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Third annual dinner of the Fort Point A. A. of North Weymouth.
Winfield M. Thompson spoke on "Experiences of Twenty-five Years
on the Water.” William A. Murphy spoke on “The War To-day."
President Wallace W. Arnold presided.


February dinner of the Society of Printers. C. C. Lane presided.
Speeches were made on printing and allied subjects.


Annual dinner of the Retail Trade Board of the Chamber of Commerce. The guests were Jesse I. Strauss, head of R. H. Macy & Co., New York; C. C. Parlin, of the Curtis Publishing Co. Elmer J. Bliss, President of the Chamber, was in the chair. Mr. Strauss spoke at length on the Minimum Wage.


Massachusetts School Superintendents' Association. Payson Smith, State Superintendent of Maine, spoke upon the state-aid educational plan now in vogue in that section, and declared the proposed Massachusetts bill "the most logical ever presented on these lines.”


Luncheon of the officers of the Eighth Regiment. Colonel Frank A.
Graves presided.


Dinner and smoker of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company.
The State and City were represented by Governor Walsh and Mayor
Curley; both of whom spoke. Among the guests was H. E. Smith,
oldest living commander of the Ancients.


Annual banquet of the New England Alumni of the University of Pennsylvania. A new board of officers was elected as follows: President, James C. Irwin, '90; Vice-President, Dr. H. C. Petterson; Secretary, Harvey D. Dever.


Sixth annual dinner of the Ward 25 Republican Club. Edward C.
Mansfield acted as toastmaster. The speakers included Lieutenant-
Governor Cushing and ex-Congressman McCall.


Monthly meeting of the Pilgrim Publicity Association. The theme of the after-dinner speeches was advertising and salesmanship methods. The special guests and speakers were: Truman A. DeWeese, of Buffalo, and E. St. Elmo Lewis, of Jamestown, N. Y.


Dinner of the Sons of Tufts College. The chief guest was the new
President, Dr. Hermon C. Bumpus. Other guests were President
Lowell, of Harvard; President Faunce, of Brown; Charles P.
Painter, dean of Tufts Medical and Dental Schools; and ex-Justice
John W. Hammond, of the Class of '61.


Monthly dinner of the Reciprocity Club of America, Boston Section. Fred L. Coburn presided. Addison L. Winship, Civic Secretary of the Boston City Club, related the history of the Club.


Meeting of the Zionist Association of Greater Boston. The guest of the Association was Samuel Strauss, Assistant Editor of the New York Times, whose address was "Zionism.” Louis D. Brandeis also spoke.


Thirteenth annual dinner of the Master Builders' Association. William H. Sayward, Secretary of the Association, was honored. President S. D. Badger presided.

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For 1914-1915
FREDERICK P. Fish, President
James W. Rollins, First Vice-President
W. T. A. FITZGERALD, Second Vice-President
Morgan L. Cooley, Treasurer
James E. Downey, Secretary

Addison L. WINSHIP, Civic Secretary
Board of Governors

H. Staples Potter Robert Amory, Jr.

S. W. Reynolds Horace Bacon

George S. Smith
March G. Bennett

Max E. Wyzanski
Matthew C. Brush
Charles L. Burrill

Art and Library Committee Charles M. Cabot

James P... Munroe, Chairman

Frank W. Bayley
George W. Coleman

A. B. Beeching
Morgan L. Cooley
Louis A. Coolidge

Carroll M. Bill
James E. Downey

Charles K. Bolton

Charles L. Burrill
Frederic H. Fay

Charles F. R. Foss
James E. Fee
Frederick P. Fish

Herbert F. Jenkins
W. T. A. Fitzgerald

Charles Logue R. H. Gardiner, Jr.

Auditing Committee George B. Glidden

Horace Bacon, Chairman E. K. Hall

Charles M. Cabot
Robert O. Harris

Alonzo R. Weed
Frederick Homer
Louis E. Kirstein

Membership Committee
Charles Logue

Charles M. Rogers, Chairman James P. Munroe

Robert O. Harris H. Staples Potter

Frank L. Locke Elwyn G. Preston

William H. Pear Charles M. Rogers

Abraham C. Webber James W. Rollins

Ralph G. Wells Bernard J. Rothwell

John White, Jr. Alonzo R. Weed

Bulletin Committee Robert A. Woods

George W. Coleman, Chairman Executive Committee

Myron E. Pierce W. T. A. Fitzgerald, Chairman George P. Morris Frederick Homer, Secretary

George S. Smith Frederic H. Fay

Building Committee Louis E. Kirstein

James W. Rollins, Chairman Elwyn G. Preston

Clarence H. Blackall House Committee

Carl Dreyfus James E. Fee, Chairman

David A. Ellis Louis E. Cadieux

James M. Head Henry H. Fuller

John S. Lawrence Clarence W. McGuire

James P. Munroe W. E. Skillings

Bernard J. Rothwell Entertainment Committee

John R. Simpson March G. Bennett, Chairman Finance Committee Robert H. Bean

Robert H. Gardiner, Jr. John B. Dore

Nathan L. Amster Carroll W. Doten

Edward A. Filene George B. Glidden

Laurence Minot Charles J. Martell

James J. Phelan George P. Morris

James J. Storrow

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