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Page 226 - If a state so invited shall refuse to accept the obligations of membership in the League for the purposes of such dispute, and shall resort to war against a member of the League, the provisions of Article 16 shall be applicable as against the state taking such action.
Page 230 - shall be the duty of the Council in such cases to recommend to the several governments concerned what effective military, naval, or air force the members of the League shall severally contribute to the armed forces to be used
Page 230 - The members of the League agree, further, that they will mutually support one another in the financial and economic measures which are taken under this article, in order to minimize the loss and inconvenience resulting from the above measures . . .
Page 230 - against all other members of the League, which hereby undertake immediately to subject it to the severance of all trade or financial relations, the prohibition of all intercourse between their nationals and the nationals of the covenant-breaking state, and the prevention of all financial, commercial, or personal intercourse between the nationals of the covenant-breaking state and the nationals of any other state, whether a member of the League or not.
Page 218 - I am your servant and will accept your judgment without cavil, but my power to administer the great trust assigned me by the Constitution would be seriously impaired should your judgment be adverse, and I must frankly tell you so because so many critical
Page 89 - dat ees all w'at she can do. Oh, my! I weesh dat Angela Was strong for carry wood, Or else Carlotta gotta song An' looka pretta good. I gotta love for Angela, I love Carlotta, too. I no can marry both o
Page 97 - in case a foreigner or a foreign juridical person owning land ceases to be capable of enjoying the right of ownership in land, the ownership of such land shall revert to the national treasury unless he disposes of it within a period of one year.
Page 218 - If you have approved of my leadership and wish me to be your unembarrassed spokesman in affairs at home and abroad, I earnestly
Page 26 - For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United
Page 96 - Obviously, this situation is deplorable. A nation, no more than a man, should be placed in a position where an outsider can demand the opening of the door without giving a full account of himself and showing that he is a fit person to enjoy the hospitality that he seeks.

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