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the English, agrees, that the rajahs or zemindars on this coaft, who have favoured the English in the late war, fhall not be molested on that account.

VIII. The Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, hereby renews and confirms all the commercial privileges and immunities given to the English by the late Nabob Hyder Ali Cawn, Bahauder, who is in heaven, and particularly ftipulated and specified in the treaty between the company and the said Nabob, concluded the 8th of August, 1770.

IX. The Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, shall reftore the factory and privileges poffeffed by the English at Callicut, until the year 1779 (or 1193 Hygera) and fhall reftore Mount Dilly and its diftrict, belonging to the fettlement of Tellicherry, and poffeffed by the English, till taken by Sardar Cawn, at the commencement of the late war.

X. This treaty fhall be figned and fealed by the English commiffioners, and a copy of it fhall afterwards be figned and fealed by the prefident and select committee of Fort St. George, and returned to the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, in one month, or fooner if poffible; and the fame fhall be acknowledged under the hands and feals of the governor general and council of Bengal, and the governor and felect committee of Bombay, as binding upon all the governments in India; and copies of the treaty, fo acknowledged, fhall be fent to the faid Nabob in three months, or fooner if poffible. In teftimony whereof, the faid contracting parties have figned, fealed, and interchangeably delivered two inftruments of the fame tenor and date; to wit, the faid three commiffioners on behalf of the honourable English Eaft India company and the Carnatic Payen Gaut; and the faid Nabob Tippoo Sultaun, Bahauder, on his own behalf, and the dominions of Seringapatam, and Hyder Nagur, &c. Thus executed at Mangulore (otherwife


called Codial Bunder) this eleventh day of March, and
year 1784, of the Chriftian æra, and 16th day of the
moon Rabillafany, in the year of the Hygera 1198.
(Signed) Anthony Sadlier. (L. S.)
George Leonard Staunton. (L. S.)
John Huddlefon. (L. S.)

Tippoo Sultaun's


1756. Tfirming former treaties, regarding Ge

HE treaty with the con


riah, and settling trade.

1775. 6 Mar.

1778. 24 Nov.

1781. 13 Oct.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 170.

The treaty between governor Hornby and the council of Bombay, on the one part, and Ragonath Row Bellajee, Peifhwa, on the other, confirming former agreements, and protecting trade.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 337

The new treaty and additional agreements between the fame parties.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 348.

The treaty of peace and firm alliance between Colonel Muir, on behalf of the Eaft India company, and the Maha Rajah Saheb. Soubahdar, Madhee Row Sindia, Bahadar, on his part.

E. Ind. Treat. p. 316.



1782. The treaty of alliance and perpetual 17 May. friendship with the Marattas, fettled by Mr. David Anderfon, on behalf of the Eaft India company. E. Ind. Treat. p. 318.

[The following is printed from the Treaty, which was published by authority, in 1784.]

The Treaty of Peace with the Marattas, 1782.

TREATY of perpetual friendship and alliance between the honourable the English Eaft India company, and the Pefhwa Madhoo Row Pundit Purdhan, fettled by Mr. David Anderson, on the part of the honourable company, in virtue of the powers delegated to him for that purpofe by the honourable the governor general and council, appointed by the King and parliament of Great Britain, to direct and controul all political affairs of the honourable English East India company in India; and by Maha Rajah Subadar Madhoo Row Sindia, as plenipotentiary on the part of the Pefhwa Madhoo Row Pundit Purdhan, Ballajee Pundit Nana Furnavese, and the whole of the chiefs of the Maratta nation, agreeably to the following articles, which fhall be ever binding on their heirs and fucceffors, and the conditions of them to be invariably obferved by both parties.

I. It is ftipulated and agreed to between the honourable the English Eaft India company and the Pefhwa, through the mediation of Madhoo Row Sindia, that all countries, places, cities, and forts, including Baffeen, &c. which have been taken from the Pefhwa, during the war that has arifen fince the treaty fettled by colonel Upton, and have come into the poffeffion of the English, fhall be delivered up to the Peshwa; the territories, forts, cities, &c. to be restored, shall be delivered within the space of two months from the period when this treaty fhall become complete (as hereinafter defcribed) to fuch perfons as the Peshwa, or his minifter, Nana Furnavefe, fhall appoint.

II. It is agreed between the English company and the Peshwa, that Salfette and three other islands, viz. Elephanta, Corranja, and Hog, which are included in the treaty of colonel Upton, fhall continue for ever in poffeffion of the English. If any other iflands have been taken in the courfe of the prefent war, they fhall be delivered up to the Pefhwa.

III. Whereas it was ftipulated in the fourth article of the treaty of colonel Upon, "That the Pefhwa, " and all the chiefs of the Maratta ftate, do agree "to give the English company, for ever, all right and = "title to the city of Baroach, as full and complete as ever they collected from the Moguls or otherwise, " without retaining any claim of chout, or any other "claims whatsoever; fo that the English company "fhall poffefs it without participation or claim of any "kind" this article is accordingly continued in full force and effect.


IV. The Peshwa having formerly, in the treaty of colonel Upton, agreed, by way of friendship, to give up to the English a country of three lacks of rupees, near Baroach, the English do now, at the request of Madhoo Row Sindia, confent to relinquish their claim to the faid country in favour of the Peshwa.

V. The country which Seajee and Futty Sing Guickwar gave to the English, and which is mentioned in the feventh article of the treaty of colonel Upton, being therein left in a state of fufpence, the English, with a view to obviate all future difputes, now agree that it shall be restored; and it is hereby fettled, that if the faid country be a part of the establifhed territory of the Guickwar, it fhall be restored to the Guickwar; and if it fhall be a part of the Peshwa's territories, it shall be reftored to the Pefhwa.

VI. The English engage, that having allowed Ragonaut Row a period of four months, from the time when this treaty fhall become complete, to fix on a place


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place of refidence, they will not, after the expiration of the faid period, afford him any support, protection, or affiftance, nor fupply him with money for his expences and the Pefhwa, on his part, engages, that if Ragonaut Row will voluntarily, and of his own accord, repair to Maha Rajah Madhoo Row Sindia, and quietly refide with him, the fum of 25,000 rupees per month fhall be paid him for his maintenance; and no injury whatever fhall be offered to him by the Peshwa, or any of his people.

VII. The honourable English Faft India company, and the Pefhwa, being defirous that their respective allies fhall be included in this peace; it is hereby mutually ftipulated, that each party fhall make peace with the allies of the other, in the manner hereinafter fpecified.

VIII. The territory which has long been the eftablifhed jagheer of Seeajee Guickwar, and Futty Sing Guickwar; that is to fay, whatever territory Futty Sing Guickwar poffeffed at the commencement of the prefent war, fhall hereafter for ever remain on the ufual footing in his poffeffion; and the faid Futty Sing fhall, from the date of this treaty being complete, pay for the future to the Peshwa the tribute as ufual, previous to the prefent war; and fhall perform fuch fervices, and be fubject to fuch obedience, as have long been established and cuftomary. No claim fhall be made on the faid Futty Sing, by the Pefhwa, for the period that is past.

IX. The Peshwa engages, that whereas the Nabob Hyder Ally Cawn, having concluded a treaty with him, hath disturbed and taken poffeffion of territories belonging to the English and their allies, he shall be made to relinquish them; and they fhall be reftored to the company and the Nabob Mahomed Ally Cawn. All prifoners, that have been taken on either fide during the war, fhall be releafed; and Hyder Ally Cawn fhall be made to relinquifh all fuch territories


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