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time originally fixed for its duration, a certificate thereof shall be made, acknowledged, recorded, and published, in like manner as is provided in this chapter for the original formation of limited partnerships; and every such partnership which shall not be renewed in conformity with the provisions of this section, shall be deemed a general partnership.

SEC. 8. The business of the partnership shall be conducted under a firm, in which the names of the general partners only shall be inserted, and the general partners only shall transact the business. If the name of any special partner shall be used in such firm, with his consent or privity, or if he shall personally make any contract respecting the concerns of the partnership, with any person except the general partners, he shall be liable as a general partner. This section, however, shall not prevent such special partner from examining into the state of the business, and advising as to its management.

SEC. 9. The general partners shall be liable to account to each other, and to the special partners, for their management of the concern, as in general partnerships.

SEC. 10. During the continuance of the partnership under the provisions of this chapter, no part of any sum, which any special partner may have contributed to the stock, shall be withdrawn, nor shall any division of interest or profits be made, so as to reduce the stock below the sum stated in the certificate before mentioned. If, at any time during the continuance, or at the termination of such partnership, the property or assets shall not be sufficient to pay the partnership debts, the special partners shall severally be held responsible for all sums by them in any way received, withdrawn, or divided, with interest thereon from the time when they were so withdrawn. respectively.

SEC. 11. In case of the insolvency of such partnership, no special partner shall be paid as a creditor of the firm, until all its other creditors are satisfied.

SEC. 12. No sale, assignment, or transfer of the property or effects of any such partnership, or of any interest therein, nor any lien or incumbrance thereon, by judgment or otherwise, shall be valid, if made or created by such partnership at a time when it has not sufficient property or effects to pay all its debts, for the purpose of giving a preference to one or more of its creditors over any other creditor; or by any partner, whether general or special, at a time

when he has not sufficient property or effects to pay all his debts, or in contemplation that the partnership may not have sufficient property or effects to pay its debts, for the purpose of giving a preference over the creditors of the partnership to one or more creditors, whether of his own or the partnership.

SEC. 13. Every special partner who shall give any such preference as is named in the section next preceding, or who shall concur in or assent to any such preference given by the partnership, or by any individual partner, shall be liable as a general partner.

SEC. 14. No dissolution of a limited partnership shall take place, except by operation of law, before the time specified in the certificate before mentioned, unless a notice of such dissolution shall be recorded in the office in which said certificate was recorded, and be published for four successive weeks in some newspaper published in Washington City.

SEC. 15. All suits respecting the business of any partnership formed or renewed as hereinbefore prescribed, shall be prosecuted by and against the general partners only, except in those cases wherein it is provided in this chapter that a special partner shall be liable as a general partner, and that special partnerships shall be deemed general partnerships, in which cases all the partners so liable may join or be joined in such suits, and except, also, those cases where special partners shall be held severally responsible on account of any sum by them received or withdrawn from the stock, as before provided. A special partner shall also be liable to, and be suable by, the firm for debts contracted with it, in the same manner as if he were not a partner.

SEC. 16. In all cases not otherwise provided for in this chapter, the members of limited partnerships shall be subject to all the liabilities, and entitled to all the rights, of general partners.



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SECTION 1. If any person shall transact business as a trader, with the addition of the words "factor, ""agent," "and company, or "and co.," or any similar words, and fail to disclose the name of his

principal, or partner, by a sign, in letters easy to be read, placed conspicuously at the house wherein such business is conducted, or if any person transact such business in his own name, without any such addition, or if any person transact such business without the use of any name, all the property, stock, and choses in action acquired or used in such business, shall, as to the creditors of any such person,

be liable for his debts.

This section shall not apply to a person trans

acting such business as an auctioneer or commission merchant.

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SECTION 1. It shall be the duty of every hotel or tavern keeper in Washington City and Georgetown to provide an iron safe or other secure depository for the safe keeping of any money, plate, or jewelry, belonging to their guests.

SEC. 2. Upon being applied to for that purpose by any guest, it shall be the duty of such hotel or tavern keeper to take charge of any such money, plate, or jewelry, and safely keep the same until called for by the proper party.

SEC. 3. If any such money, plate, or jewelry, or any part thereof, be lost or stolen while thus in the charge of such hotel or tavern keeper, he shall be liable for the full value of the same provided, however, if such loss occurred through fire, proved to have happened without any negligence upon the part of himself or agents, he shall not be so liable.

SEC. 4. It shall be the duty of such hotel or tavern keeper to cause written or printed notices to be posted within the chambers or other conspicuous places about such hotel or tavern, notifying persons of the purport of this chapter, and requesting guests to deposit their money, plate, or jewelry, with the proper person for safe keeping.

SEC. 5. If any guest of any such hotel or tavern shall loose any money, plate, or jewelry, not deposited for safe keeping according to

the provisions of this chapter, such hotel or tavern keeper shall not be liable therefor if he has complied with the provisions of this chapter, unless such loss occurred through the actual negligence or fraud of such hotel or tavern keeper or his agents.


Of incorporated companies.

CHAPTER 31. Of agencies of foreign insurance companies.

CHAPTER 32. Of turnpike, railroad, and canal corporations.

CHAPTER 33. General provisions respecting incorporated companies.





1. Duties of agents of foreign insurance 3. Penalty for failure or neglect. 2. companies.

SECTION 1. Every person who shall undertake to make insurance in this District, as the agent for, or in behalf of, any corporation established in any State or foreign country, shall deposit with the recorder of Washington county, a copy of the charter of such foreign corporation, and a copy of the authority given to him by said corporation.

SEC. 2. Every such agent shall also, before making any contract of insurance as aforesaid, deposit with the said recorder, a statement signed and sworn to by a majority of the directors of the corporation for which he acts, specifying the amount of its capital, and the manner of its investment. Such agent shall also, on or before the first of March in every year, during the continuance of his agency, deposit a similar statement of the capital of the corporation, and the investment thereof, to be annually made out, signed, and sworn to, as before directed.

SEC. 3. If any person shall undertake, as agent for any such foreign corporation, to make or renew, directly or indirectly, any contract of insurance within this District, and with any person resident therein, without having complied with the requisitions of the two preceding sections, or in any way contrary to the true intent and meaning thereof, he shall forfeit for every such offence the sum of two hundred dollars.

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SECTION 1. Where any turnpike road, hereafter established, shall intersect any then existing public highway, the proprietors of such road shall so construct the same that it shall be convenient for travellers to pass from such highway to said turnpike road.

SEC. 2. When any turnpike road shall be discontinued, in whole or in part, the land over which the part so discontinued was laid shall revest in the persons, their heirs and assigns, who were owners thereof at the time such land was taken or purchased for the purpose of making said turnpike road, any conveyance of said land by deed to the turnpike corporation notwithstanding.

SEC. 3. All turnpike corporations shall erect, and keep exposed to view, in some conspicuous place at every gate where the toll is collected, a sign-board, with all the rates of toll fairly and legibly

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