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SEC. 5. The committee shall render accounts of his trust to the circuit court, and shall be entitled to like compensation for his services as is provided in the case of å guardian.

SEC. 6. Every committee shall deliver such estate as he may be liable for at that time, to the convict on his discharge, or to his real and personal representatives, on his death before being discharged.

SEC. 7. If the person appointed by the circuit court fail to give bond as aforesaid, and no other suitable person will accept the same and bond, the estate shall be committed to the hands of the marshal, who shall be entitled to all the rights of a committee, and shall act as such; and he and the sureties in his official bond shall be responsible for the faithful performance of the trust.

SEC. 8. The real estate of such convict may be sold when necessary for the payment of his debts, in the same manner as the real estate of an insane person in the hands of a committee.




Of courts and certain officers of courts.

CHAPTER 75. Of the circuit court.

CHAPTER 76. Of the clerk of the circuit court.

CHAPTER 77. Of the orphans' court, and proceedings therein.

CHAPTER 78. Of the register of wills.

CHAPTER 79. Of the district court of the United States for the District of Columbia.




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18. How circuit court may be adjourned in the absence of the judges.

19. How writs and process shall be tested.
20. The circuit court, or judge thereof, may
award writs of error in criminal cases.
21. Proceedings where the jury is not dis-
charged at the beginning of a succeed-
ing term.

22. Proceedings not to be discontinued on
account of failure to hold a term.
23. Matters not determined, to be continued
to next term.

24. Terms of court; when and where held.
25. Compensation of the judges.

SECTION 1. The circuit court of this District, consisting of one chief judge and two assistant judges, is hereby continued, with the powers and jurisdiction conferred by this Code upon the same. The said judges shall hold their respective offices during good behavior.

SEC. 2. The present judges of the circuit court of this District shall continue to hold their offices according to the tenor of their commissions; and as vacancies occur they shall be filled in the manner provided by law.

SEC. 3. Any two of the judges of the circuit court shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business that might be done by all the judges.

SEC. 4. Every person who shall be appointed a judge of the circuit court shall, before he begins to exercise the duties of his office, take an oath to support the constitution of the United States, and faithfully and impartially to perform the duties of his office to the best of his skill and judgment.

SEC. 5. The original jurisdiction of the circuit court shall extend to all civil cases not otherwise provided for; and said court shall have and exercise such appellate jurisdiction as may be prescribed by law.

SEC. 6. The circuit court, and the judges thereof, shall have, within this District, all the powers by law vested in the circuit courts of the United States, and the judges thereof, by the acts of the Congress of the United States now or hereafter in force, except so far as is otherwise provided.

SEC. 7. The circuit court, and the judges thereof, shall have power to issue all writs and process necessary and proper to the complete exercise of the power conferred upon said court, and upon the judges thereof, by law.

SEC. 8. When there shall be occasion for any process for which no form is prescribed by law, said court may frame a new writ in conformity with the principles thereof.

SEC 9. The judges of the said court shall, at all reasonable times, when not engaged in holding court, transact. such business at their chambers as may be done out of court at chambers; they may hear and dispose of all applications for orders and writs which are usually granted in the first instance upon an ex parte application, and may, in their discretion, also hear applications to discharge such orders and writs.

SEC. 10. The said court shall have power to make all proper judgments, sentences, decrees, orders, and injunctions, and to issue all processes, and to do such other acts as may be proper to carry into effect the same, in conformity with the laws of this District.

SEC. 11. The said court shall have power to make rules for regulating the practice and conducting the business of said court in all cases not provided for by law, and to revise the same from time to time, for the purpose of simplifying the proceedings, of expediting the decisions of causes, of presenting distinctly the points in issue in trials by jury, of diminishing costs, and of remedying the abuses and imperfections that may be found to exist in the practice.

SEC. 12. The said court shall have the general superintendence of all courts of inferior jurisdiction, to prevent and correct errors and abuses therein, when no other remedy is expressly provided by law.

SEC. 13. The said court shall be a court of record, and shall have an appropriate seal, devised by the judges thereof, a description of which shall be filed with the clerk of said court and recorded.

Ssc. 14. The judges of said court shall have full authority to administer all necessary oaths, and to take all necessary recognizances to keep the peace, or to answer any criminal charge or offence in the court having jurisdiction.

SEC. 15. The said court shall have power to hear and determine upon all errors and matters of fact that may happen in the proceedings depending in said court, and to cause to be corrected any clerical error that may happen in making up the records of said court.

SEC. 16. The circuit court shall have power to hold adjourned sessions of said court.

SEC. 17. The circuit court shall have full authority to punish by fine and imprisonment, or either, all contempts of their authority and process.

SEC. 18. When no judge of the circuit court is present at the time and place appointed for holding said court, whether at the beginning of a term or at any adjournment, the clerk of said court shall adjourn the same, from day to day, until one or more of the judges of said court shall be present.

SEC. 19. All writs and processes whatsoever issuing from the circuit court shall be tested in the name of the chief judge of said court. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the chief judge, they shall be tested in the name of the senior assistant judge of said court.

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