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Canada-France. Trade agreement of Jan. 29, 1921. (Treaty series, 1921, No. 16.) 20.

Copyright of Hungarian nationals vested in Custodian. Order of Board of Trade as to “vested copyright” and “restored copyright.” Aug. 16, 1921. (S. R. & 0., 1921, 1314.) 3d.

Copyright. Treaty of Peace (Hungary, copyright) Rules, Sept. 5, 1921. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1452). 2d.

Egypt. Agreement between Great Britain and Denmark relating to the suppression of the capitulations in July 14, 1921. (Treaty series, 1921, No. 15.) 20.

Agreement between Great Britain and Sweden, July 8, 1921. (Treaty series, 1921, No. 14.) 2d. .

Egypt and Soudan, Reports by H. M. H. High Commissioner on the finances, administration and condition of, for the year 1920. (Cmd. 1487.) 2s. 4d.

Fleets of Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, AustriaHungary, United States of America, and Japan, on Feb. 1, 1921, omitting ships over twenty years old, and armaments reduced to a common scale. (H. C. Reports and Papers, 1921, No. 164.) 1s. 242d.

German Reparation Recovery Order, No. 12, Sept. 29, 1921, made by the Board of Trade. (S. R. & 0. 1921, 1531.) 2d.

German war trials. Report of proceedings before Supreme Court in Leipzig, with appendices. (Cmd. 1450.) 712d.

Imperial Conference. Summary of proceedings and documents of conference of Prime Ministers and representatives of the United Kingdom, the Dominions, and India, held in June, July and August, 1921. (Cmd. 1474.) 1112d.

Imperial Shipping Committee, Report on functions and constitution of. (Cmd. 1483.) 3d.

India Treaty of Peace (Austria) amendment orders, 1921. (S. R. & 0., 1921, 1214 and 1245.) 20 each.

International Opium Convention, 1912, and subsequent relative papers. . (Treaty series, 1921, No. 17.) 1s.

1Parliamentary and official publications of Great Britain may be obtained for the amount noted from the Director of Publications, H. M. Stationery Office, Imperial House, Kingsway, London, W. C. 2.

Irish settlement. Arrangements governing the cessation of active operations in, which came into force on July 11, 1921. (Cmd. 1534.) 3d.

Correspondence relating to proposals of H. M. Government. (Cmd. 1470, 1502.) 2d each, (Cmd. 1539.) 7d.

Kenya Colony and Protectorate (East Africa). Boundaries. Order in Council, June 27, 1921. (S. R. & 0., 1921, 1134.) 2d.

Despatch to the officer administering the government of, relating to native labor. (Cmd. 1509.) 20.

Report No. 1089, 1919-1920. Colonial Office. ls. 112d. League of Nations. Speech to the Imperial Conference of the Lord President of the Council of the League of Nations. (H. C. Reports and Papers, 1921, No. 195.) 2d.

Mandates. Final drafts for Mesopotamia and Palestine for the approval of the Council of the League of Nations. (Cmd. 1500.) 3d.

Mixed Arbitral Tribunal between British Empire and Austria constituted under Art. 256 of the Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye, Rules of procedure. Aug. 16, 1921. (S. R. & 0., 1921, 1301.) 6d.

Between British Empire and Bulgaria constituted under Art. 188 of the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine. Rules of procedure, Aug. 16, 1921. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1458.) 6.

Between British Empire and Hungary constituted under Art. 239 of Treaty of Trianon. Rules of procedure, Aug. 18, 1921. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1422.) 7d.

Mixed Arbitral Tribunals established by the Treaties of Peace. Collection of decisions. (French.) Nos. 3 and 4, June and July, 1921. Foreign Office, 3s. 6d; No. 5, August, 1921, 3s. 71/2d.

Patents, designs, and trade-marks. Order in Council applying Sec. 91 of the Act of 1907 to Bulgaria. July 14, 1921. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1213.) 2d.

Patents of Hungarian nationals vested in Custodian. Order of Board of Trade as to “vested patents," "vested applications," and "restored patents.” Aug. 16, 1921. (S. R. & 0., 1921, 1315.) 3d.

Patents. Treaty of Peace (Hungary, patents) Rules, Sept. 5, 1921. (S. R. & 0., 1921, 1453.) 2d.

Peace Handbooks prepared under direction of Historical Section. Foreign Office. Vol. XVIII. German possessions in Africa. (Cloth ed.) 13s.

Petroleum situation. Despatch to Ambassador at Washington enclosing a memorandum on the. (Misc., 1921, No. 17.) 20.

Russia-Great Britain trade agreement. Correspondence between H. M. Government and the French Government respecting. (Russia, 1921, No. 2.) 412d.

Tanganyika Territory. Report on, covering the period from the conclusion of the armistice to the end of 1920. (Cmd. 1428.) 1s. 8d.

Thrace, Treaty between the Allied Powers and Greece relative to, signed at Sévres, Aug. 10, 1920. (Treaty series, 1921, No. 13.) 2d.

Trading with the Enemy Order, 1921. Custodian direction. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1405.) 2d.

Treaty of Peace (Hungary) Order, 1921. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1285.) 91/2d.

Egypt Order in Council, Aug. 10, 1921. (S. R. & 0., 1921, 1401.) 20.

Turkey, Reports on atrocities in certain districts of. (Turkey, 1921, No. 1.) 3d.

War, Order in Council declaring date of termination of. Aug. 10, 1921. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1276.) 2d.

War with Hungary, Order in Council determining date of termination of. Aug. 10, 1921. (S. R. & O., 1921, 1284.) 2d.


Cables, submarine. Executive order directing that Secretary of State shall receive all applications for licenses to land or operate. July 9, 1921. 1 p. (No. 3513.) State Dept.

China. Report to accompany bill (H. R. 8221) for relief of. Aug. 23, 1921. 5 p. (H. rp. 381.) Claims Committee.

Chinese Indemnity. Report to accompany S. J. Res. 85 for remission of further payments of annual installments. Aug. 10, 1921. 5 p. (S. rp. 250.) Foreign Relations Committee.

Colorado River. Act to permit compact or agreement between Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, respecting the distribution and apportionment of waters of Colorado River. Approved Aug. 19, 1921. 1 p. (Public 56.) 5c.

Consular officers, notarial manual for. 1921. 84 p. Cloth, 40c.

Extradition. Memorandum relative to applications for extradition from foreign countries of fugitives from justice. 1921. 3 p. State Dept.

Foreign exchange. Hearings on H. R. 8404 to investigate international exchange problem for purpose of determining means which may best be employed for stabilization of exchange. Oct. 8, 1921. Statement by H. N. Lawrie. 51 p. 10 pl. Banking and Currency Committee.

Foreign loans. Hearings on H. R. 7359 to enable refunding of obligations of foreign governments owing to United States. Oct. 6, 1921. 23 p. Ways and Means Committee.

Report to accompany H. R. 8762 to create commission authorized to refund or convert obligations of foreign governments owing to United States. Oct. 20, 1921. 10 p. (H. rp. 421.) Ways and Means Committee.

2Where prices are given, the document in question may be obtained for the amount noted from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.

Foreign Relations of United States. List of publications for sale by Superintendent of Documents. Sept., 1921. 42 p. (Price list 65, 5th ed.) Govt. Printing Office.

Germany. Treaty of peace with Germany, Aug. 25, 1921, together with Sec. 1 of Pt. 4 and Pts. 5, 6, 8-12, 14 and 15 of Treaty of Versailles under which the United States claims rights and privileges. 123 p. (S. doc. 70.) Senate.

Haiti, Inquiry into occupation and administration of, and Santo Domingo. Hearing, Aug. 5, 1921. Pt. 1, 104 p. Select Committee.

Immigration laws, rules of May 1, 1917. 6th ed. Sept., 1921. 119 p. map. Paper, 10c.

Information relative to immigration laws and their enforcement in connection with admission of aliens. 1921. 4 p. Immigration Bureau.

Japanese immigration and colonization. Skeleton brief by V. S. McClatchy, representative of Japanese Exclusion League of California, filed with Secretary of State. 1921. 143 p. (S. doc. 55.) Senate.

Liberia, proposed loan to. (S. doc. 58.) Aug. 1, 1921. 3 p. State Dept.

Naturalization laws and regulations. Sept. 24, 1920. Reprint, 1921. 45 p. Paper, 5c.

New York harbor. S. J. Res. 88, joint resolution granting consent of Congress to agreement or compact entered into between State of New York and State of New Jersey for creation of Port of New York District and establishment of Port of New York Authority for comprehensive development of port. Approved Aug. 23, 1921. 8 p. (Pub. res. 17.) 5c.

Norway, Agreement between United States and, for submission to arbitration of certain claims of Norwegian subjects. June 30, 1921. 5 p. (Treaty series 654.) State Dept.

Panama Canal, Canal Zone, Republic of Panama, Colombia treaty, and Nicaragua. Publications for sale by Superintendent of Documents. Sept., 1921. 8 p. (Price list 61, 6th ed.) Govt. Printing Office.

Pan American Financial Conference. Committees appointed by Secretary of Treasury to carry out recommendations of. 1921. 15 p. InterAmerican High Commission.

Passports. Executive order amending order of Aug. 8, 1918, concerning entry of aliens into Panama Canal Zone. Oct. 18, 1921. 1 p. (No. 3562.) State Dept.

Executive order amending order of Aug. 8, 1918, concerning entry of aliens into United States in transit for foreign destination. Sept. 29, 1921. 1 p. (No. 3555.) State Dept.

Passports. Notice concerning use of. Aug. 1, 1921. 2 p. State Dept.

Russia. Political and economic report of British Committee to Collect Information on Russia, presented to Parliament. 1921. 217 p. (S. doc. 50.) Senate.

St. Mary River. Reargument in matter of measurement and apportionment of waters of St. Mary and Milk Rivers and their tributaries under Art. 6 of treaty of Jan. 11, 1909, between United States and Canada. May 3-5, 1920. 200 p. International Joint Commission on Boundary Waters between United States and Canada.

Treaties. Compilation of treaties between United States and certain foreign Powers with amendments, modifications, or reservations adopted by Senate and action of foreign governments thereon. 1921. 317 p. (S. doc. 72.) Senate.

War munitions. Report to accompany S. H. Res. 124 to amend S. J. Res. 89, approved March 14, 1912, so that the President may limit export of arms or munitions of war to any country in which United States exercises extraterritorial jurisdiction and in which domestic violence exists. Oct. 17, 1921. 2 p. (S. rp. 299.) Foreign Relations Committee.


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