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of peace, that peace which for many years was never interrupted by war, is now ratified, established, and confirmed, between the most Potent Monarch Charles the Second, King of Great Britain, &c. and his Royal Highness Charles Emanuel, the fecond of that name, Duke of Savoy, &c.; both whose subjects are obliged, as well by fea as land, upon all occafions, to perform to each other all actions of mutual civility and kindness.

II. Secondly, It fhall be permitted to, and lawful for all forts and kinds of fhips and veffels, belonging to his Majefty the King of Great Britain, &c. or any of his fubjects, to conduct and bring into the ports of Villa Franca, Nizza, or S. Hofpitio, all things whatfoever, or all kinds of merchandize, whether produced by nature or made by art, in any part of the world: all which things or merchandize so brought, shall freely and lawfully, by the captains or mafters, or any under them, or by the merchants or factors, his Majefty's fubjects, be landed and brought into the houfes of the faid merchants or factors, or into any magazines or warehouses out of their houfes in the faid ports, and there conferved and kept by them as long as they pleafe, without confifcation, impofition of cuftom, or exaction of any duty whatsoever, Furthermore, if all the faid things, or any part of them, fhall not be fold in the faid ports, it is and fhall be lawful for the faid captains, mafters, merchants, or factors, his Majefty's fubjects, freely to fend all or any part of the said things by fea to whatsoever other place they pleafe, without paying any cuftom, duty, or any fort of impofition whatsoever.


III. Thirdly, That all and every fort and kind of things and merchandize, which fhall be fold in Nizza, Villa Franca, or S. Hofpitio, and after the fale made fhall be difpeeded or fent by fea into the territories of any other Prince, both in refpect of the feller and buyer, fhall always be free and clear from all custom, X 4 duty,

duty, or impofition whatsoever: but as to all thofe things and merchandizes which, after the fale made in the faid places, fhall pafs by land into the territories of any other Prince, it is alfo covenanted and agreed, that during the space of ten years to enfue from the day of the publication of this prefent agreement, all fuch goods fhall be free and clear from all custom, duty, or impoft whatsoever, for their paffage by land, and from any other penalty whatsoever, both in refpect of the buyer and feller; which ten years being expired, if his Royal Highness will not further confirm this freedom of paffage according to the aforefaid form and manner, in fuch cafe, for all and every the faid things, which after fale made pafs by land as aforefaid, fhall be paid only one half of the imposition or duty which is exacted for paffage in the rates or tariff printed in the end of the order publifhed the 30th October, 1633.

IV. Fourthly, All and every fort and kind of things or merchandize, which are produced by nature, or made by art, in any of his Majefty's kingdoms, or in any plantations of the Weft or Eaft Indies, or any other territories which at prefent are, or hereafter shall be, under the dominion of his Majefty, may and fhall be freely fold by the fubjects of his Majefty, throughout all the dominions of his Royal Highnefs, and any part of his territories or places of jurifdiction,, without any prohibition or penalty, notwithstanding whatsoever law or edict to the contrary; excepted always, and only, falt, tobacco, gunpowder, match, birding-fhot, bullets, whalebone, cards of all forts; because it is the custom to farm out the liberty of felling thefe mentioned things, as monopolies to particular perfons: notwithftanding, free leave is granted to his Majefty's fubjects, according to what is expreffed in the fecond article, to receive, and keep within their houfes, or warehouses, all the aforefaid forbidden commodities, without any cuftom, duty, or penalty: nay further, free leave is granted to his Majefty's fubjects to fell the faid forbidden commodities

commodities to the monopolifts or farmers themselves. But all forts of merchandize (except the aforefaid prohibited ones) which fhall be introduced and brought into the ports of Villa Franca, Nizza, or S. Hofpitio, when they fhall be extracted out of the faid ports, to the end that they may be vented and fold within the dominions of his Royal Highness, he alone that extracts them, whether he be the buyer or the feller, fhall pay only one half of that cuftom or duty which is fpecified in that book of rates or tariff, a printed copy of which, under-written by the procurator of his Royal Highness, was by him delivered to Sir John Finch; which duty or custom once paid, nothing more fhall be paid within the dominions of his Royal Highnefs, either by the buyer or the feller, for the said goods or merchandize: with express declaration, that for all woollen manufactures, or whatsoever commodities aforefaid, which as it appears are not specified in the aforefaid books of rates or tariff, fhall be paid duty or custom one and a half per centum, that is, half only of the three per centum impofed upon all commodities which are not specified in the mentioned book of rates, by the last article or lines of it; which duty or cuftom being once paid, nothing more fhall be paid, neither by the buyer nor feller, within the dominions of his Royal Highness.

V. Fifthly, It is covenanted and agreed, that all forts of fhips and veffels belonging to his Majefty of Great Britain, &c. or any of his fubjects, which thall fet fail from England, or any place under the dominions of his Majefty, or out of his Majefty's dominions, not being infected with the plague, and fhall arrive at the ports of Nizza, Villa Franca, or S. Hofpitio, with certificates or patents of good health, having in their voyage had no commerce with any places or perfons fufpected to be infected with the plague, are, and ought to be, free and clear from making Quarantena, or any days whatfoever of purgation: and there shall be immediately granted to the perfons in the faid

fhips, prefent and free commerce or Prattick; and all things and merchandize, of whatsoever fort or kind, brought by the faid fhips, fhall immediately, without any delay, be permitted freely to be landed, and carried into the houfes or warehouses of the merchants his Majefty s fubjects in Nizza, Villa Franca, or S. Hofpitio: but if the above-mentioned fhips fhall arrive without a certificate or patent of good health, or if in their voyage they shall have practifed or had commerce with any perfons or places fufpected of the plague, in fuch cafe both perfons and goods fhall be fubject to quarantena or purgation; but the days of quarantena or purgation fhall be shortened, both in respect of the perfons and goods, as much as the care of preferving the public health can poffibly permit: but what merchandize is fubject to the lazaretto, or to make purgation, as alfo the lazaretto duties, or expence of goods that make purgation, is with other particulars contained in a paper of the rates of the lazaretto duties at the end of this inftrument, which never can or may be changed or altered without the confent of the conful, and the major part of the merchants refiding in the faid ports.

VI. Sixthly, Because ports which are called free are wont to give protection and refuge to bankrupts, or perfons that fail and break with other men's estates; the fame piety of his Majesty which protects those who are good, punishes them that are bad; therefore as to what concerns his Majefty's fubjects, it is covenanted and agreed, notwithstanding whatfoever edicts publifhed, that his Majefty's fubjects be wholly deprived and utterly cut off from enjoying that protection which is commonly called fafe-conduct; referving to every fubject of his Majefty his proper right; likewife all his Majefty's fubjects fhall be deprived of the benefit of protection or fafe-conduct, who fhall commit any crimes whatsoever against his Majefty, as also all of his Majefty's fubjects, whether mafter, mariners, or others, who fhall be guilty of barratry; to whom, as alfo

alfo to all pirates and robbers at fea who are his Majefty's fubjects, all license fhall be denied of felling goods or merchandize, or contracting for them in the faid ports but in regard all that is mentioned in the foregoing part of this article relates only to his Majefty's fubjects, it is covenanted likewife and agreed in favour of the faid fubjects, that they fhall fully and entirely against all ftrangers (as well as all ftrangers against them) enjoy the privilege of fafe-conduct or protection promifed, and published in the edict of a free port, by his Royal Highness.

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VII. Seventhly, All the fubjects of his Majefty who live at Nizza, Villa Franca, or S. Hofpitio, in order to trade or otherwife, are declared free and clear from all tributes, taxes, or levies of monies, which are or shall be impofed by his Royal Highness.

VIII. Eighthly, It is likewife declared, that the perfons of his Majefty's fubjects refiding at Nizza, Villa Franca, or S. Hofpitio, fhall not be liable or fubject to arrest or imprifonment, or their goods to feizure or fequeftration, for any civil caufes, unlefs a legal citation has firft preceded; but in criminal caufes, which are punished with death or corporal punishment, they fhall be fubject to imprisonment without citation.

IX. Ninthly, It is permitted, and fhall be lawful to all and every one of the fubjects of his Majefty of Great Britain, &c. dwelling in the faid ports, to live in their own religion, after the fame manner that is permitted either at Genoa, or Leghorn; and a convenient and decent place of burial fhall be allotted and affigned for the interment of fuch of his Majefty's fubjects as fhall deceafe in the faid places.

X. Tenthly, Since that nothing doth more torment any man than controverfies in law before tribunals of judicature, in regard of the great expence both of time and money; but more especially one who is a stranger


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