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Franco-Turkish agreement. Correspondence between H. M. Government and the French Government respecting the Angora agreement of Oct. 20, 1921. (Cmd. 1570). 10 d.

Despatch from H. M. Ambassador at Paris. Oct. 20, 1921. (Cmd. 1556). 4d.

Frontiers. Treaty between the Principal Allied and Associated Powers and Poland, Roumania, the Serb-Croat-Slovene State and the CzechoSlovak State relative to. (Treaty Series, 1921, No. 20). 4d.

Germany-Great Britain. Amended agreement respecting Article 297 of the Treaty of Versailles of June 28, 1919 (property, rights and interests). Dec. 21, 1920. (Treaty Series, 1921, No. 26). 7d.

Irish settlement. Articles of agreement for a treaty between Great Britain and Ireland. (Cmd. 1560). 4d.

Proposals for. Correspondence between H. M. Government and the Prime Minister of Northern Island relating to the. (Cmd. 1561). 4d.

Luxembourg. Economic and commercial conditions. Report. Sept., 1921. Department of Overseas Trade. 10d.

Merchant Shipping. Order in Council further postponing the coming into operation of the Merchant Shipping Act, 1914, until July 1, 1922. Nov. 21, 1921. (S. R. & 0. 1921, No. 1807). 2d.

Mixed Arbitral Tribunals established by the Treaties of Peace. Collection of decisions. (Published in French). Nos. 6-7, Sept.-Oct., 1921. Foreign Office. 75. 2 d.

Money Orders. Agreement between the United Kingdom and Brazil for exchange of. Sept. 22, 1921. (Treaty Series, 1921, No. 25). 7d.

Opium. Correspondence respecting the cultivation of, in China. (Cmd. 1531). 5s. 3 d.

Palestine. Reports of the Commission of Inquiry on disturbances in, May, 1921, with correspondence relating thereto. (Cmd. 1540). 14d.

Panama and Costa Rica. Commercial and economic situation. Report. Sept., 1921. Department of Overseas Trade. ls. 14d.

Patents, designs and trade-marks. Order in Council applying Sec. 91 of Act of 1907, as amended, to the Free City of Danzig. Nov. 21, 1921. (S. R. & 0. 1921, No. 1808). 2d.

Peace Treaties. Rules for examination of witnesses. Nov. 30, 1921. (S. R. & 0. 1921, No. 1856. L. 26). 2d.

Peru. Agreement between the United Kingdom and, respecting the mineral property “La Brea y Pariñas,” signed at Lima, Aug. 27, 1921. (Cmd. 1571). 4d.


Russia's foreign indebtedness. Correspondence with M. Krassin respecting. (Cmd. 1546). 4d.

Treaties between the United Kingdom and foreign states. Accessions, withdrawals, etc. (Treaty Series, 1921, No. 28). 7d.

Universal Postal Union. Convention of Madrid, Nov. 30, 1920. (Cmd. 1537). 10 d.

Agreement for exchange of insured letters and boxes. Nov. 30, 1920. (Cmd. 1538). 74d.

War Graves in Greece. Agreement between the United Kingdom and Greece respecting. Aug. 27-Sept. 9, 1921. (Treaty Series, 1921, No. 24). 4d.


Alien Property Custodian. Act extending time in which suits may be instituted against, for recovery of money or other property. Approved, Dec. 21, 1921. 1 p. (Public 115). 5c.

Report to accompany. Dec. 17, 1921. 2 p. (H. rp. 520). Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Anglo-Japanese Alliance, signed at London, July 13, 1911. (S. doc. 117). Senate.

Arbitration. Agreement between Portugal and the United States extending duration of convention of April 6, 1908. Signed at Lisbon, Sept. 14, 1920. 5p. (Treaty Series 656). State Dept.

China. Hearing on bill to authorize incorporation of companies to promote trade in, May 10, 1921. 72 p. Judiciary Committee.

Treaty between United States and, confirming application of 5 per cent ad valorem duty to American imports. Signed at Washington, Oct. 20, 1920. 19 p. (Treaty Series 657). State Dept.

Chinese refugees in United States. Joint resolution permitting certain, to register. Approved Nov. 23, 1921. 1 p. (Pub. res. 29). 5c.

Hearings, Nov. 8, 1921. 980 p. (Serial 8). Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

Report to accompany. Nov. 16, 1921. 3 p. (H. rp. 471). Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

Conference on Limitation of Armament. Addresses of the President and Secretary of State of the United States, Nov. 12, 1921, and United States proposal for limitation of naval armament. 27 p. (S. doc. 77). Senate.

Diplomatic list, December, 1921. 37 p. State Dept. ? Where prices are given, the document in question may be obtained for the amount noted from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.

Exportation of arms and munitions of war. Report to accompany joint resolution to prohibit, to certain countries in which domestic violence exists. Jan. 11, 1922. 3 p. (H. rp. 557). Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Foreign exchange. Depreciated exchange and international trade. 1922. 118 p. il. Tariff Commission. Paper, 15c.

Foreign sovereignties. List of, and their rulers, Nov. 3, 1921. 2 p. Naturalization Bureau.

Franco-Japanese agreement in regard to Asia, signed at Paris, June 10, 1907. (S. doc. 117). Senate.

Haiti and Santo Domingo, Inquiry into occupation and administration of. Hearings. Oct. 4-Nov. 16, 1921. 812 p. Select Committee.

Immigration. Hearings on operation of percentage immigration law for five months. 1921. 1003 p. (Serial 9). Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

List of publications for sale by Superintendent of Documents. (Price list 67, 5th ed.)

Annual report of Commissioner General of Immigration, fiscal year 1921. 165 p. Immigration Bureau.

Insurance, foreign companies in United States. Executive order revoking order of Dec. 7, 1917, prohibiting business by. (No. 3620). Jan. 17, 1922. State Dept.

International Copyright Union. Convention signed at Berne, Sept. 9, 1886; with amendments agreed to at Paris, May 4, 1896. 13 p. (Information Circular 4). Copyright Office.

Additional protocol to convention of Berlin, Nov. 13, 1908, signed at Berne, Mar. 20, 1914. (English and French). 2 p. (Information Circular 4B). Copyright Office.

Korea's appeal to Conference on Limitation of Armament. 44 p. (S. doc. 109). Senate.

Loans to foreign governments. Résumé of laws under which loans were made during and since the war, and main features of loans as disclosed by correspondence between the President, State Department, Treasury Department, and foreign governments. 1921. 388 p. (S. doc. 86). Judiciary Committee.

Naturalization. Hearings on various bills relating to proposed amendments to laws. 1921. 1214 p. (Serial 10). Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

Pacific Islands. Address of Senator H. C. Lodge upon submitting draft of treaty between the United States, Great Britain, France and Japan, at 4th plenary session of Conference on Limitation of Armament. 6 p. (S. doc. 101). Senate.


Peace treaty between Austria and the United States. Signed at Vienna, Aug. 24, 1921. 6 p.

6 p. (Treaty Series 659). State Dept. Peace treaty between Germany and the United States. Signed at Berlin, Aug. 25, 1921. 9 p. [English and German). (Treaty Series 658). State Dept.

Peace treaty between Hungary and the United States, signed at Budapest, Aug. 29, 1921. 5 p. (Treaty Series 660). State Dept.

Philippine Islands. Report of Special Mission on Investigation. 1921. 58 p. map. Paper, 10c.

Pollution of navigable waters. Hearings, Dec. 7–8, 1921. 168 p. 1 pl. Rivers and Harbors Committee.

Russian relief. Act for relief of distressed and starving people of Russia. Approved Dec. 22, 1921. 1 p. (Public 117). 5c.

Hearings, Nov. 2, 1921. 19 p. Military Affairs Committee.
Hearings, Dec. 13-14, 1921. 50 p. Foreign Affairs Committee.

Report to accompany. Dec. 14, 1921. 2 p. (H. rp. 512). Foreign Affairs Committee.

- Report to accompany bill for transfer of certain material to American Relief Administration. Dec. 12, 1921. 2 p. (H. rp. 507). Military Affairs Committee.

- Purchasing Commission for, Executive Order naming. Dec. 24, 1921. (No. 3601). State Dept.

Siam. Treaty and protocol between the United States and, revising treaties hitherto existing. Signed at Washington, Dec. 16, 1920. (Treaty Series 655). State Dept.

Trading with the enemy. Laws of 65th, 66th and 67th Congresses relating to. 1922. 33 p. Senate.

Universal Postal Union. Convention of Madrid, Nov. 30, 1920, with detailed regulations for its execution. 137 p. il. (French and English). Post Office Dept.

War, Plan to outlaw, S. 0. Levinson. 12 p. (S. doc. 115). Senate.

Yap-Guam-Naba cables. Executive Order authorizing Navy to make arrangements for temporary operation of. Dec. 24, 1921. (No. 3600). State Dept.








CLAIM No. 12

Decision rendered December 9, 1921

This is a claim for $19,443.28 together with interest from November 30, 1894, presented by His Britannic Majesty's Government on behalf of Laughlin McLean, for damages arising out of the seizure of the British sealing schooner Favourite by the United States Revenue Cutter Mohican on August 24, 1894, and her subsequent detention,

The Favourite was a British schooper registered at the Port of Victoria, and her owner was Laughlin McLean, a British subject and master mariner. In 1894, R. P. Rithets and Company, Limited Liability, a body incorporated under the laws of British Columbia, and managers of the said schooner, fitted the vessel out for a sealing voyage.

After procuring a special sealing license, the vessel, manned by Laughlin McLean as master, and a crew of eight men, sailed from Victoria on June 18, 1894. When the vessel sailed from Victoria, she had on board no firearms except one double-barrel shotgun, the barrels of which had been cut off to about eleven inches. The presence of this gun was noted on the ship's manifest. The vessel proceeded to Kyuquot on Vancouver Island, where a crew of forty-five Indian hunters was procured.

After the sealing implements on board had been sealed by Her Majesty's Customs Officers and entry made in her log book, the vessel set sail for Behring Sea on July 4, 1894; entered that sea on August 1st; and after breaking the seals on the implements commenced sealing and continued sealing until August 24, 1894. On that date when in longitude 168.30, latitude 54.27, the vessel was boarded and searched by an officer of the United States Revenue Cutter Mohican, who made the following entry in the ship's log:

Boarded the 'Favourite. Found log correctly kept. No violations of regulations, as per log; one shotgun unsealed.

1 Previous decisions of this Tribunal are printed in this Journal, Vol. 13, pp. 875, 890; Vol. 14, pp. 650-66; Vol. 15, pp. 292-304; Vol. 16, pp. 106-116.

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