.
The Call of the Blood, Robert Hichens.
The Main Chance, Meredith Nicholson.

Arthur's, A. Neil Lyons.

History of David Grieve, Mrs. Humphry Ward.

The Stronger Claim, Alice Perrin.

Skipper and the Skipped, Holman Day.

The Prodigal Son, Hall Caine.

The Turmoil, Booth Tarkington.

Eleanor, Mrs. Humphry Ward.
Barbary Sheep, Robert Hichens.

The Nonsensical U. S. A., Stuart B. Stone.
Dr. Lavender's People, Margaret Deland.

An Army Wife, Captain Charles King.

The Eleventh Commandment, Halliwell Sutcliffe.
Years of Discretion, F. and F. L. Hatton.
That Mainwaring Affair, A. Maynard Barbour.
The Paternoster Ruby, Charles E. Walk.

Village of Vagabonds, F. Berkeley Smith.
The Puritans, Arlo Bates.

Nancy Stair, Elinor M. Lane.

Port Tarascon, Alphonse Daudet.

In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim, Frances H. Burnett. A Fool and His Money, George Barr McCutcheon.

The Intrusion of Jimmy, P. G. Wodehouse.

The Goldfish.

The Second Blooming, W. L. George.

Kent Knowles: "Quahaug," Joseph C. Lincoln.
Les Miserables (2 vols.), Victor Hugo.


The Virginia Campaign, A. A. Humphreys.
Passing of the Tariff, R. L. Bridgman.
The Americans, Hugo Munsterberg.

Religious Life of the Anglo-Saxon Race, M. V. B. Knox.
Greeks in America, Thomas Burgess.

How England Averted a Revolution of Force, B. O. Flower.

Our Modern Debt to Israel, E. C. Baldwin.

An Outline History of China (2 vols.), H. H. Gowen.
The Independence of Chile, A. S. M. Chisholm.

The Dickens Country, F. G. Kitton.

Fifty Years of Theatrical Management, M. B. Leavitt.

Russia and Turkey in the 19th Century, Elizabeth W. Latimer.
Hearths and Homes of Old Lynn, Nathan M. Hawkes.
History of England (5 vols.), T. S. Hughes.

Czar Ferdinand and His People, John MacDonald.

A Short History of the Scottish People, Donald Macmillan.
Lost in the Antarctic, Ejnar Mikkelsen.

Scotch Irish Pioneers, Charles K. Bolton.

Lessons of the War with Spain, Admiral A. T. Mahan.

Writings of Anna Jameson (5 vols.).

History of the Confederate Navy, J. T. Scharf.

Hawaii, Past and Present, W. R. Castle, Jr.

The Aeroplane in War, Grahame-White and Harper.
Old English Towns, Elsie M. Lang.

Medieval By-Ways, D. F. Salzman.
Argentina, Nevin O. Winter.

Among Congo Cannibals, John H. Weeks.
Narratives of the Indian Wars.

Historic Pilgrimages in New England, Edwin M. Bacon.

Twenty-five Years of St. Andrews (2 vols.).

True Irish Ghost Stories, Seymour and Neligan.
Letters to His Holiness, Pope Pius X.
Memories of Two Wars, Frederic Funston.
The Crime of 1812.

Andorra and San Marino, Virginia W. Johnson.
The Renaissance, Count Gobineau.
Ravenna, Edward Hutton.

Bull Run

Cathedral Churches of England, Helen M. Pratt.
Boston Days, Lilian Whiting.

Vanishing England, Ditchfield and Roe.

History of Civilization in England (2 vols.).


Excursions of a Book Lover, Frederic R. Marvin.

William Thackeray.

The Oxford Book of American Essays, Brander Matthews.

Waverley Novels, Sir Walter Scott.

Literary Hearthstones of Dixie, LaSalle Corbell Pickett.


Organization and Tactics, Arthur L. Wagner.

Advance and Retreat, J. B. Hood.

Story of the Civil War, John C. Ropes.

Communication between the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The Santiago Campaign, Joseph Wheeler.

Number and Losses of the Civil War, Col. T. L. Livermore.

Elements of International Law, George B. Davis.

Life and To-morrow, John O. Hobbes.

Textbook on Fortifications, Col. E. Phillips.

Military Topography, W. E. Montague.

Lectures on Explosives, W. Walke.

Field Artillery, Sisson C. Pratt.

Field Equipment of the Soldier, Commander Lavisse.

Applied Tactics, Karl Von Donat.

Millennial Dawn (2 vols.).

Vitality and Nutrition, Hereward Carrington.

Folkways, William G. Sumner.

What Men Live By, Dr. Richard C. Cabot.

Civilization and Health, Dr. Woods Hutchinson.
Works of Emmanuel Swedenborg (23 vols.).


Salambo, George M. von Schrader.
A Motley Jest, Oscar F. Adams.
Candle Flame, Katharine Howard.
Tragedy of Hamlet, Henry Frank.

Gerald Massey and His Poems, B. O. Flower.
Love Triumphant, R. Gorell Barnes.


English-German Dictionary.

English-Spanish Dictionary.

English-Italian Dictionary.

Nouveau Dictionnaire Français-Anglais.

Guide to the Best Historical Novels, Jonathan Nield. Modern Methods of Charity, Charles R. Henderson.


Woman's Share in Primitive Culture.

Warfare of Science and Theology (2 vols.).

On Intelligence, H. Taine.

The Cycle of Life, C. W. Saleeby.


Golden Window of the East, Milton Reed.
A-Roving He Would Go, Milton Reed.
The West in the East, Price Collier.
Turkestan, William E. Curtis.

A Traveler at Forty, Theodore Dreiser.
Veiled Mysteries of Egypt, S. H. Leeder.

Along France's River of Romance, Douglas Goldring

America as I Saw It, Alec Tweedie.

Among the Canadian Alps, Lawrence J. Burpee.
Abroad with the Fletchers, Jane F. Sampson.

A Touch of Portugal, Mary Woodman.

Motor Journeys, Louis Closser Hale.
Meccas of the World, E. K. Chatterton.
American Highways, Clifton Johnson.

Ranching, Sport and Travel, Thomas Carson.
Vistas of New York, Brander Matthews.

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