Memoirs and Correspondence of Viscount Castlereagh, Second Marquess of Londonderry, Volume 10

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Page 224 - That the British Government did not intend to grant to the United States, gratuitously, the privileges formerly granted by treaty to them, of fishing within the limits of the British sovereignty, and of using the shores of the British territories for purposes connected with the British fisheries.
Page 388 - I advised him to have nothing to do with so foul a transaction; and that he and I had acted too distinguished parts in these transactions to become executioners ; and that I was determined, that if the Sovereigns wished to put him to death, they should appoint an executioner, which should not be me.
Page 431 - French authorities acquired them — it is most desirable, in point of policy, to remove them if possible from France, as whilst in that country they must necessarily have the effect of keeping up the remembrance of their former conquests, and of cherishing the military spirit and vanity of the nation.
Page 191 - ... and now undoubted military superiority, and have not even cleared your own territory on the point of attack. You cannot on any principle of equality in negotiation claim a cession of territory excepting in exchange for other advantages which you have in your power. . . . Then if this reasoning be true, why stipulate for the uti possidetis? You can get no territory; indeed, the state of your military operations, however creditable, does not entitle you to demand any.
Page 206 - But does it not occur to your Lordship that, by appointing me to go to America at this moment, you give ground for belief all over Europe that your affairs there are in a much worse situation than they •really are...
Page 415 - L'évacuation totale de Paris sera effectuée en trois jours, et son mouvement pour se porter derrière la Loire sera terminé en huit jours.
Page 190 - Till that superiority is acquired, it is impossible, according to my notion, to maintain an army in such a situation as to keep the enemy out of the whole frontier, much less to make any conquest from the enemy, which, with those superior means, might, with reasonable hopes of success, be undertaken.
Page 230 - America, has the honour to represent to the Ministry of His Britannic Majesty, that by the seventh Article of the preliminary treaty of peace between his Majesty and the United States of America, signed at Paris, on the thirtieth day of November, one thousand seven hundred and eighty two, confirmed by the definitive treaty of peace, signed at Paris, on the 3...
Page 190 - I confess that I think you have no right, from the state of the war, to demand any concession of territory from America. . . . You have not been able to carry it into the enemy's territory, notwithstanding your military success and now undoubted military superiority, and have not even cleared your own territory on the point of attack.
Page 416 - Seront pareillement respectées les personnes et les propriétés particulières ; les habitants, et en général tous les individus qui se trouvent dans la capitale , continueront à jouir de leurs droits et libertés, sans pouvoir être inquiétés ni recherchés en rien , relativement aux fonctions qu'ils occupent ou auraient occupées, à leur conduite et à leurs opinions politiques.

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