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that fhall be afterwards committed or done by either fide, before notice can be given of this peace, full fatisfaction fhall immediately be made, and whatsoever remains in kind fhall be inftantly restored.

XXII. That in cafe it fhall happen hereafter, that any thing is done or committed contrary to this treaty, whether by the fubjects of the one or the other party, the treaty notwithstanding fhall fubfift in full force, and fuch contraventions fhall not occafion the breach of this peace, friendship, and good correfpondence; but the party injured fhall amicably demand immediate fatisfaction for the faid contraventions, before it be lawful to break the peace; and if the fault was committed by any private fubjects of either party,, they alone fhall be punished as breakers of the peace, and difturbers of the public quiet. And our faith fhall be our faith, and our word, our word.

Confirmed and fealed, in the prefence of Almighty God, the fifth day of April, in the year of our Lord Jefus Christ one thousand fix hundred and. eighty-fix, and in the year of the Hegira one thoufand ninety-feven, and the three and twentieth day of the moon Gemafilavel.

Wm Soame (L. S.)

Peace confirmed, and additional Articles made with theGovernment of Algier, by Capt. Munden, and Conful Cole.


I. WE the moft excellent and moft illuftrious lords Muftapha Dey Ali Bashaw, and Muftapha Aga, governors of the most famous and warlike city and kingdom of Algier, do by these prefents renew and confirm the peace we fo happily enjoy with the King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Christian faith, and his fubjects, made in the year 1682, in every part and article, more particularly that of the VIIIth, wherein it is expreffed, no fhip or veffelbelonging

belonging to our government of Algier shall cruize near or in fight of any of the roads, havens, or ports, towns or places belonging to the faid King of Great Britain, or anyways disturb the peace and commerce of the fame: and, in compliance with the VIIIth article of that treaty, we do fincerely promife and declare, that such orders fhall for the future be given to all our commanders, that, under a severe penalty, and our utmost displeasure, they fhall not enter into the channel of England, nor come or cruize in fight of any part of his Majefty of Great Britain's dominions any more for the time to come.

II. That whereas we had declared, that all fhips and veffels belonging to the faid King of Great Britain should have paffes by the laft of September 1700, we do by these declare, at the defire of Capt. John Munden, commander in chief of his Majefty's fhips in the Mediterranean, and Robert Cole, Efq; his Majefty's conful now residing at our city of Algier, on behalf of their great master, that no paffes fhall be required or expected from any of the English fhips or veffels in any part of the world; but that they fhall proceed on their voyage, without producing or fhewing a pafs to any of our cruizers, till the laft of September 1701: and after that time is expired, and any ship of England be feized, not having a pass, we do hereby declare, that the goods in that fhip fhall be prize; but the mafter, men, and fhip, fhall be reftored, and the freight immediately paid to the faid mafter, to the utmost value as he fhould have had, if he had gone fafe to the port whither he was bound.

III. That whereas Captain John Munden has given us good affurance, that he had a great affront, fome years past, from fome of our rude failors at our Mould; we do hereby promife, that at all times, whenever any of the King of Great Britain's fhips of war come to this place, order fhall be given to an officer of the government immediately, who fhall attend at the Mould Cc 2 all

all the day-time, during their stay here, to prevent any fuch diforder for the future, that no misunderstanding may happen between us; and if any fuch diforder fhould happen, the officer of the Mould fhall fecure the perfon or perfons, and they fhall be punished with the utmost severity.

IV. By the help of God, and if He please, these articles now made betwen us fhall be maintained: to the truth of which we have hereunto fet our hands and feal in Algier, in the year of the Hegira 1112, and is by the account of the Chriftians, August 17, 1700. Copy. G. Byng.


Articles of Peace and Commerce, between the most Serene and Mighty Princess Anne, by the Grace of God, Queen of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Chriftian Faith, &c. and the most Illuftrious Lord Mustapha Dey, the Bafhaw, Aga, and Governors of the famous City and Kingdom of Algiers, in Barbary; ratified, confirmed, and renewed, by George Byng, Efq; Rear-Admiral of the Red Squadron of her Majesty's Fleet, on the 28th Day of October, Old Stile, 1703.

I. IN the first place, it is agreed and concluded, that from this day, and for ever-forwards, that the peace made by Arthur Herbert, Efq; then admiral of her Majefty's fleet in the Mediterranean in the year 1682, and fince confirmed by Sir William Soames, Bart. ambaffador to the Grand Signior in the year 1686, with the additional articles agreed to with Captain Munden and Conful Cole in the year 17co, be renewed and confirmed (with the farther addition of the articles agreed to in this treaty with George Byng, Efq; rear-admiral of the red fquadron of her Majefty's fleet) be kept inviolable between the moft Serene Queen of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Chriftian Faith, &c. and the most Illuftrious Lord Muftapha

Mustapha Dey, the Bafhaw, Aga, and Governors of the famous city and kingdom of Algiers, and between all the dominions and fubjects of either fide; and that the fhips and other veffels, and the fubjects and people, of both fides, fhall not henceforth do to each other any harm, offence, or injury, either in word or deed, but fhall treat one another with all poffible refpect and friendship; and that all demands and pretences whatfoever to this day, between both parties, fhall ceafe and be void.

II. That whereas by the faid articles of peace, made and concluded by admiral Herbert, it was agreed the fubjects of England fhauld pay ten per cent. cuftom for the goods they should fell at Algiers, or dominions thereof: now, for the better fettling and maintaining a good commerce between the fubjects of England and thofe of Algiers, it is agreed and declared, that from henceforward the fubjects of England fhall pay but five per cent. cuftom for the goods they fhall fell at Algiers, and that counterband goods, as is declared before, fhall pay no cuftom.

III. And it is farther agreed and declared, that all prizes taken by any of her Majefty of Great Britain's fubjects, and all fhips and veffels built and fitted out in any of her Majefty's plantations in America, that have not been in England, fhall not be molefted in cafe of no pass; but that a certificate in writing under the hand of the commanding officer that fhall fo take prizes, and a certificate under the hands of the governor or chief of any of her Majefty's plantations in America, or where any fhip fhall be built or fitted, fhall be a sufficient pass to either of them. And our faith shall be our faith, and our word our word.

Confirmed and fealed, in the prefence of Almighty

God, the twenty-eighth day of October, in the year of our Lord Jefus Chrift one thousand seven hundred and three, and in the year of the Hegira Cc 3


one thoufand one hundred and fifteen, and the
first day of the moon Regep.

The name and feal of the Dey of Algier.

G. B. and Sea!.
Copy. G. Byng.

Additional Article to the ancient Treaties fubfifting be tween his Britannic Majefty and the Dey and Govern ment of Algiers, agreed to by the prefent Dey, Mahomet, and bis faid Majefty's Plenipotentiaries the Honourable Auguftus Keppel, and Ambrofe Stanyford, Efq; his Majesty's Agent and Conful General at Algier.

THAT all packets or exprefs boats, bearing his Britannic Majefty's commiffion, which fhall be met by any of the cruizers of Algiers, shall be treated with the fame refpect as his Majefty's fhips of war, and all due refpect fhall be paid to his Majefty's commiffion and both at meeting and parting they fhall be treated as friends and if any of the Algerine cruizers commit the leaft fault or violence against them, the captains or raizes fo offending fhall, on their arrival at Algiers, and proper complaint being made of them, be moft feverely punished, without admitting of their excufes. Dated at Algiers, the third day of June 1751, and in the year of Hageira 1164, the twentieth day of the moon Regil.


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