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allies are wont to purchase them for their own use, and without the leaft alteration in the charge.

XI. If ever it fhould happen that the Kings of Spain and France, or either of them, should make war upon the kingdom of Great Britain, or the States of the United Provinces, his Majefty the King of Portugal fhall use his friendly offices with the faid Kings, or with either of them, in order to perfuade them to obferve the terms of peace towards the aforefaid kingdom of Great Britain, and the States of the United Provinces.

XII. But thefe good offices not proving fuccefsful, but altogether ineffectual, fo that war fhall be made by the forefaid Kings, or by either of them, upon the kingdom of Great Britain, or the States of the United Provinces, his Majefty the King of Portugal fhall, in like manner, be bound to make war, with all his force," upon the aforefaid Kings, or upon either of them: and in this cafe likewife the forefaid two Powers of Great Britain, and the States of the United Provinces, fhall furnish him with the fame fuccours of men and fhips as. in the preceding articles are ftipulated, in cafe the Kings of France or Spain, or either of them, should make war upon Portugal, and every thing shall be executed in the manner there specified.

XIII. As well in the firft, as in the fecond manner of carrying on the war, his Majefty the King of Portugal fhall be bound to maintain ten ships of war for his own defence, and that of his allies; with this provifo, however, that if both the Spaniards and the French, or the Spaniards only, fhould make war upon the high allies, in that cafe the ten fhips of war of his Portuguese Majefty fhall not be bound to depart from the coaft of Portugal, because, while in that station, they will be of very great ufe in dividing the force of the enemy but if war fhould be made by the Frenchonly, it fhall then be lawful for the Portuguese fhips to

affift the high allies, in conjunction with their own fleets.

XIV. No peace nor truce fhall be made but by the common confent of the three allies; and this league fhall be perpetual and eternal.

XV. The perfonal privileges and freedom of trade which the fubjects of Great Britain, and the States of the United Provinces, at prefent enjoy in Portugal, the Portuguese fhall, in their turn, enjoy in the dominions of Great Britain and the States of the United Provinces.

XVI. If from the copies of the treaty, in which an agreement was made concerning Bombay, between the crowns of Portugal and Britain, it fhould appear, that either party has tranfgreffed, or not fulfilled the terms of that convention, every thing shall be regulated according to the spirit of the faid treaty.

XVII. Portuguese ships fhall not be obliged to pay any thing for cafting anchor in the port of Mallacca, unlefs the other nations of Europe are obliged to do the fame.

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XVIII. Piratical fhips, of whatever nation, shall not only not be permitted or received into the ports which their Portuguese and Britannic Majefties, and the States General of the United Provinces, poffefs in the Eaft Indies, but fhail be deemed the common enemies of the Portugufe, the English, and the Dutch.

- XIX. In time of peace, there fhall be admitted into the greater ports of the kingdom of Portugal, fix fhips of war of each of the nations of Great Britain and the United Provinces, besides other fix fhips, which were permitted by virtue of former treaties; fo that in the whole twelve fhips may be admitted, and all in the fame manner as the former fix were permitted. And into the leffer ports, there fhall be admitted.



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fuch a number of fhips as they can conveniently


XX. The faid plenipotentiaries promife, that their above-mentioned fovereigns fhall ratify this treaty, in due and lawful form; and that the ratifications fhall be exchanged in this royal city of Lifbon, within the fpace of three months, counting from the time of subfcribing.

In witness whereof, we the above-named Plenipotentiaries of her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain, and of the High and Mighty Lords the States General of the United Provinces, have figned this inftrument, and thereto fet our feals. And the Plenipotentiaries of his Portuguese Majefty, in order to avoid the controverfy that fubfifts concerning the prerogative of the place, between the crowns of Great Britain and Portugal, have, agreeable to the manner and custom obferved between the two crowns, feparately figned and fealed another inftrument of the fame tenor, changing only thofe particulars which on account of this circumstance were to be changed. (L. S.) Paul Methuen, (L. S.) Schonemberg,

Lisbon, May 16,


Ratified by the Queen at Windfor, on the 12th of July, 1703.

[The following is printed from a copy in the books of the Board of Trade.]

Treaty with Portugal, dated 27th December, 1703-'

WHEREAS the league and ftrict friendship which is between the moft Serene and most Potent Princess Anne, Queen of Great Britain, and the most Serene

Serene and most Potent Peter, King of Portugal, re-
quires that the commerce of both the British and the
Portugal nations fhould be promoted as much as pof-
fible; and her Sacred Royal Majefty of Great Britain
hath fignified to his Sacred Royal Majefty of Portugal,
by the most excellent John Methuen, Efq; member of
the English parliament, and ambassador extraordinary
in Portugal, that it would be very acceptable to her, if
the woollen cloths, and the reft of the woollen manufac→
tures of Britain, might be admited into Portugal, the
prohibition of them being taken off; that this matter
may be treated and tranfacted, they have given their
full powers and commands; that is to fay, her Sa-
cred Majefty of Great Britain, to the abovefaid most
excellent John Methuen, and his Sacred Majefty of
Portugal, to the most excellent Don Emanuel Telles
Silvius, Marquis of Alegrete, Conde de Villa Major,
in the fociety of the knights of Chrift, comendador of
St. John d'Alegrete, and of
de Soure, and
alfo in the college of
comendador of St.
John d'Moura, and of St. Mary de Albuveira, one of
the three directors of the treasury, and of the firft gen-
tlemen of the bedchamber, and counfellor of itate to
his Sacred Royal Portuguese Majefty: who, by virtue
of the full powers to them refpectively granted, having
maturely and diligently confidered the matter, have
agreed upon the following articles.

I. His Sacred Royal Majefty of Portugal promifes, both in his own name and that of his fucceffors, to admit, for ever hereafter, into Portugal the woollen cloths, and the rest of the woollen manufactures of the Britons, as was accustomed till they were prohibited by the laws: nevertheless, upon this condition,

II. That is to fay, that her Sacred Royal Majefty of Great Britain fhall in her own name, and that of her fucceffors, be obliged for ever hereafter to admit the wines of the growth of Portugal into Britain; fo



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that at no time, whether there fball be peace or war between the kingdoms of Britain and France, any thing more fhall be demanded for these wines, by the name of custom or duty, or by whatsoever other title, directly or indirectly, whether they shall be imported into Great Britain in pipes or hogfheads, or other casks, than what fhall be demanded from the like quantity or measure of French-wine, deducting or abating a third part of the cuftom or duty: but if at any time this deduction or abatement of cuftoms, which is to be made as aforefaid, fhall in any manner be attempted and prejudiced, it fhall be juft and lawful for his Sacred Royal Majefty of Portugal again to prohibit the woollen cloths, and the reft of the British woollen manufactures.

III. The most excellent lords the plenipotentiaries promise, and take upon themfelves, that their abovenamed masters fhall ratify this treaty, and that within the space of two months the ratifications fhall be exchanged.

For the faith and teftimony of all which things, I, the plenipotentiary of her Sacred Royal Majefty of Great Britain, have confirmed this treaty, by the fubscription of my hand and by the feal of my coat of arms. And the most excellent lord the plenipotentiary of his Sacred Royal Majefty of Portugal, for avoiding the controverfy about precedence between the two crowns of Britain and Portugal, hath fubfcribed another inftrument of the fame tenor, changing only what ought to be changed for that reafon. Given at Lisbon, the 27th of the month of December, 1703.

(L. S.) John Methuen.

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