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Out of Work, Frances A. Kellor.

Purchasing Power of Money, Irving Fisher.
Fundamental Sources of Efficiency, Fletcher Durell.

At the Eleventh Hour.

Kissing the Rod.

A Mother in Exile.


The Wanderer's Necklace, H. Rider Haggard.
The Clean Heart, A. S. Hutchinson.

The Alster Case, Rufus Gillmore.
The Great Gay Road, Tom Gallon.
Colonial Greatheart, H. C. Bailey.
The Wondrous Wife, Charles Marriott.
The Loser Pays, Mary Openshaw.
The Homesteaders, V. D. Bayles.

Who Goes There? Robert W. Chambers.
A Siren of the Snows, Stanley Shaw.
Angela's Business, Henry S. Harrison.
The Harbor, Ernest Poole.

Darkness and Dawn, George C. England.

The Story of Stephen Compton, J. E. Patterson.
Maurin the Illustrious, Jean Aicard.


The War in Europe, Albert Bushnell Hart.

The Home of the Blizzard (2 volumes), Douglas Mawson. European Police Systems, Raymond B. Fosdick.

Russia and the Russian People, L. G. Redmond-Howard. France and the French People, L. G. Redmond-Howard. Belgium and the Belgian People, L. G. Redmond-Howard. Austria and the Austrian People, L. G. Redmond-Howard. Origins of the War, J. Holland Rose.

Times History of the War.

Pictorial War Record (2 volumes).


The Modern House, Walter S. Sparrow.
Catholic Encyclopedia (16 volumes).
Official Reference Library (2 volumes).


The Discovered Country, Steward E. White.

The Committee acknowledges donations of books from the following:

Thomas B. Mosher.

H. F. Wallace.

H. F. Jenkins.

Joseph C. Pelletier.

John A. Fish

Arthur H. Hayward.

Harold A. Yeames.

Nelson Gorman.
F. B. Smith.

Dr. G. P. Wiksell, has presented to the Club a framed engraving of Otto von Bismarck, which was made from a photograph taken in Berlin, and which he presented to General Grant when he made his world tour in 1880.

There has been on exhibition in the Art Gallery on the third floor a miniature of the Revere School, Canton, Massachusetts, which is one of the open-air type, and which is loaned by the Massachusetts Society for the Relief and Control of Tuberculosis.

The Army and Navy Journal has been added to the list of periodicals to be found in the newspaper-room.


The Art and Library Committee announces that the room known as the Assembly Room, directly over the Library, has been assigned by the House Committee as a reading-room. The room has been fitted with comfortable chairs and is a quiet, restful retreat.

Books may be taken from the Library to this room by members,

and should be returned to the Library after reading.

After taking books from the library shelves members are requested to replace them in the same location, or leave them upon the tables.


The Committee desires to call the especial attention of the new members to the collection of old documents, autographed letters of historical importance, which are placed in various parts of the house, especially in the Old Boston room over the Somerset Street entrance and the Dramatic Room on the tenth floor, in room lettered "O."

The Committee again requests that members who may possess historical documents or other items of interest will loan or donate them to the Club, so that they may be enjoyed not only by our large membership, but by visitors who come to the Club from all parts of the United States. These items may be sent to the Art and Library Committee, care of the Civic Secretary.


An exhibition of oil paintings by I. H. Caliga has been hung in the Assembly Room on the third floor. Heinrich Roth, who exhibited a number of dry-point sketches, has replaced them with an exhibit of oils, in the side lounge on the second floor. The paintings of Charles W. Hudson have been transferred from the Assembly Room to the Art Gallery on the same floor. An exhibition of oil paintings by S. Bissell, has been hung in one of the side lounges. The paintings of Abbott Graves, on the ninth floor, and the sketches by Sears Gallagher on the lounge floor, will remain.

An exhibition of portraits of Colonial houses and doorways, by Frank Cousins, will be exhibited on May 10th.

An exhibition of paintings by Edward Adam Kramer, of New York, will continue during the month of May.


The Boston City Club has reciprocal relations with the following


Albany Club, Albany, N. Y.

Arkwright Club, 320 Broadway, New York City.

Business Men's Club, Richmond, Va.

City Club, Baltimore, Maryland.

City Club, Chicago, Ill.

City Club, Hartford, Conn.

City Club, Milwaukee, Wis.

City Club, St. John's, Newfoundland.
City Club, St. Louis, Mo.

Commercial Club, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Commercial Club, Omaha, Neb.
Commercial Club, Washington, D. C.

Ellicott Club, Buffalo, N. Y.

Moline Commercial Club, Moline, Ill.

Underwriters' Club, 18 Liberty Street, New York.


During the week of May 3d to 9th, there will be on the second floor an exhibition of the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts, including especially silver trophies and presentation pieces.


For the convenience of members of the Club, the House Committee has installed a bootblacking stand in the main lavatory, which will be used in place of the one located in the barber shop, after the closing hours of the latter.


"No member or guest of the Club shall give a fee or gratuity of any kind to an employee of the Club, except on the annual subscription list. Any employee receiving a fee or gratuity in violation of this rule will be discharged."


The preliminary Billiard and Cowboy Pool Tournaments ended on April 28th, and have been participated in with much enthusiasm by a large number of members.

The winners of the various classes will play an elimination tournament beginning about the 6th of May.

The final matches will be announced on the bulletin boards, and as they will be participated in by our best players, arrangements will be made to accommodate all who wish to witness these games.

[blocks in formation]



Dinner of the Old Timers' Telescope Team of the Boston Rifle and
Revolver Club. O. E. Gerrish was toastmaster.


Dinner of the Boston Clark Club. President Harold A. Preston was toastmaster. Speakers were: President E. B. Sandford; Professor L. C. Wells; and Dr. C. E. Hubbard, of the Clark College Faculty.


Monthly meeting of the Boston Stewards' Association. President A. A. Patten presided, and spoke of the progress being made on the training school of the National Association, at Muncie, Ind.


Dinner of the Boot and Shoe Protective Association. William Pickett, President of the Association, presided. Lewis Taylor, of the Boot and Shoe League, New York, was the speaker.


Dinner of the New Century Club. The guest of honor was Congressman James A. Gallivan. Speakers: Louis D. Brandeis; Congressman Gallivan; Congressman Edward Gilmore; U. S. Marshal John J. Mitchell. David A. Lourie was toastmaster.


Dinner of the United Improvement Association. Speakers: John
F. Moors and Joseph Walker.


Dinner of the Boston Chapter American Institute of Banking. The principal speaker was Hon. George Fred Williams, former United States Minister to Greece. O. Howard Wolfe, Assistant Educational Director of the American Institute of Banking, also spoke. APRIL 8

Annual banquet of the class of 1885, Chauncey Hall School. President Eugene E. Pierce presided. A silent toast was given to the memory of Hon. Curtis Guild, a graduate of the school, and resolutions of sympathy for Mrs. Guild were adopted.


Monthly meeting and dinner of the Boston Chapter, Delta Tau
Fraternity. Professor Paul H. Hanus, of Harvard, and Hon. James
M. Swift were the chief guests and speakers.


Monthly meeting and dinner of the Society of Printers. S. A. Kimber, of the University Press, spoke on watermarks. C. C. Lane presided.


Dinner of the department heads and sales force of the PopeHartford Company. C. W. Cousens, Treasurer of the Company, presided.


Annual dinner of the Roxbury Latin School Alumni Association.
Henry S. Dennison, '95, was toastmaster.


Complimentary dinner to Dr. John F. Dowsley. Speakers: Dr. Frank A. Delabarre; Thomas A. Forsyth; Professor W. G. Foster, Dean of the Baltimore Dental School.


Banquet of the Old Charlestown Schoolboys' Association. James S. Murphy, President of the Association, presided. It was a reunion of men who attended the Charlestown free schools between the years 1845 and 1874.

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