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Majefty the King of Sardinia, nor the execution of them, fhould prejudice the rights by him pretended to the state of Milan, nor ever to avail herfelf of them, fo as to infer from thence that the faid rights were no longer fubfifting; the intention of the two high contracting parties being to preferve to each of them their refpective rights in their full force, in fuch manner as they may appertain to them, independently of the prefent convention.

VI. And it is likewife in this view, that his Majefty the King of Sardinia referves to himself exprefsly the entire liberty of availing himself of his faid rights, at whatever time, and by whatever means, either by himfelf fingly, or by fuch alliance as he fhall judge to be most for his convenience,

VII. But as his Majefty does not mean to acquire any advantage by the faid reservation, and designs to proceed with all the good faith which is natural to him, he promises and engages, in the cafe above-mentioned, not to act himself, nor to permit any Prince, with whom he might be allied, to act (which his Majesty will take care to ftipulate as a principal condition, in any treaty whatfoever which he might conclude) fooner than after the space of one month, from the time that he fhall have caufed notice to be given, by the means of the general officer which he shall have at the Queen of Hungary's army; to the end that the commanding officer of the Auftrian troops, being thus put upon his guard, may take fuch meafures and refolutions as he fhall judge moft for his advantage.

VIII. Moreover the King of Sardinia promifes, in that cafe, to make his troops evacuate all the dominions of the Queen of Hungary, and all the places and pofts which he fhould have taken poffeffion of during the prefent provifional agreement, without carrying any thing off; to the end that the troops of the abovefaid Queen may, during the faid month, retake, freely,

and without any hinderance, the posts which they shall think proper.

IX. The prefent convertion fhall be ratified by the King of Sardinia and by the Queen of Hungary, and the acts of ratification fhall be exchanged within the term of twenty days.

X. During the faid term, the King of Sardinia shall not understand himself to be obliged to caufe his troops to enter into the states poffeffed by the Queen of Hungary; and if after the expiration of the faid term, the Queen fhould not have fent her ratification, fo that for want of it the prefent convention fhould remain without effect, nevertheless the King fhall not, in that case, caufe his troops to enter into the above-mentioned ftates, during the term of other ten days, neither during that term shall he give any hinderance to the free return of the Austrian troops into the fame ftates, and into fuch posts as the Queen of Hungary's generals fhall judge to be most convenient.

In witness whereof, we the under-written plenipotentiaries have figned the prefent convention, &c. at Turin, the ift of February, 1742.

IN confequence of this convention, his Majesty the King of Sardinia did immediately join a confiderablę body of his troops to thofe of the faid Queen, his Majefty the King of Great Britain having fent a strong fquadron to co-operate for the maintenance of the li berties of Italy.

In order not to leave fruitless fo great expences, and to fecure still farther, and to accelerate, for the prefent, the entire execution of fo neceffary and juft a refolution, and in order likewife to perpetuate the effect of it for the times to come, their faid Majesties have authorized and do authorize their minifters plenipotentiary to make an immediate regulation of the particulars and of the conditions, viz. his Majefty the King of Great Britain, his privy counsellor John Lord Carteret, Baron of Y 4 Hawnes

Hawnes, one of his principal fecretaries of ftate, &c.; his Majefty the King of Sardinia, the Chevalier Offorio, chevalier grande croix, and grand confervator of the religious and military orders of the Saints Maurice and Lazarus, envoy extraordinary and minifter plenipotentiary of his faid Majefty to his Majefty the King of Great Britain; and her Majefty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, the Sieur Ignatius John de Wafner, her minister plenipotentiary to his faid Britannic Majefty; who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, and having maturely conferred together, have agreed upon the following articles.

I. There shall be, from the prefent time, and for all times to come, between his Majefty the King of Great Britain, her Majefty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and his Majefty the King of Sardinia, a close friendship, and fincere, perpetual, and inviolable alliance, by virtue of which they fhall be obliged to fupport, defend, and fuccour each other reciprocally and conftantly, to be attentive to the fecurity each of the other, as to their own, to procure all advantages, and to keep off all damage and prejudice from one another to the utmost of their power.

II. To this end, the allies engage themselves afresh to a most exprefs guaranty of all the kingdoms, states, countries, and dominions, which they are now in poffeffion of, or ought to poffefs by virtue of the treaty of alliance made at Turin in 1703: of the treaties of peace of Utrecht and Baden: of the treaty of peace and alliance, commonly called the quadruple alliance; of the treaty of pacification and alliance, concluded at Vienna the 16th of March, 1731 of the act of guaranty given in confequence thereof, and paffed into a law of the empire the 11th of January 1732: of the act of acceffion, figned likewife in confequence of the faid treaty, at the Hague the 20th of February 1732:


of the treaty of peace figned at Vienna the 18th of November 1738; and of the acceffion thereto, done and figned at Verfailles the 3d of February 1739: all which treaties are fully recalled and confirmed here, forafmuch as they may concern the allies, and as far as they have not derogated from them by the present treaty.

III. In conformity to the guaranty contained in the foregoing article, and to the end that no fubject of difpute'may remain between the two moft Serene Houses of Auftria and Savoy, his Majefty the King of Sardininia, for himself, his heirs and fucceffors, renounces by name, and for ever, but folely in favour of her Majefty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and of her heirs and fucceffors, his pretended rights upon the ftate of Milan; which rights, though never admitted on the part of the Queen, he had referved to himself, by the provisional convention, the liberty of availing himself of. And befides, his Majefty the King of Sardinia engages himself formally and fpecially to the guaranty of the order of fucceffion established in the faid moft Serene House, by the pragmatic fanction, in the fame manner as it is fet forth in the treaty of pacification and alliance made at Vienna the 16th of March 1731, excepting, however, that his faid Majesty fhall never be obliged to fend fuccours out of Italy.

IV. For this purpose, his Majefty the King of Sardinia, who has already joined his troops to those of the Queen of Hungary, and who has already confiderably augmented them, fhall continue to concert and execute, jointly with her and her generals, all the meafures and operations which fhall be judged the most effectual for keeping off and repelling the invafion now made, or to be hereafter made, against the dominions of the faid Queen, and for fecuring them from all danger, prefent and future, as much as poffible.

V. In order to attain this end, and as long as the prefent war fhall laft, her Majefty the Queen of Hungary

gary engages not only to keep in Italy the number of troops which he has there now, but to augment them to the number of 30,000 effective men, as foon as the fituation of affairs in Germany will permit it: and his Majesty the King of Sardinia engages to keep and employ the number of 40,000 foot, and 5,000 horfe, comprehending in it what will be neceffary for the garrifons, and defence' of his own dominions..

VI. His Majefty the King of Sardinia fhall have the fupreme command of the allied army, when he shall be there in perfon, and he fhall regulate the military motions and operations of it, in concert with her Majefty the Queen of Hungary, according as the common intereft and occafions fhall require.

VII. As long as it fhall be neceffary towards favouring and feconding thofe operations, and as long as the danger of the allies, and of Italy, fhall demand it, his Majefty the King of Great Britain engages to keep in the Mediterranean Sea a ftrong fquadron of fhips of war, and bomb-veffels, and fire- fhips, the admiral and commanders whereof fhall have orders to concert conftantly and regularly with his Majefty the King of Sardinia, or with his generals, and with thofe of her Majefty the Queen of Hungary, who fhail be nearest at hand, the moft proper meafures for the fervice of the common caufe.

VIII. Moreover, and in order to affift in bearing the extraordinary expence which his Majefty the King of Sardinia is and will be obliged to fupport, for raifing, and caufing to act, a much greater number of troops than his own revenues can maintain, his Majesty the King of Great Britain engages to furnifh to him, for as long as the war, and the occafion for it, fhall continue, a fubfidy of two hundred thousand pounds fterling per annum, to be paid every three months, and to commence from the ift of February 1742, New Stile, being the day upon which the provifional convention was figned between the faid-King and her Majefty the


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