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Queen of Hungary; and the faid fubfidy fhall be tually paid from three months to three months in advance, provided, however, that what fhall have been advanced to his Majefty the King of Sardinia, before the fignature of the prefent treaty, fhall be reckoned into it,

IX. In confideration of the zeal, and generofity, with which his Sardinian Majefty has been willing to expofe his person, and his dominions, for the public caufe, and for that of her Majesty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and of the moft Serene House of Auftria in particular, and of the effectual fuccours which the faid caufe has already received from him; in confideration alfo of the burthenfome engagements of affistance, and of the perpetual tie of guaranty, which he contracts with her, by the prefent alliance, her faid Majefty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, for her felf, her heirs and fucceffors, yields and transfers, from this present time, and for ever, to his faid Majesty the King of Sardinia, his heirs and fucceffors, to be united to his other dominions, the district of Vigevano, called the Vigevenafco, the part of the dutchy of Pavia which is between the Po and the Thefin, fo that the Thefin fhall for the future, by the middle of its ftream, form the feparation and limit between the respective dominions, from the Lago Maggiore, or greater lake, to the place where it falls into the Po, excepting only the inland formed by the canal over against the city of Pavia, which island fhall be referved to her Majefty the Queen, upon these conditions; that the King fhall have nevertheless the free communication of the river Thefin, for the paffage of barks, without their being either stopped, vifited, or fubjected to the payment of any duty; and that the faid canal shall never be filled up, and shall serve in this place for a limit. Moreover, that other part of the dutchy of Pavia, called the Pavefe, beyond the Po, Bobbio and its territory being reckoned into it, the city of Plaifance, with that part of the dutchy of Placentia which is between the Pavefan, and as far as the bed of the

the river Nura, from its fource quite to the Po; in fuch manner that the middle, as well of the Nura as of the Po, do make in this part the limit of the two states; and confequently, that, which has hitherto belonged to the dutchy of Placentia on the other fide of the Po, do remain feparated from it.

Laftly, that part of the county of Anghiera, or of the state of Milan, whatsoever particular name may be given to it, which borders upon the Novarefe, the valley of Sefia, the Great Alps, and the country of Vallais, extending to the Swifs prefectures of Val Maggia and Locarno, and along the banks of, and in the Lago Maggiore, to the middle of the faid lake, in fuch manner that for the future the confines between the dominions of his Majefty the King of Sardinia, and thofe of her Majesty the Queen of Hungary, fhall be continually fixed by a line drawn from the borders of the Swifs, in the middle, and all along the Lago Maggiore to the mouth of the Thefin, which line fhall go from thence along the middle of the stream of that river to the place of its falling into the Po, excepting the front of the above-mentioned island before Pavia, and from thence go on along the middle of the courfe of the Po, to the place where the Nura falls into the Po, and go up by the middle of the bed of the Nura quite to its fource, which is oppofite to the country of Genoa.

The abovefaid divifion of the courfe of the rivers fhall not prevent the navigation remaining free, as it is to remain, to the fubjects of the two fovereigns, in the whole breadth of the faid rivers, with liberty to pass upon the banks on either fide, for the towing of boats which go up ftream; the faid banks being neverthelefs to appertain, as well with regard to the property, as in all other refpects, to the fovereigns refpectively, on either fide of the faid rivers, who shall be allowed, each on their own fide, to make fuch reparations as they fhall judge neceffary towards ftrengthening of them, provided that thofe reparations be not prominent, that is to fay, that they may not force the ftream of the river against the oppofite fide, and that, on the part of the King of Sardinia,

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Sardinia, it fhall never be lawful, under any pretence whatsoever, to make fuch works as might prevent the free entry of the waters into the canal or navilio, which is on the fide of her Majesty the Queen of Hungary, and which conducts the faid waters to Milan.

To enjoy the fame in full property and fovereignty, as her Majesty the Queen and her predeceffors have enjoyed them hitherto; which countries her Majefty the Queen difmembers for ever from her hereditary dominions, and from the state of Milan, derogating for that purpose, as far as there can be occafion for it, from every thing that might in any manner be contrary thereto, faving always the direct jurifdiction of the Empire.

X. Besides, as it is of importance to the public caufe that his Majefty the King of Sardinia fhould have an immediate communication of his dominions with the fea, and with the maritime Powers, her Majefty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia yields to him all the rights which she may have in any manner, and upon any title whatfoever, to the town and marquifate of Final, which rights fhe yields and transfers, without any reftriction, to the faid King, in the fame manner as she does the countries defcribed in the foregoing article; in the juft expectation, that the Republic of Genoa will facilitate, as far as fhall be neceffary, a difpofition fo indifpenfably requifite for the liberty and fecurity of Italy, in confideration of the fum, which shall be found to be due to the faid Republic, without his Majefty the King of Sardinia, nor her Majefty the Queen of Hungary being obliged to contribute to the payment of the faid fum; provided always, that the town of Final be and remain for ever a free port, as is Leghorn; and that it fhall be allowable for his Majefty the King of Sardinia to re-establish there the forts which have been demolifhed, or to cause others to be built, according as he fhall judge convenient.

XI. His Majefty the King of Great Britain, her Ma, jefty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and his Ma. jefty the King of Sardinia, engage themselves not to make

make either peace or truce, without comprehending therein, in exprefs words, all the above-mentioned ceffions, and without ftipulating alfo a full reftitution to the King of Sardinia of every part of his other domininions, which may have been seized or occupied in hatred of his union with the allies; provided, that the King of Sardinia fhall hold himself to be from this prefent time indemnified for the revenue which might be fo withheld from him, by that of the countries yielded and transferred to him by the prefent treaty.

XII. In return, his Majefty the King of Sardinia fhall remain firmly and infeparably united and attached to the interests and to the caufe of the allies, not only for as long as the war may last in Italy, but to the conclufion of the peace in Germany, and of the peace between Great Britain and Spain; and this is the principal condition, and fine qua non, of the ceffions made to him above by the 9th and 10th articles of this treaty, which ceffions fhall not receive their full and irrevocable force, but from its entire accomplishment, after which the countries yielded to the faid King fhall be deemed guarantied to him by the allies for ever, as his other dominions are.

XIII. And as foon as Italy fhall be delivered from enemies, and out of all apparent danger of being afresh invaded, her Majesty the Queen of Hungary fhall not only be at liberty to withdraw part of her troops, but, if the requires it, his Majefty the King of Sardinia fhall furnish her fome of his own troops, to be employed for the fecurity of her Majefty's dominions in Lombardy, that fo fhe may be able to make ufe of a greater number of her own in Germany, in like manner as, at the requifition of the King of Sardinia, the Queen of Hungary fhould cause fome of her troops to pafs into the dominions of the faid King, if it were neceffary, for defending the paffages thereof, which an enemy's army fhould undertake to force, and for delivering from enemies all the dominions of his Majefty the King of Sardinia, and freeing them from any danger of a fresh invafion.


XIV. In any cafe, the allies fhall not make either peace or truce, or accommodation whatsoever, with the common enemy, but in concert, and with the participation and advice one of the other, nor without the guaranty of fuch Powers as fhould have a fhare in the pacification, for the poffeffions and acquifitions of the allies, as fet forth in this treaty; and, after the conclufion of the peace, the prefent alliance fhall equally and unalterably fubfift, as well for the fecurity of its execution, as, in general, for the mutual and constant security of the allies.

XV. His Majefty the King of Sardinia, and her Majefty the Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, in gratitude for the generous concern of his Britannic Majefty for the public fecurity, and for theirs, and for that of Italy in particular, do not only confirm to the British fubjects the advantages of commerce and navigation, which they enjoy in their respective dominions, but promife to fecure them ftill farther to them, and, as far as it fhall be found reasonable and practicable, by a specific treaty of commerce and navigation, whenever his Britannic Majefty fhall require it of them.

XVI. The Lords the States General of the United Provinces being already under the fame engagements towards the moft Serene Houfe of Auftria, and having the fame intereft with his Britannic Majefty in all the objects of the prefent treaty, the allies will jointly invite them to enter into this alliance, as a principal contracting party.

XVII. The other Princes and States who have at heart the peace, the liberty, and the fecurity of Europe, of the Empire, and of Italy, and who will be willing to enter into the prefent alliance, fhall be admitted into it.

XVIII. This treaty of alliance fhall be ratified by all the allies, and the ratifications of it fhall be exchanged within the space of fix weeks, or sooner if poffible.

In witness whereof, we the plenipotentiaries abovenamed have figned the prefent treaty with our own


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