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DAPHNIA Mü. Ltr. Monoculus L. | LIMNORIA terebrans i. 238.

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N.B.-The reader is requested to observe that in the preceding Index, one object has been to point out, wherever it was possible, to what Linnean or Fabrician genus each of the genera included in it may be referred, though no species of it may have been known to those authors. Where a Synonym of any genus is printed in Roman letters, it indicates that such genus is so denominated in the former Editions of this work. The first namer of a genus, together with any author who has written a monograph upon it, or on any tribe, and the more eminent systematists, are usually only quoted. If the reader finds any difference, as is sometimes the case, between the text and the Index, he will be pleased to correct the former by the latter.-For instance, it was not discovered till too late, that the name Uria was pre-occupied in Ornithology;-in the Index this name is altered to Uriata. Doubtful species are printed in Italics.



Acs. Acharius.

Afz. Afzelius.
Ahr. Ahrens.
Blb. Billberg.
Bjr. Bjerkander.
Bn. Bonelli.
Bc. Bosc.

Bng. Brongniart.
Brn. Brown.
Chr. Charpentier.
Cst. Christ.

Cl. Clairville.

Ck. Clark.

Cqt. Coquebert.
Cts. Curtis.
Cuv. Cuvier.

Czn. Czenpinski.
Dg. Dahlberg.
Dn. Dalman.
DeG. DeGeer.
DeJ. DeJean.

DeL. Delatour.

Dny. Denny.
Ds. Dorthes.
Dft. Duftschmidt.
Du. Dumeril.

F. Fabricius.
Fin. Fallen.
Fch. Fischer.
Frö. Frölich.
Gff. Geoffroy.
Grm. Germar.
Gml. Gmelin.
Gdt. Godart.
Grv. Gravenhorst.
Grn. Gronovius.
Gyl. Gyllenhal.
Hgn. Hagenbach.

Hth. Haworth.
Hel. Hellenius.
Hlw. Hellwig.
Hst. Herbst.
Hrm. Hermann.
Hff. Hoffmanseg.
Hp. Hoppe.
Ho. Host.
Hbr. Huber.
Hü. Hübner.

n. Illiger.
Jur. Jurine.
Kby. Kirby.

Kg. Klug.
Kn. Knoch.

Kgn. Kugellan.

Lg. Lagus.
Lai. Laichart.
Lam. Lamarck.
Lsp. Laspeyres.
Ltr. Latreille.
Lx. Laxman.
Lch. Leach.
Lwn. Lewin.
Ltn. Lichtenstein.
L. Linnæus.
McL. MacLeay.
Mm. Marsham.
Mg. Megerle.
Mgn. Meigen.
Mü. Müller.
Ntz. Nitzsch.

Ocr. Ochsenheimer.
Olf. Olfers.

Ol. Olivier.

O. F. Otho Fabricius. B. Pal. de Beau-

Pls. Pallas.

Pnz. Panzer.
Pk. Paykull.
Pck. Peck.
Prs. Preysler.
Qu. Quenzel.
Rss. Rossi.
Slb. Sahlberg.

StF. Saint Fargeau.
Sam. Samouelle.
Sau. Sauvages.
Sv. Savi.
Shf. Schæffer.
Sha. Schaller.
Sch. Schönherr.
Shr. Schreiber.
Shü. Schüppel.
Sep. Scopoli.
Shl. Shellenberg.
Shk. Shrank.
Sp. Spence.
Spn. Spinola.
Stn. Stephens.
St. Steven.
Stl. Stoll.
Stm. Sturm.
Slz. Sulzer.
Swd. Swederus.
Thn. Thunberg.
Tts. Treitschke.
vu. Villers.
Vo. Voet.

Vgt. Voigt.

Wik. Walckenaer.

Web. Weber.

Wi. Wilkin.

Wif. Wolf.

Zgl. Ziegler.


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Bamburos i. 330.

Bedeguar i. 448. iv. 225.
Bemärkelse-mask i. 33.
Bête de la Vierge i. 266.
Bête Rouge i. 104.
Blaazops ii. 391.
Brulot i. 110.
Brumm-Vogel ii. 374.
Byer i. 334.

Cadelle i. 172. iii. 142.
Cafafi i. 128.
Cancrelas i. 269.

Cangrejos ii. 412.

Cantaride de' Gigli ii. 257.
Chenille i. 185.

Cheveux de Florence i. 287.
Chigoe i. 49, 101.
Chinche i. 106.
Choni-la-chu i. 327.

Ciron des paupières i. 88.
Clairène iv. 213.
Coddia i. 123.

Comegen i. 241.
Cooltee i. 177.
Coya or Coyba i. 132.
Cucuij ii. 408.
Cupia i. 309.
Demoiselles i. 276.
Dibben Fashook i. 315.
Dragées iv. 213.

Droguers or Draguers i. 248.
Dupions iii. 218.
Faux Couvain iv. 211.
Fils de la Vierge ii. 331.
Gards-drag ii. 271.
Gram i. 177.

Grillo ii. 297.

Grugru i. 302. Harpions iv. 212.

Heer-wurm ii. 8.
Hufen i. 168.

Hummel-Biene i. 378.

Jiggers i. 101.
Joharré i. 173.
Kakerlac i. 263.
Kan-la-chu i. 327.
Kermes i. 319.
Koloo i. 177.

Lierman ii. 399.

Luzette or Luisette iv. 213.
Macauco i. 303.

Mantas blancas i. 128.
Maringouins i. 112.
Morts blancs iv. 212.
Mosquito i. 112, 118.
Moustique i. 112.
Moutac i. 303.
Muscardine iv. 213.
Nigua i. 101.
Nopaleros i. 322.
Noya i. 123.
Passis iv. 212.
Paxtle i. 322.
Pela i. 327.
Pique i. 101.
Quabirámy' i. 329.
Rouge (La) iv. 212.
Rouleuses iii. 206.
Sackträger i. 461, iii. 251.
Saftmaal i. 297.

Semilla i. 322.

Skarnbosse i. 34.
Stâkra i. 149.

Stamm-raupe ii. 428.
Sultan Jaraad ii. 17.
Tama-joura i. 309.
Tardigrade iii. 22.

Teignes à fourreau à manteau i.


Temazealla i. 323.

Temporaneros i. 118.

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