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to no other determination but that of the conful only.

XVI. That in cafe any fubject of his faid Majefty, being in any part of the kingdom of Algiers, happen to ftrike, wound, or kill a Turk or a Moor, if he be taken, he is to be punished in the fame manner, and with no greater feverity, than a Turk ought to be, being guilty of the fame offence; but if he efcape, neither the faid English conful, nor any other of his faid Majefty's fubjects, fhall be in any fort queftioned and troubled therefore.

XVII. That the English conful now or at any time hereafter living in Algiers, fhall be there at all times with entire freedom and fafety of his perfon and estate, and fhall be permitted to choose his own druggerman and broker, and freely to go on board any fhips in the road, as often and when he pleases, and to have the liberty of the country; and that he fhall be allowed a place to pray in, and that no man fhall do him any injury in word or deed.

XVIII. That not only during the continuance of this peace and friendship, but likewife if any breach or war happen to be hereafter between the faid King of Great Britain and the kingdom of Algiers, the faid English conful, and all other his faid Majefty's fubjects inhabiting in the kingdom of Algiers, fhall always, and at all times, both of peace and war, have full and abfolute liberty to depart and go to their own or any other country, upon any fhip or veffel, of what nation foever they fhall think fit, and to carry with them all their eftates, goods, families, and fervants, without any interruption or hinderance.

XIX. That no fubject of his faid Majefty, being a paffenger, and coming or going with his baggage from or to any port, fhall be any way molefted or meddled with, although he be on board any fhip or veffel in enmity with Algiers; and in like manner no Bb 2 Algerine

Algerine paffenger, being on board any fhip or veffel in enmity with the faid King of Great Britain, fhall be any way molefted, whether in his perfon, or in his goods which he may have laden on board the faid fhip or veffel.

XX. That at all times, when any ship of war of the King of Great Britain's, carrying his faid Majefty's flag at the main-top-maft-head, fhall appear before Algiers, and come to an anchor in the road, that immediately after notice thereof given by his faid Majefty's conful, or officer, from the fhip, unto the Dey and government of Algiers, they fhall, in honour to his Majefty, caufe a falute of one-and-twenty cannon to be fhot off from the caftles and forts of the city, and that the faid ship shall return an answer by fhooting off the fame number of cannon.

XXI. That prefently after the figning and fealing of these articles by the Bafhaw, Dey, Aga, and Governors of Algiers, all injuries and damages fuftained on either part fhall be quite taken away and forgotten, and this peace fhall be in full force and virtue, and continue for ever. And for all depredations and damages that fhall be afterwards committed or done by either fide, before notice can be given of this peace, full fatisfaction fhall immediately be made, and whatfoever remains in kind, fhall be inftantly restored.

XXII. That in cafe it fhall happen hereafter, that any thing is done or committed contrary to this treaty, whether by the fubjects of the one or the other party, the treaty notwithstanding shall fubfift in full force, and fuch contraventions fhall not occafion the breach of this peace, friendship, and good correfpondence, but the party injured fhall amicably demand immediate fatiffaction for the faid contraventions before it be lawful to break the peace; and if the fault was committed by any private fubjects of either party, they alone fhall be punished as breakers of the peace, and difturbers of the


public quiet. And our faith fhall be our faith, and our word our word.

Confirmed and fealed, in the prefence of Almighty
God, the tenth day of April, in the year of our
Lord Jefus Chrift one thoufand fix hundred and
eighty-two and in the year of the Hegira one
thoufand ninety-three, and the eleventh day of the
moon Abril.
(L. S.)

(L. S.)


Article concerning Paffes.

WHEREAS, on the tenth day of April, 1682, there was a treaty of peace concluded between the most Serene King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Chriftian faith, &c. and the most Illuftrious Lords the Bashaw, Dey, Aga, and Governors of the city and kingdom of Algiers, to which treaty there was annexed a form of paffes for the fhips belonging to the fubjects of the faid King of Great Britain; it is hereby agreed and exprefsly declared, that the faid form, annexed to the faid treaty, being no part thereof, the lords high admirals or commiffioners of the admiralty of his faid Majefty's dominions, are at full liberty, in giving the faid paffes, to ufe the form of. words hereunto annexed, which fhall be good and fufficient to all intents and purpofes. Confirmed and fealed, in the prefence of Almighty God, the fifth day of March, in the year of our Lord Jefus Chrift one thousand fix hundred eighty-and-two, being in the year of the Hegira one thoufand ninety-four, and the feventeenth day of the moon Moolout.

(L. S.)

(L. S.)

(L. S.)

Form of the Pafs.

SUFFER the fhip

to pafs, with her company, paffengers, goods, and mer



chandizes, without any let, hinderance, seizure, of moleftation, the faid fhip appearing unto me (or us) by good teftimony, to belong to the fubjects of our Sovereign Lord the King, and to no foreigners. Given under my hand (or our hands) and the seal of my (or our) office of admiral, at


day of

in the year of our Lord one thousand fix hundred eighty

To all perfons whom thefe may concern.
By command of

Note. That the late commiffion of the admiralty of England having been determined, and the administration of the affairs thereof (and particularly that of figning paffes) taken into his Majefty's own Royal hand, the form of the forementioned pafs has received the following alterations; viz. JAMES the Second, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the faith, &c.; to all perfons whom these may concern, greeting.

Suffer the fhip

to pafs, with her company, paffengers, goods, and merchandizes, without any let, hinderance, feizure, or moleftation; the faid fhip appearing unto us, by good teftimony, to belong to our fubjects, and to no foreigner. Given under our fign manual, and the feal of our admiralty, at our court at of our



day of Lord one thoufand fix hundred eighty


By his Majefty's command,

S. Pepys.

in the


Articles of Peace and Commerce between the moft Serene and Mighty Prince George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Chriftian Faith, Duke of Brunswic and Lunenburg, Arch-treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, &c. &c. &c.; and the most Illuftrious Lord Ally Bafhaw, Dey and Governor of the warlike City and Kingdom of Algier, in Barbary: concluded, ratified, confirmed, and renewed, by his Excellency Archibald Clevland, Efq; his Britannic Majefty's Ambassador to the Emperor of Fez and Morocco, and to all the other Barbary States. Archd Clevland. (L. S.)

I. IN the first place, it is hereby agreed and concluded, that from this day, and for ever, there shall be a ftrict and inviolable peace and friendship between his Britannic Majefty and the kingdom of Algier: and that all the articles and treaties of peace and commerce, fubfifting between the kingdom of Great Britain, &c. and the kingdom of Algier, be hereby renewed, ratified, and confirmed. That the fhips and other veffels, and the subjects and people, of both sides, fhall not henceforward do to each other any harm, offence, or injury, either in word or deed; but fhall treat one another with all poffible refpect and friendfhip; and that all demands and pretences whatfoever, to this day, between both parties, fhall ceafe and be void.

II. It is alfo agreed, that if any fhips or veffels of Christian nations in enmity with the King of Great Britain, &c. fhall, at any time hereafter, be met with or found upon the coaft of the kingdom of Algier, either at anchor or otherwife, and not within the reach of cannon-shot of the fhore, that it fhall and may be lawful for any of his Britannic Majefty's fhips or veffels of war, or any English privateers, or letters of marque, to take and feize as prizes any fuch fhips or veffels fo Bb 4


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