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ART. I.-1. Contributions to the Literature of the Fine Arts.

By Charles Lock Eastlake, R.A. London : 1848.

2. Neue Essays über Kunst und Literatur. Von Her-

man Grizm. Berlin : 1865.

3. Reports of the Commissioners on the Fine Arts.


4. Original Treatises dating from the Twelfth to the

Eighteenth Centuries, on Painting, &c. Translated

by Mrs. Merrifield. London : 1849.

5. Manual of Fresco and Encaustic Painting. By

W. B. Taylor. London: 1847

6. The Art of Fresco Painting. 'By, Mrs. Merrifield.

London : 1846,

II.-La Jeunesse de Mazarin. Par M. Victor Cousin.

Paris : 1865,

III.-Irresponsible Boards. A Speech delivered by Lord

Henry Gordon Lennox, M.P., in the House of

Commons, on Tuesday, 18th March, 1862. Chi-

chester and London : 1862,

IV.–Traictie de la première invention des Monnaies de

Nicole Oresme; Textes Français et Latin d'après

les Manuscrits de la Bibliothèque Impériale; et

Traité de la Monnoie de Copernic, Texte Latin et

Traduction Française. Publiés et annotés par

M. L. Wolowski, Membre de l'Institut. Paris.

8vo. 1864, .

V.-1. Sur la Formation des Troupes pour le Combat.

Par le Général Jomini. Brussels : 1856.

2. Modern Armies. Translated from the French of

Marshal Marmont' by Captain Lendy. London:


3. Études Tactiques. Par le Général Baron Ambert.

1re Série (Zorndorf et Austerlitz). Paris : 1865.

4. Tactics of the Three Arms. By Colonel Lippitt.

New York : 1865.

5. Modern Warfare and Modern Artillery. By

Colonel Macdougall. London : 1365.

6. The Manœuvres of Cavalry and Horse Artillery.

By General M. Smith, C.B. London: 1865.


land, from 1839 to 1865. 8vo. London.

2. The Farm Homesteads of England. Edited by

J. Bailey Denton, M. Inst. C.E., F.G.S. 2nd Edi-

tion. 1 vol. imperial 410. London : 1865.

3. Reports of the Cattle-Plague Commissioners. Lon-

don : October 31, 1865.

4. Orders in Council relating to the Cattle-Plague,

from July 1865 to December 1865 inclusive, 185

IX.-1. L'invasion, ou le fou Yégof. Par Erckmann-

Chatrian. Paris : 1862.

2. Confidences d'un Joueur de Clarinette. Par Erck-

mann-Chatrian. Paris: 1863.

3. Madame Thérèse. Par Erckmann-Chatrian. Paris:


4. Le Conscrit de 1813. Par Erckmann-Chatrian.

Paris : 1864.

5. Waterloo (suite du Conscrit). Par Erckmann-

Chatrian. Paris : 1865.

6. L'homme du Peuple. Par Erckmann-Chatrian.

Paris : 1865,


X.-Brewer's Calendar of State Papers. Published under

the direction of the Right Hon. the Master of the

Rolls. London : 1862-4.

XI.-A Safe and Constitutional Plan of Parliamentary

Reform. In two letters to a Member of the Con-

servative Party. By Sir John Eardley Wilmot,

Bart. London : 1865, .


Art. I.–Plato and the other Companions of Sokrates. By

George Grote, F.R.S., &c. 8vo. 3 vols. London:



II.-1. Miltoni Comus. Græcè reddidit Georgius, Baro

Lyttelton. Cantabrigiæ et Londini : 1863.

2. Translations. By Lord Lyttelton and The Right

Hon. W. E. Gladstone. London : 1861.

3. Tennyson's 'In Memoriam.' Translated into

Latin Elegiac Verse. By Oswald A. Smith, Esq.

[Printed for private circulation only.] 1864.

4. Folia Silvulæ, sive Ecloga Poetarum Anglicorum

in Latinum et Græcum conversæ, quas disposuit

Hubertus A. Holden, LL.D., Collegi SS. Trinitatis

quondam Socius, Scholæ Regiæ Gippesvicensis

Magister Informator. Volumen prius continens

fasciculos I. II. Cantabrigiæ : 1865.

5. The Agamemnon of Æschylus and the Bacchanals

of Euripides, with passages from the Lyric and

Later Poets of Greece. Translated by Henry Hart

Milman, D.D., Dean of St. Paul's. London : 1865, 365

III.-1. Report from the Select Committee on the Thames

River ; together with the Proceedings of the Com-

mittee, Minutes of Evidence, &c. London : 1865.

2. Metropolis Water Supply. On the Supply of

Water to London from the Sources of the River

Severn. By John Frederic Bateman, C.E., F.R.S.

London : 1865.

3. Another Blow for Life. By George Godwin, Esq.

London : 1865,


IV.-1. Maria Theresia und Marie Antoinette, Ihr Brief-

wechsel während der Jahre 1770–1789, herausge-
10 geben von Alfred Ritter von Arneth. Paris und

Wien : 1865.

2. Correspondance inédite de Marie Antoinette. Pub-

liée sur les Documens originaux par le Comte Paul

Vogt d'Hunolstein. Troisième édition. Paris : 18

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