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vigorous efforts. All that can be done shall be done; and as we continue to receive assurances of the same Dignified protection to which we have hitherto been so deeply obliged, nothing within our power shall be wanting to manifest our sense of this favour, among many others.

To add to this Address would be very easy; but we flatter ourselves, that to those who know us it is unnecessary. We have received too substantial proofs of Public encouragement to hesitate in committing our welfare to our countrymen, and we hope that we shall ever present a work, worthy of being honoured by the favourable report of those who wish to unite information with amusement, and a competent knowledge of the World and its affairs, with a steady adherence to good morals, good manners, and good humour. v

We take this opportunity of requesting our Subscribers to complete their copies as soon as convenient: the contents of certain Numbers having lately excited considerable attention, there hus been a demand for them, which reduces the Edition considerably. The First Volume has been reprinted, and may now be had complete.

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The London Weekly Returns (Wheat, Bread, Meat, Hay and
Straw, Hops, Leather, Tallow, Coals)-Meteorological Tables-Course: of
Exchange and Bullion-Premiums of Insurance-Prices Current-Prices
of Stocks, &c. are referred to under the general Denomination of “Tables."

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(Letter from professor Martyn, Cambridge.)


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Sketches of Vienna......

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Famine among the buffaloes in East Indies,
with means of prevention.......

Prayers in London for the kng of Sweden's

success, &c.

On the Aya-Pana plant......

Remains of Louis XVI......

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Parliamentary History.....
Observanda Externa..

(Algiers: despotism and Barbarity
America, North: cotton factories-Ame---
rica South: Portuguese royal family-
France French Marine; order against
America; officers rewarded; beaver
killed in the Rhone; respiration;
shawls; cultivation of cotton; Archi-
medes; rapid printing; police of thea-
tres-Germany: Luther's monument ;
Teutonic language; travels into the
East; equestrian statue of Joseph II;
catalogue of books at Leipsic fair (Sept.
1807.;) conventual life-Indies East:
Westminster school; prospect of plen-
ty; commodore Trowbridge; indi-
go and rice; the monsoon-Indies,
West: destruction of Port de Spain by
fire-Italy: tobacco; documents on
papyrus-Morocco: island ceded to Eng-
land Portugal: state of Lisbon-Prus-
31a: servitude abolished-Russia: prize

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Robinson's Sermon on serious Attention to

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Proceedings of Society for encouragement

of arts, manufactures, and commerce..

The Gatherer, No. IV..

(Curious method of collecting books-

Champagne versus Burgundy-an egg in
a salt spring-antiquities of oil painting
-Vox Stellarum: fate of Buonaparte.)


(Ode for his Majesty's birth-day, by

Richard-prologue in dialogue for Bryn-
y-pys theatricals appointment disap-
pointed-Death the publican.)

Parliamentary History..

Observanda Externa..







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