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corporation would have been entitled to recover during the time limited in the said purchase of the franchise; and during that time the corporation shall not be entitled to prosecute for such penalties.

SEC. 17. The corporation whose franchise shall have been sold as aforesaid, shall in all other respects retain the same powers, and be bound to the discharge of the same duties, and liable to the same. penalties and forfeitures, as before such sale.

SEC. 18. Such corporation may, at any time within six months after such sale, redeem the franchise by paying or tendering to the purchaser thereof the sum that he shall have paid therefor, with ten per cent. interest thereon, but without any allowance for the toll which he may have received; and upon such payment or tender, the said franchise, and all the rights and privileges thereof, shall revert and belong to said corporation, as if no such sale had been made.

SEC. 19. The stock of every incorporated company, unless where otherwise expressly declared, shall be deemed personal estate; prior to the issuing of certificates of stock, the shares may be transferred by a delivery of the receipts for instalments paid, and by an entry on the books of the corporation.

SEC. 20. It shall be duty of every incorporated company issuing stock to cause a book to be kept containing the names of all persons, alphabetically arranged, who are or shall become stockholders of the corporation, and showing the number of shares of stock held by them. respectively, and the time when they respectively became the owners of such shares; which book, during usual business hours, shall be open for the inspection of the stockholders and creditors of the company, at the office or principal place of business of the company; and any stockholder or creditor shall have the right to make extracts from such book, or to demand and receive from the clerk or other officer having charge of such book a certified copy of any entry made therein. Such book or certified copy of any entry shall be presumptive evidence of the facts stated therein in any action or proceeding against such company, or against any one or more stockholders.

SEC. 21. If the clerk or other officer having charge of such book shall make any false entry, or neglect to make the proper entry therein, or shall refuse or neglect to exhibit the same, or to allow the same to be inspected, as provided in the preceding section, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall forfeit and pay, to the use

of the injured party, a penalty of one hundred and fifty dollars; and for neglecting to keep such book for inspection as aforesaid, the corporation shall forfeit the sum of five hundred dollars.

SEC. 22. The amendment or repeal of the charter of any incorporated company shall not, nor shall the dissolution of any such incorporated company, take away or impair any remedy given against such incorporated company, its stockholders or officers, for any liability which shall have been previously incurred.

SEC. 23. Any incorporated company wishing to dissolve and disincorporate itself may present a petition to the circuit court, accompanied by a certificate, signed by the proper officers, and setting forth that at a general or special meeting of the stockholders called for that purpose, it was decided by a vote of two-thirds of the stockholders to disincorporate and dissolve the incorporation. The clerk of said court shall enter such petition and certificate on record, and the said court, after thirty days' notice by publication in some newspaper published in this District, may proceed to consider the same; and if the said court be of opinion that such incorporated company has taken the necessary preliminary steps, and obtained the necessary vote to dissolve itself, and that all claims against said company are discharged, said court may declare such incorporated company dissolved.



Of the internal police of this District.

CHAPTER 34. Of paupers.

CHAPTER 35. Of the "Government Hospital for the Insane," and the care of insane persons. CHAPTER 36 Of the maintenance of bastard children.

CHAPTER 37. Of the observace of Sunday.

CHAPTER 38. Of gaming.

CHAPTER 39. Of the law of the road.

CHAPTER 40. Of the restraint and destruction of dangerous and noxious animals.
CHAPTER 41. Of estrays, and vessels or boats found adrift.

[blocks in formation]

1. How and when paupers are to be provided 4. Penalty for bringing paupers within this for.

2. Circuit court may order assistance.

3. Proceedings against a pauper when not

legally settled.


5. Meaning of word "county" in this chapter.

SECTION 1. On application by or on behalf of any person unable to maintain himself, or by or on behalf of the family of a person when he is unable to maintain it, such person or family shall be provided for or assisted by the city or county to which such application be made, if he or they have a legal settlement therein. A person shall not be deemed to have a legal settlement in a city, unless he shall have resided therein for one year at one time, and shall not since that time have gained a legal settlement elsewhere.

SEC. 2. When, on such application, a city or county refuses provision or assistance, the circuit court may direct the same to be rendered by such city or county.

SEC. 3. If any pauper shall be found in any city in this District, not having a legal settlement therein, any justice of the peace residing therein, upon oath being made by the mayor, or other officer of such city, that he believes such pauper will become a charge upon such city, may order such pauper to be brought before him; and if, upon hearing, such justice shall see cause, he may, by warrant, order any such pauper, at the cost and charge of such city, to be removed,

if it can be done without danger, to the place where he was last legally settled, unless he shall enter into bond in a sum not exceeding four hundred dollars, payable to such city, with security to be approved by such justice, that he will not become chargeable for his support to such city.

SEC. 4. If any person shall bring into and leave in this District any pauper who has not a legal settlement therein, knowing him to be a pauper, he shall forfeit a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars for any such offence.

SEC. 5. The word "county" in this chapter shall be construed to mean that part of Washington county which lies outside the corporate limits of Washington City and Georgetown.



[blocks in formation]

SECTION 1. There shall be an institution in this District, to be called the "Government Hospital for the Insane," the object of which shall be the most humane care and enlightened curative treatment of the insane of the army and navy of the United States and of this District.

SEC. 2. The board of visitors of said hospital shall consist of nine citizens of this District, appointed by the President of the United

States. The visitors in office when this chapter takes effect as a law shall continue to exercise their powers, according to the tenor of their commissions, until others are appointed.

SEC. 3. The term of office of three of said visitors shall expire on the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, and biennially thereafter on the same day of the year, in the order which has already been determined.

SEC. 4. The visitors whose term of office expires may be reappointed, or other citizens may be appointed in their stead. If a vacancy occurs from any cause other than the expiration of the term,


may be filled by appointment as aforesaid for the unexpired term. SEC. 5. The term of office of every visitor hereafter to be appointed shall be six years, except in the case of the vacancy provided for by the preceding section. The office of visitor shall be honorary, and without compensation.

SEC. 6. The board of visitors shall elect one of their number to be president, who shall preside at their meetings for one year, or until a successor is elected.

SEC. 7. The chief executive officer of said institution shall be a superintendent, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior. The superintendent shall be a well educated physician, possessing competent experience in the care and treatment of the insane; he shall reside on the premises, and devote his whole time to the welfare of said institution. He shall, subject to the approval of the visitors, engage and discharge all needful and usual employees in the care of the insane, and all laborers on the farm, and determine their wages. and duties. He shall be the responsible disbursing agent of said institution, and shall be secretary of the board of visitors. He shall receive a salary of two thousand five hundred dollars per annum.

SEC. 8. The said superintendent shall give bond for the faithful performance of the duties of his office, in such sum and with such securities as may be required by the Secretary of the Interior. Said bond shall be filed in the office of said Secretary.

SEC. 9. The board of visitors, subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, may make any needful by-laws for the government of themselves, and of the superintendent and his employees, and of the patients, not inconsistent with law. They shall visit said hospital at stated periods, and exercise the most careful supervision

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